Golden Seal - Fucked Up - The Chemistry Of Common Life (CD, Album)

The song, which is both fairly fast and definitely intense, lays down a solid jumping off point for the rest of the album. The two main themes of The Chemistry of Common Lifeorganized religion and psychedelics, resound throughout the album with various connotations attached to them.

As with previous Fucked Up releases, the lyrics are shockingly poetic and extremely intellectual. It's almost a shame that Pink Eyes makes the majority of them incomprehensible; however, without him the band would certainly lose much of its intensity. I would highly recommend that everyone find a copy of the lyrics to read along with the songs, as they compliment the complexity of the music.

Musically, the band is all over the place with various experiments. On the other end of the spectrum lies the band's first attempt at a poppy sound with one of the album's standout tracks both musically and lyrically"Black Albino Bones.

The statement on the label's site describes it as "an expansive epic about the mysteries of birth, death, and the origins of life and re-living ". The album is named after a book by James F. Johnstonwhich among other things describes hallucinogenic properties of mushrooms and plants. The title for the track "The Peaceable Kingdom" is taken from a famous painting by American folk-painter Edward Hicks. The cover art depicts the phenomenon of Manhattanhenge. The album won the Polaris Music Prize.

Jo with lyrics by 10, Marbles, "Twice Born" written by Mr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fucked Up. Retrieved July 3, That says it all. If she had parents who cared enough about who she was with, they beat Evie in the parent contest. He grabs a couple of pieces of bacon off the tray Mrs.

Scott has out. Chris shakes his head with a chuckle, and Mrs. She has no idea what my life is like—well, she probably has an idea but not the whole extent. See you later. Together today, gone tomorrow. Aidan hops into the backseat with a frown. A fact that he throws out whenever we argue. Christopher and Aidan are like the opposite sides of a coin.

If they had superpowers, Chris would act for the greater good, and Aidan would use his strictly for himself. Aidan and I are probably more alike than Chris and I are, but sometimes being similar to someone means clashing, and Aidan and I clash a lot. He pulls away from me and puts his baseball cap over his face.

After first period swimming, Aidan and I have second period science together, where he barely pays attention and flirts with Cassie Adams, a girl I know for a fact has a huge crush on Chris. Aidan summed up his argument by saying that if Chris were gay, he would have for sure made a pass at him by now. While Chris seems oblivious to his looks and the affect they have on the opposite sex, Aidan is absolutely aware of his.

My next period is history, which was my favorite period until I went out on a date with Malcolm Hunter. He talked about nothing but lacrosse. For some reason, he thought our date went great, maybe because I let him kiss me—okay, we made out so I could get him to shut up, and he was cute and turned out to be a really good kisser, but not good enough to subject myself to that type of torture again.

After reading as many romance novels as I have, I know the feels are so important. As cynical as I can be sometimes, I do believe in love.

The butterflies, the touch that makes tingles run up your spine, the guy who wins you with his words and coaxes you with his promises. Why was love or lust so easy to come by for everyone except me?

Sometimes I think because I want it too badly, that I dream about it so much that I know the real versus the fake stuff. These kids have no clue. My class before lunch is fourth period math, the class I hate the absolute most.

Precalculus to be exact, and the one thing in the world that should be stricken from history books and never used to torture students who have no intention of ever using more than addition and subtraction. Gregory, hands me my exam with a big D-minus, I feel that low C on the cusp of slipping away. I slink down in my seat. I give her the look of death. I wish she could have spared a few of her points. Her test proudly displays a ninety-six percent. Amanda has been on a being-a-better-person kick.

She saw some movie, Pay It Forward or something like that, and has been all about helping people ever since. Well, not really helping people but expressing her wish to help people. Our freshman year, she became a vegetarian for six weeks after watching a PETA video. Our sophomore year, she decided to learn Italian because we had a cute foreign exchange student, and then she was on this female empowerment kick, which for some reason she thought meant wearing only pants and fake bigrimmed glasses.

I told her bangs would annoy the crap out of her. Our house is huge. We could ride to school together, and we could be sisters —you know, one I actually like.

Her dad is a lawyer, and her mom owns a little boutique downtown. They have a big house on the ritzier side of town, and Amanda has a two-year-old BMW she inherited from her older sister who had to have the new Mercedes. The bell rings a few minutes later, and everyone files out of class.

I begrudgingly make my way up to Ms. Gregory is middle-aged with tan skin, long dark hair, and bright blue eyes. I have to work. What am I going to do? Amanda slides in next to me. Chris blushes. I frown at her in disbelief. You coming out? Chris winks at me. God, Amanda just pick one already.

I look at her, surprised, and before I know Album), Aidan, Devin, and Mike have all joined in on her pleading. They all erupt in cheers. Since Chris and Amanda have a student council meeting after school, both of them are out as far as a ride home, so I start my hour-long walk early enough to get home to grab the car and head to work since my boss said I could work an extra shift. I run up the stairs, grab my keys, and open the door. Her lips are pressed together, and her worry lines are showing underneath the blond strings falling into her face.

I asked for this shift! I feel my stomach drop. A few minutes later, Gwen is at the door. She immediately looks concerned. I can get home. Scott humming along to the radio. I would have thought she was a cheerleader, class treasurer, and homecoming queen.

Scott has always had a way of emanating warmth and good feels. Something I wish Evie had an ounce of. I turn eighteen in January. She smiles and chuckles. How could she not think Golden Seal - Fucked Up - The Chemistry Of Common Life (CD She sings to the music again. I pull out some notes Amanda gave me earlier from precalc, but they might as well be in Japanese. I sigh. I hate math. I wish I could skip math altogether and choose what to take like they do in other countries.

I hated math too. Luckily my math teacher senior year was more interested in being a musician than teaching us and passed us just for showing up. But he struggles with how to show me how to do it. How do you go from teacher to farmer? Sometimes I wonder if he regrets not sticking with it. Thank you, Mrs. Today is looking a whole lot better than it started. By eleven in the morning, I was on a complete sugar high.

Gummy bears, licorice, potato chips, and soda was my meal of choice. While most parents had to worry about their kids hiding porno mags and drugs, Gia hid candy.

God, this is the life. Own house away from annoying moms, school with sophisticated people doing sophisticated things, no curfew, no rules—just living. My grades are okay but only because most of my classes are blow-off electives. Since we were kids, Gia loved playing courtroom.

Well, not a realistic one. I start to feel myself becoming too serious and depressed, so I sing even louder to the radio as I rinse out the shampoo in my hair. I try to think of what to do first—run straight out of the house naked and covered in soap? I stop a minute and think about why he would be asking who I am if he was a crazy serial rapist. I thought you were someone else!

I slam the door behind him and try to calm my beating heart. I look around the bathroom which has water everywhere. The radio was knocked down by Mr. It had to have been him. He thought I was Gia. Ugh, I just. Things like this would only happen to me. I drop the shower curtain from around me and grab my towel and wrap it tightly around me. I crack the door. You out there? I step out cautiously and look around the house. After I do a sweep through the whole place, I determine William has gotten the hell out of Dodge.

Turns out she heard the story when William showed up at her class immediately after running out of here. I should have told you William has a key. He thought you were me. The all-knowing womanly sex guru needs my advice?

If any woman could get a man to propose before letting him round her playing field, it would be Gia. I start to prepare all the things I need to make the lasagna.

Gia picked up all the things I needed after her class. She gets up to try to help, but I wave her away. Gia is a terrible cook—I guess no one is really perfect. Any special guys in your life? I like to make fun of him. He must be really cute for you to do something so stupid with him. Not really. Especially in that away. And I wish you could find a guy who would take you on a nice date, who encourages you to be a better person instead of inspiring you to do things that are detrimental.

Turns out he was able to get off early tonight! I guess it was better me being in the shower than on the toilet. What in the world is going on? I love cooking. My dad taught me how to cook. I remember being five years old, playing with dough in the kitchen as he made up some concoction. With his imagination and creativity, he could have been a five-star chef in any city, but he chose the small town in Michigan where our little family grew and thrived for a while. Get it for me?

He has on a jean jacket and matching pants and a baseball cap. He turns around with a small smile. He takes off his baseball cap, revealing a mop of light brown tendrils.

Some fall over his eyes. He sweeps them away, revealing beautiful light blue eyes, one with a noticeably red circle around it. He sticks out his hand, and I stare at it, lost for a second. William has stubble on his cheeks, his hair is naturally messy, and from his stance, he seems laidback.

I take his hand, which swallows mine, and shake it. His hand is warm but not sweaty. He winks before walking past me, leaving behind a nice aroma. He has on cologne or some type of spray but not a whole gallon like some of the boys at my school pour on before dances. I feel my nerves go on high alert. A smirk spreads across his face, and I feel embarrassed. Gwen, William. We all stand around a little awkwardly.

His eyes cut to mine, and we both laugh. He nods between bites. Right, G? She smirks when she returns to the table. Gia breaks away first. He laughs and shakes his head. What are you, a masochist or something? If you want to survive, unless you have a really rich uncle or something, education is important and should be appreciated. Since I work with high school students, they could drop out if they wanted.

I feel a pull in my stomach and shake it off. You crazy kids have fun. I fake a yawn. Good night, guys. I lie across her bed and imagine what my life will be like in four years. She sets my head on her lap and strokes my hair with a sigh. He reminds me of you actually. I used to have a crush on the guy who served pizza at our school on Fridays. Are you crazy? What am I missing in all of this?

She lets out a sigh. He got the ring for you. I hold her hand. She scrunches up Golden Seal - Fucked Up - The Chemistry Of Common Life (CD face, then a look of relief washes over her face. She shakes her head with Album) soft smile. We go to the field museum, which is her idea. It definitely lives up to the hype. My face immediately scrunches up. That was because you were on a bus that probably made a dozen stops.

I look at her with a smirk. You can get to know him better and let me know what you think. I have to cover up my laugh. Great, another pretentious snob possibly connected to our family tree. Yeah, because mom always listens to my opinion. What is she thinking? It would be different if he was some pedigreed guy who wore button-ups and had perfectly coiffed hair.

I can already say without a doubt that my mom will not like Will. Oh well, I have my own problems to deal with. Luckily I was able to bum a ride home from my manager, Cindy. I take off my work clothes that always smell like coffee and sit on my bed. I grab the house phone and call Chris. I sigh and call the other member of our weird, disconnected Rat Pack. Can you come pick me up? I think I might have some fun with her tonight. No way. Aidan is not going to do anything with Amanda.

I grab a pair of jeans and a white sweater, the kind that holds everything a Golden Seal - Fucked Up - The Chemistry Of Common Life (CD too tightly but looks good. I run my hands through my hair and put on some lip gloss and a little Golden Seal - Fucked Up - The Chemistry Of Common Life (CD of eyeliner.

I rub my lips together, grab my jacket, and head to the kitchen. The yelling has stopped. Her face is pleasant, not tense and scrunched up. When is Jack bringing our car back? He said he just had a lot of things come up. I sit on the opposite end of the couch from her. God, please stop. I stand. He arrives with Mike and Devin. Devin laughs as he climbs in the back of the car with Mike, and I take his seat in the front.

I turn it back down. Amanda is someone I call a friend. Have you lost it? I cannot let this happen. His face scrunches up, then he laughs. I knock on his head. Do you not know how hot you are, the effect that shy smile and perfect dimples have on a girl?

My poor oblivious best friend. He rubs the back of his neck. Besides, you might like her. He folds his arms across his chest. And pretty, right? I can see him starting to relent. I hug him and give him a kiss on the cheek.

Chris can see over the crowd as we make our way to the faux bar area, which is really three card tables with a big bowl of punch, beers, and wine coolers. I smile, taking the strawberry daiquiri from his hand. I quit trying the mystery punch at these parties a few months ago.

Chris grabs a beer for himself and takes a swig of it. I look around the place for Amanda. We really need to get to her before Aidan does. I nod. She said he used to be a teacher. You never mentioned that. He always insists on trying it though we both hate the taste of alcohol. He scrunches up his face and laughs. He sighs. Not himself I guess. He keeps saying he wants us to be prepared for the future. You know who my granddad is. Not that they live in a dump, but people would expect them to live next door to Amanda in one of the mini-mansions here.

He frowns. His smiles have helped me a lot. I feel my eyes get bigger. How did this happen without me knowing? That, of course, adds to his appeal. No, you should want us there during the audition! Is it, like, private or something? I know you mean well and you both will be excited for me, but you can come off as. Yeah, Aidan is totally too much. He said me and Aidan? As soon as Deanna sees me, she excuses herself from the crowded hallway but not before rolling her eyes at me.

She eyes me in disbelief at first, and I wink at her. When Chris smiles, it seems completely genuine, not at all forced. Lead the way. I scoff at her. They are twins after all, in all the worst ways. My sister is beautiful, smart, and not the daughter of a whore.

I glance back and see Aidan. Magic Word. Golden Seal. Days of Last. Crooked Head. No Epiphany. Black Albino Bones. Royal Swan. Twice Born. Looking For God. The Chemistry of Common Life. Release Date October 7,

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