In My Heart - Blisstique - Ghost Head Nebula (File, MP3)

I tried to sing but it didn't work out so I deleted the vocals so now it's left with a crappy instrumental track. You're too young? You are not! I'm scared of many things in the world. Making a fool of myself. Being new and unfamiliar to things. Compo was scary when I started.

I do it every week now and it's kind of a habit The reality is that this is a single polyphonic synthesizer. This is an apt theme, since I'm moving. On Tuesday, they packed all of my things.

On Wednesday I said goodbye. On Thursday, I drove to the airport. Tomorrow, I fly away. All of my things are packed and I'm looking back at a city where I've really enjoyed spending my time. Unfortunately I couldn't quite capture my emotions very well in song, since I don't have my normal music computer, my guitar, or my mouse, or even the program I usually use I spent about 20 minutes on this, interrupted by a phone call, submitted it, deleted it, then spent another 10 minutes on it.

Good bye Corvallis, Oregon! It's an energy source Going back to the beginning, when ever was still better! Those ancient ruins? Turns out they aren't ruins at all. This is probably the worst comp I've done in years, and I've done some pretty bad songs. Because 50 years from now, your time capsules are going to be in the form of Facebook profiles, Twitter posts, and forum discussions.

Hi guys I am travelling I do a faculty interview tomorrow so I gotta practice my talk but here's a compo song on my laptop that isn't really that awesome but whatever! So I didn't really practice any voice training last week but I did practice guitar. So yeah. Plug your ears.

I wish I was in the dark I wish I had a place to start I feel cold, my heart is numb If I left it all, my role is done I don't want to be alone But I wish someone would care I wish I could change everything around My head is frozen in winter's stare. Holy out of rhythm parts and shitty singing and shitty guitar playing, also I couldn't get in the last verse because I didn't have enough time to fix broken timings and chords.

Sorry about this in advance. I kind of like the lyrics I guess? In my head In my future I am planning out our way I maintain a posture of composure As I re-hease my say There's people in the lobby There's a gun in my hand There's a teller at the window There's a car at the door There's no suspect or suspicion No one looking at my way They said this would be easy But they didn't ask my say I want to run away Oh yeah, oh yeah I want to run away Cut me free and I will find your escape of my mind They're looking at my presence They're noticing the scene They said that I'd be perfect But I wish it wasn't me.

What you feel as you learn the secrets of this year old interface format I made almost all of the sounds MP3) scratch in Massive. It was kind of hard to get something composed. I don't even like clubbing. I couldn't have started the party. It wasn't me!!! Forgive me for the crappiness this week Peer into the Oracle and learn how generations have learned before you. The night's young, but so short in your fantasy world. I did Ludum Dare this weekend. Unfortunately I could only spend like a day on my game so I did and the gameplay kind of sucks as a result.

Those driven to live underground to escape the dangers of the world above seek the atmosphere. Drifting Lost Lonely Finding a way home. I used brand-new music software and hardware tonight. Yeah it sucks that I'm missing two compos two weeks in a row, so I did another pre-compo entry. I didn't really have a theme in mind so I just did something pretty random. Sorry about that! I cheated and uploaded my song, but my computer was crashy so I managed to make only 16 bars on my backup computer in 10 minutes.

Because if you miss, you'll probably end up somewhere in the middle of dead space between solar systems, with no chance for anyone to find you. So you know what? Don't miss. There must be some kind of secret to using Jazz chords correctly. Why is this so foreign and strange to me? Dropping things too quickly leads to an unrealistic sense of joy. Hey guys, I was away at a conference on Thursday.

I ended up doing a pre-compo song on Tuesday morning in about 55m Angry Also if you have a moment I did my first-ever Ludum Dare and made my first game.

Check it out here. Reuploaded so I won't break PartyBot the hungry robot. Beneath our sights, an eternal fight for survival continues. Somewhere we're going somewhere and then it rises but then what happens?

When I want all of the minds in the world I hear them all in my head. I'm happy to be alive and I dance in the descending shroud of the mother sun as her daughter the moon swallows the darkness and brings up the wolf's howl to our virgin ears. There's always something that you have that I don't. Why can't I do what you do? What must I accomplish to be like In My Heart - Blisstique - Ghost Head Nebula (File You still have your humanity, no matter what happens!

After putzing around doing shit-all for about an hour, I salvaged the 15 minute "extra time" to come up with something just so I could submit something this week. I wasted a lot of time though, it wasn't good. I'm lucky that I got more than 16 bars of content today.

The Holiday Season's over A last escape from a fiery village, only to face the cold chill of winds and water. Is this truly an escape? Sorry guys I watched Ka by Cirque du Soleil a week and a bit ago. But it's the end of the world and when things are going pretty.

A cold heart, numb to its core, chilled to its soul Will it MP3) to the cheer? Will it warm to the hearth of the spirit of the season? You had a chance. Why did you let it go? It's not too late to take it back and make it yours.

Go, go There's a huge sale and you're frantically trying to rush through the smelly crowds to get to that really cheap home theater system! I did this in about 55 minutes earlier this afternoon because I am doing family-style stuff with the girlfriend's family. Enjoy this song! Lots of brass and strings and oddly-placed textures. A stone tomb, sealed with the secret of old writings and preserved memories Ugh, I spent an hour on a song I initially had this interesting chord progression in the middle of the song all laid out, but then I must've dragged and dropped something around because Logic deleted the arpeggios I had laid out and thus messed it all up.

A pretty uninspired song In My Heart - Blisstique - Ghost Head Nebula (File a fleet of space pilots launching their fighters out of the carrier tubes and getting into position to fight against the mindless brain-eating space amoebas who will destroy the solar system if left unchecked.

In the middle of the night Are they trying to communicate to you, or are these sounds merely memories from your own, bygone days? Happy music for fishies and mermaids in a drowned out underwater sea old school Arcana style i. Science and research is a world of toil and pain and tired minds. I know, I'm in it right now! Man this song didn't upload the first time I tried!

From nothing to greatness. Move, my minions, MOVE! I got some new hardware but it had problems with the wrong notes triggering from Logic Pro so things got messed up a lot.

Late An electronic fast song with lots of resonance and stuff. My song crashed in the middle of this so it's much less awesome than I envisioned it to be. It's hot in here I'm hooking up the steering wheel, getting ready to fire up that XBox and play some Forza 4 for the first time The buzzing and the throbbing is the start of a painful journey through the skull!

Turns out my song last week was labelled "reflection. Anyway this is a rather weak attempt at an ambient song. I haven't felt like I've had a good music year so far so let's see if I can improve more over the next few weeks.

I have a story of tension and of betrayal, and of a terrible, terrible end. It's a suspenseful moment until the ultimate climax and then you've realised that it was a waste of your time. In a world where everything's square and pretty, the world isn't actually that pretty or square.

It's a little too happy to be a battle, so this is a story all about how the battle became all victorious and everyone was able to get together afterwards and eat some chicken and pork shank marinated in lemon juice and drink beer. Today, it's really cold outside. The wind eats at your skin and scrapes it off, layer by layer, and it scares you. There is only one position left.

Hold it fast. Hold it hard. Never give up. I had another 20 minutes to add stuff to my bar loop! I don't know what the theme is this week but today I decided to give out spooky vibes. Thanks to our local Kirby for posting this for me. My mind's in a spin. I dream about what I want, what I feel. I only want to go fast, to speed up. I can't decide, though.

I feel like I should be driving, yet I need to slow down. Three million miles away. An attempt to return to former glory fades into desperation. There's only a few moments left to forge your new direction. I fought with garageband in the airport waiting room making this song! I kind of wasted my time, it was starting to come together.

A strange assault on your senses, can you resist it? There's only a few minutes left to make a difference. Submitted on behalf of Arcana, who couldn't make it tonight. Yeah I fake-sing in this one. Sorry my parents are visiting so I worked on this for about 12 minutes before uploading it. Tethers by The Natvral. The former frontman of the Pains of Being Pure at Heart lets loose with a passionate, Dylan-esque record full of razor-sharp lyricism.

Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. No matching results. Explore music. Get fresh music recommendations delivered to your inbox every Friday. Ghost Head Nebula by Blisstique. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. A dome holding a telescope loomed behind Richard in the photo, a ragged gash in the image, his face scratched by the broken glass.

There was a security guard behind the desk, and I knew there was at least one more roaming the ground floor hallways. I knew the names of those men; I knew the names of their children. The firm was on the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors of the building. What I am is an enabler. Are you going to go make with the revenging, or give me back my spear and sit around with ghost-girl here forever? We all stood on the sidewalk. Elsie laughed.

I was invulnerable while I held the spear. Perhaps I could simply walk past the guards, brush off their attacks. I glanced at Elsie, who shrugged. If you told her to go fuck herself, the results would be pretty dramatic.

I pushed open the door to the lobby and stepped inside. The guard behind the desk, a huge and affable man named Latu, rose from his chair, eyes wide. I ignored him, walking toward the bank of elevators. I had a vision of Latu drawing his gun, firing into my chest, bullets bouncing off me like Superman—but instead he simply walked around the desk and grabbed my right arm, the one holding the spear.

He was built like a sumo wrestler. She cocked her head. More or less true, actually. Tell Dana to stick her head into his head. Was she always invisible, or just when it suited her? I suddenly wondered if she was real at all. The possibility of carbon monoxide hallucination arose in my mind again, but somehow seemed less plausible this time.

Dana rolled her eyes, stepped forward, and seemed to head-butt Latu. Latu twitched and shivered and dropped to the floor, spasming and drooling.

Your ghost-slaves can actually possess people—clumsily, moving their bodies around about as elegantly as novice stilt-walkers, but still. Dana just jostled his life force a little In My Heart - Blisstique - Ghost Head Nebula (File made him pass out.

I stared at her. But where did this spear come from? She shrugged. Where screaming hordes descend from fortresses made of acid clouds. Where leviathans the size of moons splash in seas that are literally bottomless. Where warriors receive guidance from living books, and go on quests set by mad seers. Where the sky is the belly of a goddess, and the triple suns are just jewels in her navel.

Where marsh witches whisper to their children, who are living axes. She leapt several feet straight up, and came down to land in a crouch, balanced on the shaft of the spear, like something from a wire-fu martial arts movie. But it was amusing of you to try. But look at it this way: this morning you expected to be dead by now. Like the one poor Dana here got.

We rode uneventfully to the sixth floor, and I stepped out, unnoticed at first. Reception and conference rooms were on the fourth floor, and higher up it was mostly offices for HR and some of the more senior members of the staff—and my boss, of course, the idiot. I walked down the hallway, dragging the butt of the spear along behind me, like a kid drawing lines in the dirt with a stick. He was young, freckled, and jittery. I stepped toward him, and he fired the taser.

She sighed, and swept her hand through his chest, and the guard fell back, clutching at his ribs, sliding down the wall. His eyes closed. I just knocked him out, god. More people would be calling the police soon. I hurried down the familiar corridors, past glassed-in offices and the occasional sad cubicle where contract workers and temps were consigned.

My boss, the idiot, had a corner office, of course. Then his door banged open, and he stuck his head out, scowling. His eyes widened when he saw me. Your toy spear from Halloween? Did you go as a Zulu warrior or something? He gasped as the point of the spear entered his belly, then slid up through his chest, and out through his throat. But the wrath was running out of me like water from a cracked cup.

Where would this end? Because I was having a hard time imagining life after revenge. I let the idiot crawl up a flight of stairs—never quite touching the stairs, mind you—before becoming ashamed of my own pettiness and telling him to walk like a man. Now he and Dana hovered near one of the big air conditioners on the roof, while Elsie and I looked down at the chaos below. There were police cars, lots of them, parked at crazy angles in the street, the area blocked off by sawhorses.

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