Evils Eternal Power - Suicidal Winds - Wrath Of God (CD, Album)

Christopher Ropes. Aaron Michael Wood. Andrew Morris. Mad Medico. Coffin Joe. Daniel Gumtow. Ellery Beard. Lynn Collicelli. Daniel Eiland. Andrew Glaudell. Purchasable with gift card. Concept album from Full story printed in the booklet. Finally available again Evils Eternal Power - Suicidal Winds - Wrath Of God (CD having been sold out for a decade.

I Believe On The Wings Of Azazel Those who follow the 'celestial light' Enslave their souls to illusions Self-denial fed by holy fright Righteous compulsion where Yahweh reigns False prophets preach ancient fears Will thy soul be free from chains? Forgotten In Hate Of Christ I burn his image and mock his words I tread on his cross and spit in his face I insult his father and slay his believers I worship his adversary and loathe his love 'cos I live my life in hate of Christ And Evils Eternal Power - Suicidal Winds - Wrath Of God (CD will die in hate of Christ And I will burn in hate of Christ In hate of Christ I curse his gospels and laugh at his pain I burn his churches and piss on his saints I torture his followers and deny his birth I break his commandments and indulge in sin 'cos I live my life in hate of Christ And I will die in hate of Christ And I will burn in hate of Christ In hate of Christ.

Give Me Your Soul Welcome to my lair, darling I hope you do enjoy the view You will stay for a while, won't you? Give me your soul Welcome to my chambers, darling Yes, it's cold in here, in absence of God But don't be afraid, it's not just your flesh I want And don't you think I'm after your blood Give me your soul Welcome to my Hell, darling Yes, I do want your flesh And yes, I will drink your blood But most of all I crave your soul Give me your soul.

Creation Ere dawn of man His power great Wrought armour strong and grievous hate To welcome mortal life on earth When last the dust of time giveth birth To His ill-will to bend their ways To shape Evils Eternal Power - Suicidal Winds - Wrath Of God (CD doom!

A Warlord's Swansong With the blessing of nightfall, our forces gather. From stygian depths they ascend. Crypt and tomb has emptied, the vaults of kings storied and grim. Ancient warriors lusting for death. Sleep in fear ye feeble ones, for cold death is at hand.

The windowpanes shatter and the earth starts to growl, and the dead rise all around you. Under the Dead of Night Descend the crumbling stairway to the labyrinth within. My hands caress the mossy walls, the corpse-light guiding me to unholy lands of shattered bones and toppled stones.

Through the frozen gateway where nameless horrors roam. Offerings adorn the walls, relics hewn from bone, dust bound horrors, candle wax and faces carved in stone. The drapes are worn and tattered from the cold embrace of time. Ancient is this sorrow, unbound this lust of mine.

Can you hear the howling on the night winds? Sweet temptation calling from the grave! Her splendour all around, enthralls me. The shadows rise around me, I feel their call, from hallowed graves. To shun the light, and bask in purest darkness, for all time, Under the Dead of Night!

Spires bathed in moonlight in a land of sunken graves, the ghosts are shining beacons, the dead ones speak my name. Rising from the top soil, writhing insects crawl; drenched in putrid essence, born of death and nightmares. A thousand curses bind her tomb until the Earth unbound, the secrets of the netherworld, within her womb are found. The bonds are cut, the shackles loose, my veins are open wide, sanguine drips unto her mouth, bringing death unholy life.

Interred in shrouds of cerecloth, she slept in solitude, until a million suns have fell, devoured by conquering moon. Her acolytes hunt and gather, supreme nocturnal might. To drink the blood of purity under Luna light.

The chalice raised in offering, in these crimson vaults, where horrors reign and midnight spells are cast against the cross. Her sacrilegious bloodline once again shall rule, an empire now eternal, under the triumphant moon. Temptation crawling from the grave. The shadows rise around me, I feel their call, from empty graves. Cast my shell on to the wind, let my spirit pass. Through the seven gateways, up the treacherous path, beyond the bloody stones, bound with runes and wax.

The mountains are my fortress wherein my soul shall roam, nocturnally, forever more, at one with soil and blood. Possessed by lunar magic, beneath moon, wing and star, I raise my sword up to the sky to honour eternal night. The wolves gather before me, eternity in their eyes. The forest beckons inwards as we leave this dead world behind… The frozen kiss of aeons, the solitude of night, the wisdom of the wolven arts, rise deathless. The purity of shadows, the everlasting hunger, the oath that binds forever more, rise deathless ones.

Before me, I see the endless frozen vistas beckoning me on into realms beyond the dark. I see the moon rise from the underworld. Its icy halo burns. The last sliver of humanity cast aside. Forever ensorcelled by lycanthropic spells. With ravening jaws and claw of Album), a conquering wolf to slay.

I stalk the night under horrid lunar blessings, for all time. The Necromanteion Hoary roots suck the soil, a feast of filth and slime. I hear the howling on the wind, the blackest of voids that rips through the light. The gates are blasted open wide, my mind is aflame with chaotic might, and slaughter is all around you. Elemental forces in the dark.

Burn the bones and eat the chyldes heart. Sacrifice the lamb to blackest night. The Gates of Death are open, now you die… Leagues below this shadowed kingdom, where molten veins doth reign. Assemblies lead by faceless men, the scions of long dead kings. Wrapped in armour obsidian, mouths carved with dusky runes, calling forth the nameless one, spells cast in forbidden tongues. Under the crown of northern mountains, where sunlight cannot be found.

Thomas Romlau. Thomas Wolf. Purchasable with gift card. Heavy Metal from Sweden, Album, lim. We appreciate your support, and we will ship your order as soon as we can. We Burn Thundering Skies on the horizon Longships sailing in the wind Attacking force with spears and axes Splintered skulls and torn off limbs No where to run, all men gathered In their house of god they die Loot and burn leave no one alive To weak to be taken as slaves Blood is Painting all the heavens We burn we burn Blood is painting all the heavens We burn we burn Please the gods a sacrifice in blood Valhalla is waiting for the true of heart Melting steel, fire burning In the rivers of blood they drown and die Blood is Painting all the heavens We burn we burn Blood is painting all the heavens We burn we burn Blood is painting all the heavens Blood blood, blood is painting now Blood is Painting all the heavens We burn we burn Blood is painting all the heavens We burn we burn.

Metal In The Night Shadow Rising Demon Fire video. Man At Arms video. In the dead of the night A gathering storm Light the fires feed the flames prepare for the fight We are brothers fighting forever Side by side we are men at arms We are brothers dying together Side by side we are men at arms The scene is set men are prepared Hearts of iron they bare By the will of Odin Here to smash some skulls to dust Preparing to die Valhalla will rise No fear left within all shall die Gazing up to the sky We are brothers fighting forever Side by side we are men at arms We are brothers dying together Side by side we are men at arms Odin odin odin Gazing up to the sky We are brothers fighting forever Side by side we are men at arms We are brothers dying together Side by side we are men at arms.

Eye Of The Storm A Hollow in Equestria : It's never stated outright, but heavily implied that Ulquiorra intends to invoke this trope to defeat Nightmare Moon once and for all. He uses it to stop the battle with Miray the Banette, who, not wanting to die again, has to let them escape while she waits for its effects to wear off. Becoming A True Invader : During the climax, the Employer attempts to drag Zim down with him when he's being sucked into a portal leading to an interdimensional voidbut Gaz kicks him free and he's trapped alone.

Calvin and Hobbes: The Series : With both of them fighting over a lake of molten lava in an alternate dimension, Calvin and Holographic Retro manage to do this to each other as they both go over the edge, ending the season on a cliffhanger. The Child of Love : In chapter 3 after being defeated by the three Evas, an Angel explodes trying to destroy them before dying. It does not work. A Diplomatic Visit : In chapter 7 of the sequel Diplomat at LargePharynx tells Thorax that if he dies, he'll make sure he does this to the one responsible.

After learning that her war was practically lost, she gathered all her remaining forces for one last stand ; to wipe out as many Celestia's forces as she could. The only main difference between this and most of the other examples on this page was that Luna chose to sit this battle out, waiting for Celestia to confront her herself. Evangelion : In chapter 15 Asuka resorted to this tactic to win her and Mari's "friendly" duel.

Asuka's plane was about to fall down and she decided she only needed to survive long enough to shoot Mari's down, so she performed a suicidal attack to take Mari with her. Getting Back on Your Hooves : After Checker Monarch is tricked into an Engineered Public Confession that will result in her going to jail, she has a Villainous Breakdown and knocks out Trixie and the Mane Six before using a highly-illegal dream infiltration spell to enter their minds in an attempt to kill them all with their worst nightmares, regardless of what happens to her afterwards.

She fails completely. After Kisame breaks out his Tailed Beast cloak, Gai opens the Eighth gate to counter, allowing him to kill Kisame at the cost of his own life.

Justice League of Equestria : Mare of Steel : During the final fight between Supermare and General ZodZod ultimately realizes that he can't beat her, so he decides to overload his magic and blow both of them — and Canterlot — to kingdom come.

She responds by flying him into space and letting him detonate harmlessly, although she gets caught in the blast and badly injured.

When Ares' desperate attempts to keep it open result in him starting to be dragged into it himself, he grabs Diana and tries to drag her in with him, only to be stopped by Soarin's timely intervention. It did not work. Shinji lifted it off the ground and it detonated high above the city, harming nobody, not even Shinji, since he endured the explosion.

The Mission Stays the Same : The Eldar do this at the end of their Last Stand against the Reapers ; they pour their psychic energy into their homeworld's star, causing it to go nova and vaporize most of the invading fleet, along with all remaining traces of the Eldar race.

Tamers Forever Series : Gallantmon Crimson Mode uses up his remaining life to unleash a massive explosion that wipes out Daemon. It gets him killed. Splash Woman blows up her underwater hideout after losing, saying that if she can't have Mega Man no one will. He nearly succeeds, but the pain from the heat below causes him to let go and fall in.

Fortunately, the Writer dies first, and his death reboots the universe, restoring Simba along with his friends. The Mayor plans on this in Xendra after the Scoobies successfully destroy the Box of Gavrok and prevent him from getting another one in time. As a result, he knows he won't survive his transformation into an Old One and instead intends to kill them with the resulting explosion. As a last resort, Rei uses a watered-down version of the forbidden union of Adam and Lilith to merge with her EVA, triggering a mini-Impact which causes as much damage to Tokyo-3 as the original self-destruction.

However it is not Asuka who sacrifices herself. It's Kyoko who, after bidding her daughter goodbye, ejects her before blowing herself up. The Secret Return of Alex Mack : When Gojira's attack douses Tsurara in chemicals and makes her An Ice Personshe realises that she's going to freeze the whole area and die, so she decides to take him down first.

Happily, Pyre arrives on the scene, churning out ridiculous amounts of heat and giving her new hope for survival. Ages of Shadow : During the Final Battlewhen Jade is being permanently sealed away by Traceshe grabs Mildred and threatens to drag her into the Netherworld with her if the spell isn't stopped. Fortunately, Cheherezad swoops in to save her, allowing Jade to be safely sealed. Fortunately, everyone escapes and Wanda manages to contain the explosion and T'Challa takes Zemo into custody for his crimes one of which was killing his father in the UN Complex explosion.

In The BridgeGrand King Ghidorah is mortally wounded by Godzilla Junior impaling him through his core the organ that serves as both his heart and brain while Xenilla has him distracted, liberating the countless souls he'd devoured that begin tearing his body apart during their escape.

Grand King Ghidorah's response is to attempt this trope by channeling all of his power into a super charged Gravity beam capable of leveling a continent in an attempt to take the brothers and all of Equestria down with him. Their clash ends with a Hyper Beam collisionand the resulting explosion kills them all. A non-lethal example occurs in the Lorelei Interlude. During some exhibition battles, one of the trainers has his Electrode use Self-Destruct to try and take down Lorelei's Dewgong, but fails.

Another non-lethal example in the Hiker Interlude. The title character loses half his team to Paul's Torterra, and sacrifices his Golem using Explosion to take him down. Aska : During her freak out Ayra decides this after realising she can't beat Nico without dying herself. Fortunately for her it doesn't come to this. Invoked at the climax of Hellsister Trilogy 's second arc, when Supergirl faces up to Darkseidaware that he will most likely kill her, but determined to try and to take him with her.

She hated herself for doing it, but if she was to die, she would take the Dark Lord down with her. Red Skull : Then let me show you a bit of the world below, my friend. Or, perhaps, only tell you about it. Within this cathedral, at its lowest level, is an incendiary device. Captain America : A fire bomb! Red Skull: Do not worry yourself. Less time remains than you would need to reach it. No man remains alive in this structure, other than ourselves. Within seconds, no man will be alive in it at all.

I have taken the opportunity to retire us both from battle, Captain. The conflict is ended. Film — Animated. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm : Batman Evils Eternal Power - Suicidal Winds - Wrath Of God (CD reached his Despair Event Horizon and grabs on to the Joker's escape jetpack as an abandoned amusement park is exploding. Joker : I'm your only chance to get out of here! Let me go or we'll both die!

Batman : Whatever it takes! Kuzco: "Oooh, I'm a crumbly canyon wall and I'm taking you with me. Jester: Okay! I'm down to my last joke anyway I wanted to say To say that your shot proved the death of me 'Cause now I've reached a dead end And I can't go back But if I'm going down you'll come with me. We're hanging right on the edge now baby The wind is getting stronger We're hanging on by a thread now honey We can't hold on much longer It's a long way down but it's too late.

If I fall you're going down with me You're going down with me baby if I fall You can't take back every little chill you give me You're going down with me baby heart and all ooh yeah. If I fall, Fuck You All. I'm taking everybody out. If I fall I will take everybody down. If I fall I will. I'm not promised a way back, And if I die, I'm taking you with me. Make a move on me I'll be your last memory Take me down, the trick's on you Because you're coming with me.

You'll take my life, but I'll take yours too! You fire your musket but I'll run you through! I thought of Halliburton and the military brass And the things they get away with All for their ruling class But I'm not a pawn and I can't let it be And if I'm gonna die I'm gonna take some of them fuckers with me.

Mythology and Religion. The Russian bylina tales tell of Chuds, when cornered, digging up dungeons, going there with their valuables, women and children, taking their last stand there and then collapsing them, killing Album) along with their enemies. Several such sites have actually been found. Orthodox Christianity states that this is one of major reasons of why demons want to kill us through sins.

They are already doomed, and they want to drag us to the eternal torment, as we are made in Lord's image.

Talk about Evil Is Petty! He's left inhabiting a mannequin body. You should go see him, cheer yourself up. Tim: I know. The Red Ensign bodily carries him to the atom bomb testing site in Trinity New Mexico so that they can both die together. The act merits Silent Credits at the end of the episode. I will give you anything you want! Red Ensign: This is what I want.

Stand Up Comedy.

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