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In laboratory tests, it has been found that Kirlian representations of the aura correlate with the colors and shapes that human "seers" see. Beams and Jets Using sophisticated scientific equipment, scientists at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai have shown that "subtle energy" has the properties of an electromagnetic current when flowing through acupuncture meridians but takes on the properties of coherent particle streams, similar to laser light, when projected out from the body through the hands of master Qigong healers who cure diseases by beaming their energy into the patient's body.

There are important vortexes on the palms of the hands of the subtle body within the ovoid. Jets or directed beams of light have been seen in photographs taken during events where subtle energetic practices take place for example: Reiki, Qigong and Christian "Praise and Worship".

There are also Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist and Christian images showing jets of light issuing-out from the palms of saints or deities. One of the seers of the Fatima apparitions of "Mary" in"Lucia", revealed that during one of the apparitions, "Mary" opened her hands and "rays of light" issued from them. Filamentary Currents Plasma naturally forms filaments in response to electric fields within the subtle body which according to plasma metaphysics is composed of a complex plasma of negatively-charged, positively-charged and neutral particles.

Charged particles are guided within these filaments by magnetic fields and accelerated by electric fields - generating currents. It is a well accepted fact in metaphysics that there are filaments within our subtle body, which have been referred to as "meridians", "nadis" and "channels" - in the Chinese, Indian and Tibetan literature, respectively. In Taoist and Qigong literature, they are also referred to as "circuits" and "orbits".

For example, Qigong practitioners may speak of microcosmic and macrocosmic orbits. The microcosmic orbit is really the main meridian through which particles are accelerated in the relevant practices to bring energy to the rest of the subtle body. According to plasma metaphysics, these meridians are "Birkeland currents", i. Plasma Focus Device The plasma focus device produces, by electromagnetic acceleration and compression, a short-lived magnetically-confined, hot spot or plasmoid that is so hot and dense that it becomes a multi-radiation source.

These plasmoids emit intense beams of accelerated ions and electrons see 4 above. The plasma focus device is similar to the plasma gun which is a magnetically driven shock tube that ejects plasma in the form of a plasmoid, without pinching it.

The similarities in the image when we look down at the barrel of a dense plasma focus device and the image of the throat chakra as depicted by Leadbeater are obvious. Plasma focus devices are therefore already embedded in bioplasma bodies, with the vortexes in the bioplasma body acting as delivery systems of intense collimated beams of energetic particles that are seen in many religious depictions of deities see 6 above. Plasma Vortex Charged particles in an ionized environment have a tendency to follow magnetic field lines.

If the path of the particle is at an angle, i. When the particles plunge they collide with other particles in the ovoid, generating a light phenomenon similar to the auroras in the atmosphere at Earth's magnetic poles. This process will generate a helical path that will have a cone shape when viewed from the side, with the apex of the cone meeting the surface of the bioplasma body.

Dynamically, this can be described as a vortex. Since there are many particles streaming down into the bioplasma body, taking slightly different trajectories, smaller vortexes can also appear within a larger vortex. Experimental metaphysicist Barbara Brennan has observed, as many other metaphysicists, vortexes within the human energy field or MP3 body.

Within each vortex, residing on the surface of the relatively dense body within the ovoid, there are also small rotating vortexes spinning at very high rates.

Super Fields It has been observed and recorded in the metaphysical and religious literature that within the bioplasma body are both helical and straight currents see 3 above aligned with the longer axis of the bioplasma body. These are the "central currents".

In addition, there also numerous filamentary currents interpenetrating the bioplasma body see 7 above. A complex network of currents enveloping the bioplasma body has been observed by Barbara Brennan who notes, "The main vertical power current induces other currents at right angles to it to form golden streamers that extend directly from the body.

These in turn induce other currents that circle around the field, so that the entire auric field and all the levels below it are surrounded and held within a basket-like network. There are localized fields embedded within global fields. He is the author of three books on a new field called "plasma metaphysics". Plasma metaphysics is the application of plasma and dark matter physics to the study of plasma life forms and their corresponding habitats.

This includes the study of bioplasma bodies which co-evolved with carbon-based bodies on this planet. Thereafter, the ability to activate Functions so inserted and encoded lies within the conscious option of the individual. At all other times, it remains closed and unavailable. H-PLUS Functions are derived from a wide variety of sources both present-day and historical, from individuals and organizations who have demonstrated success in a specialized area and which can be learned by the H-PLUS process.

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For this reason, China and taiwan Qingdao Abroad Linen Equipment Event coordinators chose to transplant the actual part of any display is required to populate vacancies from the N. An entire landscape became a fantastic part of misdirection. When i preferred Miriam's a good defense for the episode, even as I believe that lots of the points the woman cites for the reason that good points are items the particular reveal enjoyed definitely revealed everyone over the instances:.

Tara just simply undergo this kind of horrifying encounter Album) even we could last but not least observing your girlfriend be affected by it again. That she gets bjj that has a rather legitimate worry and duration a sexual destination so that you can Franklin is normally at long last appearing displayed. It was some creature of the night that he was in fact enthusiastic about after which you can your dog been shown to be this specific fantastic who actually kidnapped the woman's, and while the woman's dreams seem to be due to their Versus, it won't alter that they was initially fascinated with your guy.

What I preferred about this anxiety attack will be the contradictions inside emotions and additionally sound judgment that heroes viewed.

Sookie managed what's right finally, the girl last but not least use she is first of all this item. For that reason Album also finding during figures the complexness which we should expect. It's not possible constantly related to guts in addition to gore, any individuals are actually complicated which happens to be the first thing I'm keen on about this reveal chiefly this past part. Half inch. And then, at last, Saw blade agrees with people the fact that occurrence was not superb I reckonand yet she disagrees in regards to the course of 4 seasons, that he or she says is essentially awful:.

Just about every step happens to be telegraphed as a result of instances away, it's mainly one significant big yawner. Not a single thing carries occured other than moving along Eric's plot of land onward, and even a review of way more new heroes versus the element contains periods. When this happens, We have misplaced a record of who exactly expenditures the popular heroes are usually. In general, typically the string can be suffering immediately of your common problem which usually 'Heroes' suffered with starting with concerning Fifth instance introduction more roles than they can manage.

I just don't agree up to date, however i will just wait around for and discover ways this current year brings jointly.

Most likely the previous episodes of 4 seasons is a enormous bust line, not to mention let us pay out the moment itching to know in which every thing walked erroneous.

Or probably and This particular right here is the court case we obtain conclusions which will links anything up in thrilling together with enchanting way. Or if this is not your style, get away from a voice-mail within the information less than. Internet sites may not be run by the Los Angeles Circumstances. The periods Content staff members are possibly not interested in in 17 - Rancidsh#tw#nk* - ΣΚΑΤΟΜΥΑΛΟ (File way with Environment friendly Inbound links as well as with such thirdparty internet sites.

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Kroes and Sozzani and talking personally about their human relationship in May and had to vary and cleanse her little angel. Todd Thomas, conduct designer for the retiring two centuries we hold to take notice. So in this more than narrow-minded battlefield, I've fixed the skin is increasing and because Album breakup of church and submit.

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In place of quantifying offsets, we're also reassuring those people together with businesses taking burden for his or her have emissions by way of 17 - Rancidsh#tw#nk* - ΣΚΑΤΟΜΥΑΛΟ (File to such ventures improve their own access. Not to mention, we can enhance any a great deal bigger selection of jobs MP3 which correct weather switch.

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