Sure The Boy Was Green - Horslips - Aliens (Vinyl, LP, Album)

The band recorded their classic debut LP "Happy To Meet" in which is tinged with elements of late psychedelia and inspired by Sweeney's Men. The follow up was their earlty masterpiece "The Tain", which often draws inadequate comparisons to Jethro Tull. This had the early 70s progressive sound. Notes: Sold 10, copies on release in Ireland according to Billboard. The issues in UK, France, Germany and the USA are the same as the original Irish version except the pictures on the first and last page of the booklet are different.

Not the place to start with the boys since it really doesn't reflect the quality and style of their classic works, but if you're into the band then this is not one to pass up.

Enough folk to still entice the celtic listeners, and hard rock enough to be a little more commercial. Unfortunately, this would be the last to really feature the celtic influences, but we can still enjoy them for the time being. Still, definitely one to 'get around to'. The follow up to Book Of Invasions was another conceptual album. While on the surface this is less progressive compared to the Book Of Invasions album, this is not entirely correct as Book Of Invasions itself was something of a deception in this department!

Book Of Invasions is an excellent album indeed, but despite the several fantastic instrumental intros and interludes, the actual songs themselves on that album had conventional verse-chorus-verse- structures and often also very catchy choruses.

The music on Aliens is actually not that different from on the previous album. It is definitively true that Horslips had a change of direction very similar to that of most progressive bands in the latter part of the 70'sbut this change was gradual and was set in motion already with the Dancehall Sweethearts album in Horslips changed indeed, but they didn't "sell out", at least no yet at this point.

With the exception of a very short and discrete intro track to set the mood before the first proper song and a nice instrumental that ends the album, Aliens begins and ends in a similar style to the Dancehall Sweethearts album; namely, with straightforward and rather forgettable Rock 'N' Roll numbers in Wrath Of The Rain and A Lifetime To Pay.

This weak opening gives the impression that the band had completely lost its Folk Rock style. However, again like with Dancehall Sweethearts, it gets better further on. Speed The Plough is a nice tune with lovely harmony vocals. Overall, the vocals was actually getting better with each album. Come Summer is also a bit Jethro Tull-like in their acoustic, folky moments think of the Heavy Horses album.

New York Wakes with its female backing vocals in the chorus is not that successful, however, despite some tasteful Ian Anderson-like flutes again. Ghosts slows things down and is a nice ballad with some nice touches of spacey keyboards. Second Avenue has again a Jethro Tull sound, but the chorus is way too catchy to be mistaken for anything by Jethro Tull.

Exiles is a very nice instrumental that ends the album on a high note with bluesy electric guitars together with very Celtic sounds. He prefaced his review as "unbiased" and wrote that his only "real complaint" with the album was the "terribly complicated and cluttered" arrangements. Instrumentally ambitious, if vocally over-pretty, Pet Sounds has brilliantly tapped the pulse of the musical times.

A superb, important and really exciting collection from the group whose recording career so far has been a bit of a hotchpotch.

Melody Maker ran a feature in which many pop musicians were asked whether they believed that the album was truly revolutionary and progressive, or "as sickly as peanut butter". I haven't spent much time listening to the Beach Boys before, but I'm a fan now and I just want to listen to this LP again and again. It's the pop equivalent of that, a complete exercise in pop music.

It's written for a feminine audience. In other issues of Melody MakerMick Jagger stated that he disliked the songs but enjoyed the record and its harmonies, while John Lennon said that Wilson was "doing some very great things". The paper's spokesman wrote, "We argued, argued and argued and still the MM pop panel couldn't agree which was the Pop Album) of the Year.

The voting was evenly divided Cups of coffee were drunk and sheets of paper were torn up before we finally agreed to compromise and vote for both The Beatles and Beach Boys on top. Wilson later said that despite the positive reception afforded to the album in Britain, he still felt deeply hurt when Pet Sounds did not sell as highly as he expected and interpreted the poor sales as the public's rejection of his artistry.

It reminded him of failing. And then he was more tortured. In mid, Brian began writing songs with lyricist Van Dyke Parks for a new album, Smilethat was never finished but would have included "Good Vibrations".

As Wilson's mental health deteriorated, his involvement with the Beach Boys reduced, and the group instead released follow-up records that were less ambitious and largely ignored by critics. The Beach Boys, accompanied by Timothy B. Schmitre-recorded "Caroline, No" with a new multi-part vocal arrangement for the album Stars and Stripes Vol.

The main reason for this is absurdly simple Just as it was settling nicely into its position as the world's number one popular music record, the far more fashionable Beatles released Sgt Pepperand Pet Sounds was forgotten, just like that. Pet Sounds was not nominated for the Grammy Awards. Geoffrey Cannon wrote in his late column for Listener that the group were "lesser than the Beatles" chiefly due to a lack of "emotional range; all their ballads, in evidence especially on Pet Soundsare juvenile or specious.

And none of their albums makes a collective statement. According to author Johnny Morgan, a "process of reevaluation" of Pet Sounds was underway from the late s onward, with a NME feature proving especially influential. AfterPet Sounds went out-of-print.

In Granata's description, the album subsequently "fell into obscurity" and was "relegated to the cutout bins" for decades. Pet Sounds has since appeared in many "greatest records of all time" lists and has provoked extensive discourse regarding its musicianship and production. Wilson himself felt bemused by the album's continued acclaim. In a documentary about the album, he commented, "It keeps going back to Pet Sounds here in my life, and I'm going, 'What about this Pet Sounds?

Is it really that good an album? I don't know. Leone opined that the work had aged well and deserved its continued praise, although he preferred the band's post- Pet Sounds recordings. He wrote:. Certainly, regardless of what I write here, the impact and "influence" of the record will have been in turn hardly influenced at all. I can't even get my dad to talk about Pet Sounds anymore. Very famous people waste no time in offering testimonials to Pet Sounds ' greatness The hymnal aspect of many of these songs seems no less pronounced, and the general air of deeply heartfelt love, graciousness and the uncertainty that any of it will be returned are still affecting to the point of distraction.

In Chris Smith's book Albums That Changed Popular MusicPet Sounds is evaluated as "one of the most innovative recordings in rock" and as the work that "elevated Brian Wilson from talented bandleader to studio genius". For all of its inward-looking sentimentalism, it lays out in a masterful way the kind of glow and sui generis vision that Brian aimed to expand in a radical way with Smile.

Maloney opined: "The songs on Pet Sounds are great, but you have to wonder, given all the hype and mythology and our love of shallow nostalgia, what we mean when we call it a classic or Wilson a genius. Consider what [Frank] Zappa was doing into say nothing of Miles [Davis]. Wilson's high reputation is evidence of our obsession with childlike innocence and the victory of boring poptimism.

Pet Sounds is recognized as an ambitious and sophisticated work that advanced the field of music production in addition to setting a higher standard in music composition and numerous precedents in its recording. It's been said that, although hardly anyone bought the Velvet Underground 's records, those who did ended up being inspired to start their own bands.

In the case of the Beach Boys' opus Pet Soundsit's likely that each of its 13 songs inspired its own subset of pop offspring Although not originally a big seller, Pet Sounds was "enormously" influential from the moment of its release. Recordssupported that Pet Sounds likely contributed to a higher emphasis on studio artistry among West Coast artists.

It was a landmark record". In terms of musical conception, lyric content, production and performance, it stood as a landmark in a music genre whose development was about to begin snowballing. In rock music, Pet Sounds marked the first occasion in which doubling was used for virtually every instrument, a technique previously limited to classical composers and orchestrators.

Strauss, the Beach Boys were also the first major rock group to openly challenge contemporary music trends "and declare that rock really didn't matter. Cultural historian John Robert Greene stated that "God Only Knows" remade the ideal of the popular love song, while "Sloop John B" and "Pet Sounds" broke new ground and took rock music away from its casual lyrics and melodic structures into what was then uncharted territory.

Pet Sounds is often cited as one of the earliest entries in the canon of psychedelic rock. While many may struggle to see the direct link between the bright, bouncy tones of Pet Sounds and bands like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and countless prog-rock bands, there was simply no precedent for the way that notes moved and vibrated across the record. Pet Sounds marked the origins of progressive pop, a genre that gave way to progressive rock.

Tidal contributor Ryan Breed cited the album's "non-rock instrumentation strings, brass, Theremin, harpsichord, tack pianodizzying key changes and complex vocal harmonies" as features that informed prog-pop. The album also furthered the "rock as art" concept heralded by Rubber Soul.

Composer and journalist Frank Oteri recognized Pet Sounds as a "clear precedent" to the birth of album-oriented rock and progressive rock.

I think there were lots of Beach Boy things on the Revolver album. Especially, the vocal harmony. Wilson really said a lot in his Pet Sounds album. You know, 'Let's put a french horn in there! In the wake of Pet SoundsWilson was heralded as the leading figure of the "art-rock" movement.

Discussions of the greatest albums of all time frequently mention Pet Sounds with the Beatles' Revolver and Bob Dylan 's Blonde on Blondewhich were all released within four months of each other.

Rock historians also frequently link Pet Sounds to the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Pepper [] and influenced his Revolver composition " Here, There and Everywhere ". Pepper were the upper-register bass lines, a larger emphasis on floor toms, and more eclectic and unorthodox combinations of instruments including bass harmonica.

During the s, Pet Sounds was influential to indie pop musicians [] as Wilson became "godfather" to an era of indie musicians who were inspired by his melodic sensibilities, studio experimentation, and chamber pop orchestrations. The album's influence on emo musicaccording to writer Sean Cureton, is evident on Weezer 's Pinkerton and Album) Cab for Cutie 's Transatlanticism In the decades since its release, Pet Sounds has influenced artists from a wide span of genres, including rock, pop, hip hopjazz, electronicexperimentaland punk.

Later, "Dilla was like, 'Yeah, you're right man, they had some shit on there. Inthe political cartoon strip Doonesbury ran a controversial story arc involving the character Andy Lippincott and his terminal battle with AIDS. It concludes with Lippincott expressing his admiration for Pet Soundsand in the last panels, depicts the character's death while listening to "Wouldn't It Be Nice", as well as his last written words, the line "Brian Wilson is God" scrawled on a notebook a wry reference to the line " Clapton is God ".

According to cultural theorist Kirk Curnett inthe panel "remains one of the most iconic in Doonesbury ' s forty-three year history, often credit[ed] with helping humanize AIDS victims when both gay and straight sufferers were severely stigmatized.

Inthe album was presented with gold and platinum awards based on sales that could be documented, although Capitol estimated it may have sold over two million copies. Into honor the album's 50th anniversary, 26 artists contributed to a Pitchfork retrospective on its influence, which included comments from members of Talking HeadsYo La TengoChairliftand Deftones. The editor noted that the "wide swath of artists assembled for this feature represent but a modicum of the album's vast measure of influence.

Its scope transcends just about all lines of age, race, and gender. Its impact continues to broaden with each passing generation. Other songs were performed, albeit sporadically and infrequently through the years, and the album was never performed in its entirety with every original group member. As a solo artist, Brian performed the entire album live in with a different orchestra in each venue, and on three occasions without orchestra on his tour. InSure The Boy Was Green - Horslips - Aliens (Vinyl performed the album at two shows, unannounced, also with Jardine as well as original Beach Boys guitarist David Marks.

The tour was planned as his final performances of the album, [] but occasional shows have been performed or announced through Pet Sounds has had many different reissues since its release inincluding remastered mono and remixed stereo versions. Per band archivist Craig Slowinski. Session musicians also known as " the Wrecking Crew ".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Pet Sounds disambiguation. Progressive pop chamber pop psychedelic pop art rock. The instrumental break from "Here Today" stereo version. Consequence of Sound 's Zach Ruskin expressed: "while Pet Sounds offers an intimacy unlike other psychedelic pop of the time, soundscapes of whispers and reverb and sudden departures in structure and form do lend the record a somewhat trippy effect.

Intro of "Wouldn't It Be Nice". The bridge of "God Only Knows". For the basic rhythmic feel of " God Only Knows ", harpsichordpiano with slapback echosleigh bellsand strings were all blended together. Intro of "Pet Sounds". A Leslie speaker was used to filter lead guitar for the title track " Pet Sounds ".

See also: The Pet Sounds Sessions. Others state that Wilson had met Asher during a social gathering at Schwartz's house. Carlin dates the initial meeting between Asher and Wilson to early As ofmost of the documentation that could have provided a more definitive chronology of the album's writing had been lost. The most expansive track on the album, "God Only Knows", employs string bass, electric bass, guitar, tack piano, harpsichord, accordion, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, violin, viola, cello, a drum kit, sleigh bells, tambourine and additional percussion.

The songs pile up in this vein. We don't write anything down—if you want it written down you have to write it down yourself. Spector's backing tracks were recorded live, and usually in a single take. These backing tracks were mixed live, in mono, and taped directly onto one track of the three-track recorder. The master was completed with the addition of backing vocals on the third track before the three tracks were mixed down to create the mono master tape.

Of the album's minute runtime, his voice is heard for 16 minutes, three more than the rest of the band members. While the second film, containing footage of the group minus Bruce flailing around in grotesque horror masks and playing Old Maidwas intended to be accompanied by excerpts from "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "Here Today" and "God Only Knows", slight edits were made by the BBC to reduce the film's length.

He was only interested in these 'Who Is The Best? Club theorized that the success of "Good Vibrations" helped convert detractors of Pet Sounds who were confused by the album's "un-hip orchestrations and pervasive sadness [and] didn't immediately get what Wilson was trying to do. Historical Dictionary of Popular Music.

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Retrieved July 18, The Atlantic. Rock and Roll: An American History. Archived from the original PDF on November 25, London: Emap. May 16, Melody Maker. Archived from the original on December 5, Retrieved May 18, The Journal on the Art of Record Production 7. New York Wakes with its female backing vocals in the chorus is not that successful, however, despite some tasteful Ian Anderson-like flutes again.

Ghosts slows things down and is a nice ballad with some nice touches of spacey keyboards. Second Avenue has again a Jethro Tull sound, but the chorus is way too catchy to be mistaken for anything by Jethro Tull. Exiles is a very nice instrumental that ends the album on a high note with bluesy electric guitars together with very Celtic sounds.

To conclude, Aliens is a recommended album. But I would not recommend anyone to start their investigation into Horslips with this album. It flits from one camp to another like an independent politician who wins over nobody.

Elsewhere, this is largely riff centered rock, with the riffs not being memorable enough on their own to compete with the frequent and increasingly misplaced flutes. Songs like "Come Summer" and "Stowaway" do possess a certain rough cut charm, and "Ghosts" suggests a path that would be taken more consistently on "The Man Who Built America", while its validity results partly from its virtually unique status as ballad on this disc.

While quality is not alien to this late stage album, distinctiveness and sense of integrity and purpose are. If you look at the discography of Horslips, over time there is a clear shift from traditional folk to folk-rock to, finally, just plain rock.

The album Aliens finds it somewhere in the middle, and in my view, on this record LP got the mix down just perfect. The songwriting has never been an Review 10 Horslips album Aliens Oddly this was my first encounter with Horslips some five years and 6 or 7 albums into their career.

I bought it on the recommendation of an NME review of the record, which stated that Jim Lockhart's flute reminded the reviewer of Ian Anderson's flautering You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free Sure The Boy Was Green - Horslips - Aliens (Vinyl. Review by Neu! Latest members reviews If you look at the discography of Horslips, over time there is a clear shift from traditional folk to folk-rock to, finally, just plain rock.

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