Untitled - Hiroyuki Moridaira - A Farm Village (CDr, Album)

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It also included aspects such as database management, content management and more. Having a custom website developed allows you to tell people about your services or products, and explain to them why your offering is relevant or better than the competition. Impressions is great dramy prog from similar to Jade Warrior. For Marillion, Riverside and Anathema fans. On Long Hair. Has some excellent violin throughout. High recommended!

Great female vocals! Classic prog gems. Fantastic stuff! Last copies!!! GIFT - Early 70s heavy prog with outstanding guitar and keyboards organ, synths, mellotron.

Great guitar throughout. Mix of prog and psych with a touch of blues and funk. Influences range from Genesis to Pink Floyd. Has some great use of sitar so it has a middle-eastern vibe going on. Related to Kraftwerk. Nice issues done by Thomas Glnkler himself. After many years of silence they are back playing again. Limited editions of Loads of flute!

Keyboard prog with some stunning keys organ in particular. Roberts Blues Band, Sphinx Tush. Banquet is from and is brass prog rock. One of Germanys best of the genre. Includes 3 bonus tracks. Absolutely brilliant! Never released until now. Only a few available. Grabstein and My Solid Ground. Blend of prog and electronic.

Pretty amazing stuff! Mostly Improvisations. Paranoia sound rocker. Hard rock. One of thes best of the new German bands! These were only released as private CD-Rs. If you like IQ and Spocks Beard then this is a must. Live at the Burg Herzberg festival.

Has a Doors vibe throughout. Their sound is like early Novalis. Mostly instrumental with keys, guitars and sitar. SMITH - 70s heavy rock trio. Includes two 20 minute live bonus tracks from Great organ! Self-titled is their progressive rock masterpiece from Lots of great keyboards including mellotron and a substantial mid-Genesis influence. Sounds more like some of the early 70s English groups Fantasy, Gnidrolog etc Some tracks are instrumental and some with English vocals but all feature some excellent organ.

Same style as Solaris. Like Mike Oldfield or Vangelis. I love these guys! AT - Delicate classical folk using recorder, acoustic guitars, piano, percussion etc Hungarian vocals. Amazing package! Quite unique! Relatively unknown group. Some Amazing stuff here! Very nice debut! Great solo piano. One of the better piano albums that I have heard.

Some nice flute, primitive keys and very Indonesian! I hear a lot of Mike Oldfield in this work. Holy smokes! One of the best things Ive heard from Israel.

Bonus CD consists of previously unreleased live material. The Stretcher March is the mega-rare 2nd album that was a soundtrack to the film. Very emotional and powerful stuff. Maybe Caravan meets Moody Blues? A must hear! Dont even know how to describe this one. References include Trace, Refugee and The Nice. Last copies! Kind of reminds me of Celeste but with a Celtic edge to it. Another Black Widow winner! Another great collaboration with each track averaging 25 minutes.

Reminds me of Miriodor. Genesis medley cover. Very unique album! Tolkien works. Recommended highly! Reminds me a lot of Arpia! Short but sweet! Has to be heard! YS is their heavy prog masterpiece from Trys is a great keyboard dominated come-back work. Really good! Not far from what Porcupine Tree is doing these days. The others are solid solo piano works.

Produced by Derek Sherinian. Still possesses great keyboard work. Guitars and keyboards stand out. Kind of like Celeste. Limited press of Limited edition of Lots of programmed keys along with female vocals. Reminds me of Far East Family Band in many places. The 2nd and 3rd are great comeback efforts.

Really great spacey progressive with dark organ passages. Clearlight meets Porcupine Tree. Searing flutes, great fuzz guitar yet still full of Romanticism. The minis are the re-formatted song versions the way the band originally intended it to be. Absolutely essential! Gorgeous and quirky at the same time. Progressive with a slight pop edge. Long tracks. Stunningly beautiful! Elegie DInverno is all instrumental and has more of a classical edge to it.

An absolute must! Suite was their best and most proggy album. Solid release. POE - One of many brilliant one-offs from the 70s Italian prog scene with that wonderful doomy organ sound. Reminds me a lot of Jade Warrior but with a jazz edge to it. A masterpiece! An absolute must for Porcupine Tree fans! FLEA - Classic hard guitar progressive from Has a hypnotic yet beautiful feel to it. Elmos Fire. Mix of symphonic and electronic music.

Only made! Some great keyboards and guitar lead the way. First time on CD! Rare promotional cassette with some previously unreleased material. A must have! Marco Polo and Live Tasting are fantastic comeback efforts. Lots of great flute, sax, guitar and spacey keys. Similar to Locanda Delle Fate. Schock is their 3rd album and a soundtrack from and close to Goblin.

Gets better with every Untitled - Hiroyuki Moridaira - A Farm Village (CDr Heavy Hammond organ. Some amazing chops displayed here! Fans of Magenta, Karnataka and Renaissance will eat this up. One of the best to ever to come out of Italy! I hear a lot of Yes influence in them. Start with UT or Atomic System. Great progressive! Certainly one of the best of the 70s. Features Aldo Tagliapietra from Le Orme. Excellent prog with some psychedelia thrown in.

Features some wonderful organ and flute playing. The 2 bonus tracks are Caravan covers with Richard Sinclair. A wonderful trip back to the early 70s! Mixes prog, with fusion and Canterbury. A very unique album! Il Tempo has more of a refined classical approach. Il Linguaggio and Tempo are surprisingly good comeback progressive albums. Nice album at a nice price! Close to Museo Rosenbach so in other words its essential.

Maybe Jade Warrior meets King Crimson? Contaminazione is their symphonic masterpiece from Budget price. Lengthy 4 track EP clocks in at about 28 minutes and is a limited edition of Beautiful stuff! You can hear a lot of Banco and Locanda Delle Fate in them. Stunningly beautiful stuff! For Genesis fans this is a must!. For fans of Univers Zero and the likes. Heavy prog with some killer organ.

Interesting mix! Great symphonic progressive by both groups. Some great keyboard and flute passages www. Not far from some of Goblins creations. Great Hammond! What a beauty this is! For those into Canterbury and R. Formerly Eclisse. One of the best new Italian bands. Quite good debut! By far the best Jamaican album Ive ever heard! Heavy prog with excellent Hammond organ and mellotron. Death is dark Gothic. Outstanding stuff! Two side-long tracks. Excellent prog with organ and a sometimes spacey edge to it.

One of the best Japanese prog albums ever made! Solo piano and electronics. Tsuboy KBB guests on violin. Caesar and Kuni Kawachi. Clever prog evoking Crimson with symphonic overtones.

Another great Japanese one-off. Prog rock with Carmen Makis great voice leading the way. A bit like Henry Cow. Sirius, Terus Symphonia and Vienna. Reminds me of early Kenso. Crazy stuff! Musically this is more in line with Novela and Starless. Comes in a deluxe 9 x 12 hard cover packaging. Only a few copies available so hurry! Some brilliant guitar work here. Essential for KBB fans! Imagine a cross between Kenso and Asturias and you get the picture. Two 59 minute tracks! Lots of great flute, keys and guitar.

Band is already defunct. Good electronic complex rock. One of the best to come out of Mexico. Fernandez Ledesma, Banda Elastica. Floyd meets Genesis. Been out of print for ages. If you liked Matraz - Gritare then you should enjoy this as well.

Soft classical jazz. Heavy Mahavishnu influence. Pretty Amazing for Private release. Very much like Marillion but a bit heavier. Powerful, emotional and melodic! Very entertaining album! Nice stuff! Album: A Farm Village. Little Village is the only studio album by the band of the same name. They had previously worked as a group while recording Hiatt's solo album Bring the Family in Why," you ask?

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