Justice - Gerard (8) - Ring of Eternity (CD, Album)

The album is mainly instrumental and the keyboards and guitar are great. In their first phase they sounded not very much a la ELP like their later releases, because of the guitar arrangements, this instrument being left aside from Pendulum onwards.

So,forte pieces are the opening instrumental The acts of the Apostlesreally awesome pieces where the talent of Toshio Egawa on keyboards and of Fujimura on guitar is obvious. In that darker days of prog mid 80s only japanese school of prog counted on market and the british neo prog who just exploded in Europe around that time, and of course do not forget Rush, the rest of the world were in shadow and the rest of the movement in aderground for sure.

So, this release keeps the flag as high as possible for that period, no weak moment but in same time nothing is close to masterpieces status, still enjoyble and good from start to finish. The album contains a couple of reworked Gerard tunes from the previous albums, ''Empty Lie, Empty Dream'' and ''Orpheus'', in which Egawa kept more or less the arrangements, making them far more bombastic and with a clearer production, while Suchy's slightly AOR-ish voice present a non-accented version of the tracks.

The rest of the new tracks follow more or less the same typical vein of Gerard. Egawa's work remain a work for seminars. Bombastic synth flights, massive organ jams, incredible solos and light piano parts show a musician, who's talent was enough to lead alone a whole project. Both Hasegawa and Goto had a strong metal background and thus the rhythm section sounds as dynamic as ever. Suchy's voice is good and fits the style of Gerard, though his voice has sometimes a cheesy tone.

However his vocal lines remain actually limited, it is the music who speaks in ''The pendulum'', and this is really nice with tons of breaks and shifting moods. Passionate Symphonic Rock with a heavier edge and incredible work on keyboards by Egawa. Nostalgic followers of the 70's may find the album too modern and flashy for their likes, still this one comes easily recommended Review by Warthur Prog Reviewer.

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Their third LP "Irony of Fate" '91 was a good effort to create a more original sound but sound less symphonic. It contains strong and impressive synthesizer play but the songs are a bit too predictable. Their strong and compelling album "The Pendulum" '96 is still highly acclaimed and their next album "Pandora's Box" '97 is also a good effort.

Although the live recordings contains exciting and spectacular keyboard driven music the band gives the impression to run gradually out of ideas, it sounds less captivating and less inspired. Although I in my opinion the instrumental first edition is superior to this second effort, I consider it as very interesting, mainly due to the awesome renditions of the two King Crimson compositions.

Here we can enjoy how Japanese prog rises to the occasion, blending their distinctive vintage keyboards drive prog with Classic Prog! My rating: 3,5 star. Review by LearsFool Prog Reviewer. Review by apps79 Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator. Typical long piece of the Gerard repertoire, containing this time evident Classical influences and smoother, more romantic sections, but the main game is again played around Egawa's powerful, grandiose keyboard fanfares, featuring extended instrumental workouts and a beautiful ending section with a pompous, haunting orchestral atmosphere and atmospheric choirs.

Might be an excess to get this album, if you already own the basic albums of Gerard, but this is one of these works that you should appreciate if coming across. A great and enjoyable new piece along with two older cuts, among the best of Gerard's offerings. Review by kev rowland Special Collaborator Honorary Reviewer. With no other melody instrument not even a guest guitaristit is very much in his hands to provide all of the musical styles necessary to drive the songs forward. In many ways this is music out of time as it belongs in the Seventies, long passages designed to keep the listener's jaw firmly on the floor Justice - Gerard (8) - Ring of Eternity (CD the speed and dexterity of Toshio is designed to amaze.

It is not all frenetic stuff though, and there are dreamy interludes to counterpoint the more rampant excesses. Any fan of ELP will surely enjoy this release as much as I have. Originally released only in Japan, the Musea version contains a bonus track. From the opening self-titled number things are getting really serious. Toshio Egawa is in an absolute orgasm, performing an overmin.

The remaing three out of five tracks follow the same if not heavier lines. The closing ''Freedom'' is again on the softer side. It sounds like an AOR ballad with Suchy's vocal in the forefront with a more aggressive section clodsing it in a synth-drenched enviroment.

Mostly instrumental and tremendously bombastic Symphonic Rock is the perfect style for Gerard and the band's leader Toshio Egawa knew this better than anyone else.

Good album, maybe some more melodies could be included. Transcription: " Tsukushi, Kanada e!! Transcription: " Aitsu no Nukumori! Transcription: " Tomodachi, Iranai? Transcription: " Ore no Daijina Onna Desu!

Transcription: " Shikumareta Taiketsu! Transcription: " Battari! Transcription: " Omae ja Dameda! Transcription: " Sunao ni Nareba? It formed in after the Meteor Garden series ended. According to ForbesF4 has sold 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Retrieved 13 April Mainichi Shimbun in Japanese. Retrieved October 10, Japanese Cinema in the Digital Age. Retrieved August 28, August 27, It's rather dark music with heavy 'n' dense feeling which involves depression too.

Introduction track, eponymous Ring of Eternity plays on very little Justice - Gerard (8) - Ring of Eternity (CD of few tones done by wild keyboards. So Album) real start is with Night Before Revolutionwhich Justice - Gerard (8) - Ring of Eternity (CD only partially interesting. Electronic modulated vocals aren't really my cup of tea and they don't fit here for me.

Electronic modulated vocals aren't really my cup of tea and they don't fit here for me. Justice and Faith is in the similar vein and it changes a little bit with Dawn After the Warwhich is little bit more symphonic. First track, where I feel heart element included. Track that lives a little bit.

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