Freak Control - Bare Hunter, biscuits for bears* - Bare Bears (Cassette)

Incidentally, he also offers these ejector housings for sale on his web site ; they are designed for the New Bearcats, but will fit most Old Models as well. Also, at the time my prototype was built, Belt Mountain Enterprises was not yet making their great No. Bowen's catalog Freak Control - Bare Hunter Bearcat package features this excellent and beautifully elegant base pin as a standard component.

Shooting the Perfected Bearcat was a pleasure. I always have a good time shooting any of my Bearcats, but a wonderful custom Bearcat with such greatly-improved sights is truly a ball to shoot. The older I get, the less I am able to do with such rudimentary sights as are on the standard Bearcat, and being able to actually get some match-grade accuracy out of those little sixguns is just a lot of fun.

I've shot many different types of ammunition in this little Bearcat since I received it; accuracy has always been good and function perfect. On paper, this Bearcat proves how accurate the platform can be. Group shooting Freak Control - Bare Hunter done at 25 yards from a rested position. One final upgrade to my Perfected Bearcat was made by once again calling on Sack Peterson for a set of his beautiful American Elk stag grips.

The fit of these grips is great, and Sack made the color and bark coverage match very closely with the grips he made for my custom Bowen Old Model Bearcat. They look great, they feel great, they are sturdy, and they are affordable. To my mind, no custom sixgun is complete without custom grips.

I have Sack Peterson grips on several custom sixguns, and I even bought a set for Jeff a while back. I highly recommend them. In my earlier article on the Old Model Bowen Bearcat, I mentioned our pal Rob Leahy's Simply Rugged holsters ; specifically his Chesty Puller chest harnesswhich allows any pancake holster to be easily adapted to chest carry.

As a "full-figured" shooter, and as a guy who rarely wears anything except bib overalls, I seldom wear a gun biscuits for bears* - Bare Bears (Cassette) chest or shoulder rigs work best for me, both from an ease-of-carry and from a comfort standpoint. Rob is not just a craftsman in leather, he is a man who USES biscuits for bears* - Bare Bears (Cassette) guns for everything from daily carry and personal protection to hunting the biggest and meanest critters around; his Chesty Puller system is an ingenious way to adapt belt holsters for chest carry, and offers a comfortable and affordable way to carry a wide variety of guns using the same basic rig.

Rob even offers adapters to allow traditionally-styled belt holsters not just pancake-type holsters to be carried on the Chesty Puller rig; using this adapter, one can use virtually any belt holster with the Chesty Puller system, making it an extremely versatile and cost-effective rig. Mike is a true artist, and his leather creations are an expression of his artistic heart. I had Mike make for me one of his Signature Series "Northwest Hunter" shoulder rigs, with swappable holsters for either my Texas Longhorn Arms sixguns which will also fit large-frame Ruger sixguns or my custom Bearcats which will also fit standard Bearcatsand he came through as always, in fine style.

Not only did he produce exactly what I was after, he even surprised me with a bit of personalized hand-carving on each holster: on the TLA holster he carved a beautiful Longhorn skull, and on the Bearcat holster he carved a treble clef musical symbol as an acknowledgement of my rumor-overstated musical ability.

This is a gorgeous rig, comfortable and well-balanced, tough enough to be suitable for field carry, and I am very proud of it. Mike runs a one-man shop and is not taking orders at this time due to his large backlog of work, but he is still happy to give quotes and answer questions. Do yourself a favor and get in touch with him, he's a great guy. Darlene had no idea why she began to bare her heart to the stranger.

The backpack weighed thirty pounds, a heavy burden to bare. To forbear means to be patient despite annoyance Freak Control - Bare Hunter provocation. Encapsulated in the word forbear is the verb bear. If you associate bear with the meaning and spelling of forbearyou will never confuse it with bare. Here are some phrases that contain bear or bare. These phrases might have confused you before, but you should easily understand them now. For instance, is it bear with me or bare with me?

Words dazzle and deceive because they are mimed by the face. But black words on a white page are the soul laid bare. Guy de Maupassant.

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