Switchblade Baby - Shagg (3) - Shagg (Vinyl, LP)

Collection Collection. Creator Creator. Language Language. The major speech at Riverside Church in New York, New York, followed several interviews [2] and several other public speeches in which King came out against the war in Vietnam and the policies that created the war. Some, like civil rights leader Ralph Bunche Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr. This 52 episode, weekly series aims to showcase examples of danceable Argentine tangos, valses and milongas, progressing from up until last year.

The audio files are archives of the program as it aired on the radio duringpublished here in a podcast format. Topics: tango, argentine tango, argentine tango radio, vals, milonga, argentinetangoradio. The Iron Realm is a life-and-death adventure rendered in the finest tradition of oldschool table top gaming.

The Iron Realm is a no-holds-barred dungeon crawl where the characters live or die on the roll of the dice. Due to the dark and deadly nature of the podcast, The Iron Realm is intended for mature audiences.

The following podcast is not intended for younger audiences. Listener discretion is advised. The Iron Programming Throwdown attempts to educate Computer Scientists and Software Engineers on a cavalcade of programming and tech topics. Every show covers a new programming language, so listeners will be able LP) speak intelligently about any programming language.

I recently received some tapes from his radio shows and thought I would upload them. This unabridged reading of Herman Melville's Moby Dick was recorded on the air over ten weeks. The Haunting Hour is a work-in-progress collection within the holdings of many serious Radio Collectors. From the meager available productions currently in circulation it's clear that the series was popular for its time, at the very least. With a known run of at least 52 unique scripts and more doubtful further 39 to 52 scripts, it would appear that the series was in demand for at least four years--in and out of syndication.

Given the high quality of NBC Network voice talent in the circulating This extense collection of RuneScape music tracks was created by the talented Audio Team at Jagex and additional composers, listed below.

Other people who have participated in bringing It was well received and became one of the last drama on the air when radio interests waned in the s. He would recover furs and diamonds for a cut of the goods, bodyguard Along with his historian in residence Dr. Kate Williams, each episode sees Frank joined by a selection of celebrity guests, who help him navigate his way through the annals of time, picking out and chewing over the funniest, oddest, and most interesting moments in history.

Topics: Radio, Comedy, History. Various Disney World sounds and background music. This work has been complied by me from various websites. These Websites deserve the credit in the great work and time they took to locate and re-master the quality of these files. I only wanted to make sure that they were not lost to others as they slowly close down or have issues with loading Please visit them.

There are An ambitious drama series which blends politics and adventure, Tumanbay is a story of upheaval, revolution and romance set in a corrupt fictional city.

Broadcast over 4 series between tothis epic saga is inspired by the Mamluk slave-dynasty of Egypt, Gregor Rufus Wright - Master of the Palace Guard - is charged by Sultan Al-Ghuri Raad Rawi with the task of rooting out an insurgence and crushing it. Curry Crackpot and John C. Dvorak Buzzkill. Curry and John C. Each week Adam and John discuss, dissect, deconstruct and sometimes poke fun at current news stories from mainstream media.

Topics: DX, radio reception, radio, mcgreevy, electric enigma, conet, mediumwave dx, dx, mw, am. Temple is an amateur private detective and author of crime fiction. Together with his journalist wife Louise, affectionately known as "Steve" after her pen name "Steve Trent", he solves "whodunnit" crimes with subtle, humorous dialogue.

Since the Temples have featured in over 30 BBC radio dramas. Kim Peacock, a Collected Lectures, Speeches and Talk of Shri. Rajiv Malhotra, an Indian American Intellectual.

Theologcast is a podcast aiming to stir up discussion, heresy, and questions from Christian critics, mystics, and cynics. Topics: podcast, faith, hope, love, christianity, heresy. Full audiobook of Ulysses by James Joyce, with full cast. The best version available. Ulysses is a modernist novel by Irish writer James Joyce. It was first serialised in parts in the American journal The Little Review from March to Decemberand then published in its entirety by Sylvia Beach in Februaryin Paris.

It is considered to be one of the most important works of modernist literature, and has been called "a demonstration and summation of the entire movement" The full "That's the Spirit" album in lossless quality, released on the 23rd of july favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite 1 reviews Topics: Bring Me the Horizon, That's the sprit, metalcore.

This is the audio only version of the lectures which comprised one semester of Yale University's MUSI course and which were made available to the public as a part of Open Yale courses. It is aimed at fostering the development of aural skills that lead to an understanding of Western music.

The musical novice is introduced to the ways in which music is put together and is taught how to listen to a wide variety of musical styles, from Bach and Mozart, to Gregorian chant, to the blues. Topics: music appreciation, music theory, listening to music. To view our live shows from this event, click this link to go to those video downloads. Christmas Tunes Air Date: Toast's Diet; Oh!

Dating Game Air Date: Cryo's First Christmas Air Dates: ; Guest Appearance: Rapid T. Fabulous Vs. Cola Oh! Guest Appearance: Lucas; Oh! Christmas Episode Air Date: Pwoductions all rights reserved.

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Air date: Oh! Bad Religion have been highly influential force in modern punk, producing beloved international hits like "Infected," "21st Century Digital Boy ," and "Sorrow," and building a devoted worldwide following.

Bad Religion are set to release their new album Age of Unreason, which can be described as "a musical manifesto on the current political landscape. Keep Your Cool marks itself as easily one of Brant Bjork's most accessible and catchiest album. A direct continuation of the raw, straight-to-the-point rocker that was the Brant Bjork and The Operators recordit also brings back some of the more relaxed, levitating aura of Jalamanta resulting into a best-of-both worlds scenario.

Auerbach says, "When we're together we are The Black Keys, that's where that real magic is, and always has been since we were sixteen. FM radio cranked. The song, and all of Destroyer for that matter, seems to exist at that crucial nexus of the early-to-mid 80s Los Angeles when a war between punk and hair metal was waged.

Not only has his own discography cemented him as a critically acclaimed artist, the multiple Grammy award-nominee and Mercury Prize winner has worked with artists from the likes of Drake, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean and more. Fans will be eager to get their hands on this latest installment of BRACKET's uniquely classic barrage of harmonies, hook-laden choruses, and lyrical artistry. Beam, Burns and Convertino reconvened in Nashville for four days of recording in December Nobody was keen to retread old ground.

And scary as shit. But it can lift you up if you let it," Sam offers. And the title can encapsulate a lot of things. Years to Burn could mean youre cocky, youve got it made. Or, our life is ours to burn, to be inspired. Or youre burned by life, brutalized. Its an ambiguous title, because life is complicated. Career-spanning compilation! The record is introduced by opener "2. This record covers a lot of uncomfortable topics but moving forward means talking about them and exposing them.

This band and this music is the thread we are holding on by, the thing that gives us a voice to be heard and hopefully allows us to make a change no matter how small.

Gathering together the cream of the Los Angeles country-rock fraternity-innovative guitarist Clarence White, Chris Ethridge on bass, ex-Byrd and Burrito Brother Michael Clarke on drums, pedal steel guitarist extraordinaire Sneaky Pete, Byron Berline on fiddle and pianist Spooner Oldham-Gene set about recording an album Switchblade Baby - Shagg (3) - Shagg (Vinyl pure country rock unfettered by any commercial dictates.

Roll up, roll up! Welcome to Wheeltappers and Shunters! After an unprecedented seven year break, Clinic, Liverpool's cherished post-punk pop experimentalists return with album number eight. The unusual name is taken from the long-forgotten s ITV variety show The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club, compered by Bernard Manning, which recreated the smoky, boozy atmosphere of Northern working men's clubs for a sofa-bound audience. This album is neither a celebration nor a denigration of the culture of the era in which Blackburn and his collaborator-in-chief, Hartley, grew up.

It's emerged that there was a darker, more perverse side to that time. When you look back on it now it was quite clearly there in mainstream culture. Fun, sure, but this is Clinic - their brand of fun oozes with menace. The Great Britain that Clinic are evoking is not that ancient, bucolic past of village green cricket, half a mild and hanky-waving Morris Dancers that many seem so determined that the country should return to, but a rather more sleazy past.

Clinic's reverie is for a time when Blackpool was the pleasure capital of the kingdom and the public was kept entertained by travelling circuses and the dirty glamour of the funfair; tacky end of the pier merriment and enforced fun at Butlins; when bell-ringing town criers bellowed their nonsensical broadsides into the ether.

For most bands about to enter their third decade as an entity the well would be running dry, but eight albums in and Clinic still retain the ability to surprise. Clocking in at just over 28 minutes, Wheeltappers and Shunters is an absolute blast, rich in detail and sonic intrigue, those precious minutes stuffed with ideas.

Seth Haley's singular style of melodic beat music subsists as hazy machinist nostalgia, a mainframe downloaded cosmology. Yet with each release, alongside sonic refinement, comes an increasingly visible vapor trail to Haley's own ontology. His long-awaited LP Iteration brought to completion a conceptual space saga while also reflectingkseismic life changes for the producer and designer.

With mini-LP Persuasion System, Haley leaves the past narrative behind, settling into a new period marked by change - on this planet, in the present - putting forth his most grounded and visceral work to date. On Jinx, Ramani continues to helm the songwriting, with Aronow, Brotter, and Gilad each bringing distinctive ideas to match her ethereal, intimate vocals and luminous guitar lines.

Informed by two years of nearly non-stop touring, the songs sweep and swell to capture the beguiling live spirit of Crumb sh ows, while taking listeners one step further down the band's dizzying, hypnotic path.

Defeater will be the band's fifth studio album. The album features lead single "Nobody. His name came from American gangster John Dillinger at the suggestion of none other than Lee Perry who produced his first album. Recording at Channel One in mids meant Dillinger and Jo Jo were tapping into an immense talent pool in the form of The Revolutionaries, the studio's in-house band. The release also brought forth the career defining cut "Cokane In My Brain", a hit record on an international basis.

Despite the success of CB and "Cokane In My Brain" the release has remained out of print in all formats since the mids. Get On Down is about to change that, with their vinyl reissue of this too often overlooked Reggae masterpiece. This show from showcases the band on their "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" touring cycle, their first album to chart in Europe.

Their set featured the classic "Stormblast" as well as songs that were unreleased at the time. The band has gone on to sell millions worldwide and is currently working on their 9th studio album for A minute drift into the void, drenched in Cold War-era reverb and then submerged in four track hiss for good measure. Duster constructed a Brutalist masterpiece on the outskirts of a suburban mall, as if to say, "We were here. A four track dreamscape that will wake the neighbors and then lull them back to sleep.

Hazy, arpeggiated guitars layer over a deliberate drummer with no real place to be, as semi-inaudible vocals warn of millennial malaise and subtly encourage the listener to "rock out, rock out, rock out, rock out. Best listened to from inside the womb, Duster's 's debut Stratosphere simultaneously capped off and reinvented the slow core's first wave.

Earle's latest album finds a songwriter and artist who is unflinching and unequivocal in his truth. The record was engineered, mixed, and mastered by longtime associate Mell Dettmer at Studio Soli. Knowing their process and their sound, Dettmer helped harness, shape, and document the songs in a manner that highlights the depth of Earths sparse components, capturing a hidden dimension to the patterns and creating a kaleidoscope of auditory activity.

With their latest album 'Full Upon Her Burning Lips', Earth have stripped away the layers and auxiliary instrumentation that embellished some of their previous records and have deconstructed their dynamic to the core duo of Dylan Carlson on guitar and bass and Adrienne Davies on drums and percussion.

Threeman Recordings now presents Act 2: The Entombed performance - A concert in two acts based entirely on the Swedish band's acclaimed album "Clandestine" from It is a unique concert where the pioneering album is played from beginning to end. In the second act, the band performs the entire album live in the original version for the very first time.

LLM L. First time on vinyl! Limited to copies for North America. A killer jazz-influenced guitarist with a knack for pop melody, Frank's soothing baritone floats beneath Thecla and Maria's lilting harmonies, and the result is your new favorite campfire songs. Every song is a goddamn hit! Released in collaboration with the Humplick Family with extensive liner notes and lyric translations by John Kitime and Jonathan Ward Excavated Shellac.

RHINO The live record features tracks from the band's entire catalog including five tracks from their album Hypochondriac. A must have any fan of The Frights! AMS Pressed on gram solid white and solid blue mixed color vinyl. Includes replicas of the tour poster and fanzine. O88 JEMP The deluxe, limited edition 2 x gram vinyl release will be individually numbered with rainbow foil packaging. Rolling Stone describes the album as full of "psychedelic guitar liftoffs and ambitious arrangements. The esprit de corps and anxiety-free joy that permeates their other LPs and EPs remains intact.

The octane is high-test, the engine still has knocks and pings and the battery is overcharged. The Gotobeds - as Pittsburgh as it gets, the folk music of the Steel City - have more tar for us to swallow.

Debt Begins at 30 is an old-fashioned blast furnace and the liquid iron flows. Debt Begins at 30 is not "pub sop" in any way or shape. They are the keepers of all blasted, hard, spazzed out songs, building a whole life on the bedrock of hyperactive RNR exhilaration.

This Japanese power-group has been stupefying audiences at home and on the road since the late '80s and finally are back to unveil their capital-L loud jams. Though rooted firmly in hard bop, the brilliant pianist and composer presented his own strikingly original voice on this 6-song album consisting entirely of his own compositions from the funky hit "Watermelon Man" to the timeless ballad "Alone and I. In the aftermath, Radiohead hand-picked her to open up their European tour.

The album showcased group's commercially-minded artistic maturation, without foregoing the unbridled intensity that has come to define their aggressively stylized hip-hop.

After years of being out-of-print, Babygrande Records has for the first time ever remastered the album on Limited Edition Red Vinyl. The Album is also available repressed on special edition Orange Vinyl. King of the Delta Blues Singers is a compilation album by legendary blues musician Robert Johnson, released in on Columbia Records. It is considered one of the greatest and most influential blues releases ever.

The album compiles tracks originally recorded during two sessions in and Coming hot on the heels of his first full length, the self-proclaimed "most sampled artist of all time" released the groundbreaking black concept LP Is It Because I'm Black a full 13 months before Marvin Gaye asked What's Going On? Originally released in on URC Underground Record Clubone of Japan's first independent record labels, the Haruomi Hosono-produced album remains one of the most beloved works to come out of Japan's folk and rock scenes centered around Tokyo and Kansai areas in the early s.

Audio remastered from the original analog master tapes. Booklet includes rare photos, translated lyrics and a new interview with Kanenobu. Vinyl housed in a deluxe, uncoated gatefold jacket with page liner notes book.

Includes new artwork, will be pressed on gram color vinyl at Record Industry and come in a single pocket tip-on jacket. Limited and numbered based on pre-orders. Over the period of recording this new album, a cast of trusted and loved musicians joined Le Bon, Khouja and fellow co-producer Josiah Steinbrick - Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint on drums and percussion; Stephen Black aka Sweet Baboo on bass and saxophone and longtime collaborators Huw Evans aka H.

Hawkline and Josh Klinghoffer on guitars - and were added to the album, "one by one, one on one". Live at Clouds Hill" series has been around for several years now. Everything started in with an improvised "Krautrock" performance of extra class. These performances in front of fans and friends are recorded on tape and mixed live. With the last played tone the recording is finished and can be cut on vinyl. Imperfection as a concept. It is a collection of his legendary early Aladdin 78" sides.

Lightnin' Hopkins is a true folk singer. His songs are the heart of the South, the very essence of his people, their joys, their triumphs, their difficulties, their oppression.

Lightnin's music, like that of any great artist, has a universal quality. When you hear it, it might be your sadness or your ecstasy that is being told - the feeling of all people, the qualities of all living, good and bad, lie in the easy cadences and pathos of Lightnin's expression. So long as folk music endures, so long will Lightnin' Hopkins be played. Pressed on gram vinyl. These tracks refelect the many and varied influences of the band - from punk to pop to reggae and dub - but arranged and performed with an intense artistry all their own!

JC Carroll and the boys will be hitting the the road this summer for a tour in Europe followed by a US tour in the fall! Available on both CD as well as a special limited edition only made vinyl pressing! An acknowledgement that life can be hard, but solace that we're all in this together. The quiet, persistent voice constantly checking to see if you have truly found the thing you're looking for.

The band will tour North America alongside Local Natives in support of the release, with plans for further headline touring in the fall. In just twenty-two minutes, the songs take apart the standard formulas of guitar-based rock and infuse them with vibrance and energy. The definitive collection of Lee Moses legendary non-album tracks available together for the first time. Contains three previously unreleased songs, plus the Southern soul classic "Bad Girl" both versions.

Remastered audio. LP housed in a deluxe Kraft board jacket with insert. Over a decade later it's back on vinyl courtesy of the label that gave it life! Essential African folk guitar music, this album has been a long time coming. Contains insert with full lyrics. CAD 4 AD Double clear vinyl for indie shops. W25 11 W. The collection's unique dual design functions as a forked path, existing independently of one another but with roots intertwined.

She describes this music as "a requiem, a ritual, to unlock and release feelings," a sense of shadowy masses, moving backwards, in spirals, massive doorways opening chaotic forces, "a toxic concentrated reduction of something much darker bubbling beneath. There, the hop-skipping soundtrack to everyday life rotates at 33rpm, amplified by a copper-horned phonograph.

It's a masterclass in authentic jazz music from Kristofer Maddigan, who seems like he must have traveled forward in time from the s to bring this zippy, riotous big band bounty to life. This is, quite simply, the "Best Of" Cuphead, lovingly curated onto a 2xLP, and featuring exclusive new solos never-before-available on vinyl!

Soundtrack to the cult Jamie Lee Curtis slasher! Never-before legitimatley released on vinyl! Music by Carl Zittrer and Paul Zaza. Includes branded "tuxedo black" condom.

But uphold it he has Name your favorite comedy of the last decades and chances are David Newman's name is unspooling in the credits. While the film was definitely a comedy, it also moments of genuine drama and action-filled suspense which in part explains why Galaxy Quest is such a cult classicand Newman deftly balances both sides with a score full of big choral passages and stirring themes.

For it's maiden voyage on vinyl, we've taken the extended version of the Galaxy Quest score that first appeared on CD inhoused it inside a gatefold jacket boasting copious production stills, and pressed it up in blue "galaxy" vinyl It's a cathartic odyssey through mythology and mayhem, as imagined through the earholes of a prolific madman named Rainbowdragoneyes. This 2xLP represents the duality of the game's narrative and it's split-personality as an album.

The first disc oozes with 8-bit NES-tolgia, while the second disc journeys us into the bit future. These are two distinct soundtracks borne of different eras, yet bonded by ninja sweat and demon blood. They are ambitious, addictive and totally fucking awesome.

One disc past violetand disc future blue. Limited to copies. With digital download code. That's because Newman made the bold choice of composing a score almost entirely with percussion instruments, brilliantly intuiting that the lack of melodic resolution in the film's themes would echo and amplify what he termed the "moral ambiguity" of the script.

The result was a haunting and wholly original film score that is instantly recognizable to anyone who has seen the picture. Paak was recording Ventura at the same time.

As he explains it, both albums showcase the duality that has inspired the Grammy-award winning artist throughout his career. One town over I went further and found my depth. Welcome to Ventura! This new set is the culmination of over two years work and recording sessions that span Jamaica, Brazil and the UK.

Determined to craft a work of lasting power, Sherwood likens to the album to the work that Rick Rubin did with Johnny Cash on the American Recordings series, a deeply personal work the album title refers to Lee's birth name and arguably the strongest batch of original material that Perry has released for many years.

The 2-LP vinyl set is now available on Gram black vinyl at on line and in stores. The single, "Free", charted and the album went on to be certified Gold. Each LP is pressed onto g audiophile grade vinyl and includes a free MP3 download of the album transferred from the vinyl. One of the last true voices of the "Cafe Aman" era of Greek-Turkish music before the art form all but disappeared. Achingly emotive singing accompanied by lyra, oud, kanonaki and guitar, ranging from pitch-black dirges to feverish climax.

Contains extensive liner notes and full lyrics. Co-release with Olvido Records. In addition to releasing nine of his most commercially successful full-length albums, he also wrote and recorded endless reels of material for proteges The Time, Vanity 6, Sheila E.

Occasionally, Prince's original demo recordings would beused as master takes on their albums, with only minor alterations to the instrumentation and a replacement of the vocal tracks.

Other times, artists would rely on his demos to guide them through their own recording process, with Prince's initial take informing their final version of his song. The aggregate effect was a complete saturation and transformation of the pop music landscape, with Prince both leading and subverting mainstream culture.

Sheila E. And inMartika enjoyed international success with "Love With only four hours of studio time booked and one case of beer between them, their plan was to walk out with enough songs for a seven-inch single. Instead, at the suggestion of engineer Chris Koltay, the newly formed Detroit outfit recorded as much as they possibly could, in what little time they had. They left with 21 songs - enough material for two singles and a full-length album that, years later, is still vital listening.

Contains 13 tracks recorded at several of CBGB's legendary Sunday hardcore matinees inplus 5 early studio recordings! New Order? No Order. As with their LP) album, the highly acclaimed Weather Diaries, Erol Alkan was in the producers chair, whilst career-long collaborator Alan Moulder with Caesar Edmunds mixed the album. Ride return with the 6th studio album of their career and their second since reforming in and signing to Wichita.

Includes newly discovered material and never before released performances. First time on vinyl. MERGE Omnidirectional is a ten-year-in-the-making tour de force. Produced by JD Foster. The four songs were recorded to track and then mixed to stereo on the same day.

While a studio version of "Crow" was released in October of on the band's debut album At Action Park, studio versions of "Canada", "Disgrace", and "Spoke" would not appear on any Shellac albums until much later 's Terraform and 's Excellent Italian Greyhound - making the Peel Session recordings the only official recordings of these songs for several years thereafter. It originally aired in December of that same year.

As with the session, this recording includes songs that were previously unreleased and would not appear as album versions until years later. Choreographer Valdimar Johansson was granted access to unreleased Sigur Ros material, as well as multitracks of chosen songs from the band's catalogue, and personally created a score of high Nordic drama. Limited edition on black heavyweight 12" vinyl.

These were the band's psychedelic days, when their original magic potion was composed of unconventional songs and freaky organ, bass and drums improvisations. The group was exploding throughout the London club scene, delivering one of the most innovative and influential sounds of that musically and culturally fertile era.

Lazily labelled "doom" by some, the band is in fact the true representation of what modern heavy metal should be, a direct descendent of the widely-appealing arena-filling superstars of the '80s and '90s without a whiff of anachronistic cosplay fantasies.

Spirit Adrift's third album Divided By Darkness delivers on the promise first revealed on that aforementioned second and then advances far beyond it in every way, achieving a timeless piece for the ages. E ANTI- Backed by Mavis' critically acclaimed live band, We Get By features 10 songs of longing, strength, and spirituality, presented with simplicity, grit and sublime beauty.

Highlights include the buoyant, "Anytime", the cathartic, "Change", and the title track, an uplifting duet with Ben Harper. Marking their first new album in 26 years, it will be released via Surfdog Records CD, vinyl, digital. Tommy and June's 10 tracks stick mostly to acoustic guitars, breathy vocal harmonies, and a spirit indebted to Pete Seeger as much as Pete Shelley. Adrian Younge has carved out an incomparable niche in the music community.

Then, right after their trips, the musicians jump into the studio and compose based on their experiences. With their hair still wet, so to speak.

Fellow locals - drummer Louis Hayes, bassist Doug Watkins, and guitarist Kenny Burrell - joined the two, along with trumpeter Idrees Sulieman, for an energetic session. Tommy Flanagan shines on this recording, which contains nearly all of his own compositions.

Coltrane, Burrell, and Idrees Sulieman were choice, empathic soloists, and it is a delight to hear them interact with Tommy and his rhythm section. This was when the New York-based band with Doug Yule, Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, and Maureen Tucker was at the top of their game with their primitive yet LP) form of rock 'n' roll.

This performance features a set list full of provocative hits such as "I'm Waiting for my Man", "I'll Be Your Mirror", "Ocean" and "Heroin"; an essential purchase for Velvet fans and completists. Here he picks up on the classicism of his solo debut, adding heavy elements of pastoral British Folk and Traffic-styled trippiness.

A critically acclaimed piece of work that reached 2 in the UK charts. Featuring some of Zorns catchiest hooks and plenty of fiery solos from Ribot, Saft and Wollesen, Pellucidar blends soul, surf, jazz, minimalism, rumba, tango, samba, exotica and more in classic Dreamers style. Bathed in a fabulous gatefold jacket filled with colorful original art by Tzadiks exclusive designer Chippy, this long-awaited vinyl version of this modern exotica classic was lovingly remastered and is pressed on virgin vinyl.

Alexis Zoumbas left the mountains of Grammeno, Greece in the s for his tragically brief recording career in the US, before his untimely death in Detroit. Deep, atmospheric, virtuosic instrumental folk music. Contains previously unreleased archival recordings directly from the original metal parts, remastered by Michael Graves at Osirus Studios, and presented in astonishing sound quality.

Co-release with Orpheum Records. Jhonn Balance was not part of the lineup, possibly due to his drug and alcohol addictions. Because of his absence the music on this recording is entirely instrumental. The show was also notable for being Ossian's last appearance with Coil. This edition is manufactured and released in Portugal, and is distributed in North America by Soleilmoon.

Royalties will be paid to the remaining artists involved in the concert. Taking inspiration from those that came before, such as Milford Graves with whom Fox has studiedand the great minimalist composer Rhys Chatham, Guardian Alien rejects previously established forms while selectively contorting elements of many into a wholly unique and personal new order. Striking a unique balance between sounds produced acoustically and electronically, its latest work, Spiritual Emergency, shows the group harnessing instability and cosmic fluctuations, pushing its sound in multiple directions simultaneously to create a pivotal moment in the post-modern New York underground.

And in their lyrics, L7 achieve a direct transmission of raw feeling, often spiked with biting commentary on the chaos of the world today. It reveals our longtime roots, our enduring love all hail! Maheu, lead vocals and guitar. These are the original versions of both songs that were later redone on the Fontanelle album. Originally released in June as a limited edition single.

It subsequently sold out within the month on the back of gaining lauded U. K mag NMEs single of the week. As well as repeated spins by John Peel on the BBC fun fact: he actually even reached out to request a copy of the record before it was released!

Since then both versions have been out of circulation. These versions are unavailable elsewhere. WHY The Distillers are excited to announce that the physical version of their single "Man vs. This vinyl 7", pressed at Third Man Pressing in Detroit, is the first chance to own new music from The Distillers in over 15 years. MAN VS. These two are rock 'n' roll lifers: touring relentlessly, writing relentlessly, performing relentlessly and it's clear that their bond to the music is as powerful and genuine as the bond they share with each other.

No fake news, all fact on this front. Here we have a document of a stripped-down set with a bittersweet vacancy on the drums - Andrew Loomis having passed in early - lending a strange atmosphere and energy to the performance. It may have been one of the most life-affirming and heart-wrenching shows we've ever had in the Blue Room.

GM2 This totally ridiculous shaped picture disc looks great - stick one on your wall, and throw another one on the ol' turntable! You may know these two guitar jams from the bonus disc of their Self-Titled LP. BOSSY When Metz found themselves on tour in San Diego with a couple of hours to spare, Swami John Reis immediately booked some studio time with the hopes of capturing this unions' glorious noise.

The four of them came up with these 2 songs and now they are friends for life. The sound is reminiscent of an army of sea gulls attacking a blind sushi chef inside a burning Benihana Of Tokyo. These were later hand stamped on the front and back covers by artist Jacob Bannon, making each cover totally unique. The labels of the vinyl were also hand stamped before final assembly by the people at Deathwish.

Generic sleeve, large jukebox-style center hole. Two fast-in-your-face punk rockers on this PCP RADIO The third Seeds hit single and an exact reproduction of the iconic sleeve art.

Housed in "soft touch aqueous coating" sleeves yes, reallythese are the best feeling 7"s that are missing from your collection and they feel like a cross between rubber and lambskin. It's nice. Includes the original version of the smash hit single "Girls On Film" plus "See Me Repeat Me," which would later become "Rio," and 2 other songs that the group shopped around to various labels, eventually signing with EMI.

Available on stunning clear colored vinyl! Now based in New York, she has collaborated with, and contributed to albums from, many of her peers including Blood Orange, Kelela, Wet and Organized Noize.

The EPs title comes from its unique recording process-Kelsey Lu recorded live in a single take at the Holy Family Roman Catholic Church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with her cello, her voice and her loop pedal. TIME Simultaneously the link between Parquet Courts and Ween, or Parquet Courts and Beck, it frames the band coming from a new place, and is a post-millennial NYC anthem, quintessential sounds for anyone who's ever waited in anticipation of dialing that number, or anyone who's put on their game face and rode from point A to point B in the snarl of vicious traffic.

Includes download code. Recorded in the Pacific Northwest, these sessions find the band exploring the more melodic end of their range, yet an underlying darkness pervades throughout.

Lyrically, that somber tone is echoed, exploring themes of death and loss. EP Punk. LP Classic Rock. Japan's finest female garage rockers, famous for their appearance in "Kill Bill". Now repressed after an absence of over a year! SURF AWAKE GIRL NO WAY LP Punk. First pressing was copies on red vinyl, copies on clear vinyl, and this new pressing of copies is on white vinyl! Includes a free CD of the album. Amyl and the Sniffers are a punk band possessed by the spirit of seventies Australian rock.

Amy Taylor vocalsBryce Wilson drumsDec Martens guitar are former housemates who formed the band, wrote a handful of tunes and released their debut EP, Giddy Up, all in a span of twelve hours. Label induced price increase. HAITI Double LP in Gatefold sleeve. After being out of print for years, the album will once again be available on vinyl. ETOH LAVA Aptly titled, Not Sorry brazenly blasts out some of the most vibrant pop-punk around today.

Since then Bad Cop has not stopped fighting. With Warriors, Bad Cop have seriously come out to play. LP includes free digital download of the full album.

KIDS Now available on gram vinyl in original packaging. There is melody amongst the dissonance, as the band more deeply explore the noise rock vistas that have always underpinned their sound. This is the first release of that complete recording session, including three previously unreleased tracks.

This Switchblade Baby - Shagg (3) - Shagg (Vinyl marks the first official reissue of the single "Bela Lugosi's Dead" on vinyl for over thirty years. The audio has been newly mastered from the original analogue tape by Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studios.

HARRY First released in with Mr. Baxter at the head of a jazz big band in full exploratory mood, Space Escapade consists of a colorful mixture of space age jazz and eclectic cocktail music, adequately spiced with exotic orchestral arrangements. All this packaged in one of the most iconic album covers of the genre. ROBOT May 16, marks the acclaimed albums 50th anniversary. Package contains gram heavyweight black vinyl LP reissue of Pet Sounds remastered in Mono with faithfully replicated original artwork.

Includes download card. PPP GILA Produced by Giles Martin for this year's universally heralded 'Sgt. Pepper' Anniversary Edition releases, the album's new stereo mix was sourced directly from the original four-track session tapes and guided by the original, Beatles-preferred mono mix produced by Giles' father, George Martin. Praised by fans and music critics around the world, The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper' Anniversary Edition is 's most celebrated historical music release and an ideal gift for Beatle People here, there, and everywhere.

Once called "their defining document" by Pitchfork it includes Bikini Kill's legendary collaboration with Joan Jett on the New Radio single as well as the long out of print Anti Pleasure Dissertation and I Like Fucking singles.

Blurring the lines between hardcore, punk, and related sub-genres, Birds In Row offer something of substantial weight to their listeners. Collectively carrying somber hearts and poignant souls, they navigate through melancholic seas to shape beautifully hook-laden songs unlike anything else out there today. WE VS. US JOGA PLUTO With 20 page booklet and digital download coupon.


Captured Angel - Dan Fogelberg - Captured Angel (Vinyl, LP, Album), Hier Encore - Candan Erçetin - Candan Erçetin Chante Hier Pour AujourdHui (Cassette, Album), Zuri See - Man Manly - Zurich Opus 2 (CDr), Ljerka - Đorđe Balašević - Dnevnik Starog Momka (Cassette, Album), You Never Love - The Stench - Zigame Waw Spea Me Vt (Vinyl), Untitled - Der Marebrechst - 22.8.-19.9.2012 (CDr, Album), The Bells Of Zoid (Club Edit) - The Freakazoids - In Freakz We Trust (Vinyl, LP), Black Sabbath - Paranoid (Vinyl, LP, Album), Rock Island Line - Mano Negra - Patchanka (CD, Album), G.R.E.S. Unidos De Lucas - Various - Sambas De Enredo Das Escolas De Samba Do Grupo 1B - Carnaval 81, Tuxedo Junction - LeRoy Holmes And His Orchestra* - A Hi Fi Salute To The Great Ones (Vinyl, LP)