The Song Is You - Frank Sinatra - Trilogy: Past, Present & Future (Vinyl, LP, Album)

She left the Radiophonic Workshop into set up her own shop called Tower Folly. Her interest in electronic sound was an abiding passion, and stayed with her all her life. While many effects and the like were used by the BBC, she created a great deal more music which is just now coming to light.

If Daphne Oram represented one thing more than any other, it was a willingness to experiment. As the title indicates, this is only the first volume of what promises to be a multi-part series. When Daphne passed inshe left behind an enormous archive of reel-to-reel tapes, over according to the Daphne Oram Trust which is administering Album).

One of the quirks, or maybe just artistic drive of Daphne Oram was the fact that while she saved all of this material, she did not catalog it. So the chronology of the various pieces has been nearly impossible to sort out. Therefore, what the producers have done is to present the various pieces 39 in allin a narrative more focused on an emotional flow than anything else.

Another fascinating element of the set is the illustration of how Daphne Oram worked. Rather than submit written proposals to secure commissions, she would offer up tapes of her works in progress. Some of these are included in the package, complete with her audio explanations of what they represent, and where she intended to take them.

This offers an intriguing way to hear just how this musical magician worked. Obviously there is a great deal more on these CDs to immerse oneself in, and I have only scratched the surface here. But to pick out individual tracks is not really the point.

As the notes indicate, the set was not only programmed to follow an internal logic all its own, but as a listening experience it most definitely works best that way. The packaging is also notable, as it is great example of a way around the limited artwork and liner notes of most CDs.

There are a number of sources that I recommend to learn more about the amazing life and music of Daphne Oram. The first is the Daphne Oram website itself. For ordering information, a great place to go would be the Young Americans distributor, Forced Exposure. His tenure as the King of Late Night was one which will likely never be approached by any of his would-be successors, and it is a little hard to believe that so much time has passed since he graced the airwaves.

It is a show which should not be missed. One of the most insightful comments comes early on from Jerry Seinfeld. He recalls that among his fellow up-and-coming comic friends, the subject of who would eventually replace Carson often came up. What one notices again and again in the various clips is just how effortlessly Carson made it all look.

Of course, it was anything but - yet somehow Johnny Carson pulled it off. While Johnny Carson: King of Late Night is quite naturally a celebration of his career, the show is balanced.

The man had his share of troubles, most notably in his personal relationships. This type of behavior very likely contributed to his own estrangement with his children. Carson also had trouble staying married, as his three divorces attest.

As may be expected, and is confirmed through various interviews, Johnny Carson was never really the same afterwards. The main focus of the program though is positive. With the stellar reputation American Masters enjoys, they were able to interview nearly 50 people for the show. There are a great number of funny anecdotes, and vintage footage of first appearances from Seinfeld, Drew Carey, and others. What I found especially illuminating is how Johnny Carson spent the years after his retirement.

He was never in the news, and turned down all requests for appearances. Rather, he seemed to enjoy his retirement thoroughly, and spent a great deal of time reading in the yard of his Malibu home. This American Masters biography of Johnny Carson is the best, and most informative one I have seen, and there have been a number of them over the years. This one is well worth tuning into, and does an outstanding job of presenting all sides of the television legend.

On this new DVD-Audio, Bernier explores the subject primarily through the use of electronic music, which makes for a nice bit of irony. The five tracks that make up Travaux Mecaniques are concerned with the sounds of industry in many different forms. One description of the album would be to call it musique concrete. That term certainly applies, but there is much more to this recording than that somewhat simplified musical categorization would imply. There is no doubt in my mind that each of the five pieces were deeply thought out, yet the overall effect sounds random.

This speaks to the compositional talents of Nicolas Bernier, for it must be a very difficult thing to make music that sounds as if the machines are playing themselves. A place of sudden agitation, of ideas both clear and unclear that disappear just as quickly as they surge. The use of disconnected spoken word elements, along with a great deal of various tonal directions certainly adds up to a very interesting listening experience.

Check out their website for more information about Travaux Mecaniquesand other electroacoustic artists on the label. Would you believe it? Frank Sinatra was arguably the single most influential vocalist of the twentieth century, and definitely the one who lived the most outsized life. The new book Frank Sinatra: A Life In Pictures captures some of the greatest shots of him over the course of a monumental year career. As the title indicates, this is primarily a book of photographs. I have to give credit to the introductory text however.

Obviously though, the attraction is the pictures, and there are some beauties in here. There are also quite a number of vintage movie posters and album covers reproduced. What I found most intriguing however were the not-so-famous pictures, of which there are a great many. From a candid shot of Frank on the phone in the kitchen with first wife Nancy, and daughter Nancyall the way up to an image captured live in concert inthese photos are the real reason to buy Frank Sinatra: A Life In Pictures.

With so much little-known material, the book is a treasure trove to be sure. The main complaint I have is that I wish there were more Rat Pack pictures, because for a lot of us fans, this was his definitive period.

That point is certainly open to debate however, with an artist whose career spanned decades. This is a truly marvelous collection of pictures, and I doubt that any Frank Sinatra fan will be disappointed by it. Music Review: Tim Berne - Snakeoil. Saxophonist Tim Berne is a remarkably prolific musician, with over 40 albums to his name since his debut, The Five Year Plan.

Over the years, he has recorded for a number of labels, including his own Empire as well as Screwgun Records. On it he plays well with such artists as Oscar Noriega clarinetMat Mitchell pianoand Ches Smith drums and percussion. Snakeoil is an interesting mix of the avant-garde and the accessible, often in the same song.

My guess is that it's his ode to his adopted home of New York, and if so, it is a mighty effective one. From there we are into somewhat familiar jazz territory with an accessible for Berne melody. The tune closes out with some more piano work, this time minus the drums. I actually find that Ches Smith may well be the unsung hero of Snakeoilhe always seems to be in the right place at the right time. An outstanding composition all the way around. Varying from the high end to the low end of the tonal palette in rapid succession is an all too obvious choice.

Once in a while it is fine, but as practically the only strategy Present & Future (Vinyl displaying a willingness to experiment, it becomes a bit tiring.

All in all though, Snakeoil is an excellent introduction to what Tim Berne is all about and as such is recommended. Just to make things clear, the members of the Quartet are Ben Street double-bassTurner tenor saxophoneIverson pianoand Hart drums.

All four members have been playing together for a long time, and it certainly shows in their work. I have always felt that the quartet setting is the quintessential format for a jazz band, and the Billy Hart Quartet bolsters this opinion immensely here. The song is actually a Billy Hart composition, and was originally released on his Oshumare album back in on the Gramavision label.

There is an interesting, almost fusion-ish quality to the track, and it closes the album out on a definite high note. All Our Reasons is testament to their collective talents, and is one of the better jazz albums I have heard in some time. Since their formation inthe Aggronautix company have specialized in some very cool accessories for music fans with their line of Throbbleheads.

Their first was the late GG Allinand it proved to be a big hit, selling out its run of very quickly. The company never looked back, and since then have released quite a few more Throbbleheads, including ones of Wendy O. It did so well in fact, that they have just issued Milo V2, in a limited edition of 2, This second edition of Milo resembles the first one in many ways, although there are some differences. The new Milo doll stands seven inches tall, is made of a lightweight polyresin.

The details are great, Milo is wearing his trademark bookworm glasses, and is sporting the classic Milo Goes To College T-shirt. The box art by Marco Palumbo is impressive as well, and is featured on all four sides of the box.

I imagine these Throbbleheads are quite collectible in certain circles, as limited edition items generally are. In the case of the first Milo Throbblehead, it Album) only released as a 1, unit run. As Milo himself states on the Aggronautix website, "You can blame me for the V1 selling out," he says.

While there is no shortage of swag devoted to classic rock acts, there is still very little out there for us old punks. Aggronautix is changing that with these Throbbleheads, and they do a great job.

I have seen Throbbleheads in local record stores, but they are few and far between. Well worth checking out, and if you missed the first Milo, here is your second chance. Here they meet their Genie, Shazzan. Shazzan presents them with Kaboobie, a magical flying camel. Shazzan will serve them whenever they call, but he cannot return them home until they deliver the ring to its rightful owner.

And thus begins their incredible journey. Over the two seasons that Shazzan originally aired, there were a total of 36 episodes made, all are now available on the new two-DVD set, Shazzan: The Complete Series. This was a surreal cartoon.

Being set in the magical world of the Arabian Nights, anything and everything is possible. Every episode finds our young heroes faced with some strange, nefarious creature swith only Shazzan to save them. Sometimes the bad guys separate the two though, and both halves of the ring must be brought together to be able to call up Shazzan. This is when Kaboobie often comes to the rescue, flying one of them to the other in order to call up their genie.

The sheer number of evil-doers the kids run into on their journey is pretty impressive. A few of these include The Black Sultan, sea monsters, an evil hunter, a huge one-eyed ogre, and many more. I like how they communicate with their flying camel Kaboobie as well. Two years before Scooby-Doo arrived on the scene, Kaboobie and Scooby voice artist Don Messick was able to hone his talents. The DVDs are neatly separated into season one and season two, with a total of nine shows on each.

Each half-hour show contained two minute Shazzan episodes. With over albums to his credit, Keith Jarrett has always been an incredibly prolific artist.

But the s were a particularly fertile time for Mr. Jarrett, as he found success as a bandleader, as a sideman, and as a solo artist. But some of the most interesting music he recorded in those years is among his most obscure.

As part of the new Impulse 2-on-1 CD series, the albums Mysteries and Shades are now available together on a single disc at a budget price. The pairing is perfect, as both albums came out of the same sessions, and were later released separately in Guilherme Franco plays percussion throughout.

Redman really lets it fly here, and the rest of the quartet are right behind him. Both Mysteries and Shades present a side of Keith Jarrett that is quite different from the introspective solo works he was recording for ECM during this time. For this reconstruction I've located the missing section and I've slotted it back into the original recording, restoring it to the full 33 minutes take. Two of the other tracks that were originally earmarked for the record were collages that Zappa cut and pasted from the 'A Pound For A Brown On The Bus' and 'King Kong' solos from a concert at Carnegie Hall, and Zappa aficionado br1tag has re-composed the original sequences, including Don Preston's full solo which was abbreviated to fit onto a single side of the vinyl album.

So for fans who love the original record and want hear more, here is the reconstructed double album version for your enjoyment. During the television season, the first Archie-based Saturday morning cartoon 'The Archie Show' was a huge success, not only in the ratings on CBS, but also on the Billboard charts.

The fictitious band had a massive hit with 'Sugar Sugar', reaching No. After a failed attempt at developing a teenage-music-band show of their own called 'Mysteries Five' which eventually became 'Scooby-Doo, Where are You! Archie and Hanna-Barbera collaborated to adapt Archie's Josie comic book into a music-based property about a teenage music band, adding new characters while dismissing others. The group was to consist of level-headed lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Josie, intelligent bassist Valerie, and air-headed blonde drummer Melody, while other characters included their cowardly manager Alexander Cabot III, his conniving sister Alexandra, her cat Sebastian, and muscular roadie Alan.

In preparation for the upcoming cartoon series, Hanna-Barbera began working on putting together a real-life girl group, who would provide the singing voices of the girls in the cartoons, and also record an album of songs to be used both as radio singles and in the TV series.

The Josie and the Pussycats recordings were produced by La La Productions, run by Danny Janssen and Bobby Young a pseudonym for Bob Engemann of The Lettermen vocal groupand they held a talent search to find three girls who would match the three girls in the comic book in both looks and singing ability.

Janssen presented the newly formed band to Hanna-Barbera to finalize the production deal, but they wanted Janssen to recast Holloway, because they had decided to portray Josie And The Pussycats as an all-white trio and had altered Valerie, who had been conceived as black and was already appearing as such the revamped Josie and the Pussycats comic book, to make her white.

Janssen refused and threatened to walk away from the project, and after a three-week-long stand-off between Janssen and Hanna-Barbera, Hanna-Barbera finally relented, allowed Janssen to keep Holloway, and changed Valerie back to being black, making her the first black female character on a regular Saturday morning cartoon series.

Each episode found the Pussycats and crew en route to perform a gig or record a song in some exotic location where, somehow, often due to something Alexandra did, they became mixed up in an adventure. The antagonist was always a diabolical mad scientist, spy, or criminal who wanted to take over the world using some high-tech device, and The Pussycats usually found themselves in possession of the plans for an invention, an item of interest to the villains, a secret spy message, etc. Eventually, the Pussycats would ruin the villain's plans, resulting in a final chase sequence set to a Pussycats song.

With the villain captured, the Pussycats would return to their gig or recording session, and the final gag was always one of Alexandra's failed attempts to interfere with the Pussycats' performance or steal Alan away from Josie, and while early plans were to be for a live-action Pussycats segment at the end of each episode, this idea did not make it to the final cut.

Sales were nowhere near as good as they'd hoped, and so further singles were licensed to Creative Products, to be exchanged for sending in box tops from Kelloggs cereals. These four promotional singles are now extremely rare, and so it was good to finally get to hear them on a recent Rhino records collection, although only 5, copies of the compilation were pressed and that's now as hard to find as the original singles. So for anyone with fond memories of watching Josie And The Pussycats on Saturday morning TV, here are all their singles, along with a couple of previously unreleased tracks, and that classic theme tune.

And sorry about the title, but I just couldn't resist. If you're now hankering to relive your childhood then the whole first series is here to watch, as long as you're prepared to put up with some pesky ads.

The current court case involving John Lydon and his former band-mates Steve Jones and Paul Cook, over whether the band's music can be used in a forthcoming biopic, reminded me just what a unique band The Sex Pistols were when they first appeared in This is borne out by the fact that I can't recall ever having heard a cover version of one of their songs - and although I know that there are loads out there, it's just that they aren't by any bands that I've ever been that interested in hearing.

There are perhaps two exceptions, with Galaxie covering 'Submission' for a John Peel session, and Bananarama attempting 'No Feelings' for the soundtrack to the film 'Party Party', but the rest have generally passed me by.

I though that in the ensuing odd years there must be some intriguing covers out there, so I attempted to put together an album along the lines of my earlier 'A Slow And Quiet Sabbath' post, with covers that almost verged on easy listening. It wasn't easy to find ballad versions of these most raucous punk songs, but mostly I managed it, and to my ears it sounds pretty good. Hotrats were a band formed as a side project by former Supergrass members Danny Goffey and Gaz Coombes, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star make albums full of lullabye versions of punk classics, and in the end I found a subdued version of every track from the 'Never Mind The Bollocks' album, now retitled as 'Never Mind The Ballads' and I know they're not all strictly speaking ballads, but the title was too good not to use.

The Hotrats. Keane - Wolf At The Door The school was owned by Chaplin's family, and his father was the headmaster there, and when they left and moved on to Tonbridge School in Kent at the age of 13, they met Dominic Scott, and discovered their liking for music.

Although Chaplin had learned to play the flute, he never considered music as a proper career at the time, but while Rice-Oxley was studying at University College London in he formed a rock band with Scott and invited another Tonbridge schoolfriend Richard Hughes to play drums.

The band were named The Lotus Eaters, and started as a cover band, playing songs by U2, Oasis, and The Beatles, and rehearsing at home. After listening to Rice-Oxley's piano playing during a weekend inChris Martin invited him to join his newly formed band Coldplay, but he declined because he didn't want to leave The Lotus Eaters, and because of Martin's offer, and although Hughes and Scott were originally opposed to it, Chaplin joined the band intaking Rice-Oxley's place as vocalist and adding himself as the acoustic guitarist.

It was at this point that they band opted for a new name, choosing Cherry Keane after a friend of Chaplin's mother, whom Rice-Oxley and Chaplin knew when they were young, and which was later shortened to Keane. Chaplin departed for South Africa in Summer to work as a volunteer during his gap year, and when he returned in Julyhe was picked up at the airport by the band, who announced that they had a gig booked in 10 days!

In lateand without a record deal, Keane recorded their first promotional single 'Call Me What You Like', which they released on their own Zoomorphic label, selling it at live gigs in early Only copies were pressed, and so it was re-recorded in February and added as a b-side to their 'Wolf At The Door' single, but this was even rarer as only 50 CD-R copies were made.

Because of the limited success Keane had at this time, Scott decided to leave the group a month after the single was released to continue his studies at the LSE, and the band decamped to James Sanger's recording studio at Les Essarts, France, where they taped a number of tracks in lateincluding 'Bedshaped' and 'This Is the Last Time', and it was during these sessions that the idea of using a piano as lead instrument began to emerge. After they returned to the UK in November, they signed to BMG to publish their music, but still did not have a recording contract, and for most of all recording or live performances were stopped, with the band starting to agree with the departed Scott that they were going nowhere.

In December they started playing live again, and one gig was attended by Simon Williams of Fierce Panda Records, who offered to release 'Everybody's Changing' as the first commercial single by the band.

As a result of the attention garnered by the single, and because of the strong live reputation they had built up, a bidding war for the band ensued among major record labels, with Island Records eventually winning out, but they were allowed to issue 'This Is The Last Time' on Fierce Panda in October as the final release on that label.

In January Keane was named the band most likely to achieve success in the coming year in the BBC's Sound of poll, and a month later their first single release on Island reached number three on the UK singles Chart.

Despite their disjointed discography in the early days, the eight singles they released on Zoomorphic, Fierce Panda and Island included eleven new songs on the b-sides, and this was to continue for the rest of their career, with the band treating their fans to new songs or choice covers on nearly all of their subsequent singles.

In what will be a multiple post from the band, we start with those first two singles, some early demos, and some exclusives b-sides, to hear how the band started out, from their formation in to their multi-million selling debut album some seven years later.

Tuesday, August 10, The B's - Mesopotamia When The B's burst onto the music scene in with 'Rock Lobster' they epitomized the retro dayglo orange fun of the late seventies. With that single and 'Planet Claire' they had mixed twangy guitar lines, kooky organs and beehive hairdos into a sweet and frothy confection, filling college dance floors and even making inroads onto mainstream radio. As the eighties dawned, they went looking for ways to expand their musical range, and assert their willingness to take artistic risks without abandoning their abiding commitment to the groove that moves.

To help them make the transition from New Wave to Post Punk they enlisted the help of David Byrne, hoping he might do for them what Brian Eno had done for The Talking Heads, securing their place as critical darlings while paving the way for further commercial success. By the time that Byrne came to work with the band inhe had fully absorbed Eno's interest in African polyrythms and analogue synthesizers, and was already beginning work on his first solo effort, a score for Twyla Tharp's dance company that he would call 'The Catherine Wheel'.

He soon stripped the band's sound down to a dancey, primitive beat, with the kitschy guitar lines making way for sleek synthesized bass lines, brass arrangements, and inventive percussion effects of the kind that were beginning to emerge from the nascent hip hop scene in New York. The resulting sound was considerably darker and more atonal than the band's earlier efforts, full of angular, abstract grooves that stood in stark contrast to the increasingly earthy and distinctly southern sensuality of Kate Pierson's and Cindy Wilson's vocals.

It was adventurous, challenging music, but perhaps more reflective of Byrne's private preoccupations of the time than the interests of the band or its record company. Life is mean. Despite his long established passion for bringing the extremes of hardcore and heavy rock into the jazz and improvised music realm and vice versaPride instead does the unexpected, transforming MDC's pummeling punk into swinging acoustic jazz. Raw Power's 'After Your Brain' has been reissued on limited white and red splatter vinyl.

Comes on limited white and purple splatter vinyl. As on their debut album, the California band surprises us yet again. The album has 11 songs of pure traditional American power pop mixed with the melodic punk-rock. You get 12 tracks with German lyrics. The CD-edition contains a page lyric booklet.

Back in these tracks were intended for the band's debut-album, but the recordings got shelved instead. Meybe Beherit was a bit ahead of its time? Created by the exploration of intertwining melodic passages, heavy dissonant riffs and chaotic screams, the captivating sonic narratives of 'Structures' should not be missed. Doodswens' black metal is a bleak, distorted wave of negative energy according to the tenets set by the Scandinavian originators but with their own new organic reflection of darkness.

Their name translated as 'Death Wish', Doodswens breathes life into the dust of the past, inspired by the rawness of the 90's. Remastered and comes on black vinyl. Comes on limited white and black splatter vinyl. Available on limited white and black splatter vinyl. This CD is suitable for fans of a. Sepultura, Vader, Biohazard and Acid Drinkers. Here you have it on CD. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club from Stockholm, Sweden are back with another 7-inch of melodic pop with a real British feel.

Think about council houses, football, lost dreams. This inch EP comprises four tracks. The two tracks display an unrivaled and unseen evocative power, channeled by a dramatic and operatic vocal delivery as centerpiece to a cinematic construct of epic progressive buildups and dark psychedelic dirges woven with keyboards, organs, electric guitars, synths and a monumental pulsing rhythm section.

You may call it folk-punk if you wish, but that's up to you. ANC4 music brings new life into the golden era of the sixties by 12 string guitar, Rickenbackers, strong melodies and sweet harmonies.

Extensive notes and interviews with the collaborators are included as well as a download card. This edition originally a RSD release is limited to 1.

New Zealand's indie darlings The Chills return with their seventh full-length, 'Scatterbrain'. On this release we have the F4 Heaven Sent tracks released on vinyl for the first time. Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici which translates to 'Mundane Mechanical Youth' or GMM was one of the most unclassifiable audiovisual experiences to emerge from Italy in the s.

Maurizio Dami also known as Alexander Robotnick, a pivotal member of GMM, was responsible for the group's music output. It's available on vinyl. Emma has always been a multifaceted musician, equally capable of dreamy abstraction, maximalist textural explorations and the classic singer-songwriter tradition.

But on 'Engine Of Hell' she has opted to forego the full-band arrangements of her previous albums in favour of the austerity of a lone piano or guitar and her voice, which creates a kind of intimacy, as if were sitting beside Rundle on a bench, or perhaps even playing the songs ourselves. Offering 11 tracks, this record is an ode to both the pop nuggets of the '60s and the collective shoulder shrug of the '90s.

Relaxing and reflective, 'Tidal' Present & Future (Vinyl elemental inspiration through a humanistic gaze. The multi-instrumentalist crafts exquisite acoustic music in tune with the finer moments of Windham Hill and ECM; a fusion of talent, balance and the emotion shared by each release.

This is their follow-up to the acclaimed 'Butcher's Coin' album from Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax China Crisis - Wishful Thinking Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now Level 42 - Take A Look Simple Minds - Sanctify Yourself Culture Club - The War Song Propaganda - P:Machinery Robert Palmer - Pride Paul Young - Tomb Of Memories The Christians - Forgotten Town The Cure - In Between Days Karel Fialka - Hey Matthew Queen - Somebody To Love Blondie - Atomic Vandebilt Lou Reed - Vicious Free - Wishing Well The Moody Blues - Question Rodriguez - Sugar Man Patti Smith Group - Dancing Barefoot Roxy Music - Dance Away Elkie Brooks - Pearl's A Singer Rush - Closer To The Heart Dobie Gray - Drift Away Minnie Riperton - Les Fleurs The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 Big Star - Thirteen The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations The Who - Pinball Wizard Joe South - Hush Love - Alone Again Or Traffic - Dear Mr.

Fantasy Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual The Yardbirds - Little Games Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride Country Death Song 2. Promise 3. Out The Window 4. Look Like That 5. Blister In The Sun 6. Please Do Not Go 7. I Hear The Rain 8. Prove My Love 9. Fat SIDE 2: 1.

American Music 2. Girl Trouble 3. Confessions 4. Old Mother Reagan 5. Kiss Off 6. Add It Up. Entirely remixed from the original master tapes. Includes a duet with Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls. All of them are fascinating. Many of these songs were previously released on vinyl 7-inches, as part of the 'Alternative Singles' series.

Included are versions of a. This limited edition is presented with awesome bookback packaging. Mike Watt and Black Flag during the mid '80s.

The songs rest largely on the angular bass style that is oddly familiar when set apart from the groups she's been associated with over the years. Their debut-album 'Nine Lives' features nine shapeshifting songs, with contributions from musicians who collaborated with a. The musicians had the freedom to shape-shift the songs playfully throughout the album.

The mix of vintage, rootsy 'palmwine' blues-style guitar with quirky keyboard electronics, a sound well-established today but revolutionary in the comparatively conservative world of 70's and 80's Highlife. This double album reissue is a long-overdue tip of the hat to one of Highlife's more underrated stars, to be properly rediscovered by following generations of Highlife fans. The legendary producer, businessman and founder of Ghana's mighty Essiebons label had invited all his family and friends to the event and it was the disappointment at having to postpone that prompted Analog Africa founder Samy Ben Redjeb to propose a new compilation celebrating his contributions to the world of West African music.

For most of the s The Song Is You - Frank Sinatra - Trilogy: Past Dix and Essiebons labels were synonymous with the best in modern highlife, and his roster was a who's-who of highlife legends. Yet Essilfie-Bondzie had been destined for a very different career. Born in Apam and raised in Accra, he was sent to business school in London at the age of 20, and returned to the security of a government job in Ghana.

But his passion for music, inspired by the sounds of Accra's highlife scene, had never left him, and in he figured out a way of combining music and business by opening West Africa's first record pressing plant.

The venture, a partnership with the Philips label, was a huge success, attracting business from all over the continent. By the early s Essilfie-Bondzie had left his government job to concentrate on his labels, and by the mid-seventies he was on a hot streak injecting album after album of restless highlife into the bloodstream of the Ghanaian music scene.

But in the course of digitising his vast archive of master tapes, Essilfie-Bondzie found a number of Afrobeat and instrumental masterpieces the label's mid-'70s golden age that, for one reason or another, had never been released. Those songs are included here for the first time.

Sadly Essilfie-Bondzie passed away before the compilation was finished. But his legacy lives on in the extraordinary music that he gave to the world in his lifetime. Ernest Honny - Kofi Psych Joe Meah - Dee Mmaa Pe Santrofi-Ansa - Shakabula Joe Meah - Ahwene Pa Nkasa Ernest Honny - Ernest Special Seaboy - Africa Nyame Bekyere - Medley Ernest Honny - Say The Truth Sawaaba Soundz - Egye Tu Gbe Ernest Honny - Odo Mframa. Produced by Xonti and pianist Yonela Mnana and featuring photography by Mandisa Buthelezi, the album appears as part of a roster of upcoming artist releases on the iconic South African jazz label's 50th anniversary.

Their music is marked by radical reduction, seemingly endless ascension and a passion for experiments. This music creates a vacuum in which all sense of space and focus is lost. The sounds move from the most intimate, claustrophobic textures to almost monumental and unapproachable walls of sound. Vinyl in Includes 16 LPs and a t-shirt. For nearly 40 years, they have explored and reported back from the liminal areas of music and composition, walking the margins where little is easily located and consensus reality melds with the hypnagogic and half-heard.

Just as the group's sound has alchemically reconfigured inexpensive technologies, the packaging of their releases has avoided standard formats with aluminium, steel, wood and porcelain among the materials that have been bent and cut to shape instead. The CD has been remastered from the original tapes and runs for 70 minutes. The revised artwork features an evocative portrait by Madoka.

The booklet includes detailed sleevenotes. Long since deleted, a new generation of fans can finally get their hands on these different versions and out-takes from his three proper LPs, and more importantly: the last four songs Nick cut before he died. Except, hooray, they've discovered one brand new song!

It suggests Nick wasn't going to succumb to depression, as the desperate "Black Dog" would have you believe; he was going to play the game In short: not top himself! There's a bit of a Beatles' Anthology going on with two other tracks, as Nick's college buddy and original arranger - Robert Kirby - scores new strings for old songs.

Both "Magic" and "Time of No Reply" now sound as intended. They're beautiful. And Kirby weighs in again, with two previously unreleased recordings of "River Man" and "Mayfair", from his room at Cambridge and before Nick even had a record deal.

There's also a new, longer version of "Three Hours" that's not been out before. This release is evocatively packaged and a must for completists. For all music lovers, infact. Fewer cogs in the wheel now; away from labels, all the artwork, recording, ownership and music all under his control. Most of the music feels more personal. The arrangements are simpler, sparse but involving and unlike a lot of the recent work which tended to involve more sequenced keys, rhythms and beats all composed on a mac away from the instruments.

Grand National have the experimental pop magic to restore your faith in British music. With comparisons already drawn to the basslines of Happy Mondays, the deep synths and harmonies of New Order and witty introspection of Blur, one could be excused the creeping goosebumps even before bittersweet melodies of opener "Drink To Moving On" turn your heart upside down.

The cover is split as before, but all ours feature folk troubador du jour and rising star Devendra Banhart. It's huger than anything the band has ever done: beyond psychedelia, beyond experimentalism, and beyond classification. The Secret Chiefs 3 enhance their usual multiple personalities and divide into seven individual and distinct bands, enabling the overall musical content to be distilled into pure vessels.

One band incorporates multi-ethnic instrumentation and seasoned, soulful playing by Eyvind Kang and Shahzad Ismailywhile the rocking, suprasensory surf band with full orchestra bloodies up the waters.

John Merriman cephalic carnage and unhuman keep the ultra-death metal grind band well within the pummel zone of utter mayhem. Senser - Schematic One Little Indian Long awaited new album from Senser, combining perceptive lyrics, hip hop beats and heavy guitars. Skill 7 Stamina 12 have strong ties with the London art scene and feature a Dutch chanteuse who sings in a range of languages, underpinned by fearsomely tight rhythmic arrangements.

And guess what? It's weird! It reminds me of lates Bowie in it's quirky mix of electronics and skewered white funkiness. Weird yet catchy, this is a bizarre and excellent surprise from a band celebrating its tenth year. They've come a long way. Telecast - The Documenter Falsetto Sonic, chic, youthful and stylish, Telecast are currently the toast of the town over in Los Angeles, where over the past year they have been creating pocket-sized, art-pop masterpieces.

Imagine if Interpol were actually from sunny southern California rather than the dark urban streets of New York, or if the Smiths were handed a synth and a copy of "Pet Sounds". Nautical Almanac - Rooting For Microbes Load As the band clearly states no electricity or computers were used in the music making process. The sounds generated are from machines specifically built for the recording process or from real lab experience, custom equipment made of weird alloys of plastic, leather, wire and rubber.

Longtime collaborators Carly Ptak and Twig Harper worked on this record along with 10 other guests. Nautical Almanac have other records out on the esteemed Hanson label and on their own Heresee label, they are an integral forefather of much of the midwest noise scene.

As with other hiptronic productions, these compositions often have more in common with avant rock, psyche, electronica and jazz experiments than they do with mainstream hip hop, taking things on a seriously underground trip.

Starring Devin Dazzle is this Felix in disguise? Raumschmiere and Tricky have confirmed Miss Kittin's star billing status. The album opens with the single "Professional Distortion", a rock meets blip-hop opus and from there careers through the giddy electro-punk of "Meet Sue Be She", the shimmering Euro-pop of "Kiss Factory" and the icy skank of "Dub About Me". LP - limited cheap price CD out next week! Ace ace ace ace! Park - It Won't Snow Where You're Going Lobster Shimmering, intricate guitar leads married to off kilter, aggressive rhythms and anguished, soulful vocals make for a beautifully unsettling brew.

Love it. Jawbox played by At The Drive In? Moodymann - Black Mahogani Peacefrog It's what we've all been waiting for. Moodymann's fourth album on Peacefrog collects some of his best and most sought after productions. The former being one of the preeminent dancefloor killers of the last five years, the latter an epic patchwork of blaxploitation dialogue, rough techno breaks and soul-jazz loops.

These essentials are joined by a salvo of brand new productions that flit from loungey jazz "I Need You So Much"to dense afro-futurism "Holiday" to quirky electronic experimentation "Riley's Song".

Be nice to your ears, play them this. Gathering vocal tunes, soulful instrumentals and banging club tracks, it sounds like a Black Science Orchestra for From the opening dischordant sounds of "Melt", you'd think you were on familiar smacked-out house territory, but Theo's got some surprises up his sleeve!

Various vocals infiltrate around half the tracks, such as on the aforementioned opener and the nu jazzy "Split Me Open". The Rotating Assembly is made a much more diverse operation by the many Detroit draftees, such as Rick Wilhite, Marcellus Pittman and Marvin Belton, adding rich new textures to the signature sound. Witness the bass guitar lead on "Mess I Made", afrobeat infested slur of "The Stomp" and the incredible string sections of "Orchestra Hall" the track everyone's been raving about.

It all works together as a cohesive project and believe me, it gets even better with every listen. The ultra prolific DJ has had releases out on Seasons, Hi-Phen, Magnetic, Icon, his own Aeroteric and off course Classic over the past few years, as well as playing in clubs worldwide. Here he mixes up the boompty beats for a seamless funky house feel. They, like many, may like to cling to the instrumental hip hop music tag, but Climber deserve similar recognition to AmmonContact for the way their musical infoms their own productions.

By way of their Japanese, Chilean and American heritage, many influences exert themselves, with latin music being the most dominant theme.

Infinite Livez - Bush Meat Big Dada Please welcome mild-mannered Steven Henry, former art student, sometime comic book writer and video game designer, who was accidentally bathed in the milk of a glamour model and transformed into Infinite Livez, superhero!

It's a reality where a guy's bit-on-the-side can be a monkey "Drilla Ape"where video games come to life "Spade Invaders"where a black Bomber Command attack Parliament "Coco Pilots" and where a man can produce enough breast milk to flood the British Isles "The Adventures of The Lactating Man".

The people credited with forming this acid house soundtrack are now revered as legends. This Sweden based band refers to their music as "melancholy post-rock" and lists their influences as Bjork, King Crimson and Portishead. Their songs create a dark and dreamlike musical landscape that serve as the perfect vehicle for the etherial vocal styling of singer Petronella Nettermalm. Present & Future (Vinyl will appeal directly to fans of such established post-rock acts as Universal Records' Sigur Ros.

Sei Gegrüßt, Du Königin - Stella Bernard - In Deiner Hand Geborgen (Vinyl, LP, Album), Damage (Original Mix) - LPK (2) - Space E.P (File, MP3), Sunlight - Various - Café Ibiza - Season One (DVD), Машина Смерти - Кипелов - Путь Наверх Часть 2 (CD, Album), Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Bud Alden And The Buckeroos - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (Vinyl, The Story So Far, Down Incognito - Winger - Down Incognito (CD), Ite Sul Colle - Callas* - Franco Corelli - Boris Christoff - Elena Nicolai - Norma Highlights - A Le, I. Teil: Nr. 15-21 - Bach* / Karl Erb - Willem Ravelli - Concertgebouworkest - Willem Mengelberg, Jo, Ondina - Os Joviais - Exitos! Sucessos! Hits! (Vinyl, LP, Album), Lovers And Leapers - King Biscuit Boy - King Biscuit Boy (Vinyl, LP, Album), The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Alison Moyet - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (CD), Hells Party - Various - Turn Up The Bass 2 (Cassette), Шар Цвета Хаки - Nautilus Pompilius - Ни Кому Ни Кабельность (CD, Album), 4 Billion Souls - The Doors - Full Circle (Vinyl, LP, Album)