Amy, I Love You.

So I sit and stare out windows, call and text pestering my brothers for updates, talk to Dad as often as I can, and… feel so damn sad. And the ugliness I see reported in the news and read on social media between one-time friends makes my throat ache even more. They seem appropriate now more than ever, even if she can no longer articulate them. So I scroll past or hide ugly comments, and turn off the television. Words spoken in anger rarely effect change and only hurt all involved.

Mommy, I love you and Dad so much! I pray that you both know that, and how grateful I am that I got to be your daughter. I love hearing from you, so please share comments and questions. Do you have a new kitten and need answers? NOTE: Some links to books or other products may be to affiliates, from which I may earn a small percentage of sales, but I do not recommend anything unless I feel it would benefit readers.

It is hard when you are so far away from family that you care about. I have heard many people talking about uprooting their lives to move back closer to family since turned the world upside down. You are lucky to have had a great memory of childhood and wonderful parents. My parents were dysfunctional and I have no good memories then or now.

Amy, you and I had similar upbringings! Although my dad actually taught me the logical side of life, my mom gave me creativity and a love for all life. They are both gone now my mom died from Covid last year but we finally got together to spread their ashes a couple of weeks ago. They are now in the Mighty Mississippi where they had their Amy kiss so many years ago. I know how hard dementia can be and will think of you often.

Amy, sending my love and hugs. And now, I know your parents had a hand in your abilities. Thank you for sharing this poignant post, Amy. Wrap yourself in those cherished I Love You.

and know that your mother always did, and always will, love you. Thank you for your kind words. Amy, My thoughts are prayer are with you. It sounds like there was a lot of love in your family and still is. I had the same kind of parents, but unfortunately they have both passed away and I miss them every day.

Beautifully poignant writing!!! My mother, like yours was a teacher college chemistrydeveloped a rare form of dementia so I took care of her for 11 years until it was necessary for her to go live in a nursing home: It is SO sad to watch someone who is very bright lose their ability to speak or read or forget who you are!

I can feel your pain…. She had 7 altogether… she named them all Drew like our first border collie…. Cherish every moment which you are. Thank you Trish. Mom has a stuffed dog that my brother and his wife got for her. Made with melty cheezes, organic veggies and lots of love, these new meals are comforting, delicious and completely dairy free. Having trouble finding Amy's products lately?

Read a message from the family about product availability Read a message from the family about product availability Learn more. Organic Tortilla Soup Share in the Love Amy's loves cooking delicious soups for you, and only high quality, organic ingredients will do. Find at a store near you. The critical moment happens at the end when Jake gives in and goes salsa dancing with Amy. Amy is first to say " I love you," but Jake shuts down and says, "Noice.

Meeting your significant other's parents is a big deal. Good impressions need to be made, but it's a bit hard for Jake. Amy's father is a retired cop and is a bit of a hard character to please. Their meeting proved to be a crucial moment for Jake and Amy.

Jake went as far as going full-on "Amy mode" and made his own binder about her dad. Jake was I Love You. to have Amy's dad like him even though he made it clear he wasn't happy about them being together. Jake goes above and beyond to get his approval which didn't work out well. But in the end, Amy's dad knows that they love each other and it's what matters.

But in this case, it's one of Jake's lifelong dreams. A prison bus crashes letting its inmates escape. This means a manhunt to Jakes' glee. Jake and Amy plan to move in together which is a big milestone for taking their relationship to the next level. One problem, they can't decide whose moving into whose apartment. Hence the bet. It's either Jake's dingy apartment with the never drying towel or Amy's more pristine and clean one.

Both end up catching the same perp and read him his rights. But Jake stops and tells Amy he loves her and that he wants to move into her apartment. He explains that her happiness is more I Love You. than winning a bet. Also Amy's worry for her and Amy relationship. In a prior episode, Jake discovers that Amy wants to become a sergeant. He's not thrilled at first.

In "Chasing Amy" Jake does everything he can to help Amy pass the exam. He even sets up a practice test. She disappears before the exam and finds her on the roof. Amy is I Love You. of what the sergeant position could mean for their relationship. But Jake reassures her that he always knew she was meant to do more and that she's too good to be afraid of success.

This is one of the many and comical Halloween heist episodes in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As per tradition, the squad takes part in the Halloween heist competing for the belt and victory. But this episode proved to be so much more than just a competition.

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