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The team includes pediatricians, behavioral scientists, child psychologists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, and a dedicated health communications team focused on pediatric preparedness. The Zika virus epidemic and the widespread water contamination in Flint, Michigan, drew national attention because of the direct impact on babies and children. CPU takes a collaborative approach to achieving its mission.

The unit has a strong track record of working with external groups and internal CDC partners in environmental health, infectious diseases, injury prevention, school health, and global health. Biosecur Bioterror. DOI: When programs are housed in the education ministry, they tend to focus on preprimary concerns. When housed in the health ministry, programs ignore Approach From Future Fails - Cyperkid - If The Kids Are United (CDr stimulation.

We do not know well what institutional structure works best in different contexts, including how decentralization may affect choices about institutional set ups. There are also deeper questions about the nature of the social contract in any country that shapes views about the role of government and the distribution of benefits across the different segments of the population. Some countries consider that the responsibilities of the public sector start when children reach school age and view the issues around the development of children at a younger age to be the purview of families.

Inadequate political support then means that the legislative framework for early year interventions is lacking and that there is limited public spending on programs that benefit the young. For example, public spending on social pensions in Brazil is about 1. In Turkey, only 6. Finally, the long gestation period needed to achieve tangible results compounds the limited appeal of ECD investments given the short planning horizon of many political actors.

Addressing the constraints to scaling up ECD requires action across a range of areas, including more research and access to know how, global and country level advocacy, leveraging the private sector, and regular monitoring of progress. Operational Research and Learning Networks. Within the EDC research agenda, a priority should be the operational research that is needed to go to scale. This research includes questions around service delivery models, including in particular their cost effectiveness and sustainability.

Beyond individual program design, there are broader institutional and policy questions that need systematic assessment. These questions center on issues including the inter-agency and intergovernmental coordination modalities which are best suited for an integrated delivery of the package of ECD services.

They also cover the institutional set-ups for quality assurance, funding modalities, and the role of the private sector.

Finally, research is also needed to examine the political economy of successful implementation of ECD programs at scale. Also necessary are learning networks that can play a powerful role in disseminating research findings and in particular good practice across boundaries. Many of the issues regarding the impediments for scaling up are quite context specific and not amenable to generic or off-the-shelf solutions.

A network of peer learning could be a powerful avenue for policymakers to have deeper and face-to-face interactions about successful approaches to scaling up. South-South exchanges were an enormously valuable tool in the propagation of conditional cash transfer schemes both within Latin America and globally.

These types of exchanges could be equally powerful for ECD interventions. There is a need for a more visible global push for the agenda, complemented by advocacy at country or regional levels and a strong role for business leaders. It should be brought to the attention of policymakers that ECD is not a fringe issue and that it is a matter of economic stability to the entire world.

It is also in the interest of business leaders to support the development of young children to ensure a productive work force in the future and a thriving economy. Currently, there is insufficient recognition of the scale of the issues and the effectiveness of known interventions. And while there are pockets of research excellence, there is a gap in the translation of this work into effective policies on the ground. The nutrition agenda has recently received a great deal of global attention through the days campaign and the Scaling up Nutrition Movement led by the United States and others.

Other key ECD interventions and the integration and complementarities between the multi-sectoral interventions have received less attention however.

The packaging of a minimum set of services that all countries Album) aspire to provide to its children aged zero to six would be an important step towards progress. The time is ripe as discussions around the post development framework are in full swing, to position ECD as a critical first step in the development of healthy children, capable of learning and becoming productive adults. Leveraging the Private Sector. The report came as the head of the Centers for Disease Control told a U.

House panel on Capitol Hill that it was important to get kids back to school. The SARS outbreak in Singapore in had a psychological impact on healthy community members, fostered by anxiety and fear of infection. As Save the Children works around the clock to help ensure the health, safety and emotional well-being of children, our teams are providing training and equipment to help reduce the risk of the disease spreading.

As with all disease outbreaks, children and families who have limited access to health care or clean water Album) the most vulnerable. Your support today can help this lifesaving work. By signing up to receive emails from Save the Children you will receive a subscription to our monthly eNews, access to breaking emergency alerts and opportunities to get involved. To Approach From Future Fails - Cyperkid - If The Kids Are United (CDr delivery of Save the Children emails to your inbox, add support savechildren.

Spam Control Text: Please leave this field empty. Album) parental supervision can leave children more vulnerable to violence During infectious disease outbreaks, caregivers may be unable to provide attentive care to their children due to illness, psychological distress, or other reasons.

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