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And she got badder as she got older! How many women can you say that about? Michelle Obama is the wife every man ghetto or otherwise wants next to him on every date and vacation, let alone bearing his children.

Queenly without tryna be some overbearing diva. Comfortable in her own skin just like the President. Whether wearing shorts in public or getting physically close to Queen Elizabeth, she pulls off being her.

Posted in beautycelebrityfashionin the newslifepeoplepoliticsrelationshipssociety and communitystyle. Tagged girlfriendladyMichelleObamaswaggerwifey. A female Freddy Krueger. And she looked about 40 something running with her boyfriend that was probably 28 or And her thickness indicates she was taught to kill her own food using those. What practical use could she have for those things? Maybe to sniff Lose It (Clean) - Too Short - Lose It / Video Vixen (Vinyl) lines worth of coke at once?

And why do chicks with these swords on their fingers always have jobs that involve typing? Had been out enjoying summer for one freaks, sneakers, drinks, you know the deal. Reminds me of people who buy Lose It (Clean) - Too Short - Lose It / Video Vixen (Vinyl) for the pictures and not the written content. Posted in beautyfashiongenderon the townpeoplestyle. Tagged beautyextensionfashionnailstacky. HAIR shows!

The convention of feminine and campy flamboyance. Where the home-based stylists and their clients get their ideas. One of many reasons the stores run by Koreans sell the fake hair. Even hair magazines will steer clear of hair shows. But ghetto people get up for it like Texas gets up for high school football…and this author crams to understand either one.

Plumbing outlets and home centers also sell spas. But the safest approach is going to a specialist, a spa dealer. The next step is choosing seating arrangements and other comfort features, and the only strategy to accomplish that is the "test soak. But a spa has a completely different feel when your body is immersed in water, so when comparative shopping, bring a swimsuit, enter a "mood room" that dealers generally offer to provide privacy, and get wet. It's a frightening statistic that 90 percent of all spa buyers don't take a wet 'test drive.

Seating arrangements are a consideration when assessing feel. Though many spa manufacturers boast that their lounges and recliners are "ergonomically engineered," these "pre-assigned" and deeply recessed seating zones are confining to many bathers. At its most relaxing best, soaking is a moving experience, and it shouldn't demand the contortions of a Harry Houdini.

Enjoying ease of movement is one of Baum's comfort priorities. But he also advises buyers to take the "agitation" test, to feel the jet action in their trial soaks, and to distinguish comfort from water-pounding punishment. Spas today are equipped with all kinds of jets, from Hot Springs' "soothing sevens for " and Sundance's nozzle Accu-Ssage system for upper body massages, to Dimension One's AquaPed jets that "customize foot, ankle and leg therapy needs" many dealers will also customize jets to suit specific hydrotherapy needs.

Most of these water-spouting devices can be personally adjusted, depending on a bather's preference for a simple relaxing soak or for a more intense bout of hydrotherapy. Yet Baum, who has recently begun selling high-performance Artesian spas, still insists, "Forget all the fancy talk about 'jet systems' and 'multidirectional movements. Companies are now playing a numbers game, adding more and more jets. But the only thing that counts is how these jets feel. Pumping up jet firepower isn't the only sales trick these days.

Spa manufacturers are also playing the horsepower game. Hot water is magical only when it surges through those hydrojets at great force--and to create this heat and circulation, portables rely on equipment systems known as "skid packs. But to jazz up even their smaller spas, companies are now offering three and four-horsepower pumps. While in-ground spas usually need extra power to circulate their larger amounts of water, it's Gary Kudisch's contention that this horsepower craze is just another example of manufacturers "getting off on more gongs and whistles.

That's what actually turns the water. All those fancy numbers are a lot of bull. Having a unit with two pumps may make sense, however, if a spa is equipped with scores of hydrojets. Typically in deluxe spas, an energy-efficient small pump continuously circulates, filters and heats the water, while two other pumps activate the jets.

The average buyer might not want to take the time to study such specifications as the square footage of filters, the kilowatt ratings of electric heaters and the RPMs of a blower. But before you start thinking about a shell's color remember, most spas are covered during the day, and used at night when those vibrant greens and sapphires can't be appreciatedit's still vital to check out how that skid pack fits within the spa cabinet.

In other words, "open the hood. Kneeling down on a showroom floor to display the guts of a Coleman spa, Mike Kimmerly, a service technician with Crystal Pools and Spas in Madison, Wisconsin, says, "Heaters do cause a lot of problems because they're coming into contact with old, chemically treated and aggressive water.

So you want a flow-through heater, meaning the jet pump is moving water through it at a high speed. That will alleviate corrosion and stagnant water pockets. Buyers should also stay away from all mechanical switches. Instead, you want soft-touch electronic controls. Finally, top-loading filters are the only way to go. That way there's no plumbing to remove, no draining to change the filter.

Besides buying good equipment, Kimmerly adds, the best way to avoid expensive repairs is making sure that the water's pH remains balanced not too acidic or alkaline.

Paying attention to a spa's insulation is also a priority. Here a debate rages as to what lining will best keep water hot and also muffle the sound of the motors. While Sundance and Hot Springs utilize a fully foamed liner, Coleman touts a "thermal lock" insulation method that essentially employs less foam to trap air into contained areas.

Each company predictably insists its insulation is preferable. But they all emphasize avoiding plastic and wood liners, as these materials crack, shrink and rot. I mean, what else are you supposed to say? The shot is repeated, but now the spider leaves a trail of flames behind. Caddy: Where's the rhyme? Where's the rhyme? All together now! We bombed a farm We killed an egg We caught the plague He lost his arms We punched a face And Pingu died A goose then threw us down the stairs A spider danced We all got shot A king got drunk Exposed a pimp We ran away We drowned a cat And then the egg killed us.

Singer: Q: Quartered it Caddy: I can't because I just opened it. Singer: R: Ran for it. Creepy Voice: The last man's dead Caddy: Ugh, God, look at these cuts! Steinman: UGLY! Female puppet: Hello, Stylist? Stylist: Yes, Madame? Female puppet: Remember when I asked you to curl my eyelashes and tint them a little bit?

Stylist: Yes, is there something wrong? I am sleeping Phoebe: Not really. Caddy in normal voice: Oh. Caddy: Oh, and by the way, this is the car of the future. Caddy: Let's hear what they'd sound like with farts and human screams of torment. Peppa: I'm Peppa Pig! Peppa: And this is Daddy Pig. Caddy: No? Okay, how about real pig noises, then? Thank you for joining me today, that is how you make proper organic free range Peppa Pig sausages, [runs a finger up the side of the 'sausage'] ribbed for their pleasure.

Caddy: But don't worry, Salem, that was already in my plans-ss. Caddy after talking about a scene from Teletubbies At this point, I would happily change the channel. If I was lucky, Funnybones would be on! Caddy beat Muuuuuuuum?! Caddy in a gruff, deep voice So kids, if you wait until the dead of the night and go into a dark empty house and down the stairs into the dank dirty basement full of spiders, you'll find a family of dead rotting corpses waiting for you!

Caddy : My name is Michael Caineand I'm in a kid's film with a screaming doora dying baby frogLose It (Clean) - Too Short - Lose It / Video Vixen (Vinyl) Death himself taking me into Hell. Caddy: Wut 'av oi dun? Caddy : as he checks himself out in the mirror Do not ask me about my formulated skin cream, because I'm not telling you shit.

Caddicarus: standing with his head out of the camera's view Can you see how insufferably boring this game is?! It's making personal banking interesting!

Take your game and stick it in your Deadside. For we are many. Amen to that. Legion: It is prophecy, for we are many. Jack the Ripper: For we are many!

Hey, Jack! Jack: What is it? Caddy: I ran out of milk last night and Lose It (Clean) - Too Short - Lose It / Video Vixen (Vinyl) really feeling like a bowl of Coco Pops, do you mind just popping over to the shops and getting me some, please? Jack: I must die! Jack: does that Caddy: rings the police Hello, police?

Jack: chokes and sputters. Legion: Amen to that. Spider-Man: indecipherable squeak That does it! Caddy: I'm sorry what? Caddy: Gotta save Mary Jane and shit. Caddy Caddy : still smiling ; proceeds to duck behind the couch out of shot I'm so sorry.

Caddy: Umm He's fuckin' hench. He's so hench that he hasn't even got a neck, he's just one big face with arms. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy ft. SomecallmeJohnny : Shut the everlasting fuck up. Caddicarus: Okay, yeah, but now they have the box tally so that hidden box in the bonus stage isn't a problem anymore! Caddy: Brash Candicoot. Johnny: Cash Banooca Brash Dandy cun- Johnny: Why do you have to ruin everything? Uka-Uka : Lose It (Clean) - Too Short - Lose It / Video Vixen (Vinyl), you have failed me for the final time.

If you can't help me conquer the planet, then I'll inflict a thousand-year of suffering upon you! Cortex : But great Uka-Uka, it wasn't me, it was that infernal Uka-Uka : Give me the gems or the crystals, and this time no excuses! Cortex Caddy : Okay, maybe not. Rosie : You are one sad strange little man, and you have my pity. Caddy : It's his house? Is he paying the mortgage? Dosen't sound like a wise idea to me if you run around like this all the time. Caddy : I really love this guy though, because while I'm busy killing him he just doesn't understand what's going on or what to do.

Caddy as henchman : Durr, I've forgotten if I have a kniff Don't milk it, it's not that funny. Caddy: Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself here, what's the story of this game, exactly?

Caddy: Ultra Violence? Well yeah I can't do that one today, no. You caught me at a bad time. I have a cold, achoo. Pinky: Peeeeeeppa Pig! Caddy : Dick Squish. It's free, and you never run out of it. Sonic : Time to crack that Eggman wide open! Caddy : Am I the only one that thinks that sounds like Sonic wants to fuck Eggman?

Sonic: Yo, Tails! Long time no see! Caddy: What? Long time no see? Sonic, are you totally deranged? You see each other all the fucking time! Caddy: Whoever decided this voice was good enough to teach you how to play the game needs to be sectioned. Big the Cat: Froggy! Espio: That's the evil genius, Dr.

Charmy: Doctor Who? Caddy: Right I don't know what school you went to, Knuckles, but an E where I come from is a fat old "See me after class. You get an E for being Extremely Bad At Grading.

Caddy: Where's toy? This toy! I got yer toy! Harry: Tell me everything you know. What's going on? Dahlia: Darkness. Caddy : We enter the stage select screen and Caddy : Oh, you're very pretty too I just think you need a bit more flashing lights. Caddy : Just like your heart! A definitely-not-perverted Caddy Gilly: You're sick. Caddy : Ooh, I don't want you to hold back, with a sword that big Caddy: Before we carry on though, here is Rush the dog screaming and yelling like he's having the jolliest orgasm.

Caddy: I'm not sorry. Caddy: Plus, Roll, I don't know what you're wearing here but I think you have some explaining to do. Gilly: NoI can't take this anymore. Caddy: I won't take you on a dinner date if you talk about it. Gilly: You gotta be fucking kidding- [ headshot ]. Narrator : Where is George? Mummy Pig : Peppa, George, it's time to go home. Caddy : I should be kept as far away from kids' games as possible. Season Caddy becoming excited at the excessive use of five exclamation points to end one of the pieces of dialogue For extra absurdity, him saying, "Not one, not two, not even three Caddy : shoots Phoebe.

Caddy : zooming in on a water bath Ugh SpongeBob peaks out; twang noise You know Caddy : Picking up spatulas is like a baby being Lose It (Clean) - Too Short - Lose It / Video Vixen (Vinyl) on, the whipping of your jellyfish net is like a reverse shotgun blast in your eardrum, and all the enemies wail and cry like they lost their copy of The Emoji Movie in 4K!

Caddy: Well, I mean, now that I think of it, I'm a person, and if someone one threw a person at me, I'd probably be quite upset too. Caddy: "Papaya"? Yeah, I'd rather Caddy the moose: "Who'll arrest the culprit?

I, said the moose. I'll wrap him in a noose. He made it sound like the most charming thing in the world, the sick bastard! Darren : He met old Dame Trot with a basket of eggs. He used his pipe and she used her legs. Darren : He used his pipe and she used her legs. Darren : Tom saw a cross fellow who was beating an ass Caddy with a sensually deep voice : Oh, I bet he was, the little slut. Caddy : Stan! Caddy : And you can trust me with pharmaceutical stuff.

I am trustworthy. We faked a shirt A lamb went green We shot a bird We smoked a joint A doctor drowned A piggie screamed A willie went before a pussy A cat got stuffed We sniffed his arse We ate some tits We starved a kid He yanked his pants A baby shat And a lady couldn't find her shoe.

That was right there. Caddy : ummm This isn't very nice. Caddy : More to the point, isn't this rhyme kind of obvious in the first place? Caddy : You know, a big group of people sitting around waiting for a stew of split peas to sit around for nine days before they eat it.

Sounds good to me. I don't remember the last time I had so much fun at ritualistic mass suicide. The end. Caddy: And I was so angry about this when I saw it that I decided to have a look for more information about "Classic Nursery Rhymes with Darren Day" on Google so that I could complain to the company, only to then be given "Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe.

Darren : And do you think was in them then, one New Year's Day in the morning? Beat Caddy : No? Are we good to go?! Beat Caddy : Fantastic. Caddy : You know what one of my favorite things for dinner is? Chicken breats. I could search there! In fact I do it pretty frequently. I found it! Caddy: You're pulling my leg! Scarfulhu: Nah, I'd never do that. Its too hairy. Shut up.

Caddy: How do you sell any fucking cakes, when your shop has a bouncer that won't let anyone in? Aren't you a thief?! You steal coins and apples just fine, but not any cakes?

You know what? I don't care. When wrrriting your scrrript, did you serrriously rrrequire everrry RRR in yourrr sentence to rrroll? It's rrrancid! Caddy : I get the feeling that he wants me to do a lot more than just save the game.

Caddy: Thats's what you say when you grab a new, shiny coin-looking thing?! What, did— did you eat it?! Shaun Ryder: It's coming up, it's coming up I need some miluk! Caddy, grinning: Avada Ka barbrastreisand. Caddy As Ron : Hey, Harry! This is Hermione, she's very smart. Also she touches children!

Dumbledore: Ah, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts! A wonderful place to explore! Contestant : Sonic the Hedgehog! Caddy : Penis? Caddy : What the fuck is going on here? Do you have to be a fanny every time I see you? Caddy : How do you get a key after 50 Reptar Bars? Do you eat them all and shit out the key?

Have they eaten the keys, why don't their parents FEED them. Caddy : My favourite ones are the ones where you have to hit a certain amount of items with unlimited squirts, why does that sound like a porn subscription? Caddy : The Rugrats, all babies and toddlers, escaped to the backstages of all these film sets of this studio, and they just so happen to have conveniently sized baby sized equipment and obstacles for all of them to use.

Walt Disney himself loved it so much that Officials in Western China cracked down on Muslim names in a move that was widely criticized as a restriction on religious freedom. According to Mental Flossthis name was also rejected in China because symbols are not allowed in names.

That runs counter to the trend in the United States, where names that were once traditionally only last names Cooper, Jackson are popular.

Germany vetoes names on a few other grounds, too. The current trend in baby names here is to have fewer and fewer lettersbut how short is too short? In Switzerland, one letter is not enough.

When parents tried to honor two grandparents, Johanna and Josef, with the name J, a Swiss court suggested Jo instead. Parents in Spain were so riled up when the name they picked for their son, Lobo, meaning"Wolf," was considered offensive that they started an online petition in their defense. After receiving more than 25, signatures, the Spanish officials relented. The mother was set on the name, she said, because it came to her in a dream.

Here, we barely notice the difference between Sarah and Sara, but in Morocco, one letter makes all the difference. A mother in Wales thought Cyanide would be a good choice for a name because it had a positive aura around it, since Cyanide was the poison that killed Hitler.

The courts disagreed. When you think of the name Dukepeople like Duke Ellington or Winston Duke may come to mind, but in Australia, that name is a no-no. It sounds too much like a title. Hungary also maintains a list of approved namesand each month receives request for between 30 and 40 new namesof which 10 to 15 are accepted.

Names that were accepted in recent years include Lotta, Bentli and Zev. The parents appealed, and they won. Guess where this name is banned? Technically, California! California does not allow accent or diacritical marks on its vital records.

Jolanda Rossin - È Mezzanotte (Flexi-disc), I.N.H.U.M.A.N.S - Amper Clap - Transcendence (File, Album), Get Up Off (That Thang) (Radio) - DSK - Get Up Off (That Thang) (Vinyl), Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Lib - Atom And His Package - Making Love (Vinyl, LP), The Spinners Tale - Blackmores Night - Dancer And The Moon (CD, Album), Leval Thompson* - Girl You Got To Run (Vinyl), Skit Drugi - StahuStah - Dolce & Gibbony (CDr, Album), Brown Eyes - Lady Gaga - Unreleased (CD), Rick Raphael - Make Mine Homogenized (File, MP3), Till We Die - Pressing On (CD, Album), We Got Lust - Lust For Youth - Growing Seeds (Vinyl, LP, Album), NASA - Mess (9) - Pretty Ugly (CD), 1. Allegro - Mozart*, Berliner Philharmoniker, Karl Böhm - Salzburger Symphonien Nos. 13-16 & 18, Victor Ntoni & Clarence Wilson - African Odyssey (Original Cast Recording) (Vinyl, LP)