The Sound Of Music

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I was completely overwhelmed. While she struggled with the unaccustomed rules and discipline, she considered that "These. However, her health suffered from not getting the exercise and fresh air to which she was accustomed. When Georg von Trapp approached the Reverend Mother of the Abbey seeking a teacher for his sick daughter, Maria was chosen, partly because of her training and skill as a teacher, but also because of concern for her health.

She was supposed to remain with the von Trapps for 10 months, at the end The Sound Of Music which she would formally enter the convent. Maria tutored young Maria and developed a caring and loving relationship with all the children.

She enjoyed singing with them and getting them involved in outdoor activities. During this time, Georg fell in love with Maria and asked her to stay with him and become a second mother to his children.

Of his proposal, Maria said, "God must have made him word it that way because if he had only asked me to marry him I might not have said yes. They had three children together: Rosmarie, — ; Eleonore, — ; and Johannes, —. The family lost most of its wealth through the worldwide depression when their bank failed in the early s.

Maria tightened belts all around by dismissing most of the servants and taking in boarders. It was around this time that they began considering making the family hobby of singing into a profession. Georg was reluctant for the family to perform in public, "but accepted it as God's will that they sing for others," daughter Eleonore said in a Washington Post interview. When the Nazis annexed Austria inthe von Trapps realized that they were on thin ice with a regime they abhorred.

Georg not only refused to fly the Nazi flag on their house, but he also declined a naval command and a request to sing at Hitler's birthday party. They were also becoming aware of the Nazis' anti-religious propaganda and policies, the pervasive fear that those around them could be acting as spies for the Nazis, and the brainwashing of children against their parents. They weighed staying in Austria and taking advantage of the enticements the Nazis were offering—greater fame as a singing group, a medical doctor's position for Rupert, and a renewed naval career for Georg—against leaving behind everything they knew—their friends, family, estate, and all their possessions.

They decided that they could not compromise their principles and left. Passenger list of the SS Bergensfjord, dated September 27, page 1. He explains that the German Navy holds him in high regard, offers him the commission, and tells him to report immediately to Bremerhaven to assume command.

Maria says that he cannot leave immediately, as they are all singing in the Festival concert; and the Admiral agrees to wait. Captain von Trapp sings " Edelweiss ", as a goodbye to his homeland, while using Austria's national flower as a symbol to declare his loyalty to the country.

Max asks for an encore and announces that this is the von Trapp family's last chance to sing together, as the honor guard waits to escort the Captain to his new command. While the judges decide on the prizes, the von Trapps sing "So Long, Farewell", leaving the stage in small groups. Max then announces the runners-up, stalling as much as possible. When he announces that the first prize goes to the von Trapps and they do not appear, the Nazis start a search. The family hides at the Abbey, and Sister Margaretta tells them that the borders have been closed.

Rolf comes upon them and calls his lieutenant, but after seeing Liesl he changes his mind and tells him they aren't there. The Sound of Music premiered at New Haven's Shubert Theatre where it played an eight-performance tryout in October and November before another short tryout in Boston.

The director was Vincent J. Donehueand the choreographer was Joe Layton. Bikel and Kasznar were nominated for acting awards, and Donehue was nominated for his direction. The entire children's cast was nominated for Best Featured Actress category as a single nominee, even though two of the children were boys. Jon Voightwho eventually married co-star Lauri Peters, was a replacement for Rolf.

Henderson was succeeded by Barbara Meister in June Theodore Bikel was not satisfied playing the role of the Captain, because of the role's limited singing, [ citation needed ] and Bikel did not like to play the same role over and over again.

In his autobiography, he writes: "I promised myself then that if I could afford it, I would never do a run as long as that again. Maria von Trapp, who attended the opening night performance, described Clark as "the best" Maria ever.

Clark extended her initial six-month contract to thirteen months. Playing to percent of seating capacitythe show set the highest attendance figure for a single week October 26—31, of any British musical production in history as recorded in The Guinness Book of Theatre. The cast recording of this production was the first to be recorded digitally. It was released on CD for the first time in by the UK label Pet Sounds and included two bonus tracks from the original single issued by Epic to promote the production.

Director Susan H. The production opened on March 12,at the Martin Beck Theatreand closed on June 20,after performances. Connie Fisher was selected by public voting as the winner of the show. In earlyFisher suffered from a heavy cold that prevented her from performing for two weeks. Simon Shepherd was originally cast as Captain von Trapp, but after two preview performances he was withdrawn from the production, and Alexander Hanson moved into the role in time for the official The Sound Of Music date along with Lesley Garrett as the Mother Abbess.

After Garrett left, Margaret Preece took the role. The revival received enthusiastic reviews, especially for Fisher, Preece, Bould and Garrett. A cast recording of the London Palladium cast was released. The first Australian production opened at Melbourne 's Princess Theatre in and ran for three years.

The production was directed by Charles Hickman, with musical numbers staged by Ernest Parham. A touring company then played for years, with Vanessa Lee Graves' wife in the role of Maria.

The cast recording made in was the first time a major overseas production featuring Australian artists was transferred to disc. Harukaze Hitomi and Gou Mayuka starred. This production was based on the Broadway revival staging.

An Austrian production premiered in at the Volksoper Wien in German. It was directed and choreographed by Renaud Doucet. As ofthe production was still in the repertoire of the Volksoper with 12—20 performances per season. The Salzburg Marionette Theatre has toured extensively with their version that features the recorded voices of Broadway singers such as Christiane Noll as Maria.

Elicia MacKenzie won [43] and played the role six times a week, while the runner-up in the TV show, Janna Polzin, played Maria twice a week. The show ran for more than performances. It was Toronto's longest running revival ever. A UK tour began in and visited more than two dozen cities before ending in Kirsty Malpass was the alternate Maria. Lesley Garrett reprised her role as Mother Abbess for the tour's final engagement in Wimbledon in October Benito as Captain Von Trapp.

The production replaced the song "Ordinary couple" with "Something Good". The tour ran until July The production has received warm reviews. A UK tour produced by Bill Kenwright began in and toured into The choreographer was Arlene Phillips.

It was produced and directed by Robert Wise with the screenplay adaptation written by Ernest Lehman. A live televised production of the musical aired twice in December on NBC.

British network ITV presented a live version of its own on December 20, Most reviews of the original Broadway production were favorable. Richard Watts Jr.

The Sound of Music strives for nothing in the way of smash effects, substituting instead a kind of gracious and unpretentious simplicity. It places Rodgers and Hammerstein back in top form as melodist and lyricist. The Lindsay-Crouse dialogue is vibrant and amusing in a plot that rises to genuine excitement. He praised Mary Martin's performance, saying "she still has the same common touch However, he said, the libretto "has the hackneyed look of the musical theatre replaced with Oklahoma!

Columbia Masterworks recorded the original Broadway cast album a week after the show's opening. My mother did try to alter that portrayal for the film, The Sound Of Music she was not successful. Credit: National Archives. The captain hardly disapproved of music. He and his first wife introduced music and song into their house and even taught their children how to play musical instruments including the accordion, violin and guitar.

We had at least a hundred songs before she came. What she did was teach us madrigals, and of course this is very hard to do, but we found it was no problem for us. Like many families, the von Trapps went broke during the Great Depression, losing their fortune when their bank went under in the s.

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