On Earth, The Furthest - Sincarnate - As I Go Under (CD, Album)

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Are you the keepers of the truths? Only of Album), not owned by you! While I was searching, praising your kind, I met a wise man, who lost his mind. Asking for guidance, I stayed in line, but as we walked, he walked behind. We are the ones, whom you address. We're taking down, what you confess, if you confess dreaming, becoming, choosing, being, decaying, un-coming, nothing If there are choices then I've made some. The wrong they did can be undone. The ones I didn't are not to be taken as choices chosen by me.

I met a girl across the sea, her eyes as truthful as can be. Are you a teacher of my past? Yes I do teach old hearts to rest. I looked for answers wherever I could and asked those questions I shouldn't have. If there's a choice, I could have chosen, I would have chosen never to choose dreaming, becoming, choosing, being, decaying, un-coming, dreaming Teachers, are my lessons done?

No, they're not! I can't do another one! No, you cannot! Doomed As We Are Your eyes are tired, let them close. Forget about me, for I'm no loss. We have no things to leave behind, there will be no one awaiting us. The path we chose, the path we walk, it has no end, there's no return. This litany you sing to me will bring you no relief.

In my domain, you will not see the slightest gleam of truth. We had the means; we had the time, now it is over, we crossed the line. I wish for nothing, there is no truth, there was just love, dismiss the fool. You dare to question the god below, who gave you tears and eyes to cry?! Just keep on going, tasting the dirt, you'll have your lover, don't look behind.

You worthless creatures, you wicked kin, how dare you breathe, how can you smile? You wish for nothing, but take it all, you find no truth, but forge your own. Doomed as we are, haunted by fear and despair, tainted we are, reckless and wicked, but free. But soon, too soon he turns his eyes. Again she falls in the dark depths, again she dies. No crime was his, if there's no crime to love. All alone, he makes his moan, and calls her ghost, this time, forever lost.

It's getting late now, your seed has grown, if you were rising, you're getting small. You hoped you're special, one of a kind, once on your side, time's running out.

The next album features keyboards, integrated in the guitar lines. It would be rather awkward to suddenly hear a piano solo on the stage and see nobody playing it…Some keyboard parts will be replaced by real choirs, so actually there will be plenty of keyboards…. Bloodway, Deceased, Sincarnate, Dordeduh come to mind, On Earth then, nothing. I honestly think we lack originality and we prefer The Furthest - Sincarnate - As I Go Under (CD over quality.

Any words on that? Giani: I rather look at the full part of the glass. Sharing with you those times when there was nothing going on in our country I got to encourage the support for all bands getting born in the The Furthest - Sincarnate - As I Go Under (CD time.

If there is variety and numbers, there is a chance for better music, a bigger and more varied scene and audience. The public and the media has to trim them down to the ones deserving to shine. If the scene goes berserk and glorifies low quality nationalistic endeavors it is your duty, the ones who love metal and write about it, to speak openly about it.

I am really hoping that our generation gets replaced by a newer one and they need your support in acquiring an educated taste for metal. I know you are doing it, along other lonely voices, like Tanu Index or Coro. If propagated, this kind of critical approach will benefit a lot the scene. See very soon on stage, I hope. You have the last words, for closure. From Sincarnate expect, in the fall, an album that will make a difference in the whole 26 years of Romanian extreme metal scene existence.

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Blog at WordPress. Another explanation and the most realistic, probably is that our friends there Sebastian from Sado Sathanas, Erdie from Dark Moon invite us to play at shows that suite us and our style best… 7. It would be rather awkward to suddenly hear a piano solo on the stage and see nobody playing it…Some keyboard parts will be replaced by real choirs, so actually there will be plenty of keyboards… On Earth Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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