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Nice read with a few LOL moments. Having seen the marigold hotel film, and loving it, I must now go read the book! Engaging It w as a light and easy read. The characters are likable, the setting is agreeable, the story a bit unlikely, but still believable. A nice Sunday read. What is the impetus? The reputation of the author? The genre? An intriguing synopsis?

Was the book about Elvis? I turned to the synopsis—a romance, nothing to do with him. Reviews indicated the author Deborah Moggach is the author of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a bestseller, which was made into a movie; one that I, along with many others, have enjoyed immensely—that was the clincher, I had to read this book.

Deborah Moogach has written 18 novels. Buffy is a boozy character from her novel Ex-Wives. He has resurfaced as the central character in Heartbreak Hotel.

This light story takes place in Wales. Although a huge cast the story is not convoluted nor complicated as the various characters pass through the doors of the hotel to interact with each other and form some unlikely relationships. The plot is simple but a great idea and it could very likely be a viable business model for some enterprising person who is both raconteur and lover of strangers. In essence a retired person wishing nothing more that a glass of red and a good listener who has time to spare.

Buffy, a creative problem solver, finds a way to have his newly acquired house renovated, the garden remodelled and his car repaired, all free of charge.

His great idea Hotel De Los Corazones Rotos the basis for a huge cast of probable and improbable events that the reader will find enthralling over almost pages of easy reading. Moggach produces a clever way to get all the characters back together for the surprise ending. Sure to be made into another successful movie. A relaxing read. There are lots of characters and my head was swimming with them at first, but if you just let that wash over you it all ties itself together in an endearing happily ever after kind of way.

This is fun fiction at its best. This book gave me that. Hope to find love eventually. A jumble a interesting and funny characters meeting each other in unusual ways.

A warm hearted read, lots of fun and gentle humour. I am a big Deborah Moggach fan and this lived up to my expectations. There are some great characters, no least Buffy, the main protagonist. As another reviewer said it might have been written as a screenplay. If it gets filmed I can easily see it - Jim Broadbent as Buffy? Heartbreak Hotel was my first Hotel De Los Corazones Rotos of Deborah Moggach. I listened to the audiobook while interstate travelling and enjoyed the rich characters and warm setting.

To get it up and running, he goes through minimal preparation hoping t Heartbreak Hotel is a recent work by Deborah Moggach, author of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, set to release in paperback in January of To get it up and running, he goes through minimal preparation hoping the shabby but chic look will appeal to potential residents.

He then talks with his daughter who expresses a desire to fix her own car following a break-up in which she was reliant on her partner. These classes couldn't possibly be taught by Buffy, but he gets some help along the way in leading them. Basically, the residents then help Myrtle House look better through their work in the classes. And by the end of it, Myrtle House has instead become an executive retreat bringing money to the community as opposed to remaining a haven for the recently separated.

I found this ending transformation to be a bit of a stretch. Sure, executives might be searching for something a little less Marriott for their retreats, but they wouldn't likely choose an isolated house with a few leaky, drafty bedrooms for their location.

But then again, in these retreats they're practicing hands-on skills and getting dirty - not polishing portfolios and sealing deals. As far as the characters, I really appreciated Buffy's struggles. He also works to reconnect with his children and to possibly explore a relationship. But when this relationship begins to blossom, I find it a bit unbelievable. The characters, Monica botox-injecting woman who can find a bed partner, but not a life partner and Buffy, become too neat and tidy.

Monica takes the slightest offense at the smallest unintended arrangement of words and is intimidated by Buffy's youth when he had multiple partners. It all ends too tidily. I felt that the last third of the book was a rush to the finish. It tied up the loose ends, but I feel like the imperfect Buffy I met in the beginning became a polished character, dipped in gold, by the final chapter.

Perhaps one of the most interesting conflicts in the novel is the one between Voda and her ex-boyfriend Conner. He's a drug-influenced and alcoholic mess of a jail fly.

She's in love with Buffy's daughter, India. When Conner, quite possibly abusive, is in trouble Voda still cares. These two imperfect characters were the most interesting to me of the novel.

Though Amy, a makeup artist for the stars, was interesting too in watching her transform from childless and happy to longing for a relationship and child. All in all the book is a pleasant read. Not too deep, but not too shallow either. A neutral read, you might say. And though I wasn't particularly moved by Heartbreak Hotel, Moggach's writing tone still kept me engaged. I will, in the future, seek another Moggach novel. Russell "Buffy" Buffery is retired from the acting profession and is sick of living in London.

He's simply getting too old for the hustle and the bustle, not to mention the lack of parking available! The only problem? At first he manag Russell "Buffy" Buffery is retired from the acting profession and is sick of living in London. At first he manages with the help of Voda, the woman who used to clean the house. He hatches Hotel De Los Corazones Rotos idea to run courses on cooking and car maintenance and gardening, all with the purpose of catering to the newly divorced whose former other halves attended to these things.

While the courses do prove to be quite entertaining, each for their own reasons, they all seem to have mixed results, but an idea has been born and it's enough to keep Buffy afloat for the time being- or is it?

Heartbreak Hotel is the first book by Deborah Moggach that I have had the pleasure of reading, and I was pleasantly surprised! The motley crew of characters provided me with no end of entertainment, and the setting was picturesque and quite fun!

It came at a perfect time for me- I was looking for a read that would be both relaxing and fun, and this is exactly what this book was! There were a lot of characters who we meet, some whose heads that we get inside, and some whose we don't, but they are all endearing in their own way, and if there was one that I didn't particularly care for, chances were good that we wouldn't be spending long with them anyways! Buffy, who ties the whole book together, is fun and hard not to love, and I enjoyed getting to know a few of his children, of whom there are many!

If I had a complaint it may be that there were a lot of characters introduced to us in one book, and Hotel De Los Corazones Rotos such we didn't get a chance to truly get attached to any of them. I also didn't like the fact that we get inside the heads of characters when we meet them, and once they are on their way to a happy ending they are presented to us in a very distant way.

No longer are we privy to their thoughts and I wish that we would be! Heartbreak Hotel was an entertaining read, perfect for enjoying on a relaxing day in the sunshine or at the beach. This being the first book by the author that I have read, I now know that I would like the opportunity to read more from her in the future! Yes, she did indeed - I loved that book - and the movie!

Moggach's new release, Heartbreak Hotel is just as heartwarming! Retired actor Russell 'Buffy' Buffery has lived a rich full life, but now he finds himself somewhat lonely living in London.

He doesn't know his neighbours, its noisy and crowded and his children and there are many from assorted wives and liaisons! When an old flame leaves 3. When an old flame leaves him her bed and breakfast in rural Wales, he decides to move Hotel De Los Corazones Rotos and run the place himself.

Luxuriantly bearded, his cheeks ruddy with claret, Buffy could take centre stage again, welcoming guests into his charming B and B in the picturesque town of Knockton, wherever that was.

Log fires, bonhomie, brass beds made for lusty couplings - adulterers welcome! His Full English Breakfast, all organic of course, would become legendary.

Perhaps he could even raise his own pigs. The B and B isn't quite what he pictured - it needs a little work and the whole running of a B and B might be a bit more work than Buffy had thought I loved this character. He's a rascal, but a lovable one. He's got the gift of gab and folks naturally gravitate towards him, spilling their thoughts over a glass of something. Moggach introduces a number of other characters, all unhappy with their relationships - or lack thereof.

And Buffy has a revelation - he could run Courses for Divorces! All the skills that newly singles might need - car maintenance, gardening and more.

The place will be booked solid! You can take some of these courses on Deborah's website Moggach fills her novel and the B and B will a wonderfully quirky cast of characters and situations. Through the ruminations and lives of Buffy and company, Moggach dissects, explores and celebrates love - of all kinds and of all ages.

There are many supporting players, but it was Buffy I enjoyed the most. I'd love to have a little cottage in Knockton and stroll down the pub for a natter. Heartbreak Hotel was a humourous, touching, fun to read novel sure to appeal to those who loved 'Marigold'. Read an excerpt of Heartbreak Hotel. I would love to see Heartbreak Hotel made into a movie as well. I can totally picture Timothy Spall as Buffy. She is a force to be reckoned with in story-telling.

And, Deborah Moggach really hits the nail on the head with this part of the storyline. Pero los cambios que se avecinaban con la llegada de la democracia […]. Estilista, pero de latas de conserva. Soy madre, esposa y santa. Digo yo, porque para soportar a mi jefa hay que serlo. Sigue […]. Una dulce venganza Jonas Jonasson. Vieja escuela Jeff Kinney. Diario de Greg - Carretera y manta Jeff Kinney. Diario de Greg - 9. Me la apunto en mi lista de deseos.

Pensamientos de Patri. Es una novela muy agradable. Me encanta lo que cuentas de esta novela. Estoy muy de acuerdo contigo en lo que dices de la novela ligera: hay que saber escribirla. Marisa C. Un abrazo. Creo que transmite muy bien la esencia del libro. Susana Palacios. Como bien dices no todo vale, no creo que se puedan meter todas las novelas en el mismo saco solo porque traten los mismos temas. Que parta de "vidas normales" para construir las historias es un acierto.

Como dices, no creo que la lectura ligera tenga que estar tan infravalorada. Pueden llegar a ser muy buenos libros.

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