Cobra* - Red Eye (Vinyl)

Despite Storm Shadow's cold heart, he has also shown that he is not without a code of honor. This is evidenced when he is willing to join up with the Joes in order to stop Zartan and Cobra Commander from unleashing the Project Zeus superweapon. Appearance : white face mask; knee-length white coat with red Cobra symbol on left breast; white pants; white shoes; fingerless white gloves. Accessories : silver spring-loaded disc launcher; silver and red disc; two white and silver swords; black and silver warhead launcher; black pistol; silver tekagi; green and silver nanomite warhead; black display stand.

Appearance : unmasked head with black hair; white waistcoat with silver zippers and red Cobra symbol on chest; white fingerless gloves; white pants; white boots. Accessories : white sheath backpack; two white and silver swords; silver spring-loaded missile launcher; green missile; black and silver suction cup; silver pistol; two white and silver sais; black display stand.

Appearance : white face mask; bare torso with wounds; white fingerless gloves; white pants; white shoes. Accessories : white sheath backpack; two black and silver swords; white flight pack with silver wings; Cobra* - Red Eye (Vinyl) gauntlets; brown bo staff.

Joe Origins film. Joepedia Explore. Top Content. A Real American Hero G. Joe vs. Cobra Spy Troops Valor vs. Venom Sigma 6 Resolute G. The ability to spit venom evolved in cobras three times independently through convergent evolution. In each of these three cases the venom convergently evolved to be more effective at creating pain in mammals to serve as a better deterrent.

Some of the Viperidae have been reported to spit occasionally. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Common name for several snakes. The syllable "TF" refers to moisture or spittle, and is written using the symbols for a loaf of bread "T" sound and horned viper "F" sound.

The second syllable, "NT", contains a pot symbolizing water for the "N" and another loaf for the second "T". Another lioness-headed goddess was Sekhmet. In art, Tefnut usually was portrayed as a lion-headed goddess with a solar disk on her head, or as a woman, or as a lion. As one of the nine deities who sat in judgment of the dead, Tefnut often appeared in funerary scenes, seated in a row with the other members of the panel.

In these, she was typically depicted as a woman, and could be identified by looking for her name written in hieroglyphics near her head. If doing a theatrical portrayal of Tefnut, these elements may be useful in building the character:. Wadjet figured prominently in the coronation ceremony and in the underworld, where she endowed justice and truth and destroyed the enemies of the deceased.

Wadjet was the goddess of the fifth hour of the fifth day of the moon. As her sister Nekhebet was the motherly protectress of the Pharoah, so Wadjet was his aggressive defender. When Isis was hiding in the swamps with her baby Horus, Wadjet came to help her protect him. Uadjet's sister was Nekhebet, and together the two were known as the Nebti. They appeared together in art to represent the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Wadjet's name was written using the symbol of a cobra. Sometimes the cobra would be sitting on the symbol of a basket. In art, Wadjet often appeared with her sister Nekhmet, together guarding the Eye of Ra. Nekhmet, as a vulture, wore the white crown of Upper Egypt while Wadjet, as a cobra, wore the red crown of Lower Egypt. When depicted by herself, Wadjet usually appeared as a cobra, sometimes winged and crowned, and sometimes as a snake with the face of a woman.

She was the Uraeus cobra-shaped symbol of sovereignty that appeared on the headdresses of the Egyptian Pharaohs and deities. If doing a theatrical portrayal of Uadjet, these elements may be useful in building the character:. These books may be helpful for further education on the spiritual belief system of ancient Egypt:. Material from this web site may not be posted on any other web site unless permission is first obtained from Shira.

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Recommended for Further Reading Related Articles. Legends One legend said Bastet accompanied the sun god Ra's boat of a million years on its daily journey through the sky, and at night she fought Ra's enemy, the serpent Apep. Name in Hieroglyphics Bastet's name means, "She of the perfume jar," and therefore the first symbol in her name is that of a perfume jar. Depicting Bastet In art, Bastet is depicted as either a cat-headed woman carrying a sistrum and basket, or as a whole cat.

If doing a theatrical portrayal of Bast, these elements may be useful in building the character: Dressing as a cat, or wearing a cat mask. Carrying a sistrum. Incorporate music and dance into the character. Legends According to a story told on the walls of a shrine in King Tutankhamen's tomb, as the sun god Ra grew older, he became fearful of his enemies and asked Hathor to help him.

Name in Hieroglyphics The name "Hathor" means "house of Horus," and therefore in hieroglyphics her name is written as a falcon representing Horus inside a box that represents the floor plan of a house. Depicting Hathor According to legend, Hathor was the nurse of Horus the Younger, which is why she is often depicted as either a cow or as a woman with the head of a cow.

If doing a theatrical portrayal of Hathor, these elements may be useful in building the character: Wear jewelry made of the mineral turquoise, particularly turquoise beads made into the menit-necklace. Wear a menit necklace. Wear a horned headdress with a cobra on the front. This might also include a circular red disc to represent the sun. Legends Isis was the daughter of Nut, wife of Osiris, and mother of Horus.

Name in Hieroglyphics Typically Isis' name in hieroglyphics includes the symbol for "throne" as the first character, and the symbol for "goddess" as the last one.

Other possible spellings exist, but the "throne" symbol is common to all of them. Depicting Isis Isis was often depicted in art nursing the infant Horus.

Isis often appears with outstretched wings, as shown in the drawing to the right. If doing a theatrical portrayal of Isis, these elements may be useful in building the character: Consider using a red costume.

Egyptians addressed her as "thou lady of the red apparel" and she is depicted wearing red in many of the historical images of her. Of course, she has also been depicted wearing other colors, so this is not a requirement. There are many works of art depicting Isis with wings. Isis is frequently shown with a throne perched on top of her head to represent her position as queen of the gods.

Isis is frequently shown with a headdress that has a vulture resting on top of her hair, and on top of that a pair of cow horns surrounding a sun disk. Many images of Isis show her holding an ankh in one hand. Other Comments The great temple of Isis in Nubia once resided on Philae Island, but when Egypt decided to build the Aswan High Dam during the Nasser era, the rising flood waters threatened to bury it forever. Legends Ma'at gave the breath of life to the gods.

Name in Hieroglyphics Ma'at can be represented in hieroglyphics by just the feather itself. Depicting Cobra* - Red Eye (Vinyl) In funerary scenes and pictures depicting the underworld, the figure of Ma'at or her feather was placed on the opposite side of the scale from the heart of the deceased. If doing a theatrical portrayal of Ma'at, these elements may be useful in building the character: Wear a white robe although there are many images depicting her wearing other colors A narrow fabric headband holding a single ostrich feather Wings Carry an ankh.

Legends The ancient Egyptians viewed vultures as being excellent models of motherhood. Depicting Nekhbet In art, Nekhbet was usually represented as a vulture as shown in the photo to the right or as a woman with the head of a vulture.

If doing a theatrical portrayal of Nekhbet, these elements may be useful in building the character: Wear a vulture-shaped headdress draped over the hair. Wear a white crown in the style of Pharaohs from Upper Egypt. In art, Nekhbet is typically portrayed together with her sister Wadjet, who represents Lower Egypt.

Accessories : white sheath backpack; two white and silver swords; silver spring-loaded missile launcher; green missile; black and silver suction cup; silver pistol; two white and silver sais; black display stand. Appearance : white face mask; bare torso with wounds; white fingerless gloves; white pants; white shoes. Accessories : white sheath backpack; two black and silver swords; white flight pack with silver wings; silver gauntlets; brown bo staff.

Joe Origins film. Joepedia Explore. Top Content. A Real American Hero G. Joe vs. Cobra Spy Troops Valor vs. Venom Sigma 6 Cobra* - Red Eye (Vinyl) G. Joe Extreme Renegades. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Joe Team Arashikage G. Cobra G. He also contributed to several movie soundtracks, such as Johnny Mnemonic and Mortal Kombat. Both albums were printed only in small quantities and are collectors' items now. A second demo tape by the Deli Creeps was also recorded.

Also inseveral Sega Saturn television ads featuring a screaming mask-like face pressing through the blue orb of the Saturn logo was released, with music by Buckethead. InBuckethead began working on the album Buckethead Plays Disneybut the album has not yet been released.

According to his Web page:. This highly anticipated album, once listed in an Avant catalog, has yet to be completed. It is Buckethead's most precious personal project, so he won't record or release it until he knows he is ready. Further releases were Arcana's second and final studio album Arc of the Testimony in which he played with noted drummer Tony Williams and the one-off project Pieceswith Brain. Two live albums by Praxis, called Transmutation Live and Live in Poland featuring recordings from European concerts were also issued.

Death Cube K released an album that year called Disembodied. InBuckethead released Colmaan album dedicated to his mother, who at the time was suffering from colon cancer. InBuckethead released his fifth album, a collaboration with Les Claypool from the band Primustitled Monsters and Robots — currently the best-selling album of his career.

This album includes the song " The Ballad of Buckethead ", for which his first music video ever was made. Buckethead also began a collaboration with actor Viggo Mortensenwhom he first met through a recording project called Myth: Dreams of the World [23] in Buckethead achieved a higher public profile as lead guitarist for Guns N' Roses from to He also released two albums with his band Cornbugsand a third under his 'Death Cube K' pseudonym.

He joined two new projects during this period. The first was the progressive rock band Thanatopsis named after a poem by William Cullen Bryant [26] with Travis Dickerson and drummer Ramy Antoun; [27] this group went on to release four albums. Some Thanatopsis material has also appeared on albums released by Buckethead and Dickerson. InBuckethead released three studio albums: Funnel Weavera collection of 49 short tracks, Bermuda Triangleand finally, Electric Tearsa calming album that is similar to his earlier release, Colma.

The jamband experiment was successful enough to do some further live dates. Later, inmarking the release of his tenth studio album, Buckethead released the sequel of his debut Bucketheadlandsimply called Bucketheadland 2. Together with actor Viggo Mortensenhe did Pandemoniumfromamericaand with Thanatopsis, its second release, called Axiology.

Buckethead's relationship with Guns N' Roses was somewhat erratic in its last year, despite contractual obligations. According to an interview with Rose, he seemingly 'left' the band in January without telling anyone, and 'rejoined' in a similar manner in February. His manager cited Guns' inability to complete an album or tour. Since that time, his cult following in the underground music communities has steadily increased. He frequently performs at festivals and in clubs nationwide and often tours as the feature performer.

The year saw the release of three new studio albums: Island of Lost Mindswhich was his first tour-only album being later re-released by TDRS Music; Population Overridea blues-rock tour de force with Dickerson; and The Cuckoo Clocks of Hellconsidered his heaviest effort to date.

In an interview with RevolverOzzy Osbourne stated that he had offered to have Buckethead play guitar in his band at Ozzfestbut changed his mind after meeting with him and realizing that he would not remove his costume:. I met with him and asked him to work with me, but only if he got rid of the fucking bucket.

So I came back a bit later, and he's wearing this green fucking Martian's-hat thing! I said, 'Look, just be yourself. He says, 'No one calls me Brian except my mother. What happens if one day he's gone and there's a note saying, 'I've been beamed up '?

Don't get me wrong, he's a great player. He plays like a motherfucker. Ozzy OsbourneRevolver. The final track, "Nottingham Lace", was first made public via his home page and soon became a concert staple and one of his most popular songs. Buckethead also released two further solo albums inKaleidoscalp and Inbred Mountain —the latter being the first album as a solo artist released on the label TDRS Music.

Both albums originally were sold exclusively at concerts and only later got an official release through the label's website. Buckethead released Cobra* - Red Eye (Vinyl) with other bands that year: with Cornbugshe released two compilation albums, called Rest Home for Robots and Skeleton Farm. Gorgone's self titled album was released that year' itself based upon recording sessions from the album Population Override that Buckethead released in Inthe cross-console video game Guitar Hero II was launched, featuring Buckethead's song Cobra* - Red Eye (Vinyl) Jordan " as an unlockable bonus track.

Although the song has been performed live in the past, the video game version is the only known studio recording of the song. When playing it live, Buckethead would almost always simply perform the verse and chorus of "Jordan" before transitioning into the next song. However, the Guitar Hero II version contains a special solo created specifically for the game.

The DVD also contains three complete Deli Creeps shows, a sound check, backstage footage, and solo footage of just Buckethead. The last album has the song "Soothsayer Dedicated to Aunt Suzie "; this song along with "Jordan" and "Nottingham Lace" is one of his most popular songs and is often played live.

Buckethead released his final compilation album with the band Cornbugscalled Celebrity Psychos. He also released an album with Travis Dickersoncalled Chicken Noodlesa move that would see the start of a four-year long collaboration with the keyboardist. Buckethead's band Thanatopsis would also release Anatomize that year. InBuckethead released an unprecedented amount of new material. In February, a box set titled In Search of Thecontaining 13 albums of original material, was released.

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