Im Holding Onto U - Robert Brookins - In The Night (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Epic Records is an American record label. It is owned and operated by Sony Music Entertainment. The label was founded in as a jazz label, and was eventually expanded to several genres of music. The label manages several imprints as well.

Rockwell who is also signed to Uprize Music, which has distribution through Epic, says the deal with Epic calls for five albums. I mean a major label like Epic will distribute your product and help to get things going. I am hoping it will take my career to the next level', Rockwell said via telephone from her Florida home recently. She also has that crossover, funky, pop vibe that you just cannot miss.

I saw where she needed an international push, and we're working on her debut album which we are looking at possibly releasing later this year', said Myrie. Rockwell says her reggae and dancehall roots will be evident on her album when its released. They definitely want her to keep her Caribbean vibe, but they also want to promote her as a pop star'. A heavyweight cast of producers have injected their talents on Rockwell's Epic Records debut.

Shabba Ranks was signed to Epic in the 's. Last July, more than 6, screaming fans turned out to greet the trio's Live Much appearance, some lining up for more than two days to meet their idols.

It's the Grammy- nominated group's first awards hosting gig. The MMVAs, as they are known, tend toward a carnival- like atmosphere even without the presence of Disney's ultra-popular teen trio. Or Geri Halliwellwho had recently split from the Spice Girls, shouting "I need a good Canadian man to fertilize my eggs" before presenting a trophy.

Some of that raunch doesn't exactly mesh with the Jonas Brothers' squeaky clean image. We're going to have fun, hopefully. Contestants will perform in front of an audience each week as they also strive to sharpen their performance skills, handle photo shoots and deal with paparazzi, reports Billboard.

They just need a platform. The show is slated to run this summer, with a premiere date still to be determined. Ten episodes have been taped thus far. Jerkins will head a panel of three regular judges with a revolving guest judge each week.

In the meantime, Jerkins has been "really trying to push the envelope" on his work for Diddy's Sept. We're definitely having fun. It's due in theatres later this year. Jerkins says he plans to reach out to Teddy Riley, Dallas Austin and other producers to collaborate on the albums over the next 18 months. The first three are slated for second quarter Beyonce Announces U.

Tour Dates Source: www. April 17, In support of her latest, chart-topping album, "I Am Tickets for the general public will go on sale through Ticketmaster on Saturday, April 25, starting at AM local venue time.

Tickets for the four-night residence at Encore will go on sale at an as-yet unannounced later date. With only one song and an unforgettable YouTube clip, this obscure woman from a small Scottish village has in less than a week become nearly a household name around the world. Yesterday morning, the year-old's meteoric rise after a single audition on Britain's Got Talent got another boost with an appearance via satellite on CBS's The Early Show.

Sporting a new hairdo, Boyle remained as spunky and witty as ever while chatting with the hosts. Talking about her journey so far, she told the morning show that she reacted to the titters in the audience during her audition by focusing on the performance. LuPone told her she had "pluck" and admired her courage. As a way of explanation for why she went on the show, Boyle said: "I wanted to make this a tribute to my mother, so it was something I wanted to do, so I had to get on with it.

That's where the courage came from, my mother. She's only appeared on an early, regional qualifying portion of the show. A spokesperson for the show said her next official appearance will not be until the end of May. The year-old unemployed church worker from Scotland's West Lothian district has captured hearts with her back story of "having never been kissed. This week, she has been inundated with media requests and, talking to the Associated Press, she admitted the instant fame has been an incredible experience.

I didn't realize this would be the reaction, I just went onstage and got on with it. She has a few Facebook fan pages and the most popular have already logged 93, fans. As well, a Wikipedia page has been dedicated to her and a fan page at Susan-Boyle. Her newfound fame has also had a dramatic effect on the village of Blackburn, population about 4, 20 kilometres west of Edinburgh on the road to Glasgow. Ewen McNamee, communications officer for West Lothian region, which includes Blackburn, has been besieged with phone calls.

It's been quite bizarre," McNamee said. Agnes Boyle, who lives around the corner from Susan Boyle but is not related, said she's been getting persistent phone calls from those trying to find the other woman, who has an unlisted phone number. Russell also expressed confidence that Boyle will win the Britain's Got Talent competition. I think she'll just continue to do what her heart wants her to do and that's sing.

When asked on The Early Show what her next song choice was going to be, she answered: "Why don't you watch the show and find out? Teena penned the songs during a period of extended personal darkness that somehow manifested positive and loving art. I started thinking about the music I grew up on - how inspired it was. Each song I was coming up with began to sound like the style of some favourite artist of mine from the past Ice Cube's bumpin' in the trunk vibe and of course, Rick James.

It's all in there. The fact that this new record will be released by the other most revered soul label of all time, Stax; is poetic justice. I got sort of sidetracked by life and comfort and adulthood and ended up accidentally getting a career somewhere else, in software," says Coulton, who's making a return to the Lula Lounge this week for a two-night engagement April 23 and Fans started listening to his songs — filled with "geeky" references to fantastical creatures and exploring themes of alienation and postmodern angst — and then posting them on blogs and podcasts.

But as his stock in cyberspace began to rise, Coulton found himself answering as many as emails a day. I might as well have still been at my software job," he says, adding that former co-workers were quick to make the same point. So Coulton slowed down a bit, took a temporary breather from songwriting, hired an assistant and began to hone his onstage skills for taking his act on the road. He's poised to launch his first DVD, a live show recorded in San Francisco, and continues to do weekend hops around the continent in pursuit of greater glory, playing before audiences ranging in size from to 1, I'm often writing about alienation and feeling out of place and my favourite way to explore that idea is to write from the point of view of some kind of a monster, literally a giant squid or a zombie.

But it's true: The moment I step on stage and there's this audience there, we're communing in this way, it's a really powerful experience. All Coulton's music is copyright-protected through Creative Commerce, which allows fans to use his music for their creative ends as long as it's not for commercial purposes.

Witness the fans who used claymation and characters from the World of Warcraft video games to illustrate his songs. Coulton estimates his song Code Monkey has close to different video versions on YouTube.

That's just another way that fans help to support me. The fact that people are doing that and attracting all that attention Now, with a second child in the household, Coulton says he's more than content to divide his time among home, the road and the Internet. April 15, Jeremih knows all about getting his cake and eating it too—just read the lyrics to his lead single, "Birthday Sex.

It's the perfect hit. But Jeremih admits he didn't anticipate the catchy tune would be such a sensation. She basically picked the first single. And now he's recording a self-titled debut album after signing with Def Jam just a month ago.

Described as "urban pop," Jeremih's album is slated for release June The set is being produced by Mick Schultz and doesn't feature any guest collaborations. Although the label's promotional campaign is in the preliminary stage, a collaboration with MySpace is in the works.

It has sold 16, digital copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It's all pretty heady stuff for someone who never thought of himself as a singer. And when music is universally delivered on flash drive sticks and via the Internet, and stored on hard drives and iPods, you have to wonder how packaging will play a part.

I suspect it always will be crucial to music sales I just don't know yet what form it will take. It may be images, screensavers, information files or videos that are embedded in the music download.

CD jewel cases are gone, too, with their cover inserts and mini-booklets. The thin plastic shatters. It's ecologically unfriendly. Jewel boxes consume the shelf space of at least three unpackaged CDs.

Full-colour gatefold paper or card-stock digi-packs, with a small plastic tray that holds the CD and a sleeve for an information booklet, have become the norm. Wrycraft says he has been asked to design only six jewel-box packages in the past two years. But as music delivery and storage hurtle into full digital mode, will music itself lose some of its ineffable mystique, stripped of its most attractive physical accessory?

Packaging wasn't always part of music's appeal. Until the full flowering of the album graphics design business in the s through the s, record sleeves were just a necessary means of protecting the brittle vinyl inside. In the s and early '60s, with little more than a publicity shot on the cover and a track list on the back, record sleeves added little value to the product.

Music fans who ascribed extra value to album artwork in the s and '70s may have been victims of an elaborate scam, suggests David Byrne, whose band the Talking Heads was at the forefront Album) New York's artistic revolution in the s.

For less than the price of printing those sleeves and CD booklets you could get slideshows, photos, videos, bios, credits, lyrics, merchandise Caldwell blames the devaluation of the CD on the absence of quality packaging. People felt they were getting less for their money. For the past few years, through his eBay store, Tiger Mountain Music, Caldwell has been selling mini-LPs of classic back-catalogue recordings from the s through the s.

They're actually limited-run CDs, made under licence in Japan specifically for the audio collectors' market, burned on a superior-grade plastic compound to top-level audiophile specifications and featuring digitally downsized replicas of the original LPs' packages, in all their myriad forms.

Packaging like this indicates respect for the music it contains, and for the artists," says Caldwell. I hated West End Girlsand wasn't attracted enough by the rest to stick around and figure out why this British duo has been rhapsodized by critics I respect.

From a distance, I found it easy to discount the surface-loving, pop-tweaking Pets as watered-down Warhol. This album has forced me to reconsider, and to think again about the Pets' central question.

Yes, these dance songs may feel empty at times, but is that a feature of the music only, or does it reflect part of life? The Pets still emanate their peculiarly stagnant adoration of the rich and gorgeous, while finding subtle ways to question that attitude. In Beautiful Peoplethere's something almost innocent about the way Neil Tennant voices a desire for the beautiful life exactly as advertised. The suppression of irony exposes the fairy-tale yearnings that drive our society.

The Pets never reject the dream: Love etc. Then there's Vulnerablein which the material boys put away their toys and sketch how they really feel, at least some of the time. Here, weakness equals reality, just as the obbligato Spanish guitar implies that acoustic sounds are more true than synths and drum machines. But King of Rome is just as exposed, as Tennant's fey nasal voice floats over a bed of synthesizers. There's surprising variety and muscle in the harmonies of some of these songs, such as the bridge for Did You See Me Coming?

Canadian Owen Pallett, who did the string arrangements, may have helped lead the pair into these strange waters. The Pets take the easy way out in a couple of songs, such as the faux-visionary More Than a Dream "change is gonna come" and Pandemoniuma routine strutter with a million-dollar disco beat. But over all, Yes is a strong disc, and a witty one. The year-old entertainer is the daughter of DeBarge keyboardist and founding member James DeBarge.

Edmonds wrote and produced many of the songs on her debut album, including the current first single "Goodbye. After this week's episode of talent competition aired on Saturday evening, there's a new talent that is making the rounds on YouTube. What else do you sing? Coming on the heels of last week's instant YouTube star sensation, Susan Boyle, the year-old Scottish woman whose version of "I Dreamed a Dream" has brought her worldwide fame and made her the betting favourite to win the competition, Jafargholi's performance, which already has almost a half a million views on the video sharing site, signals that the show might have a very compelling horse race this year.

We Remember Robert Brookins Source: www. He was The Sacramento, Calif. In he was the featured singer on George Duke's self-titled album. Banton, 35, veers between the optimistic, instructive tone of "Lend a Hand" and the cynicism of "I Wonder" "How can we, how must we endure". Boosted by chanting and Nyabinghi drumming, the repetitive praise songs work best with his authoritative vocals. Least effective are a duet with Wyclef, which sounds like a rehash of one of the American rapper's tunes, and the biteless cover of Third World's "Sense of Purpose.

It will be the second time Hill has headlined the festival. Other artists lined up for the July festival include tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins and Brazilian singer Gilberto Gil. The event celebrates its 26th anniversary this year and is expected to attract up to 30, people. When a soldier is killed, officers often deliver the news to family members between the hours of 11 p.

And so, night after night, the wife of a Canadian fighting in Afghanistan goes to bed dressed as though it were daytime, the front room of her home meticulously tidied, ready to receive an always half-expected visitor. On the outskirts of Kabul, another knock in the dark hours also brings death's messenger.

A man answers a rap at the door and is ushered outside. Before long, he lies sprawled in the street, shot dead by his uninvited guest. His wife, an Afghan actor, knows the bullets were a message to her — that she would have been gunned down had her husband's assailant been greeted instead by her face, familiar from television, staring back at him through the door frame. These are but two of countless stories that document the tremendous strain borne by families on both sides of the Afghan war.

Woven together with dozens of others, they form the groundwork of Petawawaa collaborative theatre project being developed — in four cities, on two continents — by Christopher Morris, artistic director of Toronto theatre company Human Cargo. Morris began crafting the project early last year, aiming to examine "the long-term reverberations of war," not only through the lens of Canadian soldiers and their loved ones, but also of the parents, siblings and children of Pakistani soldiers fighting in border regions, and of Afghans embroiled in both sides of the conflict.

When he set out to gather those stories, he expected to hear tragic accounts of domestic hardship and gruesome tales of war. What he did not foresee was how entwined his life would become with one of those stories in particular. He certainly never imagined he would answer his Toronto phone months later to the sounds of an Afghan woman desperately trying to tell him, in a language he doesn't understand, that her husband had been murdered.

Petawawa's roots Morris, 34, favours theatre that latches onto the sometimes grand, often galling political and social issues of the day — and that "says something about them. He has spent up to a year at a time studying theatre in locales as far-flung as Dublin and Tbilisi — places where he can "be broken by [the experience] and learn something new.

She spoke of the fear she felt at every report of a rise in violence, and of the loneliness that consumed her. Her story stuck with him, and Morris began turning LP a theory in his mind: that creating a clearly defined enemy is crucial to protecting a soldier's — and a country's — mental health.

One logical question that followed: "What happens to us if we consider [the enemy's] families? The troupe set about finding war-affected families who were willing to tell their stories, and making plans for a trip to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Gathering stories He landed in the Ottawa Valley town last July for a two-week stay, accompanied by his girlfriend, set and costume designer Gillian Gallow. At the base's Tim Hortons, Morris sat and listened to all kinds of stories: of the tensions that brew between on-edge couples as a deployment nears; of infidelity and guilt; of stoic but undeniably shaken children; of soldiers witnessing the gruesome deaths of friends and colleagues; of the horrors of posttraumatic stress disorder; and of those dreaded knocks in the night.

One woman talked about the desensitization training her husband had undergone. He was administered a test, she told Morris, whose questions included this one: "What do you feel when you shoot a woman? Morris designed the trip to be flexible, allowing him to follow the leads and introductions his contacts would provide along the way. He enlisted her both to eventually act in Petawawaand to be a fixer of sorts who could gather stories from Pakistanis, particularly women.

Then things began to get decidedly dicier. On Oct. He grew a beard, donned a billowing shalwar kameez and — perhaps naively — walked Kabul without a guide. It quickly became clear to him the enormity of the risk he was taking. In the span of a week, CBC journalist Melissa Fung was kidnapped, a German-South African aid worker was gunned down in the street, and a second foreigner was also murdered.

Morris's hosts secured him a guesthouse, afraid of housing him themselves. Taking a brief detour to meet Siddiq Barmak, director of the film OsamaMorris opted to go by plane rather than car — after hearing tales of drivers slaughtered along Taliban-controlled roads for offences as minor as having English names programmed into their cellphones. In Afghanistan, he remembers thinking, "Death is irrelevant. It's all irrelevant. If it might help your cause, just kill. It doesn't matter. It's strange.

The year-old had made a life out of acting in a society that makes it anything but easy for a woman to pursue such a career. Over the years, she repeatedly received death threats — some of which, she said, had come from her husband's family. Still, there had been enough encouragement and opportunities along the way to make acting a viable profession for Mushtahel. ByMushtahel had joined a local theatre company, where she worked for five years before moving to Radio Television Afghanistan, later earning a role on an Afghan sitcom.

Though not wildly famous, she is a recognizable figure in Afghan cultural life. And after more than two decades of amateur and professional stagecraft, her motivation to act is still joyously simple. When they are clapping, it encourages me, and some of them even cry. I'm not up for that. It needs at least one LP who will keep it from that," says Morris. The two hit it off, despite not speaking each other's languages, and Morris recruited Mushtahel as an actor and story gatherer, pleased that she would have the same sort of access to Afghan women as Mumtaz did in Pakistan.

Months later, with Morris back in Toronto and his various collaborators taking a short hiatus before their work on Petawawa began in earnest, the ongoing death threats against Mushtahel materialized into that fateful knock at the door of her home.

Her husband was lured out of their house and shot dead in the street by a mysterious attacker. Mushtahel remembers hearing the gunshots, but had no idea at whom they were directed. The shooter fled the scene, where Mushtahel found her husband's body riddled with bullets.

She was convinced the gunman had come for her, and she quickly went into hiding with their children — a daughter, 8, and son, 7 — but even that proved difficult: Family members were justifiably worried that her presence would endanger them. And although she soon found reliable safe havens, after two decades of steady acting, she was unable to work, could not send her children to school, and was forced to conceal her identity by shrouding herself in the burka she had long despised as a symbol of Afghanistan's ills.

It's taken a psychological toll on her and her children. I forget things. I can't memorize things. She had a meeting scheduled last week with officers at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to try to find asylum outside the country, and although Canada is her preferred destination, she will go "anywhere safe.

Asked why she wants to continue to act in the face of such danger, her voice swells with intensity. So whatever it costs, even if it costs my life, I will continue and go ahead with it.

And he is determined to stage Petawawa before Canada's scheduled troop withdrawal inand to perform it — in a mixture of English, Dari and Urdu — in all four cities, as well as in Islamabad. Still, the road ahead appears increasingly daunting. She will now be forced to gather stories for the script by phone, Morris says, and if necessary will appear by video in some of the internationally staged performances. Another challenge facing Petawawa involves money. But he remains undaunted.

Yarbrough April 17, "There's no way possible I could have lived with myself taking a charge that I know I did not do. I was setting an example for my girls. And also, learning from my mom; she's always told me what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong, so why would you plead something that you just know you didn't do?

While on the surface, the raid seemed to be a triumph in the war on drugs, with 20 criminals behind bars. In reality, the event was an attack on African Americans in the small town of 5, people. All 20 were fingered by a hapless crack addict who later admitted he was threatened by authorities if he did not implicate 20 residents of the Hearne housing projects.

The residents were booked and offered plea bargains if they confessed. Several innocent people took the plea bargain. Regina Kellya waitress and mother of four, refused. With a battle than began that fateful day in November, Kelly became the lead plaintiff in the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas lawsuit that accused the district attorney's office of targeting minorities. The new film " American Violet " tells Kelly's story of defiance and suffering. I had done documentaries already.

I didn't find out about the movie-movie until two months into filming. It was kind of strange to say 'a movie about me. My mom didn't know. I didn't tell anyone in my family. I just told them two weeks before the screening in Hearne. I told them I needed them to be available one day and don't ask questions, just dress up and come on. My mom was like, 'Oh my God. She was so thrilled. They were so proud. It was a great experience. It's like reliving it over and over and over.

They're so on point; it's amazing how close it is to my story. It frustrated me because they really did not care. When I read the script, I was disgusted that it happened," Beharie said. I think that's what the film is asking you to look at. It's easy to say, 'Hmmm, four kids. Where is the money coming from? I think that's what makes the film more powerful. She was quite impressed by the classical trained actress.

She's a very good actress and I'm so proud she took this part," Kelly said. Standing up to the law and the city's District Attorney brought her and her family nothing but fear and misery, so she recently moved to Houston. It was time for them to be free and be children. I'm just happy to be gone. It feels good. For more on the film, visit www. Because while Barrymore, a native of Los Angeles and a descendent of Hollywood royalty, has lately gained a comfortable perch as a bankable leading lady of middlebrow romantic comedies, she belongs more to the species of celebrity known as Star than the one known as Actor.

And yet for Grey Gardensthe period film that premieres tonight on HBO Canada, Barrymore pulled a Daniel Day-Lewis: not just staying in character on-set through the course of the 7-week shoot, but also cutting herself off from the usual barrage of communications she typically endures every day "no cellphones, no television, no music, no driving, no newspapers, no magazines, anything" in order to get in touch with her character's isolation.

Barrymore's challenge was formidable: to play not just a dramatic character but also one about whom many people feel terribly proprietary. This new Grey Gardens is a faintly fictionalized retelling of one of the most famous stories in American documentary history: how, beginning in the s, Jacqueline Kennedy's aunt Edith Bouvier Beale and cousin known as "Little Edie" slid from New York high society Album) destitution over the course of four decades.

By the time Albert and David Maysles, the noted U. The Little Edie in the Maysles' Grey Gardens is an icon in the gay community, revered for her quirky fashion sense, sly and sometimes ironic humour, persistent aspiration to glamour despite her pathetic circumstances, and the oppression she suffered for much of her life under her mother's manipulations.

Barrymore, on the other hand, is a self-described valley girl, a former brief wife of Canadian shock comic Tom Green, a staunch creature of contemporary pop culture. Today, in a roomy hotel suite on a high floor overlooking the southern swath of Central Park, she looks like a slobbily dressed PR assistant, in jeans, a grey T-shirt and a dark-blue cardigan that dwarfs her small frame. Her hair is bobby-pinned back and off to the side in random thatches, dark roots calling out for the bottle.

She pulls her booted feet up onto the couch and tucks her legs off to one side. Which is as good a reminder as any as to why Barrymore was not at the top of the casting list when the first-time writer-director Michael Sucsy started kicking around names for his Little Edie. Whoever it was had to be able to hold her own opposite Jessica Lange as Big Edie. No matter: Barrymore, who began producing films a few years ago Charlie's AngelsFever Pitchis used to making things happen.

She brought along a thick binder of research material, throughout which she had scrawled notes on the character and the film. She knew there was nothing on her CV to prove she could pull off the acting challenge; indeed, she didn't even know herself whether she could do it. Still, she said this to Sucsy: "I look to you as that person who might take a chance on me, because that's how people know people can do it, because there's someone out there who takes a risk on somebody, so will you please be the person who takes a risk on me?

Like, I was looking forward to it, versus the fear of, like, 'Am I gonna pull this off? After a promising start as a child actor in films that included E. After a stint in rehab, she clawed her way back to prominence in Hollywood. I definitely related to that, just being an outcast, and being sort of put away, or put aside. She says that, while she's usually in touch with most of her "ex-boyfriends," she hasn't seen Tom Green lately.

In fact, the older she gets, the more interested she becomes in artistically complex endeavours. Sure, she starred in a pair of slick Charlie's Angels movies that made hundreds of millions of dollars, but listen to her now: She'd love to run a studio that makes films, not movies. I'd be out there, trying to make films with the new Hal Ashbys rather than the tent poles. International University in California.

After spending time on the comedy circuit, he joined Keenan Ivory Wayans, Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans and Tommy Davidson in the landmark Fox sketch comedy series "In Living Color," creating some of the show's funniest and most memorable moments. Inhe launched his own series, "The Jamie Foxx Show," which was one of the top-rated programs on the WB Network during its five-year run. Jamie not only starred on the series but also was the co-creator and executive producer, and directed several episodes.

He received critical acclaim for his riveting work and in Any Given Sunday and as Bundini Brown in Ali, breakout roles which inexorably led tothe Year of the Foxx, when he delivered a trio of powerful performances in Ray, Collateral and Redemption.

That amazing feat marked the first time that a single actor has received three Golden Globe nominations and four SAG Award nominations in the same year. Gary Gray. Besides his outstanding work in front of the camera, Jamie has also achieved a thriving career in music. And his second album, "Intuition," was just released last December to rave reviews. Here, he talks about his new movie, The Soloista true story in which he plays Nathaniel Ayers, a Juilliard-trained child prodigy, who ended up homeless after developing schizophrenia.

Times reporter who hears him playing the violin in the park. JF: Thank you, bro. KW: My first question is, did you get to meet Nathaniel Ayers on the streets in preparing to portray him? JF: Yes I did.

As a matter of fact, I snuck downtown with a little bit of a disguise and a security cat, and I just hung out right next to Nathaniel. He had no idea that I was watching him. I got a chance to see him speak to the world, and get excited, and be happy, and sad, and play his music. And I saw him preach. Later, I was formally introduced to him, and he was on his best behaviour. He smiled because he gets it that they were going to do a movie about his life. So, it was very interesting.

And while all that was happening, I had a video camera on my phone that I used to record him the whole time. KW: How did you prepare for the role after that? JF: It was a matter of putting him together. Losing the weight… getting the hair right… getting the makeup right… and going to that place that I have feared going to for a long time, that is, losing your mind.

KW: What made you afraid of that? JF: As a child I always feared losing my mind. There was a guy in my neighbourhood who always walked up and down the street talking to himself. It was a college prank that really went bad, and I hallucinated for 11 months. The doctors said that sometimes people go and they never come back. I was lucky enough to get back, but the way I recovered was by playing music all the time, because I was in a music school.

KW: Very. Nathaniel says this, that and the other, because he feels this way and that way. I used to do the same thing when I was in college. I played music, and the reason we play music is so we can soothe ourselves. This is what it is. This is what makes me feel comfortable. This is not your mind. This is my mind. But I think you did a better job at conveying the feeling of insanity than either of those other pictures, which were both excellent, too.

JF: Thanks. KW: Joe told me that you filmed on location on Skid Row and hired a lot of the homeless as extras. Stuff You Should Know. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

Princess of South Beach. Told in English and in Spanish, the series pays homage to beloved telenovela tropes but adds modern twists. An apartment complex hosts a big Halloween party with themed rooms and costumed partygoers.

And the partygoers are the main suspects in the eyes of the police: was it the guy in the devil mask, the guy dressed as Jesus, the bank robber, the construction worker? As a complex investigation winds its way through forensic evidence, witness testimony, DNA, and even a psychic, the police zero in on one suspect in particular -- but why?

Prana - Deuter - San (CD, Album), She Dont Let Nobody - Various - 100 Hits Reggae (CD), Quand Il Pleut (Bonus) - Renaud Hantson - La Fissure Du Temps (CD, Album), Moonshine Fandango - Racing Cars - Downtown Tonight (CD, Album), ESC - Various - Vlek Complete Catalogue - Years 1&2 (File), Crow Jane - Sonny Terry with Johnny Winter, Willie Dixon and Styve Homnick - Whoopin (CD, Album), Maniac & Depressive (Evenflow Remix) - Evenflow (2) - Neuro Mechanism (File, MP3), At The Club (Axel Konrad Remix), Ghosts N Stuff - Various - Clubbers Guide 2009 (CD), Apple Tea - Its No Good - Various - Personal Depeche. Belarusian DM Tribute. Second Edition (CD, Alb, Recall - Various - Now Dance Volume 8 (CD), Symphony Of Love - The Cornel Strings - Symphony Of Love (Vinyl), Sam Kinison Calls - Neil Young - Cow Palace 1986 (Vinyl, LP)