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March 19, Retrieved December 9, Retrieved 12 December Australian Chart Book — illustrated ed. St Ives, N. ISBN Ryan, Gavin Australia's Music Charts — pdf ed. Retrieved 10 January Retrieved on 14 December Note: User needs to enter Neil Diamond in the "Search Retrieved 16 December Official Charts Company.

Roberts, David London: Guinness World Records Limited. FH Tobias Zywietz. Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Retrieved 15 December British Phonographic Industry. Retrieved 13 December Retrieved 14 December Archived from the original on Inspired by the experience of a failed screen test for a film about rebel comic Lenny Bruce, " 'I Am I Said' would ultimately turn out to be the single most challenging and time-consuming song that [Diamond] ever wrote.

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Neil Diamond. Traveling with teenage boys, we kept an open itinerary and focused on exploring — and eating. Inatteso Pizzabar Casano While dining choices are not abundant in the Battery, this classy pizza bar next to our hotel served a mean Margherita pizza. Beyoglu pictured above On the Upper East Side, this Zagat rated Turkish restaurant is a good stop for lunch or dinner after visiting a museum.

Order a number of mozzarellas black truffle! Arrive ready to make decisions — choose from 25 types of fish and 30 varieties of oysters. We skipped the beach this year so far and made New York City our spring break destination. Our oldest son, 17, will take a senior trip with high school classmates in June, triangulating the Alps with visits to Germany, Switzerland, and France. Our hotel was in Battery Park, located in Lower Manhattan. Commercial real estate brokers and foreign investors, doing deals over coffee or cocktails, were fixtures in our hotel dining room.

We arrived on a Sunday night. Visiting was a hassle-free and exhilarating experience. Guests are whisked in a minute-long elevator ride to the th floor degree viewing area. As I last wrote, Iowa has been on my mind. We moved every few years for the next best high school coaching and teaching jobs for my parents. Next on the list is the town we lived in when my sister was born — Graettinger, Iowa.

I always thought the name was funny. Graettinger is in Palo Alto County, in the Northern reaches of the state. Shopping trips in those years were to Minneapolis.

Also, my mother was a Mary Tyler Moore fan. Graettinger is small; home to only people, households, and families. The town hosts the oldest Labor Day parade in Iowa. I remember participating in many Iowa parades with my decorated bike and wearing dance costumes. The next move for the Reeder family, then still with only two daughters, me and my sister, Miekka, two years younger, was to Baxter, Iowa, 33 miles northeast of Des Moines.

It, too, is small with a population of 1, today. What I remember most about Baxter is that our house had two front doors. Now called Melcher-Dallas, two rivaling coal-mining towns that shared schools beginning in the s merged in Through Facebook, our childhood babysitter, Kristi Roberts Rogers, recently found my sister and me. Miekka, with her name, is fairly easily found. Kristi took a picture of our old house, and recounted stories of my father, her basketball coach and teacher.

I remember parades in Melcher, too, dressing as a Saint the high school mascot for the homecoming parade. Sincethe Iowa caucuses have marked the start of the presidential nomination race.

For six months this year, Iowa towns with names familiar to me, and, of course, the state capital, Des Moines, frequently were in the news. I was born in Iowa and lived in more than a few of those towns in the seven years I spent there.

My roots since my ancestors have been in America are firmly in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana. My father was born in Eldorado, Illinois, to parents from the area; the family moved to Evansville when my father was young. He met my mother while attending Graceland University, in Lamoni. Some of my earliest memories are of the nearby Merle Hay Plaza now called Merle Hall Mallthe oldest and for a long time largest mall in Iowa.

My aunt and uncle still live not far from this home. When I was one, we moved to Winterset, Iowa. Winterset is in Madison County, in the southern part of the metro Des Moines area. The town originally had 19 covered bridges; today there are six.

I wish I remembered them; surely my parents would. Happy New Year! I hope you all are warm and safe in our winter storms. For background, in December Gov. Board of Directors announced the approved plans presented by regional development organizations in Southwest, North Central, and Northeast Indiana. Now the legislature is seeking funding for all three.

We were negative in the community. This was a grassroots plan involving people in contact with the public. Louis, Missouri study. Raymond A. Anderson Plan, early s. Victor Gruen Master Plan, The plan stressed the importance of attracting one or two large Downtown department store within a Main The Last Thing On My Mind - Neil Diamond - Stones (Vinyl Mall, a completely enclosed two-story pedestrian thoroughfare with all-season temperature control, adorned with greenery and artistic seating, with trams and mini buses providing service from parking and residential areas.

Blue Ribbon Committee, Its focal point was to be a fountain at First and Main Streets. Landeco Plan, Partnering with a young Indianapolis company, Evansville looked to develop the riverfront with a new building every six months, including a story convention center hotel, four story apartment complexes, and two story office buildings.

A portion of First Street was slated to be a pedestrian walkway. Landeco brought the city one building, the story Riverside One apartments, razed in to make room for Vectren. I lived there before I was married. William Robinette and the Foster International Plan, This was the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based company that would implement the projects in the Master Plan, including the Old Post Office Retail Village and the Riverfront Condominiums, for which ground was broken in Rather than renovate the then-aging Roberts Municipal Stadium, a loosely knit group of Downtown supporters sought a new riverfront stadium.

This study was commissioned by the city to look at establishing a Downtown hotel-convention center and performing arts complex. This plan recommended the renovation of the Victory Theatre and expansion of the Vanderburgh Auditorium. Led by a group of connected business leaders, this master plan took into account the new riverboat casino, Casino Aztar now Tropicanaopened in It featured a one-block events plaza at the foot of Main Street, complete with a carousel, stage, glass enclosed gazebo and fountain, and a bicycle path along the riverfront.

It also suggested removing the canopy structures along Main Street, considered an eyesore. Many of the canopies remain today. Finally, this plan called for a major face lift to Dress Plaza and the esplanade along Riverside Drive to creating serpentine tiered seating and installing interpretive boards along the guardrail outlining the history of the river.

In the 17 years since I wrote my thesis, Evansville has created more plans. Still, this look back might be useful. If you do a study, you must have a group to push it forward. Evansville has that group in the Economic Development Commission of Southwest Indiana and the region has been awarded the state funding.

I grew up in a house where Christmas was the favorite time of the year. Mom helped us each along by starting collections for her daughters.

I was chosen to collect Snow Babies, popularized by the Department 56 company in the mids when it introduced the unglazed porcelain figurines that were made first made in the s in Germany as cake toppers. Before World War I, Snow Babies ranged from 5 to 7 inches tall and depicted children in one-piece snowsuits participating in winter activities like skiing, ice skating, and sledding. When Snow Baby production resumed after the war, the figurines made were smaller, usually ranging from 1 to 3 inches in size; models of children caroling, riding polar bears, and building snowmen also were designed.

Through high school and college, and into my married like, until she died in Januarymy mother gave me a Snow Baby for Christmas and my birthday. My collection now numbers more than My husband and sons have never quite understood the appeal of the Snow Babies.

So, for years my husband placed an annual call to my mother just as we were decorating. And every year the Snow Babies were carefully removed from their boxes and placed for all of us to enjoy.

My first-class ticket was purchased weeks earlier online; at Amsterdam Centraal that Sunday morning, I learned the ticket was a fake. Just a few hours later, though, I stepped off the train and onto the streets of the station located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Before my visit, I was not aware of how the city of Paris was organized into districts, or arrondissements, a word that has been frequently reported since the Nov. The restaurant and theater shootings occurred in the 10th and 11th arrondissements; the Bataclan is located in the 10th, not all that far from the Gare du Nord train station.

The city of Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements, arranged in the form of a clockwise spiral often likened to a snail shellstarting from the middle of the city, with the first on the north bank of the Seine. This week at the COP21 climate change summit held in Paris, President Barrack Obama dined with French President Francois Hollande and other leaders at a famous restaurant located in the 3rd along the Place des Vosges, the oldest planned square in the city. The Place des Vosges straddles the 3rd and the 4th arrondissements.

The Eiffel Tower dominates the landscape in the 7th arrondissement, on the south side of the Seine River. The geographic center of Paris, the first arrondissement, is home to landmarks including Louvre, the Tuileries, and Palais Royal.

Last week brought terrible news. ISIS claimed responsibility. Three brothers from Brussels, Belgium, emerged as leaders in the terror; two died in the attacks; one was killed in a massive raid in a Paris suburb six days after the attacks. I have traveled to Brussels and Paris, each just once. While my recollections, thank heavens, have no direct connection to these acts of terror, I will share a few thoughts on these cities — Brussels first. The Brussels I visited briefly was pretty, rich in culture and history, and tasty.

Belgian chocolate is divine with cocoa content regulated by lawand its beer is made by Trappists monks. Brussels is the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATOauthor of the treaty signed in by 26 nations to combat the threat of communism. Today, the 28 nations comprising NATO agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by an external party. The [de facto] headquarters of the European Union are located in Brussels.

Brussels also is home to Manneken-Pis, the famous bronze peeing boy — who dresses in costumes and sometimes pees beer. Five World Fairs have been held in Brussels — in, and Designed to resemble a single cell from an iron crystal, the Atomium consists of nine foot stainless steel spheres, connected by a series of hollow tubes.

The top sphere offers a restaurant and a panoramic view of the city. Historically a Dutch-speaking city, Brussels has seen a major shift to French since Belgian independence in Today, though the majority language is French, the city officially is bilingual. All road signs, street names, and most advertisements and services are shown in both languages. Columbus, Indianais among my favorite cities in the world.

Inhabited by thinkers and doers even before it became a company town in with the founding of CumminsColumbus is known as an architectural mecca. In the mids, the Cummins Foundation began paying design fees for public projects designed by highly regarded architects, an effort led by Cummins Chairman J. Irwin Miller to improve quality of life in the town. Irwin Miller are almost holy words in architectural circles. There is no other place in which a single philanthropist has placed so much faith in architecture as a means to civic improvement.

Years before the home of J. In Eero Saarinen designed the Gateway Arch. Irwin died in ; Xenia died in The family agreed to donate the home and gardens to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

The Miller House and Garden is regarded as one of the five most significant mid-century Modernist residences in the U. Tours have sold out months in advance — visit the IMA website before you go and book in advance.

When I visited recently, the Visitors Center was planning special holiday tours — opportunities to visit the Miller House glowing at night. Airlines, airports, Boeing and Airbus operations centers, and news agencies use Flightradar Airport workers and car services use it to check flights.

I use it to learn what jet flew over my house — and, as it turns out, Evansville truly is flyover country; ever-present, it seems, is the low, distant roar of overhead jets. This is a Virgin America Airbus I heard overhead as I left for my walk before dawn this morning; it left Los Angeles International Airport at last night and landed at Washington this morning a bit after 7. To provide this information, the company, which was tracking Malaysia Airlines flight when it disappeared and also was the first to conclude a Germanwings pilot intentionally crashed his plane in the Alps, relies on volunteers worldwide with 7, receivers installed on roofs, towers, islands, and ships.

Flight patterns are easily visible to users. The skies above the Eastern Seaboard are, as expected, crowded. The September issue has pages; the issue had pages. Ad pages are significant: ad pages in and ad pages in Target is the back cover advertiser for at least the past two years; Clinique is the inside back cover advertiser, and Ralph Lauren has the inside front, including gatefold panels for the past two years. The first page of the September table of contents is on page I have enjoyed reviewing Vogue covers since !

Take a look! Last month my husband and I took our sons, Maxwell and Jackson, on a sailing trip from Grenada, through the necklace islands of St. Vincent and The Grenadines. Who has sailed on the Mandalay before? Who has been to the beautiful island of Bequia? Who has been to the amazing island of Mayreau? Who has been to Sandy Island? Is this the same? A: Sail Windjammer was formed two years ago from the legacy and culture of a former Windjammer company which operated for decades from Miami, plying the warm Caribbean waters with, at one time, five tall ships.

I would imagine the Maine sailings are very different. On the S. Passengers do not cook or clean the ship, of course. A: As much or as little as you like. We like to sit on deck and soak up the Caribbean sun. Grenada is just 12 degrees from the equator. We sail to a different island every day, and passengers can enjoy the beach or an island excursion.

My family snorkeled nearly every day, and even swam with sea turtles at a national preserve. At Union Island, we visited the very unique and famous locale, Happy Island, a man-made island that celebrities, including Alton Brownvisit. Q: How is the food? A: The food is excellent! Unlike a cruise ship, passengers enjoy meals in the saloon and bare feet are acceptable.

The dinner bell rings and guests choose their tables. Snacks and rum swizzles are served each afternoon around 5 p. Sometimes the crew brings a picnic lunch and bar to the deserted island we are visiting for the day.

Mandalay is feet long. Up to 55 passengers can be accommodated in the staterooms. Meet the passengers on our trip! Q: Do you sail from Florida? A: Not on this itinerary — that would be a long sail. Most weeks of the year, S.

Mandalay embarks from Grenada. American Airlines flies from Miami to St. Georges, Grenada, several times a week. Our family arrived a day early, and stayed a day after the sail, at a resort on the quiet Morne Rouge Bay. Q: What is the crew like? A: The Mandalay Crew is fantastic. They cannot do enough for the passengers.

We enjoy visiting with crewmembers, many of whom are from islands in the West Indies. Q: What are the islands like? A: The islands in Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines are beautiful. Some are uninhabited, like Tobago Keys. Mayreau has residents and Bequia has a population of 4, including a large concentration of international expats.

Q: Do you get seasick? A: I rarely have had problems with seasickness. Because the ship is under sail — and really sailing — passengers will feel the waves.

It is advised to have anti-sickness medicine on hand, or, wear the anti-motion sickness The Last Thing On My Mind - Neil Diamond - Stones (Vinyl available today. There is almost always land in sight — the ship is island hopping — but on each itinerary there is always one or two big sails, where the captain takes the ship out 50 miles or so, and then sails back down through the islands.

Q: Would you go again? A: Yes! A crowd of at least spilled into the streets at the corner of Third and Sycamore streets The Last Thing On My Mind - Neil Diamond - Stones (Vinyl Evansville. Nearly everyone was eating ice cream with their eyes cast toward the sky. Marsh Davis, executive director of Indiana Landmarks, led the crowd in the countdown. Stewart Sebree, Indiana Landmarks field officer, was on his cell phone relaying the count to his wife Janelyn, who would hit the breakers.

Three — The horizontal band of lights above the door come on! Two — The vertical sign displaying the word Greyhound lights! One — The Greyhound dog topping the sign lights for the first time in years! Run, Dog, Run! For the past year, Indiana Landmarks has been restoring the outside of the two-toned blue building at N.

Third St. Greyhound vacated the terminal in when the company moved its buses to the METS terminal. To date, restaurant interest has been strong; board member Gene Warren has given more than a dozen tours of the property to prospective tenants. The neon lights are set with an astronomical timer; during the week, passersby will see the entryway and canopy lights on; the neon-lit dog runs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

Growing up in Iowa, my family made lots of homemade pizza; there were no local pizza restaurants that I can recall. When we moved to Evansville inmy father realized his dream of opening pizza restaurants with his friends. Along with picking a stem of rhubarb and smushing it in sugar in a cup sort of like muddlingeating this pizza is one of my strongest childhood food memories.

The Mental Floss post also highlights a breakfast I make for my husband still today my boys like their eggs scrambled — eggs in a frame. As a child, I loved making, and eating, this breakfast treat.

The toast hole always is eaten first, and I add a dash of hot sauce. The Hot Yoga Challenge is over. According to Yoga owner Jenni Juhl, students nine men and women accepted the challenge to complete 40, 50, or 60 classes in 60 days, beginning April Forty-four students beat the heat! Two students completed 60 classes and two students completed 50 classes. The rest of us hit the 40 mark. I completed 47 classes! After congratulating them, I asked them to share their stories, and with great yogi spirit, they had fun with my request.

An account executive, Laurel has practiced hot yoga regularly, but never had completed the challenge. Mentally and physically challenged myself and I beat the heat! I will continue my yoga journey. I get strength from my fellow yogis. She completed it last year, too. This year she took her 40th class on the final day of the challenge, June Jamie Bremer in tree pose, Vrksasana an account executive with the station, had a special challenge during the challenge — the former Jamie Pinkston married Nelson Bremer on May 16 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and honeymooned in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, taking a two full weeks off of the challenge.

As the school year dwindles, many seventh-grade students at Holy Rosary School await an outing during the school day: the annual Safety Patrol trip to Burdette Park Aquatic Center, a reward for students serving in Safety Patrol. Both of my sons have been patrol guards; Jackson, completing seventh grade, celebrated in the swim outing last week.

There are nearly 30 students on the patrol squad — most of the seventh grade — and that explains why I recall my son serving about only five times. Most Holy Rosary students arrive to school and are picked up in cars; still quite a few walk or are picked up across Green River Road in the mall parking lot.

Guards had to be extra attentive and cautious last week during the Summer Social; in fact, the release of students was delayed a few minutes due to heavy traffic in the area. When my mother retired from teaching, also from Caze, she was given the Safety Patrol plaque from the Patrol Room, where guards from The Last Thing On My Mind - Neil Diamond - Stones (Vinyl were honored by name.

I believe my whistle is saved somewhere in a box. This morning I put my 18th checkmark on the Yoga Challenge poster displayed at Yoga The checkmark denotes my progress in the challenge to complete 40, 50, or 60 hot yoga classes in 60 days. I began my own count before the official challenge began. Who are the more 80 than yogis doing this challenge? Men and women, teenagers to those north of age 75, longtime students and those new to hot yoga, folks wanting to lose weight most of us believe hot yoga helps torch caloriesand people who want to gain strength, heal injuries, or achieve a bit of yen.

A fairly consistent practitioner for more than a decade, I feel my best when I am doing lots of hot yoga, as well as walking and lifting weights. Want to experience hot yoga yourself? When we arrived, much of the boardwalk was under water, as it probably is still today, with our recent rains. One of only five urban wetland parks in the state and the largestHowell Wetlands is a acre ecosystem with more than two miles of trails spread across the marsh, cypress slough, wildflower and grassland prairie, and bottomland hardwood forest.

This wetland environment provides habitat for beaver, waterfowl which we saw plenty ofand the rare green tree frog which we did not see. The most significant natural feature of Howell Wetlands is the oxbow lake — a remnant of an old channel of the Ohio River, regularly spilling floodwaters over its banks and into the surrounding land. Admission to Howell Wetlands is free; it is open sunup to sundown seven days a week. Only foot traffic is allowed on the trials.

For information on Howell Wetlands, visit wesselmannaturesociety. I plan to go back to mark the 45th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22!

Stevland Hardaway Morris walked onto the stage at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, Tuesday night, guided by the beautiful rhythm and blues singer and songwriter India Aria wearing a stunning white dress and white turban and it was a wonder to behold. My husband had seen Mr. Wonder in at the legendary music festival, Bonnaroo, held in June in Manchester, Tennessee.

The show was an absolute treat. Tuesday night he sang, played keyboards and piano and the harmonica. A fun moment in the evening was when the musician called his daughter Aisha on an iPhone to wish her happy birthday.

Wonder struck me as a very affable man — and he clearly has many friends in Nashville. I waited patiently for the snow to melt.

Most years, it is a treat to find my first flowers — always a Lenten rose — in bloom on March 1. But this year snow blanketed the ground. Tempted as I was to dig in the snow to see if the creamy white blooms were ready to announce spring, I waited for the thaw. I was not disappointed. In the days before modern medicine, a tincture from the hellebore was a mainstay in the medicine bag of every good apothecary, though its roots are known to be poisonous.

Folklore even says that Alexander the Great died hellebore poison. Evansville is in zone 6B. While the Lenten rose is not at all related to the common rose, I plan to enjoy these first blooms until my roses bloom. And, why not? They have access to the Arizona sunshine, social opportunities, beautiful pools and a Tiki bar, gleaming shuffleboard courts and a viewing area from which to cheer during tournaments, pickleball courts, tennis courts, bocce courts, and a horseshoe court, daily crafts stained glass, pottery, quiltingdances, lectures, golf, bicycling, running, walking, and hiking — all against the backdrop of the mountains and close to Phoenix not to mention Cactus League baseball!

Most residents seemed to work it all in! Twice a week I now make a morning driving to the University of Southern Indiana, joining the nearly 50, vehicles traveling west on the Lloyd Expressway.

Despite the construction of the cloverleaf interchange at U. Independence, Lamasco, St. Anthony, Jacobsville — the neighborhoods cut by the swath of the expressway have names — or at least they did. Now, the Evansville Department of Metropolitan Development, with help from Matt Wagner Design, has compiled a map showing all the known historic and contemporary neighborhoods within the city limits.

The shotgun house my father grew up in on W. But the house remains — one of the tidier homes on the block, with a white picket fence and, conveniently for the neighbors, a Pepsi machine in the front yard.

The folks living in these homes not far from the shadows of the Lloyd Expressway are indeed neighbors, and their neighborhoods make up the fabric of the city.

The text message to my family got immediate responses. While I enjoy watching the competition of all the events, there always is plenty of time to read, visit, and study the heat sheet. Before I even finished reading the story, I texted my family:. Did I really just send that text? Before I could even process what I had done, the replies came. Soak the chicken in milk with a dash of hot sauce; let it sit on a wire rack for a few minutes.

In a paper bag or a zip lock shake chicken pieces with a mix of flour, a small amount cornstarch, sea salt, and pepper. Let chicken sit again on wire rack. Drain on paper towels; repeat; enjoy! Joseph, and St.

Philip, by the Indiana Bell Telephone Company. Evansville College is shown on front cover of the brittle book. Of course I looked up my family. I spent time reading through Restaurants. Spread a warm, flaky croissant or other favorite bread with good butter and spoon on top homemade strawberry preserves. Guiliano, who had chefs in her family, studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and began working in the marketing department at the champagne producer Veuve Clicquot with the famous yellow-orange label where she eventually became CEO.

She left in to write full time. I have not read her books, though her philosophy certainly inspires me — to enjoy my perfect treat and maybe even pour a glass of champagne to sip with it. This is the 40th post for ; in I posted 49 times. I asked our editorial interns Rachel Christian and Laura Acchiardo to look back through the posts, count them, and categorize the topics.

From the start I envisioned writing about a broad range of subjects. Am I stuck in any ruts? On any soapboxes? Preaching too much to the choir? Writing about myself too much? Family is important to me; seven blog posts were about my family. Nature and wildlife, food and wine, and history were on my mind this year. Those topics each garnered six posts. Three posts were about architecture; four posts were about local goings-on; and three posts each were devoted to local goings-on and travel.

Sports is conspicuously absent from my posts, though at least one of my family posts was sports-related being a Cub Football mom. If you have a subject matter you would like for me to explore in a blog post, I would be The Last Thing On My Mind - Neil Diamond - Stones (Vinyl to hear from you.

Like most of you, I'm wondering where the year went. A late-in-the-game shopping trip to Santa Claus, Indiana, surely would cast my mood jolly. It did. The quick trip northeast also brought me to Monte Cassino Shrine. I didn't plan on it. So instead of immediately hopping back on Interstate 64, I drove through St. Meinrad, Indiana. The small chapel of Monte Cassino is located on a hill near the Archabbey and is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In the mids, monks and students discovered the location as a favorite spot for hikes, picnics, and games. They named the site Monte Cassino, after the great Italian abbey where St. Benedict founded European monasticism in the sixth century. Inthe shrine, constructed of high quality sandstone as it is seen today, was dedicated.

Just a year after its dedication, a novena series of prayers to the shrine is credited for saving the village of St. Meinrad from a smallpox epidemic. Meinrad, Indiana for about a mile. A sign on the left marks the entrance to the shrine. Not the wonderful story about the unruly Herdman children who attended church for the first time for the snacks. Each year, the classic Christmas pageant directed now by music teacher Ann Nagy and a team of teachers and parent volunteersis told through music and a play that the entire school — students in kindergarten through 8th grade — participate in.

Eighth graders stand with kindergartners dressed as shepherds; fourth graders play their recorders; the band plays the prelude, every grade sings, and an enthusiastic student can play an angel and a cow!

Eighth graders act in the play, which is sure to feature fun and silly scenes, as well as the Christmas message, of course. The Advent Program is a fully staged production; indeed Carson Bitter of Newburgh even had to change costumes — from Angel Gabriel to the manger cow.

His parents, Derek and Sandy, said they thought he enjoyed playing the cow best. The finale features the entire school and a tear-jerker. This year children presented cards to the guests.

As for my track record of attendance, I know larger families who have strung together attendance records of 20 years — because it is the best Christmas pageant ever! This is one of my favorite passages:. Last week I traveled to a unique destination. My trip was tourism focused — and what brings tourism to Hidalgo County, and the neighboring counties throughout the RGV, is birds. Home to the World Birding Center, a network of nine birding parks throughout the valley which is not a valley, and the Rio Grande is not a voluminous river; it is narrow and shallow with dramatic bendsthe area is the No.

While I did see Border Patrol vehicles, the group I was with saw no illegal crossings and locals say the border problems are not something they see or experience in daily life. Birding near the river, my iPhone did think I was trying to roam internationally. We wasted no time checking off the birds on the list — like the Green Jay — an exotic that also is the official bird of McAllen.

There are approximately square miles in Vanderburgh County, including miles of County Roads and 75 miles of Highways. I like to get off the beaten path and investigate side roads that look interesting.

To Już Jesień - Seweryn Krajewski - Przemija Uroda W Nas (CD), Like A Stone - Chris Cornell - Songbook Live In South America 2011 (Blu-ray-R), Abendlied (Der Mond Ist Aufgegangen) - Solistenvereinigung Des Berliner Rundfunks , Leitung: Helmut, If It Were Left Up To Me - Sly & The Family Stone - Fresh (Vinyl, LP, Album), Home Again - John Mayall - Room To Move 1969-1974 (CD), Tibila (Terra Firma) - Decembered - A Treatise On Eschatology (File, MP3), Virginal Interlude - Adriano Banchieri - Festino (Vinyl, LP), Out Of This World - Various - Psychobilly Sampler Vol.2 (CD), Fiona - Mezzoforte - Rising (CD, Album), You Gonna Make It If You Try - Various - Faces And Places Vol. 5 - The First R&B Festival In Eng, Toute la Musique Que Jaime - Johnny Hallyday - Legend Toute Une Histoire En Live Best Of 70-92 Versi, Postillon-Lied - Various - Lieder, Die Uns Begleiten (Vinyl, LP), The Fool On The Hill - The Mike Sceptre Singers With The London Starlight Orchestra - The Beatles So, Hello From Nowhere - The Housewreckers - Hello From Nowhere (Vinyl)