Hammerhead Shark - David Lee Roth - A Little Aint Enough (Cassette, Album)

OpenSource TiVo for Radio. If anyone gets this working with their iPod, let me know. Anti-Drunk-Dialing Tech. Good thing you have to manually enter numbers not-to-be-dialed ahead of time. Otherwise, Jody and I would fall way out of touch with our bay-area peeps. And, after seeing Sunday's episode and then catching up on the back-story via the too- thorough Television Without Pity reviews, I see that it's not just Melrose Place; there seems to be at least one really creepy moment per episode.

It's not as great as Twin Peaks and Danny Elfman is no Angelo Badalamentibut I'm fairly sure we'll have transvetitism, if not dwarves, at some point. And I can't wait for the musical episode. Monday, November 29 Yale Trumps Harvard. Banana Guard. A wonderful product that absolutely nobody has been clamoring for. Sadly, according to the FAQthere is no battery attachment available. This is the sort of thing I should probably take advantage of, living in LA. But I'm frankly still recovering from the lack of downtime over the weekend, and need to do some composing tonight, for mental health reasons.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, but it was chock full of "activities" and "leaving the house. Zutons -- 20th Best Record of the Year. In Norway, at least. Sunday, November 28 Dolphin Threat Lessened. By two dolphins, at least Friday, November 26 Kids want Pink Floyd's money. The students who sang on "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 " say they're due more cash.

More interesting: The article's recount of how the teacher obscured the song's content from the schoolmaster at the time. Key quote: "We had a week where we practiced around the piano at school, then we recorded it at the studios.

I sort of mentioned it to the headteacher, but didn't give her a piece of paper with the lyrics on it. Wednesday, November 24 Xmas Time is Here. And who wouldn't want a celebrity-autographed stapler? Interestingly, Ringo Starr's is currently only going for 4x that of the guy who invented the post-it note.

SpongeBob held hostage! Excerpt from the ransom note left at the Minnesota Burger King where the massive inflatable version of the character was snatched from the roof : "We have SpongeBob. Give us ten Krabby Patties, fries and milkshakes.

Tuesday, November 23 Defend music. Defeat Poison. Brett Michaels of Poison fame is seeking his stolen guitar. Whatever he's offering as a reward, I'll double it to keep it from him.

Day of the dolphin and Hogzilla. A group of them helped their fellow mammals that would be we humans fend off a great white shark in the waters of New Zealand.

Meanwhile, a Georgia town continues to make hay of a mega-boar. National Geographic is propping up the Hogzilla legend with a TV show to air next year. The blog has now met its daily quota of weird animal stories. Turn Your Back on Bush. Actually, I don't agree with the symbolism, as Bush is one guy I wouldn't turn my back on.

He's already stealing out of my wallet to pay for his rich friends' tax cuts and his army tanks and rockets as it is. I do agree with the sentiment that "we don't need puppets. With slideshow. Scaryif only for the fact that this is the first I've ever heard of it. Every color Xerox printer, and many other brands, apparently encode their serial number on everything you print out, and the government can trace it back to you.

What sorts of things like this are being tracked that we don't know about?! Reporter Explains. The reporter who caught on tape the soldier executing a captive in a Falluja Mosque explains why he, uh, did his job. If I were a rich man, I'd get Tim this for Xmas. Instead, Tim, I hope you like Pez. Mom's Cancer. A surprisingly uplifting online comic strip that touches eerily close to home. My mother doesn't have cancer, but is a lifetime smoker who two months ago had a stroke similar to the one depicted here.

I'm not sure that my mom has quite the fight in her that the protagaonist of this strip has, but she doesn't have the dire odds to overcome, either. I'll find my frog. Heartbreaking AND sweet.

Creepy AND sweet. Evils Of Copyright. Cool first-hand report. Watchmen to Screen in ? I'll believe it when I see it. But I suspect even when I see it, it won't be very good. Pirate Riddles for Sophisticates.

Extra Points Sunday, November 21 Kirstie Alley explodes! Apparently Scientology didn't help her from becoming obese, difficult and despondent. She hasn't had sex in four years. Or so The Star would have us believe. Key quote: "I have seen myself naked I couldn't believe it. And so I just was crushed. If only they limited him to just one bullet Only one man could play the title role in Dubya: the Movie. NBA gone wild.

Fans of the game can't wait to hear Ron Artest's CDthough. Get buzzed! BuzzMachine is an interesting blog from the founder of Entertainment Weekly. Among the propositions: get rid of the FCC. Doesn't sound as much like a gas-filled putz as you'd think, until the final question.

Desktop Cell Phone. How utterly "dope" would it be to take calls on this sweet baby in your ride? Answer: Very, very dope. Thursday, November 18 Face the face. It got me thinking how even his lesser works like the "White City" disc were always interesting if not entirely successful. I want to believe him, give him the benefit of the doubt. But "just doing research" is the oldest excuse out there, and his sexual confusion is well-documented in his lyrics. See "And I Moved.

You make the call. The Big Problem with Fallujah Warcrimes? According to Texas Congressman Sylvestre Reyes the problem is that we let a reporter tape it. Yeah, it's not that we're shooting unarmed prisoners in the head, it's that we're reporting on it. And this guys a Democrat! Oh, those wacky Christians.

In other cartoon news, "The Incredibles" is just, well, fantastic. My favorite movie of the year so far. May be a little too intense for little kids -- I found myself genuinely concerned for the safety of these CGI-rendered characters, so a 5-year-old may downright freak out, unless they've been anaesthetized with a few hours of killing hookers in GTA before seeing the film But I digress.

Go see this on the big screen while you can. Wednesday, November 17 For Bassists Only. Video of Jaco playing Portrait of Tracy. Kos has a good argument for moving to Euorpe after all, in the form of a mostly-filched Andrew O'Hehir essay from Salon on how Democratic Utopian ideals are flourishing there as they are floundering here.

It's My Way Pop-Up Ads Coming to Tivo. Fast-forward to trigger ads. Tivo users to post angry blog entries. Government Outsourcing. There's a joke in there somewhere, but I'm a bit too nauseated to find it. Note to Self. Stick to Kikkoman. Touching and moronic at the same time. How sad is it that, even if Bush is sworn in again in January, I'll actually be happier to know that the election was stolen, that America didn't elect this freedom-hating usurper even one time.

But like I said, I'm not getting involved with this again ABC: We're sorry. No comment. The Sneeze. Have I ever mentioned how good the Sneeze is? Dammit, someday I will. From what I could tell on the Surreal Life, most people would pay a grand to get away from this dipsomaniac.

Love Is It'd almost be worth bidding if the auction included an explanation of exactly what changed in her life that she no longer needs her thirty year "Love Is Oh, fire up your internets, it looks like the cheese sandwich auction is back on! The Peter Principle and the Neocon Coup. Robert Scheer, on how the biggest failure of a President we've ever had, who never successfully held down a job before entering politics, sets the tone for failing upwards in D.

Musical Notes. Picked up the recent CD-release of "The Name of This Band is Talking Heads," a two-disk concert recording featuring on the first disk the original quartet playing their more raw and punkish early music, and on the other, the "Stop Making Sense" super-group featuring Adrian Belew, Bernie Worrel, and other funk luminaries.

This recording has been out of print for years, and the CD greatly improves on the cassette version I had, with suprisingly great sound quality, strong performances, and extra tracks.

It's interesting to hear how polished the playing is on the earlier "raw" stuff without the studio pros of the later band -- and also, how funk-inspired the band was even in its CBGB days. The Zutons' "Pressure" is being used in a Levi's ad. Their next album should be titled "Will Success Spoil the Zutons? I guess at this point we'll settle for a mini-review: Some damn clever lyrics for a year old. Some Hammerhead Shark - David Lee Roth - A Little Aint Enough (Cassette goofy moments, and some nicely psychotic throw-away lines.

But could have been pared down to one really good minute record, rather than 2 uneven minute ones. McKay may be worth keeping an eye on; or she may end up being this year's Imani Coppola. For old-times' sake: William Shatner singing "Lucy in the Sky". I haven't picked up his new collaboration with Ben Folds, but otherwise sane people insist that it's brilliant. Lastly, no one asked for this, goddamnit! Music Is Not a Loaf of Bread. Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, on giving away music downloads.

I believed every damn episode of "Project Bluebook," and I'll be first in line to welcome our Martian overlords. But when a mainstream news source runs a story like this without any sort of disclaimer, they do a disservice to their audience of mouth-breathing slack-jawed yokels, and undermine their own credibility -- which is pretty tough to do these days if you're CBS Senate to Vote on New Copyright Bill.

The Intellectual Property Protection Act would, if passed, undermine our right to fair use and "skipping any commercials or promotional announcements would be prohibited. Monday, November 15 Shark attack in South Africa. Another reminder to our readers that a shark is not a fish. This one is particularly deadly.

Key quote: "The shark is bigger than the helicopter Coked-up kraken! Peruvian drug lords try to smuggle cocaine in a giant squid. Marine Shoots, Kills Unarmed Prisoner. In a mosque, no less. He should not be investigated. He did nothing wrong. This Marine has been under attack for days. It has nothing to do with what he did," said Corporal Keith Hoy, Maybe the insurgent had some valuable information.

There may have been mitigating circumstances. Atlantis Found. Patrick Duffy unavailable for comment. Feed the world mix. It's probably a sign of age and general fuddy-duddyness that I do not recognize many of the contributors to the update of "Do They Know It's Christmas? The new version drops Nov. I was excited when I read this headline.

Then I realized they weren't talking about Cheney. Saturday, November 13 washingtonpost. Don't hit this one. Tot smuggled into U. Friday, November 12 Final Peel session. The mean average rating would be The second average might be more trusted because there is more consensus around a particular Hammerhead Shark - David Lee Roth - A Little Aint Enough (Cassette a lower deviation.

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E: Kurt is awesome, he has a bunch of tricks up his sleeve. I cant see us recording with anyone else after doing this album with him. E: Originality, I hate hearing the same rehash. Don't call it a comeback. S: First of all: congratulations to your new album! We really like it, because it has the same power and spirit than the albums before. Who had the idea of playing together after all these years? J: I was always against a reunion, but then a bunch of things happened to make me reconsider.

Joe and I were working on a new project with Jay, and we started to focus more on Yuppicide and writing new material. What is your favorite song, and why? J: I like different songs for different reasons. I look at the album as a whole. Venting the sentiment helps me and I hope it helps others.

We worked on all the songs quite a bit in rehearsals and then more with Glen in the studio, so they are have a place for me. But is there anyone left at all, who is buying that kind of nostalgic gimmicks? J: We were approached by LastExitMusic about doing the cassettes and I agree, its seemed a little weird. Back in the early 90s we let a Polish company sort of boot leg our albums, just so they could be available in their struggling economy.

It often seems like a puppet show with old man playing just for the money. Which one was the biggest disappointment for you as a fan? J: Well I get excited to see the bands I grew up listening to, but it can be a little sad. Most of us have gotten a little grayer, slower and maybe a little heavy over the years! I saw the English Beat some years ago and it was just the main singer from the original line up — I felt like I was watching a wedding cover band, it was very disappointing.

The Selector were much better! Burn and Civ killed it, they were both amazing. Yuppicide has never been our career — but we care about it a lot and I think you can tell. What kind of costumes can we expect on stage? Gas,- Devil- or Lucha Libre -masks? Horror make-up, fake blood or even the meat -suit? J: Haha. Sometimes I get inspired and go for it, and other times, it feels like a gimmick and a chore! I admire Henry Rollins approach more and more — he just needs running shorts and a rug!

I may bring some stuff, but it may not last the entire tour. Tour booking start booking dates once we tell them when we can travel. We have jobs and kids and adult responsibilities that we cannot not ignore, so we can only come for about 10 days at a time. In the old days we can for 7 weeks! S: Regarding the setlist: what can we expect? J: We are coming to promote the new record: Revenge Regret Repeatbut we know people want to hear the old tunes too!

So our set has songs from our entire catalog, Hammerhead Shark - David Lee Roth - A Little Aint Enough (Cassette 28 songs! S: What kind of Hammerhead Shark - David Lee Roth - A Little Aint Enough (Cassette, alternatively to punk rock and hardcore, runs in your tour bus? Once we had a video player and binged a lot of TV shows. I like all sorts of music, including some electronic music Gasp! I grew up listening to Reggae and skaI really like Nina Simone. My new favorite band is The Sleaford Mods.

What else can we expect from that band? J: Blaze Camo is a project dear to my heart. It only lasted about 2 years in between Yuppicide we broke up and then reformed for a bit. Two of the members live in Los Angeles now, and are busy with their careers. Do you think that an event like that could take place in Germany some day? J: We would love to! It was a little hard finding the older pieces, but Steve has a lot in his archives.

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