Sacred Gange - Alberto Castellani - Music Therapy (CD, Album)

Domine Deus. Domine Fili unigenite. Domine Deus, Agnus Dei. Qui tollis peccata mundi. Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris. Quoniam tu solus sanctus. Cum sancto Spiritu.

Allegro non molto. Et exultavit. Quia respexit. Quia fecit. Et misericordia. Fecit potentiam. Deposuit potentens. Suscepit Israel. Sicut locutus est. Track Listing - Disc 3. Johann Sebastian Bach. Recitativo und arioso. Track Listing - Disc 4.

Allegro vivace. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Gloria: Allegro vivace. Allegro aperto. Allegro moderato. Qui Tollis. Jesu Christe. Cum sancto spiritu. Allegro maestoso. Find meaning and purpose and release limiting beliefs to create the life of your dreams. Innovative Sound Recordings We have spent the last 11 years developing audio recordings that help with personal development for a happier and more rewarding life.

Listen and Gain Benefits:. These sounds will fill your project with peace and harmony! This one is a lovely and beautiful piano tune with a mellow atmosphere and tender mood. This wonderful music will be a perfect background for weddings, touching moments, heartwarming stories, romantic and sentimental videos, or many more.

Spiritual sensual new-age music featuring ethnic woodwinds and sparkling bells. Good for the spiritual practice of yoga, zen, meditation, mindfulness, reiki healing massage, relaxation and spa.

A meditation track with ethereal pads and textured instruments, with very distant synths soundscape. Created for relaxing, deep sleep, recreation, pain relief, yoga. Gentle, touching and romantic cinematic music with sweet and lovely mood.

This calm and peaceful piano tune could be perfect background music for a wedding ceremony, drone video, Saint Valentines videos, beautiful and emotional love stories, video about nature, romantic and sentimental moments. If you need beautiful and peaceful piano music to underscore any of your visual creations, this composition is perfect for you. It is composed in a light and gentle way to support and emphasize the key moments of your story. It leaves enough space for dialogues, narration, or to add your own voice.

Amazing background for kind stories, charity campaigns, inspiring speeches, prayerful videos, worships, weddings, love stories, family photo slideshow, nostalgic moments, or many more. Either accompanied or unaccompanied, traditional songs from the past were inspired by slavery. Common themes are: homecoming, perseverance and triumph within a religious context. Gospel music has origins in this style. Involving improvisation, early spiritual music was unaccompanied.

Spread orally, pieces were eventually recorded in hymnbooks. Between the eighteenth and nineteenth century, mass singing in the style was popular at large religious gatherings. Later, melodies and instrumental accompaniment were added. Pieces tend to begin with higher male voices, women and basses soon join in an octave above or below.

A call and response pattern was a popular structure in early spiritual music. Later, the use of common refrains and verses meant that improvisation was popular.

Falling out of fashion in the nineteenth century, as European hymn styles spread. As the genre unfolded, jazz rhythms were added to Sacred Gange - Alberto Castellani - Music Therapy (CD repertoire.

Sung as part of worship or whilst working, spiritual music has many Christian themes. Revival spirituals were favored during large church gatherings in both the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Themes included: overcoming Satan, protection from angels and homecoming. Also known as soaking prayer or worship music, spiritual meditation music creates a space for reflection, relaxation, spiritual healing and rejuvenation.

It enables an unstructured time of relaxation, to reflect and pray. The music is simple with well-placed melodies and lots of repetition.

Sign In. How it Works. Sign Up. Spiritual Music Melodies. Slowly Moderately Lively Fast. Click to Play Music. It is a strange spirit perhaps the "spirit of Vatican II"? In order to justify such a position, some Rev. Frederick McManus, for example have announced that the treasury of church music is to be fostered "in concerts. Joseph Gelineau, for example have simply stated that polyphonic choral music is not intended for use in the liturgy, nor should church music even attempt to reach the perfection one might well expect in concert performances.

Thus the hymn has replaced the settings of the Mass texts; the congregation has been substituted for the choir; the vernacular has superceded the Latin language; the guitar and piano have pushed aside the pipe organ and the orchestra. What is left of the treasury of sacred music for the parish liturgy?

Four hymns! Sadly, this is the present state of church music, its study and its performance, not only in the parishes, but in the schools, especially those for the training of future priests. Again, a direct violation of the conciliar decrees on sacred music by seminary authorities, done knowingly and willingly, has deprived the Catholic people and their future priests of their rightful inheritance.

One keeps asking "why? There is no question that many seminaries functioning before the council had inadequate music programs of study and performance, headed by incompetent Sacred Gange - Alberto Castellani - Music Therapy (CD, but at least the norms were acknowledged even though the efforts to fulfill them were inadequate. What is also remarkable is that this work was one of the last Bach completed and also his only entire setting of the Latin text.

The Mass is an expansive and complex choral work that shows Bach at the height of his musical genius. The B minor Mass requires two choirs plus two sopranos, alto, tenor and bass. The orchestra includes trumpets, horns and timpani and as you would expect, delivers a powerful interaction with the singers culminating in a work of Sacred Gange - Alberto Castellani - Music Therapy (CD beauty to the glory of God.

The oratorio does not follow the structure of the Mass but is based on Biblical text. Handel worked feverishly and completed the work in what was reportedly 24 days. Not even Handel could have anticipated the success of this composition, nor its enduring popularity still. I have singled out the Album) not only as a personal favourite but also as a composition with a vast audience. It is the epitome of late Haydn and a world apart from the Messiah.

In The Creation, the orchestra takes a far more active and complete role. There are characters who are deliberately named whilst the work is divided into acts and scenes. The structure allows for significant dramatic development as well as the full exploitation of thematic material.

At the panicle of the Classical sacred repertoire is perhaps the most talked about piece of Mozart ever. The troubling issue was that the great composer died before finishing the work. His friend and Album) Sussmayar against many wishes is reported to have finished the work so we may never know how Mozart intended the work to be. As we enter the Romantic period of music, it is impossible not to take a brief look at Anton Bruckner. As a symphonist he was remarkable and amongst his three complete masses, the final one in F minor is outstanding.

The Mass is like Bruckner, devout and unswerving in his belief in God.

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