U Got Me Burnin Up (Club Cirque)

The title is a reference to a common video art effect, where one image gradually transitions to another. The album has an unpolished hue to it, created with keyboards, drum machine, echo and tape and sometimes even electric guitar. Not the kind of negative heckling you get when a record is skipped, but the kind of excitement that happens when a movement has been started.

This beautiful mistake resulted in Bubbling, a cultural expression of immigrants U Got Me Burnin Up (Club Cirque) The Dutch Antilles and Suriname, a genre that would take these communities by storm in Holland in the s. Jamaican exports such as the Fever Pitch and Bam Bam riddims were double and half-timed, with Cutty Ranks on one hand sounding like a prepubescent chipmunk, the other hand sounding like an evil duppy.

This excitement eventually died down in The Netherlands, and Dutch House became the dominant genre in the late s. However, House in Holland was littered with Caribbean influence, and eventually a new generation of DJs would pioneer a new sound, known as Bubbling House. The Chicago-based Murderbot has been an early, vocal advocate for Footwork. He's curates an excellent monthly dance party Loose Squares, also the name of a label he's putting together that regularly features Footwork and juke legends on the decks.

Women's Studies borrows those hypnotic samples and Dance Mania's ruff vulgarity and is Murderbot's most focused work almost by default. Naturally he's not content simply mimicking, so he sets Footwork against cheesy lounge-jazz "Bussin' Down"or lates Warp skittering "Jiggle".

Bump Uglies. Pelvic Floor. Heavy Butt. Nice Lookin Bwoy. Sweet Thang. Under Dress. U Got Me Burnin Up (Club Cirque) Partying. Barry Lynn has already dropped a couple of albums that looked at dubstep from fresh angles before everyone else started to do the same.

The title is a reference to a common video art effect, where one image gradually transitions to another. The album has an unpolished hue to it, created with keyboards, drum machine, echo and tape U Got Me Burnin Up (Club Cirque) sometimes even electric guitar. Chrissy Murderbot 'Womens Studies'. The last few years have seen Chrissy working hard on the optimum formula for getting down and having non-stop fun.

It's made with a brazen and unashamed love for dance music, U Got Me Burnin Up (Club Cirque) energetic tropes into a sticky tropical punch. The influence of Ghetto House and Juke from his chosen home of Chicago hangs over the album. On 'Women's Studies' Murderbot manages to twist underground music forms into a new kind of high quality pop music that's a joy to listen to.

Claude Speeed 'Infinity Ultra'. After a significant time travelling abroad he relocated to Berlin and released his debut album for LuckyMe, entitled 'My Skeleton'. Now he is releasing his follow-up EP 'Sun Czar Temple' on Planet Mu - an epic set of songs that distort emotional songwriting with textured synthetic ambience and computer noise. Dreams on hard disk. The EP opens with the epic 'Traumzeuge', a piece for digitally obliterated piano and plugins taking its inspiration from territories of culture shock and insomnia.

Liz Wilson' begins with twinkling, bleeping arrays of electronics: implied interstellar communication. Hidden drums, ghost choirs, and geometric cryptophasia arpeggios disappear into chaos.

Initially composed entirely visually in Logic, sound muted, without any timing grid. Dense pitch shifted chords and multiple random effects building into strangely unearthly pop with Ryuichi Sakamoto 80s drums and obscured vocalvocalvocal loops. Distortion appears gently until a smashed out post rock crescendo bursts through.

Side A: 1. Traumzeuge 2. Liz Wilson 3. Vin Side B: 1. Fret 2. R U Sorry? The Footwork sound has its roots in U Got Me Burnin Up (Club Cirque) House, and the influence and speeds of the pioneering Ghetto House label 'Dance Mania' is clear: the tough sentiments and hip hop influence is all there, but the fast linear hypnotic 4x4 sound of those records has been re-calibrated and given an ultra syncopated treatment to test dancers.

These tracks have a unique drama and a pressure that is unique to footwork but reminiscent of the edited drum syncopation of jungle and also hip hop cutting in DJ battles.

This hypnotizing effect, combined with sparse drum patterns, often with busy fills, relentless triplets and off-kilter accents, is used to create very different variations in his sound. Ekoplekz 'Unfidelity'. Trace Elements 2. Nerva Beacon 3. Robert Rental. CD: 1. Robert Rental 4. Severn Beach 5. Sea 90 6. Chelsie Hightower. Kherington Payne. Kanye West. Hunter Johnson. Tony Meredith Melanie LaPatin assisting. The Emotions.

Edward Simon. Benji Schwimmer season 2 Lacey Schwimmer season 3 assisting. Anya Garnis season 3 Pasha Kovalev season 3. Country-western two-step. Dwight Rhoden Desmond Richardson. Argentine Tango. Dmitry Chaplin season 2. Switch and Freq Nasty. The Black Eyed Peas.

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