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Dub's Garage services all makes and models, both import and domestic. Dub's Garage is proud to use cutting edge diagnostic tools. When used in conjunction with our up-to-date information systems and constant training and certification, we're able to pinpoint both driveability and electrical system failures in the most cost-effective manner possible. Other proposed inhibitors such as compound 16, L, WP and P show low activity and selectivity in this panel.

A subset of four inhibitors was chosen to characterize in more detail by determining their IC 50 for three DUBs. Diubiquitin topoisomers used for each DUB are named on the y axis. See also Supplementary Table 4 for P values.

Overall, none of the compounds tested displayed strong selectivity towards a single DUB and many were unselectively inhibiting most DUBs on the panel Fig. For example, PR ref. Consistent with this, we found that PR inhibited 27 of the 32 tested DUBs with only members of the OTU and JAMM family being unaffected, likely because the latter are zinc- metalloproteases and do not possess a reactive catalytic Cys residue.

USP7 is one of the most targeted DUBs as phenotypes associated with USP7 silencing strongly suggest that small molecule inhibitors of USP7 may have the potential for antiviral and anticancer therapies 13 We have developed a sensitive, reproducible and robust assay for the analysis of DUB in vitro activity and specificity.

For this, we have made use of highly sensitive and fast MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, which, due to the use of 1,sample targets, is suitable for robotic automation and thus high-throughput screening We circumvented spot-to-spot and shot-to-shot irreproducibility in MALDI ionization by using isotopically labelled ubiquitin as an internal standard as it guarantees identical extraction, crystallization and gas-phase behaviour.

Overall, this setup allowed us to achieve very high precision, accuracy and linearity of measurements over concentrations of almost three orders of magnitude.

The advantages compared with the commonly used assays with fluorogenic ubiquitin substrates are the use of substrates which are more physiological and the ability to analyse chain linkage specificity. It should be noted that the assay is currently pipetted manually and due to addition of matrix and trifluoroacetic acid TFAonly 3. Thus, after optimization, it should be feasible to scale down reaction amounts at least another fold using nanoliter dispensing robotics representing a nearly fold reduction in amounts of diubiquitin needed in current low-throughput assays.

Using only data points we have devised a strategy to characterize the Dub Communication of each DUB in triplicate that is, three different experiments over five concentrations spanning 10,fold range against all eight diubiquitin chain linkages.

This is consistent with previous work which has shown that UCH DUBs cleave ubiquitin moieties from protein substrates but do not hydrolyse diubiquitin 45 Furthermore, OTUD6B was also previously shown to be inactive against ubiquitin dimers using a low-throughput assay A different group has suggested that OTU1 preferentially hydrolyses longer polyubiquitin chains 55which might explain the weak activity observed Further work is also required to assess whether the other enzymes might require cofactors or posttranslational modifications, such as phosphorylation for optimal activity as reported for OTUD5 ref.

In the future, we intend to increase the coverage of the DUB family by including more enzymes. These proteins will be also expressed in either bacterial or insect cultures and if the full-length protein cannot be purified, a shorter construct encompassing the catalytic domain will be expressed. Our data compare well to very recently published data of DUBs of the OTU family 37confirming high specificity for many members of this family. In general, highest selectivity is observed at low concentrations of DUBs.

Cezanne for example, is very active and specific for K11 at the lowest concentration tested that is, 0. These observations highlight that these enzymes are not completely selective and possess the ability to weakly act on other topoisomers at higher substrate concentrations.

Even several USPs, which are mostly unspecific in our assay, present some specificity at the lowest concentrations analysed. This emphasizes the importance that specificity of DUBs should be tested over a wide range of enzyme concentrations, which has not generally been undertaken in previous analyses.

None of the DUBs tested initially displayed significant activity against Klinked diubiquitin isomers that were purchased commercially. We confirmed by mass spectrometry that the commercial K27 diubiquitin molecule was indeed correctly linked and was present in equimolar amounts compared with the other diubiquitin isomers.

In addition, we performed circular dichroism to rule out misfolding of the isomer Supplementary Fig. However, to ensure that the inactivity of all DUBs against this linkage was not due to quality issues of the commercially produced K27 diubiquitin, we Dub Communication three differently sourced versions of K27 diubiquitin Boston Biochem, UbiQ and in-house chemically engineered K27 diubiquitin 5758 against four DUBs that had shown activity against K27 in previous publications 25 It should be noted that previous work 39 also concluded that USP16 displayed highest activity towards Klinked diubiquitin isomers compared with the other DUBs tested, suggesting that this enzyme might indeed cleave this chain type in vitro.

We therefore re-tested the whole DUB panel against the in-house K27 diubiquitin and except for USP16, no other DUB showed any significant activity, agreeing with the data obtained with commercially sourced K27 diubiquitin. This suggests that extra caution is required when K27 diubiquitin is used for DUB assays. There is a huge interest in developing chemical probes that target specific components of the ubiquitylation system Moreover, one will be able to employ this assay using other physiological substrates, such as ubiquitylated proteins.

As proof of concept, we have deployed a panel of 32 active DUBs to profile 11 available DUB inhibitors and inhibitor candidates. Moreover, BAY also inhibits several tyrosine phosphatases by reacting with catalytic Cys residue of these enzymes Nevertheless, the moderate specificity of these compounds for USP7 indicates that it might be possible to further engineer these compounds towards more selective probes.

Overall this data reveal the importance of undertaking extensive profiling of specificity of DUB inhibitors as it is essential to ensure the selectivity of these compounds for in vivo applications. To screen larger numbers of small molecule inhibitors, we propose a future screening strategy Supplementary Fig. We believe that such strategies will be useful for discovery of specific inhibitors of DUBs which have the potential to become important future drug targets Using physiological substrates of DUBs allowed us to determine specificity of 42 human DUBs among which several showed high specificity for one single-chain type.

This data allowed us to generate a simple array of preferred chain types and lowest concentrations of activity for each DUB which will serve as a sensitive and fast tool for screening for DUB inhibitors.

Recombinant proteins were expressed in E. Untagged full-length human ubiquitin was cloned into the pET vector and expressed in E. Cells were sedimented, resuspended in H 2 O and lysed by freeze-thawing, then centrifuged to remove insoluble material.

Bacterial proteins were precipitated by dropping the pH to 4. Klinked diubiquitin was prepared as described 57 with the following exceptions. Deprotected diubiquitin was then purified from residual monoubiquitin by semi-preparative reversed-phase HPLC using a Dionex Ultimate system.

Fractions corresponding to Klinked diubiquitin were determined by liquid chromatography—MS and were then pooled and freeze dried. Possible background due to contamination of the diubiquitin with ubiquitin monomers was measured in a reaction buffer in which the enzyme was excluded and ubiquitin intensities normalized accordingly Supplementary Fig. Some of these inhibitors could potentially react with reducing agents present in the assay such as dithiothreitol DTT or tris 2-carboxyethyl phosphine TCEP.

For all inhibitor experiments, except PR and HBX 41, no DTT but the remaining trace levels from the protein expression was added to the reaction buffer. Following the scheme in Supplementary Fig. First of all, we screened the inhibitors in duplicates against 32 DUBs. For calculation of IC 50data were fitted in SigmaPlot v. Values of IC 50 for all compounds are summarized in Supplementary Table 4.

Sample preparation. Acidified samples of the DUB assays were mixed with 0. Then 0. Data acquisition. Samples were run in automatic mode AutoXecute, Bruker Daltonics allowing 6—9 seconds per spot, using the 1, spots AnchorChip. Reflector mode was used with optimized voltages for reflector-1 Sampling rate was 0. Spectra were accumulated by FlexControl software v. Data analysis. This algorithm is calculating an isotopic distribution which best fits the pattern of an isotopically resolved protein signal.

For area calculation, the complete isotopic distribution was taken into account. Data output was exported as a. Bands were excised and digested with trypsin Supplementary Fig.

Digests were dried and reconstituted in 0. Dub Communication of precursor masses and fragment transitions are reported in Supplementary Table 5. Data were acquired in a data-independent mode with one full scan followed by 10 MS 2 scans with the masses of the different linkages. MS 2 occurred even if precursor mass was not detected in MS 1 scan. Extracted ion chromatograms of the MS 2 spectra for each diubiquitin chain peptide was performed by summing the ion current of the three or four most dominant daughter ions.

For the cloning of the ubiquitin-intein-His 6 expression vector, the coding region for amino acids 1—75 of human ubiquitin were Dub Communication by PCR with suitable primers for subsequent cloning into intein expression vector pTYB2 as described Ubiquitin-intein-His 6 was expressed and purified as described 28 with the following exceptions.

N-hydroxysuccinimide Fluka10 eq. For purification the reaction mixture was desalted into 20 mM 2- N-morpholino ethanesulfonic acid, pH 6. In the fluorescent assay, 0. How to cite this article: Ritorto, M. Komander, D.

The ubiquitin code. Ikeda, F. Atypical ubiquitin chains: new molecular signals. EMBO Rep. Nijman, S. A genomic and functional inventory of deubiquitinating enzymes. Cell— Breaking the chains: structure and function of the deubiquitinases.

Cell Biol. Liang, J. Reyes-Turcu, F. Regulation and cellular roles of ubiquitin-specific deubiquitinating enzymes. Lee, M. Trimming of ubiquitin chains by proteasome-associated deubiquitinating enzymes. Proteomics 10R Article PubMed Google Scholar. Don Crenzone. Steff Leins. Rafal Portas. Dirty Squirrel. Ben AA. Flo B. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Purchasable with gift card. Buy Digital Album name your price Send as Gift.

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