Hedonist - Chainsaw Kittens - The All American (CD)

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Embedded in this primarily journalistic compilation are a couple of short stories, a sheaf of largely unpublished poems, and an off-beat assessment of our divided nation. The most captivating aspect of this CD is Robbins himself narrating. Like sitting across from him in a Seattle coffehouse, sharing a mocha latte with the smoke grey rain dripping outside, listening to him share stories of his life past.

Wonder-full stuff!! Cart Help Sign In. Submit Search. An Italian, a Wasp, and a Jew walk into a recording studio and As I look Hedonist - Chainsaw Kittens - The All American (CD) my family's census records, I find that my great-great-grandparents had the luxury of keeping Irish and Swedish servants as house staff.

My great-grandparents' generation had to resort to hiring Blacks. They certainly did not "keep" them at home.

Bigotry in my family was not reserved to mere race. My Episcopalian maternal grandmother was sent to bed without supper for attending Mass with a Catholic friend after school. In her day, one was not allowed even to look in the direction of the Jewish family's house. My mother's family lost all excuses for racism when Carol, the African-American lady who did their laundry, saved their toddler, my Aunt Genevieve, from choking to death on a cup hook.

Carol kept her Bible with her at all times, perched on the ironing board as she worked. It was the s and tech marvels were emerging every day. Carol would say to Mom, "Baby, you gon' see some amazing things. My grandfather, raised by an abusive, anti-Semitic, racist, and alcoholic father and a sainted Hedonist - Chainsaw Kittens - The All American (CD) socially engaged mother, only faced his errors late in life. He agonized, "I know I'm wrong, but what can I do? My great-grandmother's portrait in her Red Cross uniform has always been prominently displayed as it is now in my sister's home.

I attended St. A quarter to a third of our middle school student body was Jewish. Our school was preferred to the Hillel Academy just two blocks south. The older generations of these families were native Yiddish speakers. Antisemitism was certainly not absent, but it was, by that time considered "poor taste. Whenever I visit Pittsburgh on holiday and the topic comes up, Squirrel Hill shopkeepers look me in the eye with incredulity.

We have raised him to be aware of and to appreciate the richness of the cultures of the whole world. Having cousins of Japanese and Okinawan heritage certainly doesn't hurt.

He can point to Daniel Kessler and hear the work of a true "mensch. He can see his father attempt a pasta recipe, knowing that I will never approach the mastery of a good Pomodoro sauce like Sam Fogarino. Daddy is trying, tryingto comprehend Martin Buber the way that Carlos Dengler does. It is possible that Trey may grow into maturity without racism or antisemitism. I'm taking nothing for granted. My music collection is no guarantee.

Neither is my library. We can even take Trey to Black Lives Matter rallies and still not ensure that he will be completely "colorblind.

What I do have is urgency. Our life as a human family depends at least on that. Thursday, May 28, Therapy. As the Sage of Belfast would put it, this is a "good infection" for which even the onset of deafness will offer no relief. Remember Beethoven. There is no rest from this chemistry. If we agree with Socrates that, "the unexamined life is not worth living," then, as INTERPOL lovers, we may feel immense gratitude that this music adds such worth to our experience of life. Many of Paul's lyrics are exercises in self-examination or examination of the human condition.

As a man, a husband, and a father of boys, living in this time in history, I welcome all the insight that good art may offer. By no means do they limit or define the depth or beauty of any single song. If we live long enough we also know that Addiction and Codependency usually walk hand-in-hand. Acceptance is the first step out.

We will all experience Grief at some time in our lives. Again, these are my own thoughts and perceptions. We have feelings about facts, but feelings are never facts in themselves. Thoughts are not laws for me, let alone for anyone else. I have had music obsessions before. I can sing every lyric of every Bob Marley song ever published. Every U2 song is an old friend.

So much music is therapeutic and cathartic. Many composers, singers, and musicians have spoken to me. No other band has had me dancing, sweating, and weeping on an almost daily basis.

Of course, I need to remind myself of my own addictive and obsessive nature. As a Christian, I know I must be mindful of the sin of idolatry. Typing this band's name in all capitals has become a habit that I share with many fans. Maybe it's just something we do, part of our fan culture. Monday, May 18, Safe Hedonist - Chainsaw Kittens - The All American (CD) Inside, Alive!

Labels: Alive! The naming of bands is a delicate matter. Norman, Oklahoma was bleeding cool in the early s. The studio shared the third floor of Hedonist - Chainsaw Kittens - The All American (CD) classroom building with the Sociology Department offices. Ancient Chinese Penis and Chainsaw Kittens had actual files in manila folders in the newsroom.

My favorite Oklahoma band was actually from Tulsa. I may or may not have crossed paths with Brandon Curtis during those years. Byhe had moved to Dallas with his band Secret Machines. Since the Flaming Lips now share producer Dave Fridmann with our guys, those filaments might glow a little brighter.

Wednesday, April 29, The Velvet Underground. Duke Ellington once said, "There's only two kinds of music, good music, and the other kind. Milne who first asked what it was that a unique, unexpected creature has for breakfast.

When a striped bouncy stranger enters the home of a bear of very little brain very shortly before breakfast, a confused quest can ensue. The conundrum is made worse by the fact that the stranger is a really picky eater.

I have the opposite situation with my unique creature. It doesn't matter what I feed this kid. He loves it all. Trey tasted his first egg roll there before he was a year old. He's been eating sauerkraut since using his first four teeth. Sometimes he'll even eat what his Dad cooks. What does my unique InterKid like? Before he dug into his scrambled eggs, Trey specifically asked for us to switch Chinese traditional orchestral music. Plus, he's all about Ninjago and Kung Fu Panda.

No kidding; Trey watches those things and, next thing I know, he's performing some elementary Tai Chi positions. When we starting winding down to bedtime, Trey often asks for Isao Tomitathe Japanese visionary who sampled radio-telescopic audio signatures of stellar phenomena to create his interpretations of Debussy, Holst, Ravel, etc.

I think we both love The Sunken Cathedral best. What Tomita does with Debussy's mysterious melancholy is nothing short of tonal alchemy. I really love The Velvet Underground.

Labels: A. Good songwriters are like good parents. They beget, nurture, then free their loved ones to have lives of their own. Interpol songs are free beings who become familiar friends and welcome ear-worms. In many ways, these artists become part of our family. I had to break the news to Trey that Bill Withers had passed away. Trey adores Bill Withers. He understood and immediately wanted to start celebrating his life. We played and sang Bill Withers songs for the rest of the day and that evening.

Yes, we even sang "Use Me. We think a great deal about music and family. I have seen that our last discussion came alongside other news about Paul Banks, particularly about the new lady in his life.

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