Masterclass - B-Front* & Adaro - Qapital (CD)

Killer Frenchcore is an amazing show stopper Masterclass - B-Front* & Adaro - Qapital (CD), this pack weighs in at MB of pure content and features all the tools you need to pop off your next Frenchcore banger.

This pack offers up Kick Drums that are essential to Frenchcore productions or remixes. This Killer pack also includes a wicked set of Synth Loops, Breaks Drum shots and Fx that deliver real inspiration for you hardcore heads looking to take it up a notch. Killer Frenchcore is another off the hook sample pack f rom ISR and If you bought any of our other Hard Audio collections you know we take pride in having thee most usable sounds around.

No stone was left unturned in the creation of this monster 24 Bit Wav collection. All the sounds were made from the ground up to insure that you have real Frenchcore signature sounds from this amazing underground artist. Killer Frenchcore also features our new Masterclass - B-Front* & Adaro - Qapital (CD) Starter Kitsso you can start kicking up sound as soon as you get this incredible selection of core audio into your Daw.

It does not even begin to stop there. Oh yeah! Bring the heavy. This custom GUI was designed from the ground up giving you extreme control over each sample like never before.

You get all this audio all in one killer Instrument. If you use NI Kontakt this is a must have addition to your production tool box. If you are seeking thee most up front High Quality audio for this fast pace style of Hardcorethen Industrial Strength Samples has got you covered every which way but loose. We know a thing or two about Hard Electronic sounds so expect the best of the best!

You asked and we delivered. Our latest Industrial Strength sample pack is loaded to the max with the heaviest Bass Drums and Fx around. Get ready for Drop Kick. Drop Kick offers you a large set of Bass drums created from the ground up. Our design team was hard at work creating a wide selection of kick drums for Hardcore, Industrial Rawstyle and Hard Techno. No more fussing around trying to make great kicks, we included over Kick drums which are ready for drop and rock action.

Each Kick has head room for you to add your essential Fx chains to really drive each Bass Drum to the maximum. Drop Kick is ready for your next musical creation the pack also offers up essential Distorted FX sounds to create those heavy filter fills you here in the demo track. Now you can combine loads of kicks and filtered distortion to inspire your next hard core kick drum track with no fuss. We also added on a creative set of Kick Drum Presets for Spire users.

Drop Kick features Bass drum presets for Spire, now you can create your own custom Kick drum sounds from the ground up while using this amazing soft synth from Reveal. If your in need of a real essential collection of Drum sounds geared up for Hard Electronic Music. You must own a copy of Reveal Sound Spire latest version to use the presets contained in this pack.

We are back with another essential collection of Raw-style Audio and Presets for the most demanding electronic music style around. Designer Producer, Mixer and Mastering engineer General Guyble has created a one of kind power pack like never before. This newest sample pack includes a major leap forward for Rob Papen Raw users. This heavy handed Soft Synth is used quite a bit in hard electronic music production. We thought it was only fitting to create a new super tight Soundest for this bad ass synth.

The sound set offers up everything u need to get the party stared in your Daw. Everything you Masterclass - B-Front* & Adaro - Qapital (CD) in the amazing demo tracks is included in the pack. No messing about. If you bought any of our other Hard as nails packs then you already know we deliver the goods like no other. Hey we are not called Industrial Strength Samples for nothing! With 1. This amazing pack also included Videos and a slew of audio and patches that were all created from the ground up to insure you get true signature sounds ready for you to use and abuse like a pro!

If your looking for the real sounds of Hard Dance music, then there is no other sample brand that delvers this promise. Always innovating never imitating! This is a powerful collection of samples suitable for Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Speedcore and many more!

Expect to find 2. Industrial Strength Samples hit your Daw really hard with another essential Kick drum pack for Hard music production. This is thee perfect follow up to our First Uptempo sample colelction. Our Up Tempo Kick Drums is an amazing sample pack in its own right. This ear shattering pack is loaded with essential Bass Drums for different styles of Hard Electronic music. This banging Kick Drum pack can be used in any Daw.

You can use the pack in any of your production or remixes with no hassles. We know how hard it is to make authentic sounding Hardcore Kick Drums. This is a real demanding style of underground music to produce. So we got busy here in our studio and have delivered a truly inspiring collection of Up-Tempo Hardcore Kick Drums to get your next head banger track underway in a big way.

Up-Tempo Kick Drums also includes a selection of percussion element s, like snares, clapsand Hats so you can program your beats by just using this one pack. This off the hook Audio pack also features all the sounds looped up and ready to drop in your next session. If your looking for the real deal in Hard Electronic sounds then this new industrial Strength Kick Drum collection is for you. If you like to party on massive hardstyle and hardcore mega-raves such as Qlimax, Reverze, Defqon.

The sounds and kicks in this pack have been run through various distortion effects, compressors and stompboxes. In this pack you will find a massive amount of the best sound designed screeches, clip-distorted kicks, euphoric melodies, rawstyle hardcore melody loops, inventive percussion loops and one shots, killer effects, melodic one shots and even MIDI loops to get you started. For this sample pack not only does he delve back into his back catalogue from the past 20 years to bring you classic sounds from his Nukleuz days but he has also produced a tonne of brand new material exclusively for this pack.

Weighing in at an impressive 1. The included one shot samples have all been carefully mapped to corresponding soft sampler patches for Halion, NNXT, Kontakt, Sfz and EXS24, so you can jam with your favourite sounds straight up. Loops rock out at a hi-octane BPM, making this collection suitable for Hard House, Hardstyle, Hard Trance and most Hard genres — perfect for the late night crew.

All melodic content is key-labelled to guarantee your vibe comes correct. In detail, expect to find 1. Join BK on a journey to adrenal mayhem with Hard Beats, a collection of only the highest quality electronic beats and sounds. Log in to download a free taster pack, and check out the demos above to hear more! This collection is also fully Loopcloud ready.

More information can be Masterclass - B-Front* & Adaro - Qapital (CD) about Loopmasters award winning software here loopcloud. Are you ready to evolve your next Hard dance production or remix? We are! The General out did himself sample pack citizens. This amazing new sound set features one full bank of Rawstyle sounds for Sylenth 1. We kicked off the bank with Extreme Leads, Popping Filter squealsRaw Stabs and of course Dope Screech sounds to bang your next production thru the wall.

That would be foolish and we think you realize that. We know you want to sound unique and you need to be ready to blast your heavy signature style track at the next festival or party.

The General is an extremely amazing designer and producer in his own right. Now you have an inspirational new sound set to explore. If you have purchased any of ground breaking Hard Dance packs you know what coming! This pack is no exception! But just a sound set we felt was not enough. So we had General Guyble design a very extensive set of Kick Drums all made from the ground up. Quality over quantity. You get a massive selection of synth sounds for Sylenth and 24 Bit License Free audio to evil up your next head banger!

So head over and check the Demo Track! You ready for another extreme pack for your sonic arsenal? Industrial Strength Samples hits it hard with Extreme Rawstyle. This over the top sample collection is looking close to Rawstyle and we see it getting hard and nasty. We thought it was a good idea to start loading you up with the tools you need to inspire your music with most modern sonic style shifts in mind.

This Extreme Rawstyle collection feature sounds all made from the ground up. We offer the freshest Kick Drums so you have unique drum sounds in your remix or production. Of course we included Snares, Crash, Hats and all the Drum-shots you need to write modern sounding backing tracks. We also included loads of heavy Rawstyle Squeal and Screeches Loops plus plenty of musical elements to get you underway in no time flat. We also made set of Wet Dry Audio so you have plenty of options when using the Synth files.

Yep… there loads of Midi Files to hanker into as well. With No doubt we also added Synth Shots to use in your Sampler of choice. The pack contains a nice set of Extreme Fx to really get all of your production needs sorted in just one pack.

There is enough head room on these 24 Bit wav samples so you can add your own signature Fx and really give these sounds your own touch! We even included 12 cracking Serum Presets for you to dig into, while using this amazing Synth Plug in from Xfer. To keep it real the whole pack is Bpmso you can mix and match files with ease.

To take it up a notch further, we added some cool Vocal Samples and a insane set of Psy-Trance Kick Drums Loops to mash into your next creation. Have fun with those! Hey, it worked in the studio, so why not in yours! You get one high powered sample pack to use and abuse your way. If you produce this demanding style, or want too, this new set of tools created especially for Rawstyle is a great place to start.

This 3rd installment of our Up-Tempo production collection we dove deep into heavy Synths sounds. This pack is geared up and ready for your studio. We included real Up-tempo synth presets mixed with amazing new set of bad ass Modern Kick Drum Audio. This a powerful combination. This pack is another essential tool when producing this insane style of Hardcore music.

Uptempo synths comes direct and in your face. All our synths are made form the ground up. Of course all our Kick Drums are made form the ground up too. You get a unique set of professional sounds to use and abuse your way. This pack will work in any Daw or sampler as all the files are standard 24 Bit Wav Audio. Singomakers are in love with HARD genres from early th! And now we are proud to confirm that Singomakers Rawstyle and Hardstyle packs been used by many-many artists of these aggressive genres in many tracks all over the world!

In detail expect to find 2. Industrial Strength Samples is set to deliver another forward thinking Hard Dance collection for your most demanding Production needs. What else can we say, its Ultimate Rawstyle. Ultimate Rawstyle was created by non-other than Jan Van Bass This amazing German Designer and Music producer did not hold back in anyway. He provided a savage collection of 24 Bit Wav Audio combined with a heavy soundest for Sylenth 1.

This pack like all our packs was made from the ground up. Insuring you get a fresh new inspiring sounds for your next creation or Remix. Jan van Bass is a very talented musician, playing multiple Instruments. His love for Hard Electronic music is clearly shown in this amazing new Rawstyle collection. His first music releases was on EDM Records. Then Jan moved to Global Airbeat Recordings and released his first solo singles.

His dedication to his craft has lead him down a path of sonic excellence. His music productions are featured on a multitude of labels such as Scantraxx, Dutch Master Workz, Partyraiser Records and many more. Everything you here in the demo is in the pack. Ultimate Rawstyle offers up a plethora of inspirational content for your next production or remix.

This pack was designed for the Pro and beginner alike. Jan left no stone unturned. This new collection includes a essential set of Bassdrums, ScreechesStabsLeads and of course a mean set of Effects. Giving you a ultimate all in one studio production pack to create your next Raw banger.

It does not stop there. Yep, you get it all in one ultimate production pack for total control. If you are seeking a new inspirational Rawstlye collection and crave thee most modern sonics around, Then Industrial Strength Samples has gotcha covered in a big way.

We have been doing Drone and Noise packs for some time. We thought it would be handy to have an extreme soundset to create your own Drone and Noise Fx patches for Cinematic and music production. You get NI Massive presets. The collection offers you thee most heaviest Noise and Drone sounds.

All the sounds are all made from the ground up. He's got the look Masterclass - B-Front* & Adaro - Qapital (CD) feel of a true entertainer, destined to be onstage and makin Mysteryland vom Mysteryland Q-Dance Line-up. Stream Festival Mix Mysteryland House, Freestyle, Hardstyle by Sound Twisters from desktop or your mobile devic Modest in his core, yet exceptionally passionate when it comes to performances and creating music, Adaro is unquestionably one of the most ambitious artists within the hardstyle scene.

As a DJ, Adaro has the look and feel of a true entertainer - his undying energy and widespread knowledge of music are just some of his [ Mysteryland. Are you ready?

A very limited amount is now available. By Marco Hammer. Headliner sind u. Find Adaro tour dates and concerts in your city. Here's the Official Video of my track Adaro ft. Since it contains a sample, it will not be released on a label, it will be a free release in the future. July 13, July 14, Alexander Bouten. Set of the week! How's that Mysteryland hangover going? At AAN headquarters there's definitely a struggle going on and some post festival depression, however we're already hyping ourselves up for the next festival View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the kbps File release of Hardstyle Mysteryland on Discogs Thijs Ploegmakers, performing as Adaro, is a Dutch DJ.

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Zany - Causing hysteria 4. Noisecontrollers - Trick or treat 6. B-Front - Undiscovered 7. Digital Punk - Oblivion 8. Ran-D - never scared 9. Donkey Rollers - Total domination E-Force - Crucifix Titan - Born to fight Gunz For Hire - The massacre Chain Reaction - The record breaking Thera - The breaking point. Tracklist 2 1. Titan - My angel 5. Phrantic - Open your mind 6. Gunz For Hire - Bolivia 9.

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