Wasting Love - Iron Maiden - Hit Collection 2000 (Cassette)

The new album released just few weeks before and the band promoted that with the song 'Deep And Dark'. The band played a short edited version of the song Live recording from the Unbreakable Tour in Atarfe, Granada, Spain with A local TV station broadcasted the first four songs and made a summary of the band's day in their town. Good stuff! There were some many famous bands who tried to help for the people of the Tsunami tragedy.

It's interesting that Herman played on the drums instead of James. The stage is very similar to the last rock tours: platform illuminated under the Kottak drum with logo band at the top behind and under the title of the album. The panels giants are right and left with the art-work of Unbreakable release. Europe II. North America.

Cellular Center. Louis US Scottrade Center. Europe III. Arena Special Guest for Judas Priest. North America II. Europe IV. South America. North America III. Middle East. There is a rare concert poster where a show was scheduled to oporto July 18, with deep purple headliner but scorpions have canceled that date:. Start tour: 31 March London England. Groups Headliner: Judas Priest.

Friday, March 31st, was a special night for the 7, strong rock and metal crowd at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Some of the biggest classic names were there to pay tribute to the late DJ Tommy Vance and help the Teenage Cancer Trust charity raise funds. Drummer James Kottak was on fire and showed that he is one of the very best in his field. Earlier, priest guitarist Glenn Tipton told us that Vance, who died last year, was important to a lot of musicians: "He championed a lot of metal bands and rock bands in England -- against the odds, you know, because even, even over there, you know, there's a Top 40 hierarchy.

So Tommy was really responsible for helping a lot of bands. Tipton also told us that the band had wanted to do something for the Teenage Cancer Trust previously: "We offered ourselves up last year, but I think they underestimated the importance of metal, and how much metal could contribute - I'm talking about the audience now - to a great cause.

But this year, they invited us to play. Scorpions played in the famous and historical Wacken Rock Festival in front of One of the longest concert what I heard about and I have. The show got a name?

A Night To Remember. Uli played with the band again after the "Colmar Tapes". I affraded that the setlist will be the same as in Colmar but my fear was gratuitous. After settling the tents down and enjoying a few beers, A Night to Remember was the opening treat for the festival.

The sound would tend more to a typical heavy metal approach, then assuming Wasting Love - Iron Maiden - Hit Collection 2000 (Cassette) hard rock contours with the Scorpions. The headliners would be the band getting my full attention.

They played for over than two hours, blending pieces from several works like In Trance LovedriveBlackoutLove at First StingCrazy World and Unbreakable The Wacken website had gotten a voting contest for people to select the songs they wanted to hear.

The outcome was a very long setlist, with some songs that really looked too alike…. The particularity of this concert was the chance for Michael Schenker and Uli von Roth to rejoin the band on this big stage and play some of those old classics that everyone knows, together.

Among the c. There was time for great drums solo and the typical guitar ones too. I think not! All ex-members had an own block where they played so songs what they made as a band members. Herman played drums in Blackout and the song got new influence from him. We can listen to the classic Herman style what suggest to the early 80's. This is a tipical "delight-music".

Michael, Uli and Rudy played an own solo in the middle of the song so they did about minutes the jam. There is a mistake in 'Dynamite' because there should been a problem with the adjustment of the guitars. The bass and the vocal were in same tone but the guitars were discordant. So Klaus sings this sons as an acapella. Just the drums and him. At the second half of the song the guitars also latch on to the music.

The Scorpions had been special guest in the russian Megaster singer talent programme. It's interesting that the song had played in playback and Dima was singing in live.

There was the same situation in "Wind Of Change" also. But there Klaus was singing in live also with all talents together so just the music was playback. Besides there is a "soundcheck" of the talents what had been recorded with the live stream camera in their apartment where he practiced the song "You And I".

There is a free concert in Hannover, Germany, Waterlooplatzbefore the beginning of the Football World Cup what had been in Germany in There was big programme what had been in the whole day with so many local and national bands. The Scorpions was the headliner and played a great show. A little bit shorter set than a full Scorps performance. In Quebec City, Canada, Theatre Petit Champlainthere is very interesting when one of the success Scorpions tribute band In Trance played "Blackout" together by the Scorps in their hometown!

After the very success Athens concert the Scorpions went back to the greek capital in too 19 July with Whitesnake as special guest. They celebrate the band's There were about The Scorps played their classic setlist but they added so great songs what they hadn't played in few years ago. There is very funny to look at the members at the end of this last song when they do the same as it was more than 20 years ago in Rock In Rio or other 80's concerts. The stage is the same of Unbreakable Tour but without logo title album.

Europe I. Petersburg Russia Kirov Stadium. North America I. Never released as a single. It organically became a mainstay in live shows since its release on the album Brave New World. Feel free to share your list in the comments below! No Where Eagles Dare? To Tame A Land? Murders In The Rue Morgue? The Prisoner? I could go on and on. No true Maiden fan would ever sign off on this list. Fair enough! On August 14 they returned to North America with dates along the east coast of the United States, along with Fastway as opening act.

During the concerts in the Canadian cities of Toronto, Montreal and Quebec, the Kick Ax band were also invited to open their concerts. His last concert of was held in Hamburg on December 3. On January 15, they performed for the first time in Brazil in the framework of the first Rock in Rio festival, being the only German artists of the contest.

At the end of the year, they gave four concerts in the United States, of which he highlighted his participation in the Texxas Jam festivals held in Dallas and in the Day on the Green in Oakland California. In they were part of the Monsters of Rock festival poster held in the United Kingdom, Sweden and West Germany, being cartel leaders in the last two countries. On the other hand, on August 27, they presented for the first time in Hungary with McAuley Schenker Group as opening act. After more than dates for three years, the last concert of the tour was held on September 5, in Madrid, Spain.

Due to the success generated by the album Love at First Sting in several countries in Europe and the United States, the Mercury Records label decided to record part of the tour for the band's second live album, which went on sale in under the name from World Wide Live.

As the label did not decide the specific city where to record it, they chose to record several songs in different presentations held in From that same record, the video clips of "Still Loving You" and "Big City Nights" were taken, taken from the concerts by Dallas and Rosemont respectively. The list of songs on the tour was focused mainly on themes from the Lovedrive album of to the promotional Love at First Sting of Throughout the tour they included or excluded certain songs, for example during the first part of Europe they included «The Same Thrill », which was later removed from the list for some dates in France.

During all the presentations of and they kept the same list of songs - the same included in Word Wide Live - except that in certain concerts Herman Rarebell played a drum solo. In and after the tour was extended by his participation in the Monsters of Rock festival, they included some songs from his seventies albums like "In Trance", "He's a Woman She's a Man", "Steamrock Fever" and "We 'll Burn the Sky ».

In addition, they added the song "Rock My Car" that had not been published on any previous album and that half of it, Herman played a drum solo. Savage Wasting Love - Iron Maiden - Hit Collection 2000 (Cassette) Tour is the tenth concert worldwide performed by the Scorpions, to promote the Savage Amusement album. It began on April 17, at the Sport-an-Concert Complex. During the preparations for the tour they had considered playing in eight cities of the Soviet Union, however, and by order of the communist regime at that time, they only authorized to appear in Leningrad.

The euphoria that caused in their fans the announcement about the band's first visit to that country, allowed them to play for ten nights in a row in the Russian city, which made them the second rock group to perform in the USSR. Ultimately, his ten concerts in that city summonedSoviet fans. This tour had 28 concerts in 23 American cities, which allowed them to play in front of 1. On November 29 in Stuttgart they started their first part in Europe with presentations in West Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France, where the Cinderella Americans were the support band.

His last concert of was held on December 22 in Paris, France. On January 3, in London they began their second visit to Europe, with presentations in twelve countries.

During these concerts they were supported by Cinderella, Vixen and House of Lords. Certain concerts were recorded in some formats of the time, but have only been published unofficially or as bootlegs. Among the officers is the "Passion Rules the Game" video clip, which was recorded in a presentation in the United States.

Similarly, during the Leningrad concerts the VHS To Russia With Love and Others Savage Amusements was published inwhich shows some live songs recorded in that city and the interaction between the band and the Soviet fans. Throughout the tour they played a single list of songs, which according to the country where they played included or excluded certain songs.

During the tour of the Monsters of Rock in the United States they played between 14 and 15 songs, while in the rest of the presentations they performed between 19 to 20 songs per concert. June 10,Washington, D. Crazy World Tour is the eleventh concert tour worldwide conducted by Scorpions, to promote the Crazy World album. Thanks to this tour the band played for the first time in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Greece. Five months later, on November 23, they started the first part of Europe with 24 presentations in the reunified Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland, and presented for the first time in Greece, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, which at that time it was still called the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On January 2,he started the second part of Europe which, until January 26, brought them back to Germany and France, and had dates in England, Scotland, the Netherlands and some Nordic countries. During all these dates in Europe they were supported by the Americans Winger.

Two days later in East Rutherford, both Trixter and the Great White Californians began to open for several US cities and Canada, until May 26 when the first visit to both countries was completed. During these presentations Great White was the main support band, however in certain concerts they were also accompanied by Mr. Big and Aldo Nova. On September 27, his last visit to Europe began in Stockholm, which featured presentations by Spain and Italy, as well as concerts by cities that had already played in earlyamong other dates.

After the success of Crazy World and especially the single "Wind of Change", this part had 18 dates for his native Germany, whose last presentation was held on November 13 in Nuremberg. During this stage Scorpions featured Tesla and Armored Saint as guest artists. In December they finished the tour with four shows in Japan, which marked his return to the Asian country since they had played there since Like many of his tours there are several unofficial recordings called bootlegs, which were made during several presentations.

Throughout the tour they played a single list of songs, which generally bordered the twenty tracks. Of these he stressed that they normally performed five Crazy World songs and the version of "Can't Explain" that in they had recorded for the Best of Rockers 'n' Ballads compilation.

In addition, Rudolf Schenker created an instrumental theme called "Concerto in V", which until now has only been played on this tour and which featured Herman Rarebell on keyboards. Face the Heat Tour is the twelfth world concert tour of the German Scorpions, to promote the Face the Heat album. The tour began on September 14 in Athens, Greece, becoming the first concert of bassist Ralph Rieckermann who entered in in replacement of Francis Buchholz. This event gave way to the only visit to Europe, where they highlighted their first concerts in Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland.

In addition and for the first time in their career they played in a city of former East Germany, Leipzig, on October 6. During the first European dates they were open for Duff McKagan and Trade Mark, while at concerts in Bucharest and Budapest, the dance band were in charge of opening their shows. His last concert in Europe and in addition towas held on November 15 in the French city of Caen.

On January 24,they began their visit to Asia, which had three concerts in three cities in Japan and their first concert in Singapore on February 5. On the 19th of the same month they started the first part through North America, which took them to 19 cities in the western part of the United States and that had King's X as a support band. On the other hand, from March 23 to April 9 they were on tour for the first time in Latin America with three presentations in Mexico, two in Brazil and one in Argentina, Chile and Venezuela.

On June 8, they began their second and last part of North America with presentations in the United States and three dates in Canada, where they had Australians The Poor as opening act, who in that same month had published their debut album Who Cares. The tour culminated on July 20, in the American city of Sunrise Florida. Among the surprises included in the list was that they interpreted the full version of "Coming Home" and incorporated an acoustic section that was composed of the songs "When the Smoke is Going Down", "Always Somewhere", "Under the Same Sun" and "Holiday.

Woman »in Los Angeles California. Pure Instinct Tour is the thirteenth world concert tour of the Scorpions, to promote the Pure Instinct album. This event became the first visit of Scorpions to said country and in turn, was the first concert with the American drummer James Kottak. A month later, on June 5, they began their visit to the United States in El Paso, which featured the band King's X as opening act and the participation of Alice Cooper.

Since then, the shock rock vocalist was in charge of opening Scorpions concerts both in the United States and in Canada. After fifty dates in total, his stage in North America culminated on August 17 in the Canadian city of Berthierville. After performing in Bremerhaven, they began their visit to Asia with two concerts in Japan, one in South Korea and one in Malaysia. On October 5 in Stuttgart, Germany, they began a series of concerts in some Western European countries, where they had the Swiss Gotthard as a support band.

This stage ended on November 11 in Toulouse, after 27 dates for eight countries in total. On November 30 they played for the first time in Beirut, Lebanon, becoming the first international band to perform live in that country. Finally, the dates ended at the beginning of December with two presentations in Greece.

On May 11,they began a new part in some European countries, including Ukraine and Russia, where they first appeared in their history. On November 8 they gave way to a series of concerts in Latin America with two dates in Mexico, four in Brazil, one in Chile and one in Argentina.

It should be noted that in the Sao Paulo show the local band Dr. Sin was in charge of opening the concert. Finally, the tour culminated on July 1, with a presentation in Oulu, Finland, after giving an event in Germany and another in Belarus, the latter being Scorpions' first visit to that country. Throughout the tour they played a single list of songs, which according to the country in which they played included certain topics. In addition, the drum solo performed by James Kottak was first included, which months later was dubbed "Kottak Attack.

Thanks to this tour they played for the first time in the Czech Republic. The tour began on April 27 in Nottingham and gave way to the only visit to Europe, which in total added 34 concerts in 14 countries. This event was held at the Olympic Stadium in Munich and brought together 83, people.

During the European dates the setlist had between 18 and 20 songs, of which five songs from the Eye II Eye album stood out. When they began their stage in North America, the list was shortened to 16 songs on average and only performed the songs "Mysterious" and "Mind Like a Tree" from the promotional album. Petersburg - Russia - Jubiley Hall. Petersbourg, Russia - Interviews, reports, and short live moments of the band from St. Petersbourg, Russia - Interviews, reports, and live moments and a full song of the band from St.

Petersbourg in Europe Today at a russian TV chanel. Moment of Glory Tour is the fifteenth world concert tour of the German band Scorpions, to promote the Moment of Glory album. Thanks to this small symphonic tour, he allowed the band to play various concerts with guest symphony orchestras during the following tours. Sincethe Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has been looking for an international band to create a project that unites classical music with popular music.

After having chosen Wasting Love - Iron Maiden - Hit Collection 2000 (Cassette), both groups decided to extend the project for the year to present it at the EXPO that was held in Hannover, the hometown of the German band.

After that, they gave two more concerts in Germany and on August 26 they appeared in Krakow before more thanpeople, being the highest influx of public in which they have performed until then. The last dates of this short tour they were performed in the United States, where the conductor Scott Lawton was in charge of conducting the Philharmonic. During the scarce 11 presentations by three countries, the band played two song listings. For its part, the second list was played in some concerts in German cities and Krakow, where they performed their classic songs of hard rock and heavy metal.

Acoustica Tour is the 16th world concert tour of the German hard rock and heavy metal band Scorpions. Main article: List of Iron Maiden concert tours. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Iron Maiden. Metal Hammer. Retrieved 18 September Toronto Sun. Retrieved 1 November Wasting Love - Iron Maiden - Hit Collection 2000 (Cassette) Guitar World : Retrieved 5 January Retrieved 28 May It took five days to set up the system.

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