Cuando Cuando - Carbia and His Latin Music - Carbia and His Latin Music (Vinyl, LP, Album)

I Cuando Cuando - Carbia and His Latin Music - Carbia and His Latin Music (Vinyl to eliminate any records that can not be played. I have listed LP's, many Latin. My family is the original owners and they are in played condition. Many still have the shrink and some have minor scratches.

They were always kept in a non-smoking home. Please look at the pictures. I am not an expert on rating the LP's so I will not rate them. Some have worn corners and may have split seams on the album. Search by the artist if you want to see all listed. I have been asked questions about the condition of the record and I have played the LP complete! When I was a kid in the late '90s, Argentina's economy was booming and we encountered a wave of Peruvian and Bolivian immigrants.

I grew up in an immigrant neighborhood, and remember walking past the houses that boomed cumbia, but I ignored it; frankly, I tried to ignore them. Cuando Cuando - Carbia and His Latin Music - Carbia and His Latin Music (Vinyl who am I to not look straight into the eyes of my own ugliness, rather than disown it? To be honest, I was too busy trying to be cool read: not Latin. It was not in my pre-adolescent best social interest to even let it be known among my schoolmates to whose social class I aspired to belong someday that I came from a neighborhood where you could even hear cumbia on the streets.

And then, as my I started getting tangled in the mess that is puberty, the country began unraveling into violent chaos. Somewhere lost in those days when I first felt the outline of breasts, I listened to cumbia for the first time. Really listened. It was some new concoction called cumbia villera shanty town cumbiaa chopped, screwed and slowed-down version of Peruvian cumbia.

My body just knew how to move to it. And these musicians sang what few journalists and politicians dared to say, but everyone knew: Things are falling apart here. I got Cuando Cuando - Carbia and His Latin Music - Carbia and His Latin Music (Vinyl and started listening to other types of cumbia, too, and then other folk music, and Latin rock.

It made so much sense to me — and to my body, even though I didn't even know that what I was feeling was centuries of musical DNA.

Even though I still hadn't quite figured out that you inherit your fights, and you don't get to disown your ancestors, I felt it. I felt my backbone. Gustavo Cordera, del grupo de rock argentino La Bersuit Vergarabat, alguna vez dijo en una entrevista que: "el rock latino se siente celoso de la cumbia". Mi colega en Alt. Brazilian genre that emerged in the s and achieved great popularity both in Brazil and internationally in the s; combined elements of samba and jazz in a cool, laid-back style.

Sensuous dance-music style of Argentina also Uruguay that achieved great international popularity in the ss and was developed and transformed in later years by the innovations of modern masters such as Astor Piazzola. Popular music of Mexico that developed mainly Cuando Cuando - Carbia and His Latin Music - Carbia and His Latin Music (Vinyl Mexico City through the synthesis of regional forms from rural areas such as the son forms of Jalisco and an eclectic range of Mexican and international musical styles.

Andean panpipe instruments that are played in pairs within ensembles; interlocking parts between pairs of julajula generate the music's melodies. Modern, urban, cosmopolitan transformation of the musical traditions of rural, indigenous Andean peoples. Features instruments like the kena, siku, charango, and bombo in stylized and polished arrangements that promote a kind of constructed, folklorized form of Andean authenticity.

The highly syncretic mambo style of the s identified with New York-based bandleaders such as the mambo kings. Incorporated more Afro-Cuban and American jazz and popular music elements than did the earlier Cuban mambo style.

The leaders of the top Latin dance bands of New York in the s, who were responsible for the "mambo craze" of that era: Machito, Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez. Dance-music genre that is a hybrid of diverse contemporary music styles, Latin and American.

Identified specifically with Tito Puente Jr. Afro-Cuban dance-music style that gained popularity from the s onward, influencing related styles and prefiguring later developments. Also historically important as a symbol of Cuban nationalism. Pair of small, single-headed drums used in percussion sections of many types of Latin bands. Held between the knees and played with the fingers. Donned the LP of Latin Jazz," was a pioneering force in Latin music, known for fusing styles and putting a big-band spin on traditional Latin music.

Wrote and performed "Oye Como Va. Leader of Santana, a band whose music blends Latin-infused rock, jazz, blues, salsa and African rhythms. A concert hall, and later a nightclub, in New York. In s was the epicenter of the mambo craze, headlining the mambo kings.

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