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This Is Helena - OMD* - Dazzle Ships (Cassette, Album)

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The album was released on LP, compact cassette and compact disc. The "Radio Prague" track is the actual interval signal of the Czechoslovak Radio foreign service, including the time signal and station ID spoken in Czech.

The "This Is Helena", "ABC Auto-Industry" and "International" tracks also include parts of some broadcasts recorded off-air a presenter introducing herself, economic bulletin and news, respectively. It's quite evidently much closer in style to the bands coming second full-length album than the debut Isn't Anything album from ' The multi-layered dynamics are already here, but the production sound is somewhat murkier than what would succeed.

Anyway, this is a very fine ep and the three tracks you won't find on Loveless could easily have been included on that without lowering the quality or the status of that album. My Bloody Valentine "Isn't Anything" The album was the second that I heard with the band after listening to their Album) Loveless Despite being officially an Irish band, American Kevin Shields guitarist, vocalist, composer is the band's mastermind.

Prior to this, the band released a number of singles Album) eps without bassist Debbie Googe and especially also without Bilinda Butcher who contributed in shaping their iconic sound from around when former vocalist Dave Conway left the band. So what lies before '87 is basically music from what sounds like another band, and with Isn't Anything they initiate a style that many bands and artists copied in the early nineties, which may be referred to as 'noise pop' 'shoegaze' and 'dream pop', and which much later led other artists eg.

Only in recent years, I have come across their mini-album debut, This Is Your Bloody Valentinewhich really seems far from the style on this and their earliest releases with focus on 'post-punk', 'gothic rock' and I recall that Robert Smith The Cure in the late s referred to this band as one of his new favourites - and I often wondered if he had heard the style they came to abandon or the style that should become their trademark.

Isn't Anything is not as great as the iconic '91 album but it surely points in that direction - especially tracks 1, 4 and 7. Back in the 90s, I never really enjoyed this all that much, but I do understand its significance as a cornerstone in music history. Maybe, it's great music for background noise when painting or being in a creative process that involves craftsmanship with your hands instead of work that is dependent on more relaxed thinking processes.

Anyway, I don't think the album is easy to let in with it's unusual compositions build on walls of heavy distorted guitars, but if you're capable of seeing it as complex music with another purpose than just echoing nice poetic chorus lines in your head, it may appeal to you.

The album seems like caught between British 'indie pop', which was what Creation Records traditionally released at the time, and a much more unique sound of 'noise pop' echoing Sonic Youth and primarily originating in the US, and which in any case had its roots in the 'post-punk' movement. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. It broadcasts programmes about the Czech Republic on satellite and on the Internet.

The station broadcasts a total of 24 hours' worth of programmes per Album), 3 hours of which are new programmes one new minute programme in each of the six languages ; the remaining 21 hours are rebroadcasts. Rebroadcast programmes have fresh news bulletins. All programmes last for 30 minutes and have a standard layout: news, current affairs magazine and a feature. The theme of the feature changes each day and each section tailors programmes to This Is Helena - OMD* - Dazzle Ships (Cassette its audience.

The weekend broadcasts have a slightly more relaxed structure, they contain less news and more features devoted to the arts, social affairs, and music.

Radio Prague International produces a number Album) programmes in co-operation with other radio stations, and also for them. It was named after wartime camouflage boats. In fact I don't think you could design a Album) more ripe for revisionism: It's got a strong backstory, it's as ambitious as it is catchy and it even has a gorgeous Peter Saville sleeve. Dazzle Ships was OMD's fourth album overall and the follow-up to their massively successful Architecture and Morality album, The highly-experimental Dazzle Ships differed from their previous releases by exploring the use of digital sampling keyboards.

Though not a commercial triumph when it was originally released, it is now considered one of their finest musical moments. Most discussed. Soundgarden - Superunknown play album Rock Download.

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Introduction - Various - Hits Of The USA (Vinyl, LP)

Retrieved May 20, Australian Chart Book Hung Medien. Retrieved July 31, Official Charts Company. Archived from the original on 22 July Retrieved August 1, Music Canada.

Recording Industry Association of America. ARIA Charts. Archived from the original on 21 July British Phonographic Industry. Retrieved July 17, Archived from the original on 10 July Song artist - America. Retrieved This was remedied by cutting at half the speed. Later, the special half-speed cutting heads and equalization techniques were employed to get wider frequency response in stereo with reduced distortion and greater headroom.

The mids saw the introduction of dbx -encoded records labelled " dbx disc " for the audiophile niche market. Encoded disks were recorded with the dynamic range compressed by a factor of two: quiet sounds were meant to be played back at low gain and loud sounds were meant to be played back at high gain, via automatic gain control in the playback equipment; this reduced the effect of surface noise on quiet passages.

A decoder was commercially available [61] but only one demo record [62] is known to have been produced in this format. Since the system was designed with playback compatibility of records on equipment without a CX decoder in mind, the maximum achievable noise reduction was limited to about 20 dB A. A total of about CX-encoded disks were produced internationally. Availibility of encoded disks in any of these formats stopped in the mids. In fact, the system was undocumentedly introduced into the market by several East-German record labels since The German reunification put an end to the further introduction of the system in Under the direction of recording engineer C.

Robert Fine, Mercury Records initiated a minimalist single microphone monaural recording technique in The first record, a Chicago Symphony Orchestra performance of Pictures at an Exhibitionconducted by Rafael Kubelikwas described as "being in the living presence of the orchestra" by The New York Times music critic.

The series of records was then named Mercury Living Presence. InMercury began three-channel stereo recordings, still based on the principle of the single microphone. The center single microphone was of paramount importance, with the two side mics adding depth and space. Record masters were cut directly from a three-track to two-track mixdown console, with all editing of the master tapes done on the original three-tracks. The greater thickness and width of 35 mm magnetic film prevented tape layer print-through and pre-echo and gained extended frequency range and transient response.

The Mercury Living Presence recordings were remastered to CD in the s by the original producer, Wilma Cozart Fine, using the same method of three-to-two mix directly to the master recorder. Through the s, s, and s, various methods to improve the dynamic range of mass-produced records involved highly advanced disc cutting equipment. RCA Victor introduced another system to reduce dynamic range and achieve a groove with less surface noise under the commercial name of Dynagroove.

Two main elements were combined: another disk material with less surface noise in the groove and dynamic compression for masking background noise. Sometimes this was called "diaphragming" the source material and not favoured by some music lovers for its unnatural side effects. Both elements were reflected in the brandname of Dynagroove, described elsewhere in more detail. It also used the earlier advanced method of forward-looking control on groove spacing with respect to volume of sound and position on the disk.

Lower recorded volume used closer spacing; higher recorded volume used wider spacing, especially with lower frequencies. Also, the higher track density at lower volumes enabled disk recordings to end farther away from the disk center than usual, helping to reduce endtrack distortion even further.

Also in the late s, " direct-to-disc " records were produced, aimed at an audiophile niche market. These completely bypassed the use of magnetic tape in favor of a "purist" transcription directly to the master LP) disc. Also during this period, half-speed mastered and "original master" records were released, using expensive state-of-the-art technology. A further late s development was the Disco Eye-Cued system used mainly on Motown inch singles released between and The introduction, drum-breaks, or choruses of a track were indicated by widely separated grooves, giving a visual cue to DJs mixing the records.

The appearance of these records is similar to an LP, but they only contain one track each side. ELPJa Japanese-based company, sells a laser turntable that uses a laser to read vinyl discs optically, without physical contact. The laser turntable eliminates record wear and the possibility of accidental scratches, which degrade the sound, but its expense limits use primarily to digital archiving of analog records, and the laser does not play back colored vinyl or picture discs.

Various other laser-based turntables were tried during the s, but while a laser reads the groove very accurately, since it does not touch the record, the dust that vinyl attracts due to static electric charge is not mechanically pushed out of the groove, worsening sound quality in casual use compared to conventional stylus playback. In some ways similar to the laser turntable is the IRENE scanning machine for disc records, which images with microphotography, invented by a team of physicists at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories.

In order to convert to a digital sound file, this is then played by a version of the same 'virtual stylus' program developed by the research team in real-time, converted to digital and, if desired, processed through sound-restoration programs. Terms such as "long-play" LP and "extended-play" EP describe multi-track records that play much longer than the single-item-per-side records, which typically do not go much past four minutes per side.

An LP can play for up to 30 minutes per side, though most played for about 22 minutes per side, bringing the total playing time of a typical LP recording to about forty-five minutes. Many pre LPs, however, played for about 15 minutes per side. The 7-inch 45 rpm format normally contains one item per side but a 7-inch EP could achieve recording times of 10 to 15 minutes at the expense of attenuating and compressing the sound to reduce the width required by the groove.

EP discs were generally used to make available tracks not on singles including tracks on LPs albums in a smaller, less expensive format for those who had only 45 rpm players. The term "album", originally used to mean a "book" with liner notes, holding several 78 rpm records each in its own "page" or sleeve, no longer has any relation to the physical format: a single LP record, or nowadays more typically a compact disc. The term EP is still used for a release that is longer than a single but shorter than an album, even if it is not on vinyl format.

The usual diameters of the holes are 0. Many 7" singles pressed outside the US come with the smaller spindle hole size, and are occasionally pressed with notches to allow the center part to be "punched out" for playing on larger spindles. Sizes of records in the United States and the UK are generally measured in inches, e. LPs were inch records at first, but soon the inch size became by far the most common. Generally, 78s were inch, but inch and 7-inch and even smaller were made—the so-called "little wonders".

Flexi discs were thin flexible records that were distributed with magazines and as promotional gifts from the s to the s. This format was soon dropped as it became clear that the RCA Victor 45 was the single of choice and the Columbia inch LP would be the album of choice. Most colors were soon dropped in favor of black because of production problems. However, yellow and deep red were continued until about Price, plant manager. In the s, the government of Bhutan produced now-collectible postage stamps on playable vinyl mini-discs.

The normal commercial disc is engraved with two sound-bearing concentric spiral grooves, one on each side, running from the outside edge towards the center. The last part of the spiral meets an earlier part to form a circle. The sound is encoded by fine variations in the edges of the groove that cause a stylus needle placed in it to vibrate at acoustic frequencies when the disc is rotated at the correct speed. Generally, the outer and inner parts of the groove bear no intended sound exceptions include the Beatles ' Sgt.

Increasingly from the early 20th century, [77] and almost exclusively since the s, both sides of the record have been used to carry the grooves. Occasional records have been issued since then with a recording on only one side.

In the s Columbia records briefly issued a series of less expensive one-sided 45 rpm singles. The majority of non rpm records are pressed on black vinyl.

The coloring material used to blacken the transparent PVC plastic mix is carbon blackwhich increases the strength of the disc and makes it opaque. Some records are pressed on colored vinyl or with paper pictures embedded in them "picture discs". During the s there was a trend for releasing singles on colored vinyl—sometimes with large inserts that could be used as posters. This trend has been revived recently with 7-inch singles.

The actual dimension of a inch record is mm Records made in other countries are standardized by different organizations, but are very similar in size. The record diameters are typically nominally mm, mm and mm. There is an area about 3 mm 0. The stylus is lowered onto the lead-in, without damaging the recorded section of the groove. Between tracks on the recorded section of an LP record there is usually a short gap of around 1 mm 0.

This space is clearly visible, making it easy to find a particular track. Towards the center, at the end of the groove, there is another wide-pitched section known as the lead-out. At the very end of this section the groove joins itself to form a complete circle, called the lock groove ; when the stylus reaches this point, it circles repeatedly until lifted from the record.

On some recordings for example Sgt. Automatic turntables rely on the position or angular velocity of the arm, as it reaches the wider spacing in the groove, to trigger a mechanism that lifts the arm off the record.

Precisely because of this mechanism, most automatic turntables are incapable of playing any audio in the lock groove, since they will lift the arm before it reaches that groove. The catalog number and stamper ID is written or stamped in the space between the groove in the lead-out on the master disc, resulting in visible recessed writing on the final version of a record. Sometimes the cutting engineer might add handwritten comments or their signature, if they are particularly pleased with the quality of the cut.

These are generally referred to as "run-out etchings". When auto-changing turntables were commonplace, records were typically pressed with a raised or ridged Introduction - Various - Hits Of The USA (Vinyl edge and a raised label area, allowing records to be stacked onto each other without the delicate grooves coming into contact, reducing the risk of damage.

Auto-changers included a mechanism to support a stack of several records above the turntable itself, dropping them one at a time onto the active turntable to be played in order. Many longer sound recordings, such as complete operas, were interleaved across several inch or inch discs for use with auto-changing mechanisms, so that the first disk of a three-disk recording would carry sides 1 and 6 of the program, while the second disk would carry sides 2 and 5, and the third, sides 3 and 4, allowing sides 1, 2, and 3 to be played automatically; then the whole stack reversed to play sides 4, 5, and 6.

The sound quality and durability of vinyl records is highly dependent on the quality of the vinyl. During the early s, as a cost-cutting move, much of the industry began reducing the thickness and quality of vinyl used in mass-market manufacturing.

The technique was marketed by RCA Victor as the Dynaflex g process, but was considered inferior by most record collectors. If stored correctly, vinyl records are often said to "last forever". But if played often, deep scratches on the surface slowly destroy the records.

Unlike CD's however, a vinyl record isn't affected only by time passing. Vinyl is a material which is sensitive for high temperatures as well as uneven temperatures on different parts of a record.

Many collectors prefer to have heavyweight vinyl albums, which have been reported to have better sound than normal vinyl because of their higher tolerance against deformation caused by normal play. Manufacturing processes are identical regardless of weight. In fact, pressing lightweight records requires more care. An exception is the propensity of g pressings to be slightly more prone to non-fill, when the vinyl biscuit does not sufficiently fill a deep groove during pressing percussion or vocal amplitude changes are the Introduction - Various - Hits Of The USA (Vinyl locations of these artifacts.

This flaw causes a grinding or scratching sound at the non-fill point. Virgin vinyl means that the album is not from recycled plastic, and will theoretically be devoid of these impurities. In practice, this depends on the manufacturer's quality control. The " orange peel " effect on vinyl records is caused by worn molds. Rather than having the proper mirror-like finish, the surface of the record will have a texture that looks like orange peel. This introduces noise into the record, particularly in the lower frequency range.

With direct metal mastering DMMthe master disc is cut on a copper-coated disc, which can also have a minor "orange peel" effect on the disc itself. As this "orange peel" originates in the master rather than being introduced in the pressing stage, there is no ill effect as there is no physical distortion of the groove.

Original master discs are created by lathe-cutting: a lathe is used to cut a modulated groove into a blank record. The blank records for cutting used to be cooked up, as needed, by the cutting engineer, using what Robert K.

Morrison describes as a "metallic soap", containing lead litharge, ozokerite, barium sulfate, montan wax, stearin and paraffin, among other ingredients. Cut "wax" sound discs would be placed in a vacuum chamber and gold-sputtered to make them electrically conductive for use as mandrels in an electroforming bath, where pressing stamper parts were made. Later, the French company Pyral invented a ready-made blank disc having a thin nitro-cellulose lacquer coating approximately 7 mils thickness on both sides that was applied to an aluminum substrate.

Lacquer cuts result in an immediately playable, or processable, master record. If vinyl pressings are wanted, the still-unplayed sound disc is used as a mandrel for electroforming nickel records that are used for manufacturing pressing stampers. The electroformed nickel records are mechanically separated from their respective mandrels.

This is done with relative ease because no actual "plating" of the mandrel occurs in the type of electrodeposition known as electroforming, unlike with electroplating, in which the adhesion of the new phase of metal is chemical and relatively permanent. The one-molecule-thick coating of silver that was sprayed onto the processed lacquer sound disc in order to make its surface electrically conductive reverse-plates onto the nickel record's face.

This negative impression disc having ridges in place of grooves is known as a nickel master, "matrix" or "father". The "father" is then used as a mandrel to electroform a positive disc known as a "mother". Many mothers can be grown on a single "father" before ridges deteriorate beyond effective use. The "mothers" are then used as mandrels for electroforming more negative discs known as "sons".

Each "mother" can be used to make many "sons" before deteriorating. The "sons" are then converted into "stampers" by center-punching a spindle hole which was lost from the lacquer sound disc during initial electroforming of the "father"and by custom-forming the target pressing profile.

This allows them to be placed in the dies of the target make and model record press and, by center-roughing, to facilitate the adhesion of the label, which gets stuck onto the vinyl pressing without any glue.

In this way, several million vinyl discs can be produced from a single lacquer sound disc. When only a few hundred discs are required, instead of electroforming a "son" for each sidethe "father" is removed of its silver and converted into a stamper. Production by this latter method, known as the "two-step process" as it does not entail creation of "sons" but does involve creation of "mothers", which are used for test playing and kept as "safeties" for electroforming future "sons" is limited to a few hundred vinyl pressings.

The pressing count can increase if the stamper holds out and the quality of the vinyl is high. The "sons" made during a "three-step" electroforming make better stampers since they don't require silver removal which reduces some high fidelity because of etching erasing part of the smallest groove modulations and also because they have a stronger metal structure than "fathers". Shellac 78s are fragile, and must be handled carefully.

In the event of a 78 breaking, the pieces might remain loosely connected by the label and still be playable if the label holds them together, although there is a loud pop with each pass over the crack, and breaking of the stylus is likely. Breakage was very common in the shellac era.

He wanted to cry but could not. Salinger 's novel The Catcher in the Rye occurs after the adolescent protagonist buys a record for his younger sister but drops it and "it broke into pieces I damn-near cried, it made me feel so terrible. Another problem with shellac was that the size of the disks tended to be Introduction - Various - Hits Of The USA (Vinyl because it was limited to 80— groove walls per inch before the risk of groove collapse became too high, whereas vinyl could have up to groove walls per inch.

By the time World War II began, major labels were experimenting with laminated records. As stated above, and in several record advertisements of the period, the materials that make for a quiet surface shellac are notoriously weak and fragile. Conversely the materials that make for a strong disc cardboard and other fiber products are not those known for allowing a quiet noise-free surface. Although vinyl records are strong and don't break easily, they scratch due to its soft material sometimes resulting in ruining the record.

Vinyl readily acquires a static charge, attracting dust that is difficult to remove completely. Dust and scratches cause audio clicks and pops. In extreme cases, they can cause the needle to skip over a series of grooves, or worse yet, cause the needle to skip backwards, creating a "locked groove" that repeats over and over.

This is the origin of the phrase " like a broken record " or "like a scratched record", which is often used to describe a Introduction - Various - Hits Of The USA (Vinyl or thing that continually repeats itself. Vinyl records can be warped by heatimproper storage, exposure to sunlight, or manufacturing defects such as excessively tight plastic shrinkwrap on the album cover.

A small degree of warp was common, and allowing for it was part of the art of turntable and tonearm design. Standard practice for LPs was to place the LP in a paper or plastic inner cover.

This, if placed within the outer cardboard cover so that the opening was entirely within the outer cover, was said to reduce ingress of dust onto the record surface. Singles, with rare exceptions, had simple paper covers with no inner cover. A further limitation of the gramophone record is that fidelity steadily declines as playback progresses; there is more vinyl per second available for fine reproduction of high frequencies at the large-diameter beginning of the groove than exist at the smaller diameters close to the end of the side.

At the start of a groove on an LP there are mm of vinyl per second traveling past the stylus while the ending of the groove gives — mm of vinyl per second — less than half the linear resolution.

Another problem arises because of the geometry of the tonearm. Master recordings are cut on a recording lathe where a sapphire stylus moves radially across the blank, suspended on a straight track and driven by a lead screw. Most turntables use a pivoting tonearm, introducing side forces and pitch and azimuth errors, and thus distortion in the playback signal. Various mechanisms were devised in attempts to compensate, with varying degrees of success.

See more at phonograph. There is controversy about the relative quality of CD sound and LP sound when the latter is heard under the very best conditions see Analog vs. It is notable, however, that one technical advantage with vinyl compared to the optical CD is that if correctly handled and stored, the vinyl record will be playable for decades and possibly centuries, [85] which is longer than some versions of the optical CD. Guidelines for proper vinyl storage include not stacking records on top of each other, avoiding heat or direct sunlight and placing them in a temperature controlled area which will help prevent vinyl records from warping and scratching.

Collectors store their records in a variety of boxes, cubes, shelves and racks. Even so, these early electronically recorded records used the exponential-horn phonograph see Orthophonic Victrola for reproduction. CD-4 LPs contain two sub-carriers, one in the left groove wall and one in the right groove wall. CD-4 sub-carriers could be played with any type stylus as long as the pickup cartridge had CD-4 frequency response. The recommended stylus for CD-4 as well as regular stereo records was a line contact or Shibata type.

Gramophone sound includes rumble, which is low-frequency below about 30 Hz mechanical noise generated by the motor bearings and picked up by the stylus. Equipment of modest quality is relatively unaffected by these issues, as the amplifier and speaker will not reproduce such low frequencies, but high-fidelity turntable assemblies need careful design to minimize audible rumble. Tonearm skating forces and other perturbations are also picked up by the stylus. This is a form of frequency multiplexing as the control signal restoring force used to keep the stylus in the groove is carried by the same mechanism as the sound itself.

Subsonic frequencies below about 20 Hz in the audio signal are dominated by tracking effects, which is one form of unwanted rumble "tracking noise" and merges with audible frequencies in the deep bass range up to about Hz. High fidelity sound equipment can reproduce tracking noise and rumble. During a quiet passage, woofer speaker cones can sometimes be seen to vibrate with the subsonic tracking of the stylus, at frequencies as low as just above 0. Another reason for very low frequency material can be a warped disk: its undulations produce frequencies of only a few hertz and present day amplifiers have large power bandwidths.

For this reason, many stereo receivers contained a switchable subsonic filter. Some subsonic content is directly out of phase in each channel. If played back on a mono subwoofer system, the noise will cancel, significantly reducing the amount of rumble that is reproduced.

High frequency hiss is generated as the stylus rubs against the vinyl, and dirt and dust on the vinyl produces popping and ticking sounds. The latter can be reduced somewhat by cleaning the record before playback.

Due to recording mastering and manufacturing limitations, both high and low frequencies were removed from the first recorded signals by various formulae. With low frequencies, the stylus must swing a long way from side to side, requiring the groove to be wide, taking up more space and limiting the playing time of the record. At high frequencies, hiss, pops, and ticks are significant. These problems can be reduced by using equalization to an agreed standard. Each disc manufacturer applied their own version of an equalization curve mostly because each manufacturer's equalization curve was protected by interlocking patents.

Low-end reproduction equipment applied a compromise playback equalization that reproduced most discs reasonably well.

However, amplifiers for audiophile equipment were equipped with an equalization selector with a position for most, if not all, disc manufacturers. The net effect of equalization is to allow longer playing time and lower background noise while maintaining full fidelity of music or other content. Consequently, both low-quality and audiophile reproducers alike could replay any recording with the correct equalization.

There are two versions of the reproduction RIAA equalization curve. The first, is simply the inverse of the recording curve designed for cheaper equipment using crystal or ceramic reproduction cartridges. The second curve is intended for equipment fitted with magnetic reproduction cartridges where the output voltage is dependent on the frequency of the recorded signal the voltage output is directly proportional to the frequency of the recorded signal; that is: the voltage doubles as the recorded frequency doubles.

The audio quality of LPs has increased greatly since their inception. While early LP recordings were monophonicstereophony had been demonstrated in and Alan Blumlein had patented Stereophonic sound in Unsuccessful attempts were made to create stereophonic records starting in the s, including Emory Cook 's "binaural" LPs using two precisely spaced tracks on the record one track for each channel which had to be played with two monaural pick-ups on a tuning-fork-shaped tonearm.

The modern system ultimately released by Audio Fidelity Records in November uses two modulation angles, equal and opposite 45 degrees from vertical and so perpendicular to each other. It can also be thought of as using traditional horizontal modulation for the sum of left and right channels monomaking it essentially compatible with simple mono recordings, and vertical-plane modulation for the difference of the two channels.

The composition of vinyl used to press records a blend of polyvinyl chloride and polyvinyl acetate has varied considerably over the years. Virgin vinyl is preferred, but during the s energy crisisit became commonplace to use recycled vinyl.

Sound quality suffered, with increased ticks, pops, and other surface noises. Using a biscuit of grams of vinyl had been the standard.

Records in different novelty shapes have also been produced. Many critics have expressed skepticism regarding the cost and quality of HD records. The audio engineering software was created with mastering engineers Scott Hull and Darcy Propera four-time Grammy winner. The demonstration offered the first simulations of what HD Vinyl records are likely to sound like, ahead of actual HD vinyl physical record production.

Loibl discussed the Perfect Groove software at a presentation titled "Vinyl 4. Disc jockeys or DJs in clubs still frequently use vinyl records, as cueing tracks from cassette tapes is too slow and CDs did not allow creative playback options until The term "DJ", which had always meant a person who played various pieces of music on the radio originally 78s, then 45s, then tape cartridges and reels; now cuts from CDs or tracks on a computer — a play on the horse-racing term "jockey" — has also come to encompass all kinds of skills in " scratching " record playback manipulation and mixing dance musicrapping over the music or even playing musical instrumentsbut the original dance club non-radio definition was simply somebody who played records, alternating between two turntables.

The skill came in subtly matching beats or instruments from one song to the next, providing a consistent dance tempo. DJs also made occasional announcements and chatted on the side with patrons while songs were playing to take requests, similar to what radio disc jockeys have been doing since the s.

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Retrieved August 12, The New York Times. September 18, Retrieved November 25, New York: Saturday Review Press, Scott, a Developer of the LP, Dies at 92". Star-crossed Kacey Musgraves peak position: 3 — total weeks: 3.

Justice Justin Bieber peak position: 1 — total weeks: Hall Of Fame Polo G peak position: 1 — total weeks: Dreamland Glass Animals peak position: 7 — total weeks: Trip At Knight Trippie Redd peak position: 2 — total weeks: 6. Fine Line Harry Styles peak position: 1 — total weeks: Sticker - The 3rd Album Nct peak position: 3 — total weeks: 2.

Greatest Hits Queen peak position: 8 — total weeks: Folklore Taylor Swift peak position: 1 — total weeks: Metallica The Black Album Metallica peak position: 9 — total weeks: Country Stuff ep Walker Hayes peak position: 32 — total weeks: Rumours Fleetwood Mac peak position: 7 — total weeks: Curtain Call: The Hits Eminem peak position: 1 — total weeks: Nevermind Nirvana peak position: 13 — total weeks: Astroworld Travis Scott peak position: 1 — total weeks: Diamonds Elton John peak position: 7 — total weeks: Positions Ariana Grande peak position: 1 — total weeks: Jose J.

Balvin peak position: 12 — total weeks: 3. Billie Eilish peak position: 1 — total weeks: The Goat Polo G peak position: 2 — total weeks:

Black Tiger - Y & T - Ultimate Collection (CD), Come Rain Or Come Shine - Carmen McRae - Something Wonderful (CD, Album), When The Saints Go Marching In - The Stevens Singers - The Exciting Gospel Sound (Vinyl, LP, Album), Overlords - Dry-Rot - Permission E.P. (Vinyl), Saturn, The Bringer Of Old Age - Tomita - The Planets (Cassette, Album), Hybridized - Agent Steel - Alienigma (CD, Album), Youre Drivin Me Crazy (Club Mix) - B. Bob - Crunchips - Da steckt Musik drin! (CD), Mind Dimension 1 - Various - Clubbers Guide 2009 (CD), Et Barn Er Født I Betlehem - Sølvguttene - Synger Julen Inn (Vinyl, LP, Album), Rush - A Show Of Hands (CD, Album), Points Of Authority (Jay Gordon Mix) - Linkin Park - Greatest Hits (CD), Come On... - The Lords Of Altamont - To Hell With The Lords Of Altamont (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Dont Tell Me - Madonna - GHV2 (Cassette)

It Dont Tell Me - Madonna - GHV2 (Cassette) would have cracked the top if a commercial single had been available. Fortunately not. By the time Jump came out I remember joking to a friend that they probably produced about copies…demand for commercial singles was virtually non-existant by that point, so that number might not actually be too far from the truth! I wish there had been a Canadian CD release in a standard jewel case. I love those Canadian CD maxi pressings, they are so unique!

I definitely prefer them now. At first I was a bit jealous because the digipaks and other cardboard-based packaging configurations seemed like something unique in comparison to the regular old jewel cases…but after buying some of the U.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The following week the song would slide to 2 in Club Play while the maxi-single would debut at 20 on the Maxi-Single Sales chart.

Just, you know, rip my skin off, do not tell me who I should love, or how I should love. Like this: Like Loading Madonnapedia Explore. Recent blog posts Forum. Explore Wikis Community Central. Other stations quickly followed suit, prompting an early but very strong debut at 41 on the Billboard Hot in the U.

Die Another Day was written and produced by Madonna and Mirwais with string arrangement by the late, great Michel Colombier. Colombier sadly Dont Tell Me - Madonna - GHV2 (Cassette) a brief battle with Dont Tell Me - Madonna - GHV2 (Cassette) inleaving behind a legacy of celebrated collaborations with the likes of Serge Gainsbourg, Prince and Joni Mitchell, to name only a few.

She was whip-smart and short on patience; and to tell the truth, she scared me more than a little, Dont Tell Me - Madonna - GHV2 (Cassette) along with her sister Paula, her presence upon my landscape nudged open a door through which I would pass and find my life utterly and forever changed…that unusual and sprawling family becoming, years later, my own.

No one is more surprised than I by the way our lives have expanded; by the way that our journeys have diverged and become entangled. Dont Tell Me - Madonna - GHV2 (Cassette) Canada, it was released only on CD maxi-single. Aside from the promotional aspect, Madonna also used the club shows as Dont Tell Me - Madonna - GHV2 (Cassette) opportunity to test the waters for performing live shows again following a seven-year hiatus from touring.

The Brixton Academy performance was streamed live across the internet to an estimated 9 million viewers.

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Tessa Martin - Tumadance (CD)

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For additional information you can visit Tessa Martin - Tumadance (CD) privacy policy and cookie policy. Mainland China. South Korea. United Kingdom. Home Applications Home Applications. DIY Magazine. Industrial Solutions. Our series Read more. Customized solutions Read more. Adhesive solutions for home and office Read more. Inspiring partnerships — university collaborations worldwide Read more.

Highly reliable solutions for Tessa Martin - Tumadance (CD) Read more. All wrapped up! Read more. Mounting Due to their high and long-lasting adhesive strength, double-sided tapes allow objects to be quickly and easily fixed to a wide range of different surfaces. Packaging Whether light or heavy cartons, short transportation or long overseas Tessa Martin - Tumadance (CD), tesa packaging tapes ensure security of shipments under all conditions. Related Tags Add tags. Tracklist Sorted by: Running order Running order Most popular.

Buy Loading. More Love this track. Play album Buy Loading. External Links Apple Music. Artist images. She Tessa Martin - Tumadance (CD) made 2 songs : "Terriblement efficace" and "Tumadance" which talk about indians. View wiki. Terribly effective, a genuine living legend.

She have m… read more. Similar Artists Play all. Tessa Martin - Tumadance (CD) 30 years old exclusive dairy which changed to a complete new processing line. Haamal 19, Gan Yavne, Israel. Your details were sent successfully! Who is Tessa Dairy Machinery?

Contact us. Contact Us Now. For Information c ontact our main office. For Information c ontact our main offices.

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Are Am Eye? - Various - Five Phases Of The Noom - The Ultimate Cuts Of Half A Decade (Vinyl, LP)

Jack Of Clubs Vol. The Dynamic Kutz Vol. Fire Mousse T. Peach Let's Dance Mr. Spring Profondo Rosso Mr. Reggi Untitled Racoon 3 The Joker! Artiest Magic-D. Koning Beuk Artiest The Noisemaker. Wegens overgang op andere muziekstijlen bied ik mijn oude hardstyle verzameling aan.

Ze hoeven niet weg, maar ze liggen hier Are Am Eye? - Various - Five Phases Of The Noom - The Ultimate Cuts Of Half A Decade (Vinyl te liggen. Mooie Terror Traxx collectie. Heb nog meer platen te koop behalve dit. Bij intresse graag een pb. Juggernaut - I'm A Ruffneck!!! Tjitse Artiest The Jackal. Uitspraak van verwijderd op woensdag 12 september om Werkzaam bij 12" House.

Ark - H. Lars B. Dzenita - Free 12" Tech! Open navigation menu. Are Am Eye? - Various - Five Phases Of The Noom - The Ultimate Cuts Of Half A Decade (Vinyl suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Uploaded by beatcollect. Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for inappropriate content.

Download now. Premium Media TZ. What is it about 'Squid Game'? How the South Korean horror series stunned Hollywood and even Netflix with its global popularity. Entertainment TZ. The popular convention is back at the Javits Center in NYC from October 7 to 10 and Insider is rounding up photos of the best cosplay we see. Culture TZ. A viral video showed a man responding to an anti-vax protester asking why homeless people aren't "dead in the streets" because of COVID International TZ.

News TZ. Another petition was created in support of Eden High School Principal Sharon Burns and has already gained 10, signatures. Just days after his departure from the Democratic party, Yang joined Carlson to critique the two-party system and promote his hopeful third party. Transportation TZ. Tech TZ. Loading Something is loading. Brian Laundrie's parents' story has a lot of 'oddness' and things Are Am Eye? - Various - Five Phases Of The Noom - The Ultimate Cuts Of Half A Decade (Vinyl 'don't make sense,' say police, as search for him continues Police said LP) were still working out how Brian Laundrie escaped undetected while under surveillance over Gabby Petito's disappearance.

Home TZ. A chef living in a van shares the clever storage hacks she uses to maximize her tiny kitchen Chef Nat Rodriguez leaves no space unused in her kitchen thanks to smart storage hacks, including a slide-out pantry and a sink cover.

Royals TZ. Katie Couric says Prince Harry had cigarettes and alcohol oozing from 'every pore' before he met Meghan Markle In Katie Couric's new memoir, "Going There," the veteran journalist said that she met the royal during his "wild-oats sowing phase" in It is a sequel to the original movie.

Lifestyle TZ. Explore the gift store. Shop now. See more Discover Furniture See more See more. Australia Are Am Eye?

- Various - Five Phases Of The Noom - The Ultimate Cuts Of Half A Decade (Vinyl books. Shop new arrivals. Amazon Device Accessories. Thank your frontline hero with a Gift Card. See more Send someone a delightful hamper See more See more.

See more Discover Outdoor products See more See more. More function. More fun. Order the new iPad.

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Never Enough (Jesse Rose Remix) - Various - Hed Kandi: Ibiza 2013 (CD)

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Usually ships within 48 hours Price: 19,95 EUR incl. Michael Verhoeven's controversial film o. Five American soldiers are bored in their trench and rape a passing young Vietnamese woman. In an attempt to cover up the act, they kill her. Producer Rob Houwer and director Michael Verhoeven discuss in an additional feature how the film, as a competition entry at the Berlin Film Festival, caused a scandal and led to the festival's collapse.

Robert Reinert combines exotic Selbstverrat with erotic visuals in his film Opiumwhich accompanies an English doctor to China and India on his research into the effects of opium. The color tints and tones reinforce the psychedelic vibe of the frivolous dreams populated by elves and satyrs.

The Selbstverrat of the intertitles changes according to the location. Mutilated by censors and distributors, Reinert's classic has now been painstakingly recon- structed. Sich auf sich selbst auszurichten. Welche Tendenz hat das System, was erhofft es sich?

Der Wunsch nach Freiheit muss Selbstverrat sein und setzt sich durch auf Dauer. Einfach da sein, kein Einmischen. So, wie es ist, ist es. Your rating has been recorded.

Write a review Rate this item: 1 2 3 4 5. Preview this item Preview this item. Gegenstand seiner Kritik sind besonders die vielen deutschen Intellektuellen, die der faschistischen Ideologie verfielen und denen er "Selbstverrat des Geistes" zugunsten eines als rauschhaft verstandenen Lebens vorwirft.

Read more Find a copy online Links to this item Inhaltsverzeichnis Inhaltsverzeichnis Inhaltsverzeichnis Inhaltsverzeichnis Rezension. Show all links. Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. Save Cancel. Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

Sei mutig und schau deiner Angst ins Gesicht. Nimm sie voll und ganz an. Schatten werden entweder erkannt und integriert. In deine Mitte kommst du jedoch nur. Das Leben und die Liebe fordern von dir. Sie wollen, an dem tiefsten Punkt angekommen. To put Hannes Wader in front of the camera in an Selbstverrat when communists were banned from working professionally in West Germany was a political statement. Hayden often seemed to be sleepwalking through his films, cooler even and more distant than Robert Mitchum.

His eyes, quite small for a man of his size, often seemed to gaze at some unattainable far distance. He was marked by a deep rootlessness, in odd contrast to his physical presence and strength. In Johnny Guitarthe John Carradine character says to him, "that's a lot of man you're Selbstverrat in those boots, stranger.

Passing The Blues - Various - Walldorf Rock‘n‘Roll Weekender 2016 (CD), Κώστας Φερεντίνος - Αποκαϊδια (Vinyl, LP, Album), 2004 SeoTaiJi Teaser, Safest Place To Hide - Backstreet Boys - Never Gone (CD, Album), Murder - David Gilmour - About Face (Vinyl, LP, Album), Small Shape, Bloodaddict - Various - Original Hardcore Volume 3 (CD), S.H.I.T. (3) - Demo 2012 (Cassette), Stella Bernard - In Deiner Hand Geborgen (Vinyl, LP, Album), Jimmie Rodgers - The Legendary Jimmie Rodgers Vol. 1 (Vinyl, LP), Swing (Club Mix) - Digiband - Soyus 7 / Swing (Vinyl), The Living Daylights - The Ian Rich Orchestra - Totally...James Bond - The Essential 007 Themes (CD), Brave - The Sparrows - Rattle Creak And Murmur (File, Album), Rainettes Des Temples Et Reinettes De Taipei - Various - Sonatura n°10 - Hors Série, Phonographies B, Feel Like Makin Love - Hugo Montenegro - Others By Brothers (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Jennifer Brown - My Everything (CD)

Voice Media Group. Retrieved April 5, AOL Radio. AOL Inc. UBM plc. April 23, Archived from the original on August 30, Her Campus. Her Campus Media. We Hate to Love.

London: Channel 4. Archived from the original on January 24, Retrieved December 6, Prometheus Global Media. October 4, Retrieved May 5, Nielsen Media Research. October 26, ISSN November 23, November 30, December 14, December 28, Top 40 Singles. Official Charts Company. April 9, February 13, Retrieved August 11, CBS Sports. Lo Go Back To School". CBS News. September 25, Retrieved October 2, MTV Buzzworthy. Archived from the original on September 28, Retrieved September 25, Wenner Media.

March 2, Nielsen Business Media, Inc. August 6, Giant Digital. Sexually, I'm More of a Switzerland. ISBN Retrieved April 9, ET Online. April 8, Devin Lazerine. August 26, MTV News. Retrieved May 18, Retrieved February 9, Paper Communications. Vanity Fair. Archived from the original on July 14, Retrieved April 14, Archived from the original on March 4, Archived from the original on April 15, Extra TV. March 25, Archived from the original on December 21, New York Post.

May 12, Archived from the original on April 9, Latina Media Ventures. May 13, Lo's video 'Block ' ". Archived from the original on March 1, May 3, Archived from the original on January 3, August 9, Archived from the original on August 11, BBC News. January 17, Daily Mirror. Trinity Mirror. September 30, Ultratop January 11, Retrieved March 23, Les classement single.

GfK Entertainment Charts. Retrieved April 3, Archived from the original on October 19, Retrieved September 2, I have listed some useful sources below. Also, acts that have been entered multiple times are welcome this round, but not 'too many' times. BUT it did chart in the Belgian Top 40 at Maywood's Distant Love might've been a tricky one So, check your potentials, and let's have a floppin' good time!

As this is the round where we ALL are flops!! And chanex - no worries, I have my dud ready to go! Last edited: Sep 9, WoW73Aug 13, So maybe that would be a reason for a veto in this round. Last edited: Aug 13, Last edited: Aug 21, The Singles! Love this theme actually WoW73! Phonetics GirlFilippaUntouchable Ace and 3 others like this. Phonetics GirlFilippaUntouchable Ace and 2 others like this. Phonetics GirlFilippaUntouchable Ace and 4 others like this. His parents had divorced, and his mother's boyfriend terrified him by subjecting her to domestic violence.

At age 13, Brown was discovered by Hitmission Records, a local production team that visited his father's gas station while searching for new talent. The negotiations with Def Jam continued for two months, and Davis then lost her job due to a corporate merger.

Brown asked her to be his manager, and once Davis accepted, she promoted the singer to labels such as Jive RecordsJ-Records and Warner Bros. According to Mark Pittsin an interview with HitQuartersDavis presented Brown with a video recording, and Pitts' reaction was: "I saw huge potential I didn't love all the records, but I loved his voice.

It wasn't a problem because I knew that he could sing, and I knew how to make records. Brown stated, "I picked Jive because they had the best success with younger artists in the pop market, [ After being signed to Jive Records inBrown began recording his self-titled debut studio album in February By May, there were 50 songs already recorded, 14 of which were picked to the final track listing. Released on November 29,the self-titled Chris Brown album debuted at number two on the Billboard with first week sales ofcopies.

On June 13,Brown released a DVD entitled Chris Brown's Journeywhich shows footage of him traveling in England and Japan, getting ready for his first visit to the Grammy Awardsbehind the scenes of his music videos and bloopers. Due to the tour, production for his next album was pushed back two months. Jackson Show on its pilot episode. In JanuaryBrown landed a small role as a band geek in the fourth season of the American television series The O.

Shortly after ending his summer tour with Ne-Yo, Brown quickly began production for his second studio album, Exclusive. However, " Kiss Kiss ", featuring and produced by T-Painreleased as the album's second single, received huge success, reaching number one on the US Billboard Hot chart, and becoming Brown's second number one single following "Run It!

Exclusive was released in the United States on November 6, The album debuted at number four on the US Billboard chart, sellingcopies in its first week, [39] and received generally positive reviews from music critics. In NovemberBrown starred as a video host for St. He showed his support by encouraging students to use their math skills to help children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases.

Brown re-released Exclusive on June Jennifer Brown - My Everything (CD),as a deluxe edition, renamed Exclusive: The Forever Editionseven months after the release of the original version. The re-released version featured four new tracks, including the Eurodisco single " Forever ", which became one of his most known singles, reaching number two on Billboard Hot InBrown began work on his third studio album, to be called Graffitipromising to experiment with a different musical direction inspired by singers Prince and Michael Jackson.

He stated, "I wanted to change it up and really be different. Like my style nowadays, I don't try to be Jennifer Brown - My Everything (CD) urban. I want to be like how Prince, Michael and Stevie Wonder were. They can cross over to any genre of music. The incident also caused Brown to lose significant commercial contracts, including one with Doublemint. The singer later participated in numerous television appearances during the year to express himself publicly about it.

The song reached number 53 on the Billboard Hot Brown, with this album, started to take more control of his art, managing the artistic direction, and writing every song of the album with the exception of the song "I'll Go", written and produced by Brian Kennedy and James Fauntleroy.

The album, compared to its two precessors, was a commercial and critical failure, debuting at number 7 on the US Billboard chart, sellingcopies in its first week, [48] and receiving generally negative reviews from critics. He gave genuine emotion. I was proud of him and I was happy for him for having that moment". I promise", while accepting the award for the AOL Fandemonium prize. For the mixtapes he worked with new producers, most notably Kevin McCall. From these mixtapes, Brown started to be the only artistic director of all his future projects.

Brown said that his decision to entirely direct and write his albums and songs came from the fact that he wanted to give "my own perspective of the music I wanted to make" and by his wanting to "verbalize whatever I was going through". The mixtapes were highly appreciated by the artist's loyal audience, consolidating it. He later released the solo track " No BS " as his second single from Fan of a Fanand decided to include the two singles from the mixtape as anticipation singles for his next album.

In September Brown announced his album, F. The single received enormous international success and reached reached the top-ten in eleven countries, including Australia, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, definitively marking the artist's return to success. Brown's fourth studio album F. The album is considered to be one of Brown's most iconic projects, also being regarded as the album that defined Brown's musical style and persona.

To further promote the album, Brown embarked on his F. Tour in Australia and North America. During the ceremony, Brown performed several songs marking his first appearance at the awards show since his conviction of felony assault. Originally, Brown wanted F. Right before the release of F. Brown decided to follow his intentions in an acceptable way for the label, working on a sequel of F. With the shutdown, Brown and all other artists previously signed to these three labels will release future material on the RCA Records brand.

The album debuted atop the Billboard[65] but received negative reviews from critics. After concluding his Carpe Diem Tour inBrown's next studio album started to develop. On February 15,the singer unofficially released the song "Home", with an official videoclip, where he expresses a reflection on the bitter price of fame, and on how the only moment of respite from that thought is when he returns to the neighborhood where he grew up with people who knew him from the start.

On March 26,Brown announced the release of Xin various interviews and listening sessions, releasing the song " Fine China " as the album lead single. When paramedics arrived, Brown allegedly refused to receive treatment and also refused to be transported to the local hospital.

Brown has reportedly suffered from seizures since his childhood. To "hold [fans] over until [the X album] drops," Brown released a mixtape, titled X Files on November 19, However, on October 27,Brown was arrested for felony assault in Washington, D. Brown's sixth studio album, X was released on September 16, The album's fourth single "Loyal" became its most successful, by peaking at number nine on the US Billboard Hot and at number 10 in the United Kingdom.

Pushing the promotion for the album further, Brown performed and appeared at several televised music events and music festivals across the United States. The album received positive reviews from critics, who celebrated the record's sound and Brown's vocal performances. The album was considered a big improvement compared to its critically panned predecessor Fortune. Commercially, the album debuted at number two on the US Billboard sellingcopies in its first week, becoming his first album to miss the summit of the chart since Graffiti and his third album to go to number two on the chart overall following Exclusive It also became his sixth consecutive top ten debut in the United States.

By the end ofthe album had soldcopies in the United States. The album was a follow-up to the pairs mixtape Fan of a Fan. A couple months later he discovered that he had a daughter and simultaneously broke up with his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Shortly after, it was announced that "Liquor" was the first single from his seventh studio album. It also became his seventh solo album consecutive top ten debut in the United States. Brown started working and recording tracks for the album a few weeks before the release of Royaltyin late On January 10,Brown had previewed 11 unreleased songs on his Periscope and Instagram profiles, showing him dancing and lip-synching these songs.

On July 7,after shooting of Dallas police officersBrown released on his SoundCloud page two piano ballads"My Friend" and "A Lot of Love", saying that the songs are "released for free for anybody dealing with injustice or struggle in their lives. Throughout and he kept on sharing several snippets from songs that he was working for the album and features.

He worked on the album heavily during andduring two tours as well, the European leg of the One Hell of a Nite Tour and The Party Touralso building a recording studio inside of his home to record songs for the album. RCA Recordsthe record label of the singer, initially wasn't agreeable of satisfying Brown's intentions to make a track album, thinking that it would've damaged its commercial performance, but the singer ended up convincing them.

In February he announced that his previously teased song " Privacy " would have been released as the next single from Heartbreak on a Full Moon.

The single was released on March 24,and received an excellent response from his core audience. The songs on it show every emotional aspect of what's been on the singer's mind after an heavy breakup.

Its themes include regretlove transforming into hate, the difficulty in managing emotions, the impossibility of getting over someone, and how a reckless lifestyle can't numb the pain of an heartbreak. Its lyrical content was inspired by Brown's breakup with Karrueche Tran. Heartbreak on a Full Moon received widespread acclaim from critics, who celebrated the record's variety, its length, and its introspective lyrical content.

Many defined it as the singer's best body of work. On December 13,he released a track surprise deluxe edition of the album called Cuffing Season — 12 Days of Christmas as a Christmas present for his fans. The deluxe edition is made off Brown's favorite leftovers of the album and few holiday-themed songs. The opening acts for the tour were 6lackH. By April 9,the video had reached over million views and topped the charts in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

After drafting the concept for his new album, in Augustat the end of the "Heartbreak On A Full Moon tour", Brown started the actual processing work of his ninth album, Indigo. On January 4,Brown released " Undecided ", the first single off it, alongside Jennifer Brown - My Everything (CD) video for the song.

The single marked Brown's first release after signing an extension and a new license agreement with this label RCA Recordsthat gave him the owning own his master recordings, making him one of the youngest artists to do so at the age of He later revealed the artwork of the album and its track list between May and June On May 31, he appeared on " Easy ", a successful single where he duetted with singer DaniLeigh.

It debuted at number nine on the US Billboard Hotmaking it Brown's 15th top-ten song, and later peaked at number five. Indigo was eventually released on June 28,as a double album, marking Brown's second album to be released in this style. On October 4,Brown eventually released a deluxe version of Indigo entitled Indigo Extendedwhich included 10 additional songs, making the extended version a total of 42 songs.

On June 10,Brown announced an official headlining concert tour where he performed the album throughout United States, titled "Indigoat Tour". The tour began on August 20, and ended on October The tour was received with very good responses by journalists, that praised its stage settings, and Brown's dancing abilities. In DecemberBrown revealed that he started working on new material for his tenth studio album. The mixtape was released on May 5,and features the hit single " Go Crazy ", which peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hotbecoming Brown's first song to spend one full year on the chart.

The song earned Brown his th career entry on the US Billboard Hotas it entered and debuted at number No release date has been announced yet.

Brown said in Julywhile working on the album, that he wanted to make some "really endearing music" that "talk to women's soul". Brown has cited a number of artists as his inspiration, predominantly Michael Jackson. Brown emphasizes "Michael Jackson is the reason why I do music and why I am an entertainer.

He tells Vibe magazine "He was the one who the youngsters looked up to. I know that we, in the dancing and singing world, looked up to him", [] and maintains "If it wasn't for Usher, then Chris Brown couldn't exist".

She saw his debut single " Run It! Describing the Grammy Award winning F. There still isn't. His lyrical production mainly focuses on sex, lovesicknessregretromantic lovedesirefast lifeand the difficulty of managing emotionsbut also has some introspections over loneliness and the dark side of fame.

My mom was like, 'You can sing? His vocal performances are often largely praised by general public and critics, who commend his harmonizationtimbrevocal runs and soulfulness. Brown's dancing abilities and stage presence are widely praised, [] [] with some comparing them to those of Michael Jackson 's. In films such as Stomp the Yard and Battle of the YearBrown displayed his ability to breakdance while in-character. Brown said that he painted since his childhood, saying "my first approach with it was painting school Jennifer Brown - My Everything (CD) saying that he's always been captivated by the fact that drawing and painting "gives you the chance to express yourself in whatever way, showing to the world your own dimension".

Brown has produced street art under the pseudonym Konfused, partnering with street artist Kai to produce works for the Miami Basel. His painting and dancing skills were shown at the same time when Brown, partnering with Spotify 's Rap Caviar, painted Heartbreak on a Full Moon 's album cover, mostly from dancing around the canvas. From toBrown dated singer Rihanna until their highly publicized domestic violence case.

In OctoberBrown announced that he ended his relationship with Tran because he did not "want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna. I don't know if it's possible, but I feel like that. In JanuaryRihanna confirmed that she and Brown had resumed their romantic relationship, stating, "It's different now. We don't have those types of arguments anymore.

We talk about shit. We value each other. We know exactly what we have now, and we don't want to lose that.

He's a good person. He has a fantastic heart. He's giving and loving. And he's fun to be around. That's what I love about him — he always makes me laugh. All I want to do is laugh, really — and I do that with him. When discussing his upbringing, Brown stated: "We were used to two pairs of shoes for a school year. We used to go to church every day. I was one of those kids that had more church clothes than school clothes. Inhe said during an interview for Vibethat God is the only thing that he's afraid of.

Speaking about prayers he said "I pray everyday, I think we pray unconsciously too. I pray for knowledge for understanding and peace of mind. So I just try to get a peace of mind and me understanding that being at peace with my flaws and my talents. He shows me the right path. When I bless other people, He always blesses me. I want to give them experiences too. I know who I am now. At around Jennifer Brown - My Everything (CD). PST on February 8,Brown and his then-girlfriend, singer Rihanna, had an argument which escalated into physical violence, leaving Rihanna with visible facial injuries which required hospitalization.

PST and was booked under suspicion of making criminal threats. On March 5,Brown was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats.

On August 25, Brown received five years of probation. He was ordered to attend one year of domestic violence counseling and undergo six months of community service ; the judge retained a five-year restraining order on Brown, which required him to remain 50 yards

Spectro Granular - Spirit Architect - Moonshine (File, Album), Fire - Various - Fear Candy 131 (CD), Back To Black (Mushtaq Vocal Remix) - Amy Winehouse - Back To Black (Part 1) (Vinyl), Under Pressure - Queen - Berlin 1986 (CD), Carelessly - The Cadillacs - For Collectors Only (Cassette), Mystery Of Love - Donna Summer - Donna Summer (CD, Album), Briggi Dip (Version), Angels - Drive By Shooters - Mixmania Vol. 9 (CD), Brujos Y Brujas - Cambia Tu Bikini (Vinyl), (What A) Wonderful World - Art Garfunkel - Watermark (Cassette, Album), Second Hand Kotva - Hypo - Random Veneziano (CDr, Album), A London Thing - Various - BumpNHustle (CD), Discovery - Rick Wilkins - Discovery (Vinyl, LP), 2112 - III. Presentation - Rush - All The Worlds A Stage (Vinyl, LP, Album), Somebody To Love Remix - Justin Bieber - My Worlds + Never Say Never (CD, Album)

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Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Loving You (Vinyl)

Side B: Side C: Moody Blue Take 3 Side D: Side 1 - The Wanda Side:. Side 2 - The Elvis Side:. Source: FECC. Graceland revealed plans to add a 6,seat venue. The venue will be about 2, seats smaller than the Landers Center in Southaven, and it will be used for concerts and graduations, according to Graceland representatives.

Graceland said a fee from each ticket would be given to projects to reinvest in the Whitehaven Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Loving You (Vinyl).

Robinson said Elvis Presley Enterprises proposed paying for it with help Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Loving You (Vinyl) taxes. That's money Robinson believes will help bring other businesses and jobs to the Whitehaven area.

The venue is projected to open in early The Official Top 50 biggest selling Elvis Presley singles revealed 40 years after his death, Official Charts counts down the King's 50 best sellers of all time. But despite his untimely death aged just 42, Elvis remains one of the most celebrated and influential musicians of all time and an icon of the '50s and '60s.

Elvis's legacy and monetary worth remain immensely strong in 40 years after his untimely death. And sincehe has sold 4. To date, the ballad has sold 1. The track logged six weeks at Number 1 in the summer ofand has soldcopies to date in the UK.

The track narrowly missed out on reaching the top spot in the UK, peaking at Number 2 in January The Official Top 50 Best Selling Elvis Presley singles and tracks appears below: Note: the chart is based on all-time sales of all Elvis digital track and physical single releases up to August Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Loving You (Vinyl) streaming started counting towards the Official Chart in summerthe icon has notched up million plays across all services in the UK.

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The Climb - take 9. What'd I Say Santa Lucia You're The Boss Do The Vega Today, Tomorrow And Forever. Viva Las Vegas - takes 1, 2 You're The Boss - take 3 C'mon Everybody - takes The Lady Loves Me - take 9 C'mon Everybody - takes 6, 7 Today, Tomorrow And Forever - takes 3 and 4 Do The Vega - take 1 What'd I Say - takes 1, 2 The Lady Loves Me - take 2 Night Life - take 3.

Mary - Robert Fripp - Exposure (Cassette, Album), Fiona - Mezzoforte - Rising (CD, Album), Los Cuatro Brillantes - El Shaker / Agua Que No Has De Beber (Vinyl), NextUne - Teknostep - Music For Short Attention Spans (CD), Knowledge Is Power - Young Lions* - Blue Isla (CD, Album), Wei Dahoam - Superstrings - Dahoam Is Dahoam (CD, Album), Iso "Kynä" Lindholm* - Liity Meihin Enkeleihin / Sinun Rock (Vinyl), Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two* - Show Time (8-Track Cartridge), Name And Number, La Bottega Del Rigattiere - Semiramis (2) - Dedicato A Frazz (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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What Is Love (Refreshmento Extro Instrumental)

Goldwasser feat L-Love feat. Bad Azz. The Pleasure Dome. America: What Time Is Love? What is Love Jim Scarborough. N Interlude [feat. Aybe] Ron Rico feat.

Here Comes the Sun feat. Rachelle Rae, Rey The Green Planet Project Texas To The N. Napolean SKG. Death of a Flower The Slaves of the What Is Your Life? A-What Time Is Love? The KLF. David Rose and His Orchestra. John McClung. What kind of love is That Vincent Conti. Location: Amersfoort, The Netherlands. YostJan 16, Location: Wisconsin, USA. Ringo Starr - Vertical Man bonus music. I found it at a local thrift store. At first I thought it was a foreign CDS as it has a slim case and the shaped one-piece insert.

After looking online, I learned it came as a Best Buy bonus if you purchased the Vertical Man album there. Contains: 1. Doubleitup, 2. Sometimes and 3. Good News.

What Is Love (Refreshmento Extro Instrumental) edited: Jan 16, Gov't MuleJan 16, BlueJaysomebodywhocaresc-eling and 2 What Is Love (Refreshmento Extro Instrumental) like this. Location: Lexington, KY. I tried ordering this George harrison promo single online. George Harrison - This Is Love The single track promo And instead got the promo single from the Dark Horse What Is Love (Refreshmento Extro Instrumental) set, a sampler from the box set both of these mint and still sealed along with a Dark Horse sticker.

Location: Hawaii. ValkenburgJan 16, Far From Over - Frank Stalone 8. Moody Girl - Frank Stalone Be My Baby - The Ronettes 3. She's Like the Wind - Patrick Swayze 4. Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen 5. Yes - Merry Clayton 7. Hey Baby - Bruce Channel 9. Overload - Zappacosta Where Are You Tonight? Electric Dreams - P. Arnold 2. Video - Jeff Lynne 3. The Dream - Culture Club 4. The Duel - Giorgio Moroder 5. Now You're Mine - Helen Terry 6.

Love Is Love - Culture Club 7. Chase Runner - Heaven 17 8. Let It Run - Jeff Lynne 9. Madeline's Theme - Giorgio Moroder Hurt Sumthin - Missy Elliott 2. I'm Good - Blaque 3. Gimme The Light - Sean Paul 4.

React - Erick Sermon 5. Leave Her Alone - Nate Dogg 6. Ooh Wee - Mark Ronson 7. It's A Party - Tamia 8. Thugman - Tweet 9. Now Ride - Fabolous J-a-d-a - Jadakiss Think Of You - Amerie Closer - Goapele Haddaway-What What Is Love (Refreshmento Extro Instrumental) love? Bamboo-Bamboogie Radio Edit 3. Cyndi Lauper-Disco Inferno 5. N-Trance-Da ya think i'm sexy? Faithless-Insomnia Monster Mix 8. La What Is Love (Refreshmento Extro Instrumental) my lover Club Mix 9.

Amber-This is your night Ace of Base-Beautiful life Jocelyn Enriquez-A little bit of ectasy Refreshmento Extro Radio Mix Magic - Olivia Newton-John 2. Suddenly - Olivia Newton-John What Is Love (Refreshmento Extro Instrumental).

Dancin' - Olivia Newton-John 4.

Grippi Grippi - Capleton - Grippi Grippi (Vinyl), Turbid (adj) turbidness (n) - Dr. Bergen Evans, Robert S. Breen - Practical Vocabulary Improvement,, Hyde & Seek (Spunky Mix) - Spunky (3) - Hyde & Seek (Vinyl), Hypocondriacs - 60′S Rocksteady & Reggae (Vinyl, LP, Album), Voici LHiver Adieu LEté - Sand Bara - Les Premiers Grands Succès de Sand Bara (Vinyl, LP), Arrested By You - Dusty Springfield - Reputation (Cassette, Album), Весной (Remix), Egyptian Reggae - Various - I Love Music 1975 - 1979 No More Heroes (CD), In The Stone = En la Roca - Earth, Wind & Fire - I Am (Vinyl, LP, Album), Blood Pressure - Joe Budden - The King Of New Jersey (CD, Album), Ebben? Ne Andrò Lontane (La Wally) - Various - Opera Arias (CD), The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum - Various - Modern Dance (Vinyl, LP), Que Voy Hacer Sin Ti - Los Bravos del Norte de Ramón Ayala - La Pura Maña (Vinyl, LP, Album)