Die With A Bullet - Headspace (12) - I Am Anonymous (CD, Album)

The final track, "The Beginning," shows some brilliant, ethereal and uncanny vocal harmonies between Damion and members of the band, and the entire song is filled to the max with Damion delivering heartfelt lines heightened by gut wrenching lyrical beauty. I have heard this many in many bands and projects, and I must say that his vocal performances on Headspace take the cake; perhaps the finest work he's ever done as a whole.

These British boys certainly deliver both quality and quantity with their latest release, I Am Anonymous. This is an album that deserves thorough inspection, as Die With A Bullet - Headspace (12) - I Am Anonymous (CD is getting better and better with every listen. Little did I know that this Threshold legend of prog metal really was destined not for father, but for son. Adam sure found just the right group of musicians for this fantastic release.

I wish them the best of luck and success in the future and am expecting more great releases in the future. Fairly quiet tracks at the start, adrenaline rushes as they go along, compositions that are Back in the distant past ofit was right at the top of my list.

That album cover, that name, that logo, the fact that they were touring with Haken all pointed towards this album being in This album was one of those albums that I went in to having no idea what to expect, and came out feeling very pleasantly surprised.

If you've heard of this band, you've probably heard the name Adam Wakeman. But the name you may not have You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever.

With all the work Adam has been doing with Ozzy and Die With A Bullet - Headspace (12) - I Am Anonymous (CD Sabbath, somehow the last place I expected to see him releasing high quality material was in prog metal, and fine prog metal at that, even if it's not nearly symphonic enough to recall his father's work, although several reviewers have attempted to draw comparisons to his father's Die With A Bullet - Headspace (12) - I Am Anonymous (CD rock; there are none.

Yet somehow, Headspace exceeded all my expectations. I, for one, get very bored with so-called prog metal releases, but this I Am Anonymous really hit the nail on the head. Wakeman managed to turn me from a doubter into a believer with smart compositions of epic length and a very special weapon: Damion Wilson.

So now, you're probably wondering what's changed. But anyway, you'll notice I now give this album a full 4 stars. Although, for many people who are stupid4 stars isn't really a high grade, for me it's a really high grade. In fact, I was even considering raising I Am Anonymous to 4.

But to be honest, all of my first impressions of this were true to a certain extent, so what changed? Let's get two things out of the way first that might clear up why I like this album so much now; 1. Because every time Damian's not singing, there's a riff running along with that really chunky sounding tone. I have no idea why it sounds so awesome, it just does. And Damian's voice is so poignant here. I have since heard him on other albums and I can honestly say this is his best performance, and it's ever so slightly different to what he does elsewhere, the sign of a great singer.

The fact that here he does a different delivery to what he does on March of Progress, and yet you can still tell it's the same guy.

In trying to describe the vocals here, I have eventually landed on something I call a "James Blunt-ism". And I'm sure there are much better singers than Blunt who do it, but he's probably the most well-known.

It's that sort of reserved voice when you pull back and start attempting to sound like Leonard Nimoy. And Wilson's at it for this entire album, and it's fantastic. In fact, the first couple of minutes of "Daddy Fucking Loves You" feature probably the best vocal performance from But it's not just that.

God damn some of these riffs are head-bopping. And yes, they still do that annoying thing Dream Theater do when they change the riff too often for you to get in its rhythm, but songs like "Die With A Bullet" and "Invasion" that stay in the same time signature long enough are damn funky and really get your blood pumping.

And the way Damian hits some almost hip-hop inspired rhythms on his vocal is fantastic to both listen to and emulate. In fact, as much as people will kill me for saying this, it reminds me a bit of the way David Draiman from Disturbed accentuates his delivery, with extreme focus on rhythm and giving his voice a more "punchy" feel.

Both of the songs are about murdering people, too. They do a pretty good job of translating that into the music, since listening to "Die With A Bullet" while walking does really make me feel like a murderous killing machine. And although this is a progressive band taking on a pretty serious topic Album) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, we don't see an Die With A Bullet - Headspace (12) - I Am Anonymous (CD of the insanely cheesy lyrics that normally adorn this type of music.

In fact, some of the lyrics are actually pretty poignant and well written. I love the way that the lyrics, when read from the booklet, read like a train of thought as opposed to a line-by-line poem like a lot of bands. The band tells the tale of post-war and presumably flashbacks through the 5 stages of grief. Although this feels like the sort of crap a prog band would pull each 25 minute song represents a stage of grief!!?!?!!!!

But obviously, I Am Anonymous still has its shortcomings. There are the aforementioned dumb time changes. There's the middle 10 minutes of "Daddy Fucking Loves You" which goes from wank to wank without pause and makes for some of the dreariest listening ever.

And then there's "Invasion", which takes too strongly from the wrong end of Porcupine Tree at times sounding like a direct copy of "The Incident"but luckily has a pretty decent ending that saves it.

There are a few moments that are ruined by solos or stupid keyboard sounds, especially the solo in "Stalled Armageddon" which sounds insanely out of place, and the unnecessary inclusion of the keyboard solo in the almost-perfect "Die With A Bullet". Headspace are still a Dream Theater clone at heart and whenever this comes through it destroys quite a lot of the integrity, but I don't exactly blame them. I Am Anonymous is most certainly an enjoyable album.

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