Hang On In There Baby - Various - Absolute Music 5 (Cassette)

Next week, a band I love called Horse Feathers will release a limited-edition box set of its three wonderful albums with a bonus Hang On In There Baby - Various - Absolute Music 5 (Cassette) of covers and rarities, and it only exists as a collection of cassettes. It's not the only modern music release to focus on the cassette as its primary means of physical distribution — which, to me, is completely and utterly bonkers.

Because cassettes are, in a word, horrible. To my mind — and please feel free to craft a counterargument in the comments if you think I'm wrong — cassettes offer not a single advantage over other music media.

They sound worse. The tape and its casing warp easily when exposed to excessive heat. The tape breaks, or gets wound so tightly that it causes certain players to malfunction. You can't scan easily from track to track, the way you can with CDs, MP3s or even vinyl. They're no more portable than any other format, except vinyl.

The cassette boxes are wide and squat in ways that make them extremely difficult to shelve efficiently, and if you've ever had a stack of the damn things slip out of your hand and crash to the floor Cassettes are the worst.

Needless to say the increasingly precious 16 year old me was appalled by this nonsense being in the charts. Seriously though who bought this? And more importantly why? Some of them are repeated in the official video but its definitely not the same. How curious. I wonder why that happened. Something to do with copyright no doubt. The Shock! The Horror!

Why is that news?! And who was the older woman? Co-star Apollonia? Sheila E? What else to say about this lot. But what Hang On In There Baby - Various - Absolute Music 5 (Cassette) the Hang On In There Baby - Various - Absolute Music 5 (Cassette) themselves?

Oh come on…not Tina Turner again surely?! Why are you watching this Dad? Unfortunately for this blog, we are only encountering the band post that haircut. Indeed, we see them here with performing their last ever hit. Here though, Mike Score has ditched the trademark back-combed hairdo for some god awful abomination that made him look like the beast in Beauty and the Beast. Inevitably though their legacy will forever be a daft hairstyle rather than their rather unique space-pop sound.

Hang on there! It is you know. A quick check of Wikipedia tells me that she had already begun her stint as Peri in Dr Who by this point so presumably she would have been well known to many eagle-eyed viewers that night. You may well ask.

You may have guessed that this did nothing for me then or now. Yes it seems incredulous now but for many this could have been their first listen of a song that would transcend its own temporal space and still be played Hang On In There Baby - Various - Absolute Music 5 (Cassette) listened to today.

Commercially speaking it was ginormous — it reached number one in 25 countries, selling about six million copies worldwide. Come on, getting the word feet into a song takes some doing, especially a love song. I recall George and Andrew Ridgeley being interviewed by Simon Bates on Radio 1 about the lyrics as they co-wrote it together.

The other surprising thing I noticed watching this back is that the song only went straight into the chart at No Even allowing for that fact that songs going straight in at No 1 was not a regular occurrence in the 80s, I would have thought that it would have charted considerably higher. Anyway, it will be No 1 soon enough and no doubt there will be chance to discuss it further in Hang On In There Baby - Various - Absolute Music 5 (Cassette) posts.

This is week number 8 and the BBC are just reshowing a previous studio performance. Well I have no such qualms so here it is…. The TOTP repeats team at BBC4 have obviously returned from their extended Summer holidays as we have two shows again this week for the first time in ages.

We have two pairs of safe hands to guide us through the songs in Peter Powell and Richard Skinner in that they are not likely to try and hi-jack the show with their own ego-driven displays of lame humour. Powell and Skinner were quite earnest in marketing themselves as being all about the music. I love Wylie and all his various nomenclatures. Throughout his musical carer he has been variously known as…. Whatever the name, the music has always been consistently strong and yet somehow more often than not failed to make the charts.

This song though was so undeniably brilliant that even the unreliable British record buying public had no choice but to yield to its excellence and make it a hit. To give some context to this, the last time we had seen Wylie was under the Wah! Where had that mop come from? I remember watching this and thinking he looked fantastic. The song itself is a powerful, emotions -stirring call to arms that comments on the economic slump his beloved Merseyside found itself in at this time.

It reeks of heroism and is truly magnificent. I recall reading probably in Smash Hits that Phil Redmond who created the politically hard-hitting Liverpool based soap Brookside wanted to use it as the theme tune to his show. The single would get as far as No 20 but it should have been a Hang On In There Baby - Various - Absolute Music 5 (Cassette) bigger hit. Whatever, this song would remain with me ever since and is one I always.

Maybe subconsciously that messed with my head. This though I did like. A brooding and dark ballad with some searing lead guitar work thrown in, it would make No 18 in the UK charts and, as Peter Powell says in his intro, was a No 4 hit in the US.

As with the Mighty Wah! Unlike the Mighty Wah! This is just a great song and I remember thinking it had a really classy sound to it. Skinner comes across as a bit school playground to be fair in a I — liked- them — first kind of way. Being from the North-East, they recorded for the Newcastle-based Kitchenware label.

When I was a student at Sunderland Poly, I wrote my dissertation about the music industry bear with me, this is going somewhere relevant. As part of my writing it, I decided a visit to a proper record label would give my work some legitimacy so I hopped on a train to Newcastle and tracked down the Kitchenware offices.

I basically just turned up unannounced hoping someone would come out to talk to me. Oh well. Something really quite odd next. Some 8 years before Erasure scored a No 1 with their Abba-esque EP, Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe took this rather bleak Abba offering to No 22 in the charts thereby outperforming the original by 10 whole places. Certainly Arthur seems to be having some sort of in-joke in the performance with a few knowing nods and winks to the rest of the band going on.

It was absolute filth. I was shocked then and still am today. Holy Cow! With better quality and convenience — hallelujah for being able to skip tracks!! Not only in genre and style, but in physical format. Like its fashion counterpart, music, particularly vinyl, has had quite a reemergence over the last decade.

And more recently, the cassette tape has made a small and notable comeback. Retailers who are attempting to blend analog and digital compatibility with USB adaptability for past and present generations to indulge in. The 8-Track Takeover Prior to the release of the first cassette players, the 8-track tape was the king of car stereos.

The rise of the Walkman By the mid 70s, the 8-track tape had finally unspooled its grip on the music market thanks to the popularity of the cassette tape.

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