Eraserhead - Plan 9 (10) - The Bootleg Demo! (Cassette)

Tim Smith had previously met Drake in at the debut performance of Drake's band Honour Our Trumpet who promptly invited him to join as bass guitarist. Drake played his first concert with the band on 31 August Later in the year, Cardiacs added Marguerite Johnston alto saxophone and Graham Simmonds guitarand for about a year the band worked as an octet.

Both Johnston and Simmonds left during the following summer in July and August respectivelyalthough Simmonds stayed on as Cardiacs' sound engineer. By autumnthe band lineup had settled as the sextet generally referred to as "the classic line-up" — Tim Smith lead vocals and guitarJim Smith bass and vocalsWilliam D. Drake keyboards and vocalsSarah Smith saxophones and vocalsTim Quy percussion and bass synth and Dominic Luckman drums. The first Cardiacs release featuring the "classic" line-up was their third album, The Seaside [12] although Cawthra featured throughout on drums, keyboards and voice; and Simmonds and Johnston also appeared on several tracks.

The album was released on Cardiacs own record label, Alphabet which later became Alphabet Business Concern. The bizarre and sinister "Alphabet Business Concern" mythology now began to become a significant part of Cardiacs' artistic presentation, and the band members would promote and add to it at every opportunity. Between 5 November — 21 DecemberCardiacs performed their first major British support tour, supporting Marillion at the personal invitation of Marillion's vocalist, Fish.

Whilst the tour afforded the band a new level of publicity, generally they were not well received by Marillion's fanbase. During the 13 December show at the Hammersmith Apollo, Fish himself was indignant enough about the Marillion fans and their hostile behaviour to come onstage during Cardiacs' set and berate the audience about it. The band eventually ducked out of the last three days of the Marillion tour. A lot of people find our act disturbing because it brings out something in you that a lot of people won't admit to.

It's the weirdness in everyone whether you like it or not. Some people think it's dead funny, wonderful, beautiful, genius, and others hate it. It's strange when people hate us — they really do hate us, it brings out something odd in people. Tim Smith on Cardiacs' live show and its effect on an audience in Time Out of Mind fanzine, circa Drake and consisted of a quieter, more acoustically-orientated take on Cardiacs' music.

The project released a self-titled cassette album which was only available via the Cardiacs fan club. Eraserhead - Plan 9 (10) - The Bootleg Demo! (Cassette) on, the project would be renamed the Sea Nymphs. On 1 Aprilan attempt was made to film Cardiacs at a live concert at the Surbiton Assembly Rooms.

The band had been approached by film-maker Mark Francombe later a member of Cranes and his colleague Nick Elborough, both of whom were at that time students at Portsmouth College of Art and Design. Francombe and Elborough offered to film the band for free as part of their coursework project. However, when the band viewed the resultant footage, they decided against releasing it.

Instead, they retained Francombe and Elborough for a new video project which would become Seaside Treatsnamed after the 12" single that was released at the same time. As well as containing three music videos, Seaside Treats contained a ten-minute film named The Consultant's Flower Garden.

The latter featured Cardiacs and various people connected with them in bizarre, comedic situations which continued to propagate the absurdist Alphabet Business Concern mythology which surrounded the band. InCardiacs released the mini-album Big Ship the title track would prove to be one of their most enduring anthems. The band played the Reading Festival on 24 August, releasing the very rough audio footage as the Rude Bootleg album.

The headline ran, "In the bizarre world of music Band manager Mark Walmesley is thought to have started the whole rumour to gain some publicity for the band, predating the superficially similar strategy later employed by the White Stripes twelve years later. On 17 April, the band's music video for "Tarred and Feathered" from the Big Ship mini-album was broadcast on Channel 4 's groundbreaking music show The Tubegiving Cardiacs their first exposure on national television.

By this time, Cardiacs concerts were drawing hundreds of audience members and they were well on their way to becoming a hit underground band. On 15 May, the band played a concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, which was recorded for later release as Cardiacs Live.

Later in the year, Cardiacs recorded tracks for what would become their fifth studio album, On Land and in the Sea which was released in Over the following two years, the Cardiacs lineup began to disintegrate.

Sarah Smith left the band suddenly in April and was not replaced, removing saxophone from the standard Cardiacs sound. Although Sarah would not rejoin the band, she would retain a long-term connection with Cardiacs by playing on future albums and would very occasionally appear as a special guest for live concerts.

Tim Smith brought in a second guitarist — Christian 'Bic' Hayesformerly of Ring and the Dave Howard Singers — and the new two-guitar line-up toured extensively around the UK and Europe for the rest of the year with Sarah Smith making the first of her special guest appearances at a Brixton Fridge concert on 17 September. During this period, the band also released Archive Cardiacsa collection of material from the —83 period some of it previously unreleased.

It was horrible, really like one of those yellow panic nightmares where everything's going wrong and you can't stop it, but I kept thinking it was a nightmare, then about halfway through the evening I tried to wake up and I realised this was actually happening, right?

S o I panicked, but nothing was going right and nobody could hear anything and Sarah's sax kept cutting out, and I think that's on the video, me shouting to myself that I can't stop it Tim Smith recalls the Salisbury Mares Nest concert. Cardiacs toured and gigged intermittently duringculminating in a shared concert with Napalm Death at Salisbury Arts Centre on 30 June.

The Cardiacs half of the concert was filmed and released as the video Maresnest produced by Steve Mallet and directed by Steve Payne, and eventually also released as the live album All that Glitters is a Mares Nest. Although the concert has achieved legendary status amongst Cardiacs fans, it was problematic for the band. Among other things, Tim Smith's guitar fell apart and keys fell off Sarah Smith's saxophone. After the Salisbury concert, Tim Quy left the band to pursue other projects.

Like Sarah Smith, he was not replaced: the removal of live tuned and untuned percussion from the lineup further altered the established Eraserhead - Plan 9 (10) - The Bootleg Demo! (Cassette) sound. At the time, this was widely misinterpreted as an announcement of Quy's death. The band was quiet for the first four months ofduring which time two more members departed. William D. Drake played his final concert with the band on 2 May at The Venue in New Cross going on to join the band Nervous and, inembarking on a long-delayed solo career.

Christian Hayes had joined up-and-coming indie-psychedelic band Levitation played his own final gig as a Cardiac in Oxford on 16 May: although Cardiacs and Levitation were friendly with each other and had even toured together, Hayes had finally found it impossible to balance the demands of both bands.

Both Hayes and Drake would continue to be associated with Cardiacs, and would occasionally guest with the band at selected live concerts many years later. Although the band had historically been well-used to line-up changes, Cardiacs were profoundly affected by the multiple departures taking place between and A particular blow had been the departure of Drake, whose virtuoso keyboard skills and compositional input had made him one of the backbones of the band.

Drake was considered irreplaceable and Cardiacs opted not to look for a new keyboard player, remaining as a quartet of two guitars, bass and drums with Christian Hayes being replaced as second guitarist by Jon Poole [12] who had previously played with the Cardiacs-inspired Milton Keynes band Ad Nauseam.

While Cardiacs was still able to record more fully orchestrated music in the studio, a lack of suitable personnel or the budget to keep them in place meant that the live band had to change drastically. Abandoning several signature musical features saxophone, assorted percussion and virtuoso keyboardsCardiacs' live music shifted away from the wider instrumentation of the past and moved towards a more guitar-heavy, power-rock sound in line with the remaining quartet lineup.

However, the music remained complex, if narrower in focus, and Smith recorded additional keyboard and percussion parts onto backing tapes for the band to play over. Before was over, the revitalised band had released a new single, called Day Is Goneand played several concerts from October to December. This year also saw the release of Songs for Ships and Ironswhich compiled material from the Big Ship mini-album plus various singles and EPs.

All music overseen by executive producer Giles Martin. The seven LPs will be housed in die-cut jackets with a booklet in a library-style slipcase. Comes with an MP3 download card. To say In Heaven is about conquering grief would be oversimplifying everything Tim Showalter has achieved on the eighth studio album from Strand of Oaks. A stunning, hopeful reflection on love, loss, and enlightenment, In Heaven is a triumph in music making, and a preeminent addition to the Strand of Oaks discography.

Soon after, Stan, the cat they both adored, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Showalter quit drinking so he could take better care of his wife and help rebuild the life they shared. And within months, they decided to pack up and move across the country from Philadelphia to Austin, Texas. With clean sounds, Jeff Lynne-esque acoustics, and sophisticated songwriting, he approached In Heaven in a more poised and pop-leaning way than his past releases.

The result is something extraordinary, as Showalter has crafted a poignant narrative that transcends his personal experiences and achieves a universality rooted not only in loss but joy, celebration, and newfound strength. But any sense of hopelessness or melancholy yields to a different feeling entirely, just as he intended.

Listen to your favorite records. And think about what it means to be alive. Rock icon and multi-instrumentalist Roger Taylor introduces his new solo album Outsider. With much of Outsider recorded during lockdown, this new album finds Taylor in a reflective mood, conveying a palpable sense of isolation, concerns over the passing of time, and tellingly dedicated "to all the outsiders, those who feel left on the sidelines".

A highly personal project, Outsider's instrumentation is almost entirely performed by Taylor, with his vocals matching the mood-piece atmosphere. Austin indie folk duo make their Grand Jury debut with True Love. This album is about growth and nostalgia. Both band members got married. One had a kid. Joining Zimmer on scoring the soundtrack is Johnny Marr, who is also the featured guitarist on the album, with additional music by composer and score producer Steve Mazzaro.

Performed and recorded over three nights in front of a sold-out crowd at The World Famous Theater in Harlem, NY December 4th - 6th,this album brings the electrifying performances that helped put Daptone on the map directly to your living room! This album is lovingly dedicated to the memory of our dear friends Sharon, Charles, Naomi, and Cliff.

Certified 4x Platinum and a perennial best-seller, the soundtrack reached the Top Eraserhead - Plan 9 (10) - The Bootleg Demo! (Cassette) of the Billboard Charts in and 2 on the Billboard Vinyl Charts.

For this one-time only printing, the jacket has been wrapped in a silver foil while the embossed Peanuts characters and tree have never appeared more striking. The British Eraserhead - Plan 9 (10) - The Bootleg Demo! (Cassette) duo have created a huge disco record for the post-social distancing age, with a life-affirming, dancefloor-igniting, sun-kissed celebration of all the things that make music irresistibly joyful. Those two records have since accumulatedequivalent album sales and close to a billion streams worldwide.

Critically lauded and deemed very much worth the wait, Interiors succeeded in reestablishing the band as the powerful and contemporary entity they had always been. Distant Po p ulations has a punchier, more up-tempo sound than its Eraserhead - Plan 9 (10) - The Bootleg Demo! (Cassette) its 11 songs are concise, carved sonic jewels boasting not a single wasted note; and its raw power, its gripping lyricism, leaps out from the very first listening.

It is a striking step up for the band. The songwriting itself had been no minor process: Following the release of Interiors, the band successfully toured around the world and in the process fully re-established their chemistry together. Not a single one of these songs has ever been played live onstage.

The band has dates on hold for the fall, notes Schreifels, and fingers are crossed Quicksand will be out there performing very soon.

Mickey co-penned 15 of the 16 songs on the album. Featuring I. The first live Steely Dan album in over 25 years. Wide Spine Jacket. Indie Exclusive Yellow 2 LP. This song smorgasbord will feature the Belcher family - Bob H.

Fans, your order is up. Feb 24, Sadly the group broke up shortly after this CD came out. Topics: rock, music. Jan 18, Recorded live on KPFK in the mids to cassette tape by my mom. I haven't restored this one, so the sound quality is pretty hissy, and a few songs are incomplete.

No tracklist just yet Jan 17, It's not the entire thing, starting halfway through the show, and starting and stopping to skip commercial breaks, so there are parts missing. But I've restored it the best I can using full-length versions of the songs played. If anyone has the entire show, please let me know!

Jan 3, In 3D! If anyone can figure how to get this to run, I'd really appreciate it. Jan 2, Concept art via Thistler. Topics: flash, fox, rubberhose, newgrounds. Microsoft-themed pinball parody Shockwave game Topics: microsoft, bill gates, pinball, shockwave.

Jan 1, Hamtaro Flash game Topics: hamtaro, flash. Rabbit pinball Flash game Topics: dr. Dec 31, Dora the Explorer Flash game Topics: dora the explorer, nick jr. Dec 31, by Tom Teeley. Various mashups by artist Tom Teeley aka stnick Topics: mashup, music, beatles.

Dec 31, by Mercury Crusader. Comic featuring unloved Nintendo characters. Originally from NESHorsemen. Topics: nes, nintendo, sprite comic.

Dec 31, by Masked Koopa. Mario sprite comic that hasn't been preserved yet I don't think. From the '95 Tour! June features the band. It's a black pick dull with white printing on both sides. Contains the song: "Her Black Wings". The real deal! Made in From Issue 8. Has an Interview with Glenn! Contains the song: "Killer Wolf".

It's a black pick shiney with white printing on both sides. When London May was replaced with Chuck Biscuits on drums, Samhain officially ceased to exist, and the first Danzig lineup was complete. InSamhain's final album, Final Descentwas released. Material for the album was completed in stages from towith one song "Death On all other tracks, a drum machine was used.

As much of the material for Final Descent was intended for a planned Samhain Grim album, its sound and songwriting bridges the gap between 's November Coming Fire and 's Danzig. He also created a new track, a remix of the bass and vocal tracks from "I Am Misery", entitled "Misery Tomb". When the Samhain Box Set was released inthese remixes were given a CD of their own, taking the place of the original Unholy Passion EP, while the backend of Final Descent was filled out with four unreleased Samhain Grim era tracks, all featuring London May on drums.

Friday, April 16, Black Dream bootleg. Wednesday, April 14, Final Descent Outtakes. November Coming Fire Rough Mix. Novembers Fire. Kiss of Steel. Season of the Dead. Tuesday, April 13, A Bucket of Blood.

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