Shiva (The Third Eye) - Tony Scott (2) - Music For Yoga Meditation And Other Joys (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Tony scott get into it. Kijk ook eens bij mijn andere advertenties. Staat van het item : goed artiest : tony scott titel : music for zen meditation and other joys produktspecificatie formaat : vinyl. Staat van het item : zeer goed artiest : tony scott titel : at last produktspecificatie formaat : cd released : genre : jazz.

Staat van het item : zeer goed artiest : tony scott 2 titel : in concert produktspecificatie formaat : cd released : genre. Staat van het item : zeer goed artiest : tony scott titel : chameleon produktspecificatie formaat : cd released : genre : ele. Tony scott, music for zen meditation, pristine condition. Tony scott - expressions from the soul - 5. Top gun a tony scott film dvd tom cruisekelly mcgillis disc in nieuwstaat ophalen of verzenden u krijgt altijd z.

Staat van Album) item : zeer goed artiest : tony scott titel : expressions from the soul produktspecificatie nummers 1. Can't tru. Ben liebrand feat. Tony scott — move to the bigband epic 1 format:3 inch cd single cardsleeve 1 move to the bigband. Vinyl single tony scott kant a: love let love radio edit kant b: love let love instrumental made in heaven records. Marktplaats App Verder kijken met de Marktplaats app.

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We controleren altijd uitvoerig of het pro Verzenden. Tweedehands CD Maassluis Bezoek website. BookSpot Heel Nederland Bezoek website. Tony Scott - The Greenhouse. Tony scott titel : the greenhouse effect produktspecificatie formaat : cd re Verzenden. Tilburg 7 okt. Vinyl Single Tony Scott Vinyl single tony scott kant a: from da soul radio edit kant b: from da soul dope mix made in heaven records. Bieden 6 okt. Papendrecht 6 okt. HetVinylPlaatje Papendrecht. Amsterdam Gisteren.

Melvyn Amsterdam. You like it more and more. Take it as it comes. Granted, Morrison is reaching for the furthest corners of personal discovery, but the track would have worked better if he stopped after the melancholic exposition:. When we talk about drugs, sex, and rock and roll, this album encompasses all three: from the name of the band, to the surprisingly suggestive lyrics common enough for blues, but not so common for the mass media ofto the self-assertive, unapologetic, counter-culture music.

MusicNon-ZumwaltRock. The lyrics lacked the imagery and imagination of later Hendrix lyrics and the sound over those cheap library headphones sounded rough and muddy, but the forceful and potent guitar-riff introduction was as magical as a Wagner leitmotif : a compelling opening to any album, effectively locking any exit from the listening room door until the end of side two.

That first overall impression of this album was not entirely positive. I missed the studio slickness and more sophisticated lyrics of the later albums, and found the music to be dated, a relic of the drug-crazed, psychedelic late sixties. Relieved, now, that I still had a few weeks more until onset of dementia, I obtained a standard 16 bit redbook CD which had all the tracks from both albums and a few bonus tracks.

This is a modern blues song — and I mean modern! Hendrix creates tension with his approach to fingering, chord voicings, use of controlled distortion, his overall guitar technique, and emphatically pushing out the boundaries of comfort and predictability. And, as I remembered, these lyrics are not at the level of later Hendrix lyrics, yet still, there is a undeniable unity with the music:. Am I happy or in misery? What ever it is, that girl put a spell on me.

For some odd reason, music critics of that time stretched and reached to make drug connections when none where evident. Musically, one could argue that drugs opened up vistas and viewpoints for composers and musicians that allowed such innovation.

Maybe there is truth here Chopin took opium for tuberculosis, Berlioz took opium, many jazz musicians had drug encounters or severe drug dependencies and maybe not, but one cannot create genius from drugs or elevate mediocre musicians and composers up to the next level.

One can certainly make the case that drug use ultimately works against musicians at all levels. That said, let others more knowledgeable address this drug topic, and the impact of drugs on music, I will just delight in the amazing music handed down to us from those inspired geniuses, whether inspired divinely, materially or through some other means. And there is much to delight in during the course of this album. This rising four note motif then collapses into a three-note pattern incorporated in the next verse:.

All the way down. Oh, I gotta see you. Redding provides spurts and phrases of growling, rhythmic bass. Your mysterious mountains, I wish to see closer. May I land my kinky machine? The spoken vocals are sunken deep into the texture making this a instrumental jam that flirts with some of the qualities of a sound collage, particularly at the end. The highlight is the guitar solo atyearning and screeching passionate longing with a repeat of the chorus.

A forty-five second coda finishes off the piece with the diminuendo at the end providing symmetry to the opening. There are three tracks in the European album not present in the original North American version.

For non-musicians, this is a standard blues form that is prevalent in blues, rock and roll, rock, and jazz to such an extent that it can be very annoying or boring to listen unless the composition has something special such as unusual melody, humorous or particularly engaging lyrics, substitution chordsstellar execution and performance, or effective, interesting solos on top of those chords.

From the start, with Hendrix abstracted guitar intro, this is more than a throwaway blues song. In this early Hendrix recording, with this common blues structure and set of standard blues chords, we can identify much of what makes Hendrix performances so engaging.

Hendrix vocals are distinctly impressive throughout his brief recorded career — not because of range, intonation, smoothness or quality of his physical vocal instrument, but because of his pacing, rhythmic delivery, warmth, directness, naturalness and conversational nature of his communication. Hendrix is not that far behind them.

It has been decades since I heard this amazing work, and with extra years came a different perspective on the lyrics. This second deals with states of existence such that one could be experienced in one state such as in one lifetime or plane of existence and not in the other.

We can then extend this metaphysical reflection and go off in many more directions, but the simple point here is Shiva (The Third Eye) - Tony Scott (2) - Music For Yoga Meditation And Other Joys (Vinyl the lyrics provide a level of interpretation appropriate to psychedelic or transcendental frameworks. Released on May 26, in the UK and a week later in the US, this is the album that boldly launched the progressive rock era.

Pepper album, and which has an important place in the history of progressive rock. From an interview with Paul McCartney:. I love the album so much. I was into the writing and the songs. One important McCartney takeaway from Pet Sounds, is the liberation of the bass guitar from playing just the root notes of chords. For non-musicians, a chord can be in basic root position, such as C E G C for a simple C major chord, with the lowest note being C, or can be in first inversion, with the lowest note on E, or in second inversion position with the lowest note being on G.

Simple pop music often sticks to the LP always playing the root note. Lights Out 3. Bradley's Barn 4. You Can't Tell Me 5.

Nashville 1 A. Cristo Redentor 7. Before Six 8. Lark, The 9. Snake Long Wait. Mandel 's debut remains his best early work, introducing an accomplished blues-rock-psych guitarist capable of producing smooth, fluid lines and a variety of tasteful distortion and buzzing via an assortment of tone pedals and customized amplifiers.

He augmented his flash with an adventurous appetite for orchestrated, quasi-classical strings especially in the eerie symphonic title cutjazz-blues-rock-psych- fusion in the mold of The Electric Flag as on "Before Six"and even a bit of country in the presence of top steel guitarist Pete Drake.

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Don't be shy!!!!! Now about this Not much except that has some rare recordings from the Syd's period. Plus the only live recording from Syd. Keep Listening!!!!!! La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata - As promised, this is the first album of this Mexican legendone of these albums that you must own. Probably the best acid rock album ever made in Latin America, plenty of fuzz guitars and excellent compositions.

A group from Guandalaja ra. They won a radio competition and begun very famous in the area. Despite their will, they moved to Mexico City and have a contract with Polydor. They had two excellent psychedelic acid rock albums but then split cause of the differences between them.

The vocalist Oscar Rojas had a moustache which identified the group. More Info Here. Recorded under primitive circumstances and not distributed well on initial release, Harper's debut proves that the definitive cult folk-rock singer's idiosyncratic weirdness was firmly in place from the start.

Mostly but not wholly acoustic, there are lingering similarities to Donovan and Bert Jansch, as well as a light similarity to Al Stewart on occasion. But Harper's scrambled lyricism is already his own, as is his peculiar melismatic phrasing. Those two traits combine to give the impression of a singer-songwriting dyslexic, not able or willing to write words that are easily digested and apparently unsequenced in any linear fashion.

That isn't the most appetizing recipe, but it's leavened by fairly attractive British folk melodies and very accomplished guitar work the liner notes infer that John Renbourn and Ritchie Blackmore helped out.

Although this is largely acoustic, electric guitar and backing are used from time to time, as well as reverb and backwards effects that give it a dated charm. Certainly the most uncharacteristic arrangement is "Committed," a crunching, ominous rock tune whose first-person account of madness recalls Syd Barrett's most distraught work and is if anything more distraught than Barrett's loony tunes.

And speaking of Pink Floyd, "October 12th" makes you wonder if Harper's influence didn't find its way into the post-Syd Floyd on tunes like "Grantchester Meadows. Jean-max Peteau: guitar, voice Stephan Rossini: drums, voice Michel Peteau: guitar, voice, sax I do not have information on this French group, this CD is a first live edition of recordings repetitions or concert between and Music planing between Gong and The Cosmic Jokers.

This is an album of Cheval Fou psych french obscure rock band of seventies ripped from my own CD k with full HQ artwork. But I'm afraid that even if the curius listener search for it, there's nothing to find. The record came with an insert in the Indepented Project Records style only this was in black with silver letters.

Some of the tracks of this self-produced album released as an EP in the U. And now the music: how about frenzyfied-fuzzed-out-surf-cow-psyche? The LP starts with an instrumental blast of energy, "Hygiene" which incoroporates tribal drums and surf guitar played with the amps at Side-a continues a bit calmed-downthen another killer cow-surf track "Bwanger Tatalingus Debase" till the last track, "Epitaph", which colses this side with an electrified cowboy tale.

B-side begins with the bass-driven dark-Brittish-sounding "Cover Tailor", continues with "Eat My Iron", a short track with metallic not metal guitar sounds, and then with "American Dogs" one of the best songs Wooden Wand never wrote yet. The disc closes with "Accident" and the up-beat surf "Six" with fine ringing guitars. Maybe you can call them surf-Caroliner? Maybe not. You decide. Edit: You can take a look in the comments for more about the band, as one "Man From Missouri" signing as "old man" posted a comment recently.

Sweet little sixteen b. Long tall Sally c. Chantilly lace d. Whole lotta shakin'Goin'on e. Blue suede shoes f. Chalie's Waltz Charlie Chin How I spent my Summer Robert Smith Probably won't Robert Smith Can you dance to it? Robert Smith Bramble Bush Roy Michaels Track in 'A' N. Chin, another coffee-house acolyte, coincidentally supplied the distinctive banjo coda on the latter group's exemplary Bluebird.

Cat Mother's debut album, which was produced by Jimi Hendrix, reflected contrasting backgrounds. Chin then left the group, which sought a more receptive audience on America's west coast.

Their music reflected a good-time, almost communal spirit, but a notorious instability undermined their undoubted potential. Late arrival Charlie Harcourt was the only former member to prosper on Cat Mother's demise when he latterly joined Lindisfarne. Always a bit further out than the Temptationsthis album is a leap forward from the self -titled debut of the previous year.

Features a nine minute plus version of Marvin's "Whats Goin On". What It Is? Crafted by Norman WhitfieldMotown's most adventurous producer of the time, it employed the funk-psychedelic guitars and ominous, socially aware lyrics that were also characteristic of his work with the Temptations during the period. He wrote most of their material sometimes in association with Barrett Strongand used their sessions as a laboratory to devise funk rhythms and psychedelic guitar effects.

As another vehicle for the talents of producer Norman Whitfield, soul trio The Undisputed Truth never quite enjoyed the same success as his other notable musical charges, The Temptations. With hits like "Ball of Confusion" and "Cloud Nine" The Temptations pointed the way to soul music's future in the late s and early 70s.

Their other great hit of the era, "Papa Was A Rolling Stone", was originally recorded by the lesser known group, before getting its definitive reworking with The Temps. Released inthe spirit of the age is very evident on this record. The conscious lyrics, the psychedelic riffs and dark and brooding funk rhythms- it's a world away from the assembly line pop of Motown's golden era.

Like Rotary Connection they may have been a little ahead of their time, and perhaps a little way out for many. That said, most of the tracks have stood up well to the passing of the decades.

The Undisputed Truth offered Norman a space to experiment in, exploring ideas he would later refine with his more mainstream projects. And, although theres nothing quite as good here as the bands earlier hit "Smiling Faces Sometimes", this album offers a fascinating insight into the mind of one of soul's most adventurous producers. Actually I think in all these folk guys, the melody is been built with the sudden use of a minor chord between of all major chords the scale … Just my point of view….

AA with twelve bonus tracks. This outfit came out of Northern Massachusetts with what some would argue is the ultimate psychedelic album, full of superb Beatles - like vocals and songs with great guitar work. Original copies of Corridor Of Faces now change hands for hundreds of dollars and are virtually impossible to find in the U. Although lacking the range of the Beatles, the album perfectly establishes a mood - musing and introspective but not melancholy - with guileless vocals expressing a rapt, unhurried contentment.

While not overtly psychedelic, the atmosphere strongly suggests the drug experience in its basking-in-the moment serenity. A beautiful album that keeps on improving with further acquaintance. By the time the album was released, the band had split up Door had left so soon after the album's recording that he wasn't included on the album coverbut Pollano cut one post-album 45 in a trio called The Owl, which is in similar style to the album.

The twelve bonus tracks on the excellent Arf! CD, which contains a full history of the band including many photos are mainly acoustic demos recorded in the Autumn ofseven of which are early versions of songs from the album. Mazzotta later played with Euclid and was playing in a country band in Massachusetts in the earlys.

Very recently a reunion album was recorded, Pictures In The Smoke. In retrospect, their contribution was more of a social one, planting seeds of a rock counterculture with their unconventional, at times outrageous dress and attitudes. While they occasionally delved into guitar distortion and fractured, stoned songwriting, the Charlatans' music was rooted in good-time jug-band blues, not psychedelic freakouts. That's not to say their records didn't have a low-key, easygoing charm, although they didn't match the innovations of the Jefferson Airplane and other peers.

Cutting demos for a couple labels inmost of the material they recorded at this time was unissued, and the commercial explosion of San Francisco rock passed them by. The band eventually did release a nationally distributed album in the late '60s, by which time personnel changes had diluted some of the crazy energy of the original lineup, although the LP has its engaging moments. La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata - - Hoy Second album of this Mexican legend, excellent psychedelic acid rock with ripping fuzz lead guitars and quality vocals in English.

Probably one of the best pieces of Latin American psychedelic rock ever made. In the middle of the rain Enmedio de la lluvia 7,55 2.

Petra y sus camaradas 6,02 4. Again Otra vez 4,10 5. Preludio a la felicidad 3,03 6. Fatman El Kuino 6,10 7. So long ago Hace mucho tiempo 4,49 8. Impressive hard psych with some fantastic guitar work that could compete with US and European counterparts.

With only one song in Spanish, the lyrics are few but not corny. The opening track is amazing with some very powerful guitar work. The next song is a bit more subdued though still awesome. The fifth track is the song with no English. The closing ten minute track closes the album out well with some great instrumental parts. Highly recommended. Traffic Sound - Yellow Sea Years The first anthology of one of the most important Peruvian bands of the s. In Yellow Sea Years the evolution of the band can be fully appreciated, with their roots on the acid blues-rock born with Hendrix, Cream or Yardbirds, to a solid Latin-Rock filled with psychedelic touches and immensely inspired folk.

The guitar playing here is definitely the highlight; Jon Uzonyi's style was certainly ahead of its time. They were a power trio that played Southern California and Arizona in the late '60s. They released a single during their existence, and also cut this album, which remained unreleased until the mid-'90s. Originally released on Rockadelic on vinyl only, Shadoks has now reissued it on compact disc, remastered from the original tapes.

If you're into heavy psych guitar, you really need to hear this album. Uzonyi has a monstrous tone on guitar, similar at times to Jimi Hendrix's feedback dive-bombing, but the two have very different playing styles. Uzonyi is aided by drummer Gary Tsuruda and keyboard player Rick Abts, but the show belongs to Uzonyi.

There are at least two guitars present most of the time, Uzonyi is the singer, and he most likely plays the bass tracks as well. The material ranges from superheavy guitar insanity to more poppy material. To be honest, Uzonyi's lyrics and vocals are nothing to write home about especially the awful lyrics to "Angel of Love"but his guitar playing saves the day.

There's no studio trickery to speak of except for the weird tremolo vocals on the last trackalthough engineer Eirik Wangberg did a masterful job of capturing what Uzonyi was trying to do, and came up with a great, dynamic mix and fun stereo panning effects. The album sounds of its day, but some of the guitar playing still sounds inventive. Shadoks specializes in releasing unknown, obscure material, and they've dug up a great one here.

The World's On Fire 2. Birds In My Tree 3. Lose To Love 4. Strawberries Mean Love Side 2 1. Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow 2. Paxton's Back Street Carnival 3. Hummin' Happy 4. Pass The Time With Sac 5. Incense And Peppermints 6. As the cover art might suggest, their image practically defined both the musical as well as peripheral aspects of the pseudo-psychedelic counterculture.

However, below that mostly visual veneer, Strawberry Alarm Clock actually have more in common with other "Summer of Love" bands such as Love and Kak than the bubblegum acts they have long been associated with. As legend has it, none of the actual bandmembers sang lead on the hit single; the singer was in fact a vocalist named Greg Munford, who was attending the session as a visitor. The track was originally issued by Thee Sixpence on the regional All-American label. By the second pressing, however, the band's name had changed to Strawberry Alarm Clock.

Sensing the possibility of a national hit, they were scooped up by the MCA Records subsidiary Uni and given the go-ahead to commence recording this, their debut LP. The edgy fuzz-toned guitar sound of "Birds in My Tree" and the Los Angeles freeway-inspired "Paxton's Back Street Carnival" exude a garage rock flavor similar in style to that of Spirit's self-titled debut long-player.

Another distinguishing factor is Strawberry Alarm Clock's multi-layered vocals. West - - West Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Four Strong Winds Summer Flower Step By Step Dolphins Six Days On The road Everydody's Talkin' Donald Duck Settin' The Woods On Fire New England Winter. Acoustic guitars, deep vocals, semi-improvised jammy songs with some crude sound experiments; imagine the Album) Symphony guys 10 years down the line.

Brief spoken bit featuring a phony-sounding Indian guru. Fisrt album of those funky legends. The music shifts between psyche rock flavours, trippy guitar arrangements, hot brass arrangements and strong funky grooves. A must to all Funk — Soul — Psych lovers! Ultra-rare album of this cult group from the Paris funky scene of the 70's!

An absolutely killer funk album full of wah-wah and fuzzed guitars, deep soul vocals, hot basselines, wild afro percussion, and a really spaced out production. The album mixes the African influences used by the LARB with more of a hard soul vocal approach, with some cuts sounding a bit like material from Atlantic albums of the late 60s, but handled with more of a fuzzy edge. I'm sure you all Know about mr.

Hammill and his gang. Here's your links with all the art!!! Fuchsia - Fuchsia. Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Tony Durant was the creative force behind their obscure progressive folk album. The lyrics were influenced by English novelist and poet Mervyn Peake and supplemented by a lush violin and cello backing.

Worth investigation. Headband - Happen Out New Zealand band from early first album. Mike Gunn - - Coduh Mike Gunn - - Coduh One of Texas' most revered psych bands, The Mike Gunn spent its 5 years of life keeping the forces that threatened to pull it apart at bay. Finally, with the mysterious disappearance of its beloved drummer, in the band relented to the inevitable chaos that threatened to consume it for so long.

Mike Gunn is the name of the Schlong Weasel musician who named the band but never played in it. The Mike Gunn put out a handful of now-hard-to-find releases, then broke up. All are Texas-based psych bands of various styles. Mike Gunn's embrionic first single, Tom's In The Bathroomdisplayed a soul tune over a slow, martial tempo. IN ADDITION TO 74 minutes' worth of brain-melting psychedelia from one of the greatest Texas garage bands ever to stagger from den to rehearsal room, you also get a handy graph outlining the ratio of pot intake to listening enjoyment.

Since these hemp farmers never toured, fans had to be content, anyway, with extended bong sessions grokking the three extant albums. This postscript has loads of ferocious live gunk, fuzzed-out riffers falling somewhere between MC5, Black Sabbath and Hawkwind.

It's almost hand-made, on every cover there's a different photograph and the insert booklet is cut with a scissor. The cover you see at the top of this post is a photo of my copy.

The link for "Almaron" is dead. You can bug Pound For A Brown to reupload it. The Original Surfaris - Wheels [].

Perhaps this is the most sought after album from Africa. At that time BLO was voted as the best band in Nigeria. Great Afro Funk and Afro Psych album. This album is the best album of this group, more funky than the two debut albums and less disco than the fourth and the fifth album. This album was recorded in at Decca Studios Lagos, Nigeria. The roots of the group lay in the Clusters, already one of the most popular Nigerian highlife acts of the mid-'60s even prior to a stint as the support band for the Sierra Leonean pop superstar Geraldo Pino, once dubbed "the West African James Brown.

While performing at the Lagos club Batakuto, Afrocollection jammed with Ginger Baker, the renowned drummer from the British blues-rock supergroup Cream; in latethe members of Afrocollection joined Baker in forming the jazz-rock ensemble Salt, making their live debut the following year alongside the legendary Fela Kuti. Despite a series of well-received live appearances throughout Western Europe and North America, the Salt project proved short-lived, and in lateJones, Odumosu, and Akintobi formed Blo, touring relentlessly in the months to come, prior to recording their EMI Nigeria label debut Blo: Chapter One.

Grand Funk Railroad and the Isley Brothers were the primary influences on the trio's third LP, Phase 3, but as lackluster sales continued to dog the group, Blo faced greater corporate pressure to reflect contemporary musical trends — specifically, disco, a shift culminating with 's Bulky Backside, recorded in London. Blo dissolved following the release of Back in Time; the retrospective Phases appeared on the Afro Strut label in Roger Crissinger had earlier been in Pearls Before Swine.

I didn't find any info about this band. It's a hyppie music, it's very good and rare. Vinyl rip. Outlaw Song For Heaven's Sake Black Bush Sinnerman Blessed Persistance Clogger Single Girl My Narrow Mind Splinters Brimstone Rock Sac of Religion Poor Mouth Heel on the Shovel ripped kbps with cd covers enjoy!

Formed in the early '80s by ex-Saccharine Trust drummer Rob Holzman and other hangers-on of the LA scene, they went on to release a string of stunning, evocative and highly individual records that still amaze today. There is truly no other band that sounds like Slovenly. The guitars weave throughout each other like a good Magic Band should, or Lloyd and Verlaine in Television once did, the rhythm sections anchors itself into a beat to allow their fellow members to achieve this, and the vocalist, the deapan Steve Anderson, delivers his sermons of love and woe.

Three completely brilliant LP's were released in a row: Thinking of Empire fromRiposte fromand We Shoot For the Moon from Thinking of Empire is Slovenly's first mature work, a flowering of art-punk influences and California punk mindset. Listeners struggled with Slovenly's prickly sound LP because of the monotone delivery of singer Steve Anderson and his tendency to toss off lyrics.

After getting a handle on Anderson's delivery, however, it's easy to hear how magnificently the singer sways with the sideways lashings the shifting layers of guitars concoct.

The band's three guitarists alternate on bass and six-string electrics, applying a bracing angularity to songs like "Distended," "Cartwheels of Glory," and "At Sea," which fasten driving riffs to becalmed, drifting interludes, resulting in musical mazes that, when solved, Shiva (The Third Eye) - Tony Scott (2) - Music For Yoga Meditation And Other Joys (Vinyl endlessly rewarding. Thinking of Empire is the link in the SST label chain that connects the punk, to an instrumental art-damage.

Rarely has the beauty of post-punk's gray areas been so strikingly captured. If you don't have it, Don't missed it!!!! I'll post their 7" single in the 7X7 is series. In February Wonnacott left and Deb Agolli took his place in drums. In May the group changed to Viv Akauldren and entered a recording studio.

The record went out of print pretty soon and a year later released in Europe as the first licencing of the newly formed Resonance Records. Despite advice to work the album, Talreton was drained. Dropping everything he spent a month travelling Dec.

After he returned they begun a huge round gigging: San Francisco, St. A, Seattle Shortly after they begun recording their second album. A classic winter time record wich demands attention and headphones was on a lot of D. After getting a taste of the road in '86, they immersed themselves in it during With a coast-to-coaster in the Spring and another in the autumn plus more regional in between and after a total of 5 months were spent touring North America Viv Akauldren, once a strange Detroit combo,now belonged to the Kosmos.

Sporadic Eastern and Southern tours continued till May when a tour of Europe was proposed by a Dutch agency for Nov. To accompany the tour, Resonance agreed to licence an EP of new songs. In a blur of activity V. Unfortunately the tour was postponed, but the result was Witness. Witness The cover of the MC5 classic "Looking at You" which with a few key word changes fit in perfectly with the V.

A material and actually rivals the original, if you're not too sentimental!. The mini LP was released in Europe in Nov. The US release of Witness was scheduled for Feb. A Eurpopean tour was finally confirmed for Sept. Not only was the band to go over and tour but Resonance was also putting them in the studio to record another LP. Going thru a considerable amount of unrecorded songs, the idiea would be to reveal the continuity, depth and unity of thei writing from their undocumended inception, right up thru Wonnacott was even asked to contribute his drumming on the Trancgland period songs From Berlin V.

Vivian's Fountain The resulting 12 song collection is slated for a spring release and is, indeed music of the 90s McDonald is obviulsy one of rock keyboards most distinctive voices and evolutionary proponents You can buy them at Delerium records, where you can also visit Tarlton's pages As for Keir McDonald, his recordings as Medusa Cyclon are here in this very blog. Iron Butterfly - Live The Los Angeles music climate of the late sixties and seventies was characterized by the heavy sounds and sentiments that reflected the revolutionary attitudes of the generation.

Bursting onto that scene was a new group whose sound not only epitomized the hard attitudes of the youth with its heavy drumming and bass lines, but also embraced more delicate aspirations through its intricate guitar and keyboard overlays. The band, lead by Alan Shacklock guitars, vocals and consisting of Dave Hewett bassJenny Haan vocalsand Ed Spevock drumswas signed to the Harvest label and released their debut album, First Base, in The album didn't make much impression in England, but went gold in Canada and was a strong seller in the U.

The band's second album, Amar Caballero, also released on Harvest inwas a repeat of the debut and sold similarly well in North America, but not in England despite aggressive marketing.

Inthe band went through some lineup changes and released the self-titled, album early in the year. Later inShacklock left the band to be replaced by Bernis Marsden on guitars and vocals and the group recorded a second album that year, Stealin' Home.

It was released on the U. Capitol Records label. This reissue on the British-based B. O label pairs the two albums together on a single CD.

While both albums are not the band's strongest works, Babe Ruth contained some memorable moments, including a delightful version of Morricone's "Fistful of Dollars," as well as the hard rock song "Jack O'Lantern" that was a concert favorite.

For the Stealin' Home album, the band moved away from the hard rock experimentation of their early works and into a more commercial driven hard rock blues based sound. The band would record one more album, Kids Stuff, in with yet another lineup before breaking up later that year. This set has been remastered from original master tapes, and the package contains an in-depth essay on the history of the band along with photos and reproductions of the original album graphics.

Monks - Five Upstart Americans Demos all recorded in a single day one year prior to the recording of the album that started it all, Black Monk Time.

Not as good what could be? Every song opens with a little pseudo-church organ riff. Thank goodness they decided to get rid of that schtick when they went back into the studio. Available for your listening pleasure here. Stomachmouths - Wild Trip Stefan kery's garage band from Sweden.

When the Stomachmouths and the Crimson Shadows began playing vintage American teen music in Stockholmthey had no European predecessors. There had been a few new wave-era bands in Britain and Sweden who covered a Nuggets tune or two, but for those bands it was always part of something else.

None of them had gone the whole nine yards and stripped away all alien elements from s punk, like Stomach and Crimson would. Dave Van Ronk - - Just Dave Van Ronk This collection is comprised of solo guitar and vocal interpretations of blues and traditional standards. Van Ronk's understated guitar style is perfect for these intimate performances.

His naturally rough voice allows him to sing these songs believably without any ethnic affectation or false energy, review by all music guide. Jimmy Agren - - Glass Finger Ghost 1. Hard To Find. Happy holidays everyone, I've been occupied and haven't had the time to upload anything lately. I did stumble upon this album a few days ago however and thought it would be worthwhile to share.

Jimmy Agren is an excellent slide guitarist and his brother, Morgen, can play drum fills like I've never heard before. There's lots of snakey rhythm structures that always keep you on your toes, and the presence of Freddie Wadling with his Beefheart-style vocals really make this a unique piece of work! Radio Gnome Invisible Flying Teapot The Pot Head Pixies Improvisational groaning and percussion bring this jam to a close.

This, combined with a jazzy sax from Malherbe and some very groovy musical lines near the closing, make for another fun tune. Other Side Of The Sky Sold On The Highest Buddha Castle In The Clouds Prostitute Poem Givin' My Love To You Selene Flute Salad Oily Way Outer Temple Inner Temple Percolations I Never Glid Before Eat That Phonebook Coda Very quirky, with many, mostly brief compositions, the album is a tad less spacy than Teapot, with just a few psychedelic-inspired lyrics, and it's very technically adept.

Angel's Egg opens with a true space rock cut one of the few on the albumfilled with the usual Gilli Smyth space whispering and Daevid Allen voicings, then leads into the cleverly titled "Sold to the Highest Buddha," with Steve Hillage and Didier Malherbe prominent figures. The instrumental "Castle in the Clouds" finds Hillage coming into his own, with a sound identical to his solo work.

The final three tracks are the real highlights on Angel's Egg. This eclectic composition travels through several movements and time changes, and comes across as a perpetually progressing piece.

Thoughts For Naught Magick Mother Invocation Master Builder A sprinkling Of Clouds Perfect Mystery The Isle Of Everywhere Overall a fair release, the album seems somewhat poorly planned and insubstantial, with brief tunes punctuated by several long jams. Guitarist Steve Hillage's role in Gong had become quite prominent, to the point of overshadowing founding member Daevid Allen.

You marks Allen's last stand with the band, at least until his quasi-return many years later. The album opens with three light, ethereal pieces.

Among the short tunes, "Perfect Mystery" is the standout, a fun but very advanced, jazz-oriented composition. The lengthy, epic-like structures on the album are generally solid though at times uninspiredjazz-tinged progressive rockers, with the instrumental "Isle of Everywhere" taking top billing. Each piece features Pierre Moerlen's hot percussion, and each band member steps up front at one time or another.

Blank Although it's considered a desirable psychedelic rarity in some collecting circles, For Fox Sake is an also-ran British psychedelic pop album of the sort that was a year or two behind the times upon its release. The best thing the Fox have going for them on this record is the swirling, at times piercing Hammond organ of Alex Lane. The songs, however, are ordinary trendy U.

Blank," and the epic-to-little-purpose "Madame Magical," whose nine minutes feature some extended jazzy psychedelic organ improv. The year was and the man behind this project was famous Motown producer Norman Whitfield. Side 1 1. You got the love I need — 2. Save my love for a rainy day - 3.

California Soul - 4. Aquarius - 5. Ball of confusion -

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