Keep On Rockin... (Live) - Only Entertainment - So Long... And Thanx For All The Booze (CD)

After all, good songwriters give the public what they want. Great songwriters tell them what they need to hear. As is often the case, lack of space permits me to expound on just how impressed I am with The Quahogs. But I can declare without any hesitation that these few tracks represent a sound and songwriting style that rank The Quahogs among the best original bands to come out of the area in some time.

Most artists spend many months and even years looking for their own unique voice. But in this case, it seems like the voice and sound came looking for a band. In it, the notoriously acerbic singer-songwriter bemoans the fact that rock music takes itself far too seriously. But that said, there is something extremely satisfying about their unabashed lack of pretense.

Hell, one of them is wearing leather chaps for f ksakes! The prosecution rests, Your Honor…. I scraped my knee falling for you.

Clearly these guys are not a studio act by any stretch. Who could ask for anything more? Barao was a co-founding member of local perennial power-pop favorites The Cautions. With his eponymous debut solo release, appropriately entitled Eric Baraohis gifted song-constructing abilities are such that they could make even the most cynical, curmudgeonly music fan sing along with delight.

One would imagine this dichotomy is due in no short measure to the production team Barao amassed for the project. Talent this big does not go unnoticed very long. If public taste ever returns to its collective senses and starts rewarding artists for things like clever songwriting and strong production value, Eric Barao should be a household name before long.

What exact ingredients go into the making of a great song? I have spent my entire adult life and a good chunk of my adolescence pondering this exact question. A good songwriter sings of faraway lands using ornate imagery in an attempt to draw a picture for the listener, spoon-feeding them any particulars necessary to flesh out said land. And one such great writer, New England native Mardi Garcia, accomplishes such feats, and quite a few more, on her latest CD release.

The men in chains their future is a mystery, while their sentence draws nigh. And it belongs to the ghost of the past. Wild Horse Ranch is generally Mardi Garcia earnestly strumming along to her clean vocals, supported by a more-than-competent backing band. Should I take my clothes off? No lights no sound, just the pounding in my mind. You crossed that line way too many times. Broke my comfort zone and shattered my mind. Mardi Garci is a folk singer in the truest sense of the genre.

She tells personal stories about real places and genuine situations. The music itself is straightforward by design, thus leaving ample room for Garcia to unfold her vision, culled from a wealth of experience out of a lifetime fully lived.

For those readers too young to recall firsthand, the following account of recent music history will sound as improbable as the prospect of Lindsay Lohan being appointed attorney general of the United States. But there was a significant — albeit brief — moment during the s when the contrasting civilizations of guitar-driven blues and pop-culture converged to form one extremely cool alliance.

Generation Xers across the nation did their homework to the flickering images of the latest Fabulous Thunderbirds and Stray Cats videos.

Ahh, it was a glorious time … And out of that burgeoning blues renaissance came a newly energized throng of live club bands capitalizing on the sound at a pace not seen since Liverpooland arguably not equaled till Seattle a decade later. Though most agree that Austin, Texas, was and continues to be ground zero for the rhythm and blues scene, Rhode Island has certainly produced its fair share of authentic roots-rock and blues acts.

However, one act has consistently stood out from the pack in terms of authenticity, energy, notorious live shows, and unyielding staying-power — Neal and The Vipers. Having survived decades of personnel changes, ill-fated major record label dealings, and all the obligatory demons that come with sudden and sustained success, The Vipers have always followed a deceivingly simple formula. They write well-crafted and lyrically engaging songs, performed with an urgency that grabs anyone in earshot by the proverbial lapels, demanding their undivided attention.

His sometimes gruff, yet always melodic approach to singing is most certainly unparalleled and I dare say unrivaled. That said, the true bread and butter of The Vipers has been and always will be the guitar playing of Neal Vitullo. If some guitarists make love to their instruments, Vitullo takes it out and slaps it around like a Ritalin-charged year-old putting his favorite new toy through its paces on Christmas morning.

With Full Circle, Neal and The Vipers prove that even something years into the rock and roll journey, a band can mature without ever losing a drop of its initial vitality. Any young band with aspirations toward longevity, no matter the genre, should definitely put this one on its mandatory summer listening list. True patriots don't give up their rights without a fight. The last week has been a big one for the Computer Ate My Vote campaign and I wanted to share with you some of the progress we've been making.

In California, 50 TrueMajority members filled a Sacramento sidewalk last week calling for accountability from paperless electronic voting terminals. It was a fun event -- our "hungry computer" prowled around for votes to eat and TrueMajority balladeer Laramie Crocker sang his ode to paperless voting, "Little Black Box," while the crowd urged state officials to dump California's unverified voting machines.

The very next day California's Voting Systems and Procedures Panel said that's exactly what should be done. The panel recommended to California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley that he revoke the certification of the model TSx paperless electronic voting machine, made by Diebold Election Systems.

This is big news. California is the biggest market for election equipment in America. A rejection of paperless electronic voting terminals there will have ripple effects throughout the country, and we expect California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley to issue that decertification any day.

On the day of the California announcement, Keep On Rockin. (Live) - Only Entertainment - So Long. And Thanx For All The Booze (CD) members in Canton, Ohio gathered outside the annual shareholders' meeting of Diebold Corporation. Ironically, Ohio is considering buying the very same Diebold TSx machines recommended for decertification in California. Activists gathered around a smoking, flashing mock-up of a malfunctioning Diebold voting terminal as TrueMajority organizers detailed the long list of failures by Diebold's machines in states across the nation.

The event made news not only in Ohio newspapers and on Ohio television and radio but also throughout the country due to coverage by the national wire services.

Our work continues in Ohio, where the legislature is still debating a bill to require a paper trail a TrueMajority organizer testified in favor of it. Diebold, meanwhile, seems to be changing it's tune.

We reported to you earlier that eight states have required paper trails for their electronic voting terminals. State Rep. Hannah Pingree, the chief sponsor of the Maine bill, tells us that your messages to the secretary of state there softened the ground and were important in getting the law passed. We're not stopping there, though. In addition to pushing on in Ohio and California, we'll soon be taking on the new federal Election Assistance Commission.

That's the new board tasked with writing the standards for electronic voting machines. We'll be asking them to write "voter verified paper trail" into the federal standards, so all those states who are waiting until next year to buy voting machines will buy the right ones. As an effective leader and long distance runner for progress who has never let up in the struggle to make our country and world better, Tom Hayden may very well be the best we have. This Just In From Blog Of course, the ads aren't designed to help seniors understand the new Medicare law.

Dick Cheney's top advisor, Mary Matalin, said it was "Out of touch and irrelevant. When asked by CNN about the March, she responded: "I think that after September 11, the American people are valuing life more and we need policies to value the dignity and worth of every life Really, the fundamental issue between us and the terror network we fight is that we value every life.

Yesterday, he had his Justice Department withdraw its outrageous demand that thousands of women who'd had abortions turn over their private medical records for John Ashcroft's perusal. Everyone who marched, or sent a message to the marchers, or contributed to help make it happen should feel enormously proud. You helped stop Bush and Ashcroft! Now, it's time to turn the pressure up another notch. They've retreated on one front, but they're still pressing forward with the rest of their anti-choice agenda.

If we keep our movement growing and active, we can keep government out of our private decisions for the next generation. We think Karen Hughes' comments are pretty outrageous. For a touch of humor, see how Jon Stewart summed it up. The fighting is likely to be so brutal that we will destroy the cities in order to save them. And it seems certain that hundreds of American soldiers will die and thousands of Iraqis -- both insurgents and civilian bystanders -- will die uncounted.

Lakhdar Brahimi, the U. Special Envoy to Iraq, is hard at work attempting to piece together a coalition government that can take sovereignty from the United States. He has argued that this is not possible if American troops go on the offensive again. There must be a political solution, and the negotiations now under way must be given sufficient time to succeed. Click here to take action! Click below to tell President Bush to stand down the troops and leave Iraq's holy sites and mosques alone.

You fella's are fantastic! The group photo was taken at small fundraiser gathering at Rob Jereski's home April 23rd. Rob is wearing a blue shirt, his father is to the left and the Duchess is wearing a pink turtleneck on the right. Smile and say Progressive Democrat! More news on the Jereski campaign to follow over next few days.

Stay tuned We must stay the course. Our reputation will be ruined. The result of staying the course was 58, Americans and several million Vietnamese dead. What arrogance to think that when the United States leaves a place there's nothing there! The same kind of thinking saw the enormous expanse of the American West as "empty territory" waiting for us to occupy it, when hundreds of thousands of Indians lived there already.

The history of military occupations of Third World countries is that they bring neither democracy nor security. The long U. The petitions focus on the critical issues this campaign has stood for. You can sign the petitions online right now, or print and circulate them. Deadline for getting them back to us is June 1st, so please don't delay. In these clips, Dennis discusses in detail his current thoughts on specific issues. You can watch the video online, hear the audio, or read the text transcript on each of the issues.

It was the biggest march -- for choice, for equal rights, for ANY cause at all -- in U. Whether you were marching with us in body or in spirit, we want to say thank you for all you did to help make the March for Women's Lives a reality.

Sunday was about getting the pro-choice movement energized and organized. We're counting on you to help us tackle our next challenge: mobilizing citizens across the country to elect a pro-choice president.

The Presidential election is winner take all, with a woman's right to choose at stake. The effort of the 31 years since Roe v. Wade can be undone if we lose in November. If there was ever a time to turn the energy of the March into action, now is it.

Set up your own pro-choice webpage to get your friends and family involved in the pro-choice movement for the long haul! Share your March stories and energy and ask 10 friends to take action on the latest campaigns to protect our right to choose. Pittsburgh and Cleveland, Dennis' home town, have a long-standing football rivalry. The presentation over the weekend was done in front of an audience of hundreds at the Iron City Brewery in Pittsburgh.

Some time ago I'd planned on going down for the rally, but due to shortage of funds for transportation, I unfortunately had to pass. It was in support of the "March of Dimes" organization and one of their long time supporters is legendary NY Jets football player Joe Namath. I arrived at the general meetup location in the Lincoln Center area at about am Sunday morning.

Weather was abit cool, some sun and clouds. Not as nice as the day before which was a lovely Spring day. At one point we had a company group shot and I hope to have that pix up online sometime soon. Everytime Fox News was mentioned I boo'd loudly and naturally cheered, plus flash the peace sign, when my own company was announced.

The "walk" itself finally started just before am. Overall it took me two hours to walk the seven miles and this included two bathroom pitstops. The walk route takes one thru Central Park and it was great seeing all the lovely greenery sprouting forth. Along the way we were given some freebies, some of which were edible, plus more freebies at the finish line. As for this gal, I ventured on my own and listened to Pearl Jam tunes on my walkman.

Yeah baby Abortion Activists On The March Thousands of activists from the US and some 60 other countries have arrived in Washington for a rally to try to ensure that abortion remains legal in the US. A decision yesterday by the eight-member California Voting Systems and Procedures Panel that 15, electronic voting machines in four counties be banned in the November election because of glitches in the March primary election is more than enough evidence that these systems could undermine the integrity and affect the results of November's general election, Kucinich said.

Especially in terms of the Presidential election, Kucinich said, we cannot entrust the future of our country to technologies that are flawed, suspect, and proven to have failed, especially when those technologies have been developed by companies that have their own political agendas.

Diebold Election Systems, which came under the harshest criticism from the California elections panel, is headed by Chief Executive Officer Walden O'Dell, who last year became active in the re-election effort of President Bush, even attending a strategy meeting with wealthy Bush benefactors at the President's private ranch in Texas.

Soon after, O'Dell wrote a fundraising letter where he said he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year. Although Diebold is the most embattled voting equipment company, Newsday reported that paperless systems made by Sequoia Voting Systems Inc. The story went on to report a variety of other problems in Indiana, Maryland, and other states. According to Newsday, Because votes that only exist in electronic form can be altered or deleted, Oregon, New Hampshire and Illinois require paper ballots; and California, Missouri and Nevada will require paper backups on touchscreen terminals by The newspaper also reported that Secretaries of state in Washington and West Virginia are calling for paper trails, while Ohio is reconsidering the switch to new machines.

Kucinich said he will take his challenges to the newly created federal agency charged with overseeing electronic voting, the U. The technological problems are real, Kucinich said, and the potential for further problems, mischief, and outright fraud is equally real, and far more dangerous. The flowers are blooming, grass is growing and the trees are sprouting their soft little green leaves.

Its all so delightfully precious to gaze upon Right now I have the windows wide open to let in the fresh spring air and clean out the stale air of winter. This morning I went to the Farmers Market again and picked up another plant. I'm lovin it! After a slow day at office Monday and Tuesday During her freshman year in college she backpacked throughout Europe with college buddies.

Even tho I was tired after a long, busy, productive week I couldn't miss out on the party. I had a wonderful time and engaged in fascinating conversations with those who attended. Group shots were taken by Harry with his digital camera and these will be shown eventually on Jereski for Congress website. Halfway thru the evening [party started at 7pm] there was some terrific poetry reading and Rob made a long speech, plus answer questions, regarding his campaign.

Finally I had to leave around pm, as I was just too tired. Some folk had left at this point, but others were showing up and I'm sure the party continued until midnight. Naturally the subways don't run regularly at that time of night, so I didn't get home until pm. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going outdoors to enjoy somemore of this great weather. Fortunately, the American people know better and the civil liberties-shredding legislation has been met with impressive resistance.

Providing an excellent example of what citizens can do to better their government, resolutions opposing the PATRIOT Act have been passed in communities, in 39 states, including four state-wide resolutions; representing Despite this resistance, few Democratic leaders have insisted on repealing the legislation.

He called on his own Party to end its silence, "show some backbone," and call for the law's repeal. As a Democratic candidate, Dennis Kucinich is in a unique position to be a voice for these issues inside the Convention, when they might otherwise only be seen in protest zones outside. Help us reach one million signatures! Click here to sign or download these petitions and to learn more about our petition campaign. The newly married couple said: "As one of the few lesbian couples in this country whose marriage is legally recognized, we urge you to support Dennis in carrying this vision to voters.

A large percentage of the county level delegates are uncommitted and final results are not yet in, but Kucinich is expected to pull delegates. John Edwards in three counties: Watauga, Orange, and Buncombe.

In Watauga County, Kucinich received just over 50 percent of the votes, easily outpacing Kerry, who had Kucinich is likely to pick up three convention delegates from North Carolina. They went over there in all of our names and died, and then when they come back home, they're hidden behind a curtain. I think that's wrong. We should see them! This administration doesn't give a damn about America's sons and daughters.

If Bushie cared he'd attend ALL the funerals of those fallen in combat. He hasn't attended one funeral What a moron! Now the government is planning to set up the draft, which will go into effect next year and take all our sons and daughters to fight illegal wars. Oh, don't worry, the government won't draft rich bastards brats, just the poor and middle class. Stop the Bushies from getting elected in November. Come out and vote for Democrats all the way. Take back our country and make it a true democracy.

Twenty-eight of them, to be exact Congressional investigators wanted a hard look and wrote a chapter with their initial findings. The president says we can't see it. Since when does the President have the uncheckable right to tell the people that they can't see or know anything about these 28 pages?

Even the Saudi government long ago asked Bush to declassify the 28 pages and Bush continues to refuse. He obviously has something he needs to keep in the shadows Perhaps the information runs against the interests of the American people.

Perhaps it shows allegiance to Saudi Arabia over the United States. After all, we now know that Bush gave his country's trusted secrets to Prince Bandar before his own cabinet members.

If this is looked at too closely, I think the President will know he will be appropriately impeached. The 28 pages are all about CYA.

America is not securely in the hands of the American citizenry where it has always been meant to belong. I'll do my best to recap it all for you and try not to leave out any tidbits. Back on Monday, April 19th, it was a slow day at the office so I was able to catch up on personal stuff. A much better plan than staying at work and killing time before going to meeting. We hooked up outside my office building at pm and walked across 42nd Street to Grand Central Station area.

After debating where to hangout, we finally decided to crash at Tequilaville on Vanderbilt. We had a drink or two Fascinating and fun chatting with her.

Before we knew it Naturally we were late and abit tipsy. The meeting was in the middle of introductions when we arrived. The following Kucitizens were there Then Rob Jereski spoke about his congressional campaign and flyers were distributed, plus he announced the fundraiser for Friday, April 23rd, at his place. Much discussion on how to proceed with organizing a vigil or something along those lines. The subject of working with Deanies on Democratic Platform was also discussed.

Then Jessica Flagg gave a passionate speech on why she's campaigning for congress in Congressional District The next general meeting was announced for May 10th at 7pm, which is a few days after a Kucinich meetup. Afterwards we broke up into smaller groups for different discussions.

They both looked great, tanned and relaxed. Some folk headed off to their cars and I joined a smaller group who strolled towards 42nd Street and 3rd Avenue. One of the chaps I was chatting with was James, who bears a somewhat close resemblance to John Kerry.

Took two subways to get home and arrived around 11pm. I highly recommend this restaurant Was expecting several people to show up, but it was just I and a very nice lady named Jill. We got along very well, talked about all sorts of topics and partook of a lovely food. I had a strawberry black iced tea with tea eggs, crisp veggie dumplings and spring rolls. Hopefully next meetup will yield more folk.

The weather on both Monday and Tuesday were lovely, warm, sunny spring days. Mitch and Donna from TAS Group gave me a charming oriental tray with three votive candles to go with it. And finally from a Senior Manager that my co-worker Barbara handles [and whom I've helped on a few occasions in the past] gave us both pretty tins filled with Neuhaus cookies.

I tried one or two and they are divine! This morning I heard from two other senior managers I cover and they want to take me out to lunch at place of my choice. Oh yeah! About 11 people showed up In comparing a Democrat Party meetup to one for Kucinich I'm thinking Also, whenever I mentioned anything that hinted of Liberalism or Progressive, the vibe I got was kind of distancing themselves.

Two of the meetup attendees were once Independent before switching to Democrat. The meeting broke up at pm and I came home on the G subway. I bumped into my good friend Larry when I got off subway and we talked for abit.

He was in the 'hood to attend a co-op board meeting. And there you have it We enjoyed meeting with some of you there and hope you will join our efforts. Please submit your resume and salary requirements for our prompt consideration. Happy Bergh-Day to You!

In addition to helping to pass a much more effective anti-cruelty law for New York State, Bergh inspected slaughter houses and stables, lectured in schools, spoke out against dog fighting, horse racing and circuses, and supplied daily drinking water to the horses who pulled carts and streetcars in Manhattan.

By the time of his death inhumane societies had sprung up throughout the nation. Thank you, Henry, and happy birthday! Check out our special animated Henry Bergh ecard warning: goofy equine sidekick alert! Posted by Mickie at AM 2 comments:. Labels: got issuesopportunities. Support local music at Mr. T's Bowl. No cover. Universal Music upcoming releases. This is her most up-to-date hits compilation yet and includes liner notes written by Reba McEntire. The set is rounded out with outtakes and alternates of familiar recordings by Buddy and The Crickets.

Bayside readying tour to support new release. In keeping with this level of respect for their audience, they've decided to release the track listing of their upcoming album Shudder on Victory Records release date: September 30, Boy 2.

The Ghost of St Valentine 3. No One Understands 4. What and What Not 5. A Call To Arms 6. I Can't Go On 7. Demons 8. Have Fun Storming The Castle 9. Howard Roshambo I Think I'll Be Ok Moceanu As announced earlier, the band will headline the Involuntary Movement Tour, supporting the release of Shudder.

Full dates are as below! Labels: catch 'em livenew sounds. Show calendar for reopened Hollywood Palladium. The Hollywood Palladium is currently undergoing a total renovation of all interior and exterior areas including a new dance floor, expanded concessions and upgraded restrooms. Sound experts are revamping the acoustic treatments on the inside of the building, which is expected to give concertgoers a much-improved listening experience. In-house event staff will provide for security with a decidedly more guest-friendly approach.

Their breakthrough debut, As Cruel As School Children, hit the Top 50 on the Billboard and its eagerly-awaited follow-up, The Quilt, is set for release next month. This quartet also knows how to rock a stage with their mix of live instrumentation and looped beats. Their breakthrough full-length, Inhuman Rampage, gave listeners a taste of what they were capable of.

Now, with a brand new album, Ultra Beatdown, they have pushed their music further than ever before. Ranks and much more. They are Grammy nominees, have garnered extensive radio and video airplay, were honored with the first-ever MTV2 Award and play hundreds of sold-out shows each year around the world. They are expected to have a new studio album out later this year.

They broke sales records and genre boundaries with the Timbaland remix of their hit single "Apologize," which has sold in excess of 7 million singles worldwide. It was the biggest radio airplay smash in the history of Top 40 radio in North America and held the 1 position for five months. The band's follow up single, "Stop and Stare," has also crossed the 2 million mark in worldwide sales.

She made her first TV appearance when she was just two months old. Guzman released her chart-topping debut album Bye Mama in Nearly two decades later, her release Indeleble hit Top 20 on the Top Latin Charts, illustrating her longevity and wide-ranging appeal.

While it began as a one-man studio operation, of Montreal now is a sprawling, neo-psychedelic cavalcade on stage. Its latest release, Hissing Fauna, swings widely from swaggering guitar to moody synths. It is also the most personal of Montreal album to date, with Barnes pouring tremendous amounts of emotion, heartbreak, frustration and elation into its twelve tracks.

The group has spent more than a decade treading the boards, both opening for the likes of Dave Matthews Band and Sublime plus headlining major venues in their own right. Upcoming concerts around California from Live Nation. Walkmen touring in support of new album.

The music that inspired the Walkmen to compose You and Me follows in a tradition of song writing that goes back to early rock 'n' roll: the intimacy and energy of Elvis Presley's and Keep On Rockin. (Live) - Only Entertainment - So Long. And Thanx For All The Booze (CD) Holly's early recordings, and the massive voice and orchestration of Roy Orbison.

And it carries on through people like Bob Marley and Randy Newman and on to bands like The Pogues and The Modern Lovers - the sort of songs that are very much a product of their time and place while firmly rooted in tradition.

The vocals were performed live right in the room with the full band, and sometimes a horn section too. With some romance and drama, You and Me harnesses a sense of classic live-band production into meticulously constructed, unique-sounding rock songs.

The sound would definitely not be mistaken for old, but it would be impossible to ignore the most timeless influences. You and Me offers a distinctive twist to the"Walkmen" sound of their first three records.

Each song shows focus, and an up-beat enthusiasm apparent in all lyrics, music, and performances. It is a long record, clocking in at just under an hour, and it presents a wide range of ideas. The pacing is very important, as the band felt it was essential to set the right tone, and show each song in its proper light.

Writing and recording of You and Me happened over a vibrant and rigorous 2-year period, during which the members of The Walkmen were split between Philadelphia and New York. The band rode China Town busses five days a week to work in two small rehearsal spaces an old nightclub in Chelsea, New York and a warehouse in Fish Town, Philadelphia to freeze by the kerosene heater in the winter, and sweat it out in the summer. By the time of the record's pressing there were over four hundred cast-off 8-track tapes littering both spaces.

Maroon was teaching himself the viola and trumpet at the time, and the song was the culmination of many 8-track experiments. The new warmth and romance in the music seemed to beg for the same from the lyrics, so the cold and stand-offish tone that had run a-ground in recent years was abandoned for a more personal and real approach.

You and Me is a solid and complex showcase of inspired songwriting. Romantic and celebratory, this is the sound of The Walkmen returning to classic form. The End of the World to release new effort Nov. It's a rarity in a city where true friends are hard to come by. Singing drummer Stefan first met guitarist Benjamin in Spanish class nine years ago. The two friends have been writing and recording music together ever since, now better known as the Brooklyn-based band, The End of the World.

The duo performed, recorded and self-produced every song on their second full-length, French Exit, as a two-piece in both Montana and Brooklyn. Onstage, he is a captivating storyteller, reflecting on the ins and outs of his life, his loves and his friendships. Meanwhile, Benjamin chimes in with shimmery, yearning guitar strums. The sound is minimalist and stripped down, calling attention to each song's emotion and tone.

They're constantly scheming their next New York escapade. They publish an online literary magazine called Take the Handle, inspired by participatory journalism in the spirit of George Plimpton and Hunter S. Just like the stories in the band's music, the magazine chronicles the lives of their extended creative circle, including the likes of novelist Nathaniel Rich and bands such as Cursive, Oxford Collapse, The Subjects and Money Mark.

They also run Pretty Activity Records, a label that acts as the musical arm of this same community. And they did so shedding their boyfriends, their lukewarm boyfriends by August when they went up to freshman orientation and dorm selection they had already signed up as roommates. Those boyfriends, Ben and Alex, by the way who maybe were or maybe were not sorry for the break-ups but one wonders whether they were left unhappy about that future of no prospects of being exchanged on a lark.

This tale however is not about surviving in an alien environment with a cluster of friends or some sociological study about the mores of s youth and their reactions to the jailbreak wave that was cresting over them with newfound liberties and freedoms for a while anyway that earlier generations could not dream of but rather about how a firm female friendship got blown to the four winds when one of the friends got her wanting habits on.

As one might figure with young women away from home or men, for that matterconsciously unattached, and Keep On Rockin. (Live) - Only Entertainment - So Long. And Thanx For All The Booze (CD) broods of males everywhere one looked that two good-looking, smart, adventuresome young women would have no trouble finding male company.

Fiona tended to be flirty and, well, not monogamous. Laura somewhat the opposite, although that usually depended on whether she had a steady boyfriend or not. At the time we are talking about, junior year, Laura did have a steady boyfriend, Lance Taylor, a senior at Williams, located some miles up the road, who planned to go to graduate school, and who had plans, sketchy plans, that involved marriage to Laura at some future point. Laura having met Lance at the Art Museum out in Williamstown while doing a project for her graphic arts design class, assumed that same thing, except hungrier for security, her plans were far from sketchy as she practically had them in that proverbial white house Keep On Rockin.

(Live) - Only Entertainment - So Long. And Thanx For All The Booze (CD) picket fence, three kids, and two dogs. And so she dreamed. Now this Lance, naturally, as with all guys named Lance or so it seemed was good-looking, smart, came from some money important to working-class town Laura and was a go-getter.

Just the things that Fiona found appealing as well. So anytime Lance showed up at their dorm room and she was around she would get very flirty with old Lance. Things settled down for a while until toward the end of junior year Laura took a trip to Boston in order to interview for a senior year internship with an advertising company to spice up her graphic arts resume.

She had expected and Fiona had too to take three days for the trip but the firm after the first interview decided to take her on as an intern and she headed back early. People who know knew she was an exceptional up-and-coming graphic artist and that proved true later before she gave it up for marriage and kids.

You also know that was the end of the long friendship between Fiona Sims and Laura Simpson. Williams - J. Usually such people are young, or were born well after what is now called the classic age of rock and roll became the classic age.

So they ask was there music before hip-hop nation beat down the doors, or if any other genre that has struck their interest like techno-rock that might have formed the basis for their question. In fact having thought about the question for a while I got jolted one day when I listened on the radio one day to an interview with a famous classic rock star who put the question a different manner-will rock and roll ever die?

His answer, and this is the part that shocked me for a moment, was there would always be a niche, a niche for Chrissakes, for rock even as now it has moved from the center of the music universe.

The shock coming from my own impression that rock and roll as an old time song had it would never die. So rock will fade to the sidelines and be just another piece of entertainment like our pre-rock parents and their swing and jitter-buggery. Too far back for you, too much root? So, yeah, electric blues as they traveled north to the heartland industrial cities.

But Dizzy, Charlie, Thelonius too with that cool, detachment mood that spoke to the beat down, the beaten down, the big blast beaten fellahin world. Certainly throw in rhythm and blues, north and south, throw in big time one Mister Big Joe Turner toot-tooting his sweet mama to Shake, Rattle and Roll that had all those alienated, angst-ridden white guys whether they knew they were alienated or not like some model James Dean lined up to cover the damn thing.

Yeah guys like Elvis when he was young and hunger working the hayride circuit for nickels and dimes, and an off-hand willing womanBill Haley when he needed to kick his act up a notch, and Jerry Lee when he needed to put fire into that piano.

Then came alone a strange mix and match, rockabilly as it came out of the white small town South, Tupelo, Biloxi, Lake Charles, Lafayette, a little Cajun thrown in. Came out with those same boys lining up to sing Joe Turner, hungry Elvis, Carl, Johnny, Jerry Lee, to sing black along with that good old boy Saturday night moonshine tucked in the back seat of that bad ass Chevy looking, looking for danger, and looking for women to sing to who were looking for danger.

That part of the songbook seems to me to be a different trend away from that jailbreak song that drove us wild and one that was reflected in a CD compilation review I did one time for the young, maybe the very young, CDs were discs loaded with a bunch of songs, some you liked, maybe three, and the rest you had to buy as well because you desperately wanted those three not like today when you just hopped on some site to grab something you liked one at a time and download it, prestoThe s: 16 Most Requested Songswhich really was about the 16 most requested song before the rock jailbreak of the mids.

That is not the music that got us moving to break out and seek a newer world, to try to scratch out an existence in a world that we had not say in creating and dream, dream do you hear me, about turning the world upside down and keeping it that way for once.

Not a time to be rocking the boat, for sure. Once things stabilized a bit though then the mad geniuses of rock could hold sway, and while parents and authorities crabbed to high heaven about it, they found out that you could let that rock breakout occur and not have everything wind up going to hell in a hand basket. But this music, these 16 most requested songs were what we were stuck with before then.

Oh, you want proof. Here is one example. This was cause number one for wanting to get a pistol out and start aiming. Not for the song but for the presentation. There are a myriad Elvis recordings during the Sun period, including compilations with outtakes and alternative recordings of this song.

The worst, the absolute worst of these covers by Elvis has more life, more jump, dare I say it, more sex than the Kaye recording could ever have. Elvis you know or heard about what women were ready to do. Case closed.

And you wonder why I ask whether they shoot CD players. Enough said. Yes, yeah, tired unto death craving some sound that moved him, some sound that he could sway his rigid locked-up boyish man hips to. A break-out for sure. Maybe it had been because he was showing serious signs of growing pains, of just being a pain like his parents had taken to calling him more and more often lately, and just wanted to be by himself up in his room as the oldest boy he got the single room once the family moved to the new three bedroom house from that cramped apartment over on Elmer Street where all three boys had to sleep in one room and there were more fights over that fact mercifully done now and let the world pass by until his growing pains passed by.

It started one day in as far as he could remember the first time that he asked his parents to turn off the radio, or turn off WJDA, or turn on this new station that one of the kids at school was talking about coming out of Boston, WMEX the call letters he thought. Listen to stuff that was Frank-Benny-Duke-Bing-less. Something was in the wind. Mainly though what was on his mind had been about his growing so fast, fast and awkward, too fast and awkward to figure out what this new found interest in girls was all about.

Could maybe ease his way in with some music talk like that good guy Richie did. All he knew was that life was tough and made tougher by his parents always saying no, no in principle like there was no other possible answer. But here is the funny part his parents, like he found out later when he figured out how parents worked, parents always do and had worked it out as a science, switched up on kids. This transistor radio was a new gizmo, small and battery-powered, which allowed the average teenager to put the thing up to his or her ear and listen to whatever he or she wanted to listen to away from prying eyes.

Hail, hail. And that little technological feat saved his life, or at least help save it. Apparently, although he was ignorant of the scientific aspects of the procedure, the late night air combined with the closing down of certain dawn to dusk radio stations left the airwaves clear at times to let him receive that long distance infusion.

Then though all he knew was that the beat spoke to his angst, spoke to his alienation from about twelve different things, spoke to that growing pains thing. Made him, well, happy, when he snapped his fingers to some such beat. What he was unsure of, and what he also did not found out about until later, was whether this would last or was just a passing fancy like those Andrews Sisters his parents were always yakking about.

Was right at the place where that be-bopping sound was turning into a sway by white guys from the farms down in Tennessee, getting refined by some black guys from the Delta, being turned out by some urban hep-cats from New Jack City and anybody else who could get his hips moving to the new time beat.

Oh, except now via iPods rather than transistor radios. Once he gets onto something he will see it through until the end. Well there are many compilations out there and as Frank will gladly tell you there is a fair amount of overlap between competing sets but what Frank is looking at now is the series titled The Golden Age of Rock. It took all my persuasive powers to disabuse him of the notion that I needed to hear about two hundred, maybe three hundred songs, many which I did not like, in order to get that maybe thirty gems that I, we, died for back then.

So I turned him down but when I got home I thought if the artwork was as good at jogging the memory as that jukebox scene, well, maybe…]. Get out from that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans Get out from that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans Well, roll my breakfast 'cause I'm a hungry man. Wearin' those dresses, your hair done up so nice Wearin' those dresses, your hair done up so nice You look so warm, but your heart is cold as ice.

I'm like a one-eyed cat, peepin' in a sea-food store I'm like a one-eyed cat, peepin' in a sea-food store I can look at you, tell you don't love me no more. I believe you're doin' me wrong and now I know I believe you're doin' me wrong and now I know The more I work, the faster my money goes.

Shake, Rattle And Roll. Working off the efforts of old preacher-warriors Son House had heard or read she was not sure that he had warred against the devil against sin and warred against God with the bottleCharley Patton, Skip James and the guy who made a pact with devil she heard down in some Mississippi sweat-hole highway, Robert Johnson. And they did work, worked the streets for pocket money first and then the little sassy clubs, all smoke, booze and smelling of blood.

Some called the new dispensation sound rockabilly with good-looking white farm and small town boys named Elvis, Carl, Jerry Lee, Warren, in sexy suits with nothing on their minds except good times, music, and sex who were tired of that Grand Ole Opry hokey stuff and wanted to breakout and dust off their roots too. She thought about being stage front when those guys played too and thought that she too would maybe throw her sweaty underwear up on that heathen stage like she had seen and heard that lots of girls, good girls too caught in the throughs of the moment, but she kept that to herself since her parents would have flipped out if she took step one in that direction.

In any case some, more recently, had begun to call it rock and roll after some DJ, Freed she thought the name was from New York City or some big beat city, called it that and it was starting to catch on as the way to describe the beat, the dancing, and the feeling of freedom just being around the scene. How could they know never having been young, never having had those feelings. Betty said somebody on the news programs called it alienation, teen alienation, like it was a disease, an epidemic sweeping the nation that needed to be eradicated if we were to beat the Russkies or something like that, but she was not sure what that meant.

All she knew was that the old songs on the jukebox or radio, the ones that she loved to listen to the previous year, Frank getting kicks on champagne, Bing crooning about going his way, Patti get all dreamy about ocean-filled Cape Cod making her forget about ocean-filled Olde Saco with its endless textile mills to break the mood, Rosemary telling everybody to come to her house and singing about wanderlust, did not make her feel that way anymore.

Tommy from school she thought, thought fondly if anybody was asking although he had not shown a spark of interest until recently so she might not have told them she thought fondly of him if they had asked, might have had a better handle on it, have had a better sense of what turbulence was going on inside her when he told the whole Problems in Democracy class in Current Events that there were some new songs coming out of the radio, some stuff from down south, some negro sound from down in Memphis somewhere, some white hillbilly sound from around that same town, that he would listen to late at night on WJKA from Chicago when the air was just right.

Sounds that made him want to jump right out of his skin. When Tommy had said that, said it was about the music, she knew that she was not alone, not alone in feeling that a fresh breeze was coming over the land, although she, confused as she was would not have articulated it that way that would come later. And so she asked Tommy about it after class, asked him about what it felt like for him to jump out of his skin when he heard the beat beginning.

He explained to her his feelings, feelings that she said she shared with him and he smiled. She agreed to let him walk her home after school and they had talked for a couple of hours on her front porch before he left. This went on most days for a while since neither one was assertive enough to ask for a date for a long time Tommy as painfully shy as her except she was the first to notice that he looked over her way in class and gave a little smile, really a half smile before that day when they first talked after school.

Then both saw the big full page announcement in the newspaper, in the Friday edition Daily Gazettefor the next dance around town scheduled for a week from Saturday night and that night she called him to see if, ah, they might go to the event together. If she had waited about ten minutes Tommy later told her he would have called her in her mind though she thought she was right to call since he was, except during Current Events, painfully shy and she was not going to miss a chance to grab him before some other girl did and then where would she be.

And so they had their first date, first date to go to the Surf Ballroom down at Olde Saco Beach and listen to some guys, a band, play the new music that Tommy talked about some much. She wondered to herself she could not speak of such things to Tommy as she prepared for that night whether she would feel warm again in her sweet spot when they danced, she hoped so…. But they, tramps and whoremongers both, were not listened to as a rule even in braggart lavatory between classes time, so that it was up to you to ask your older brother or sister in order to get some information they picked up from the streets.

Of course half, maybe more, of that street talk was wrong, dead-ass wrong coming from sources that barely knew more than those asking the questions. And so there was an epidemic of young women being plucked out of school for a time to visit some forlorn aunt in Topeka sorry, Topeka.

The whole wide world had never known such devotion of wayward young nieces for out-of-town aunts during those times. Jesus, would no one but tramps and whoremongers use anything but prissy words when speaking of sex and its functions. Betty said the stuff was news in all the newspapers and her father had mentioned it to her and asked her if she felt alienated.

When he said that, said it was about the music, she knew that she was not alone, not alone in feeling that a fresh breeze was coming over the land, although she, confused as she was would not have articulated it that way that would come later. As she continued to muse she remembered that she had asked Tommy about it after class and talking awhile both getting animated on the subject agreed to let him walk her home after school. One thing led to another as they found that they had so much in common, and then a few weeks later they had their first date, first date to go to the Surf Ballroom down at Adamsville Beach and listen to some guys, a band, The Ready Rockers, play the new music.

She had wondered to herself before he picked her up at her house whether she would feel warm again in her honey pot when they danced she could not speak of such things to Tommyshe had hoped so.

The kind of part being that while she let him undress her, partially anyway, she was not sure what he did, not sure if they had done the deed. In any case she got angry at Tommy, got angry assuming that he had had his way with her and that he should have stopped.

Later, much later, she found out that one of those girls who had claimed to have fended off her boyfriend suddenly announced she had to go see an ailing aunt in Topeka or some place like that. More importantly Tommy, as inexperienced as her, had not really done anything, any penetration anyway. Poor Tommy. After giving Tommy his walking papers she still got those urges and still wanted to try to figure out what to do about them when Elvis or Jerry Lee came on the radio and, truth, had secretly thrilled when she thought Tommy had done the deed, had made her a woman, although she believed he really should have stopped and thus the break-up.

And maybe find another guy, a guy who would respect her. Later she went over to see if she could talk to him, to see if the music hit him the same way as it did her and they talked. She said she really wanted to but told him he should stop before things got out of hand.

Once they got there Lance turned on the radio and turned on his hands. Eddie, my love, I love you so. Transcribed from the Teen Queens. Come on over here, here nearer me and get away from that midnight phone waiting, that eternal waiting. Yeah, like you could do homework with your head filled with anxiety about that call. What do parents know anyway never having been young, never having been in love. What is wrong with Betty is simpler.

Her Eddie has flown the coop, and has not been heard from for a while. It first started when she did not return my wave when I waved across the street to her, then she would hang Keep On Rockin. (Live) - Only Entertainment - So Long.

And Thanx For All The Booze (CD) head down walking like some zombie in the movies. So one day I asked her about what was up and she said she did not want to talk about it, made a serious point to me that she did not want to talk about it when I pressed the issue so I let it drop. Yes, I know, I know Sue, old best friend Sue, is nothing but a man-trap and has flirted with more guys in this town than you could shake a stick at, including Eddie a couple of times when Betty had to go out of town with her parents keep that between us, please.

Truce, Sue truce, as we walked home, Eddie-less, a few blocks away. I left Sue at her house. We were off as soon as I closed that cherry red door.

Those were my corner boy days before I got into more serious stuff, my poetry readings that Betty sniffed her nose at for her Eddie. And those junior Eddies, and me too, once we got started on the subject of girls which we were clueless about but which began every lonely hearts Friday night holding up the wall conversation, were pretty raw about what we would, or would not, do with girls, mostly the unattainable ones at school, and then move on like the wind.

And some of my corner boys like Frankie Riley and Jimmy Jenkins to name names actually proceeded to do just that once they got their wheels. Yeah, so I know the Eddies of this teenage world and this is the hard truth I would tell Betty if she would listen for one second:.

Eddie guys are more in the first category, the new girl and move on claiming that some mother needed desperate support in some other state and they would write. But you never know with Eddie guys on that Keep On Rockin.

(Live) - Only Entertainment - So Long. And Thanx For All The Booze (CD) part. Betty, Betty hold onto your Eddie, My Love dream for a moment. Worse, going chapter and verse, getting all gooey bringing up old seawall sugar shack beach nights before the step up to back seats of ocean view cars holding hands against the splashed tides, against full moons which actually impeded any serious fooling around since even some old blind lady could see what they were up to in that lightagainst tomorrow coming too soon on those submarine nights; double date drive-in movies, speakers on low, deep-breathing car fog-ups on cold October nights, embarrassed, way embarrassed, when they surfaced for intermission's stale popcorn or reheated hot dogs; and, that last dance school dance holding tight, tight as hell, to each other as the DJ, pretending to be radio jockey Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsberg, played Could This Be Magic?

Damn, a scratchy, scribbly note, a note written on serious stationary and with a real fountain pen to show his sincerity, and not the usual half- lined sheet, pulled out a three-ring subject notebook, and passed to Lucy during their common study class. Hell, he thought, thought now too late, to himself, that he would have been better off, much better off, if he had just left it at calling Lucy on the telephone every few hours and either hanging up before she answered or when she did answer freezing up.

She knew who it was after a while, or should have, but at least he would not have left a paper trail and be the upcoming subject of locker room and lavatory snickers. But that was costing money, serious add up money, since he had had to use a public pay telephone up the street from his house because the telephone service had been turned off for non-payment as his family could not afford to pay the bill the past few months.

And that picture sent him back to thoughts of when he and Lucy first met, when their eyes first met. That simmer, that somehow unarticulated simmer, went on for a while, a long while. The runaround, the classic runaround since boy meets girl time began, except not always done over the telephone. But see she had gotten under his skin, way under, and well, and that was that. Bo Diddley bought his babe a diamond ring If that diamond ring don't shine He gonna take it to a private eye If that private eye can't see He'd better not take the ring from me.

Bo Diddley caught a nanny goat To make his pretty baby a Sunday coat Bo Diddley caught a bear cat To make his pretty baby a Sunday hat.

Not to the audience that had followed him memory trips back to the youth of the early baby-boomers in many of the half-read nostalgia drift magazines that he, now comfortably retired, had by-line in and read by among others those who thought his impressions were worth taking note of. Jeff believed just that cultural quirk inspiration moment that there was only one big question before the house.

What had brought this matter up, brought it to mind just then was that Jeff had gone up into his attic a few weeks before with the purpose of trying to thin his load of back copies of magazines and alternative newspapers in which his by-line appeared. Some time later he put the notes into written form for Jeff to read.

The following is what Sam was thinking:. Not only does he have the old country blues songbook down, and the post- World War II urbanization and electrification of those blues down, but he reaches back to the oldest traditions of black music, back before the American slavery plantations days, back to the Carib influences and even further back to earth mother African shores.

Feared to have in their households and not a few banned anything to the left of the Inkspots and their eternal talking the lines of one verse of their song whatever the song. Feared that transistor radio they were forced to buy worrying what hellish music that they could not hear was being played up in Timmy or Dotty bedroom.

Well, we were washed away by the beat and we have proven none the worst for it. From dress, to sideburns, to swiveling hips, to sneer okay I will not dispute that the expression might have been a snarl not a sneer like a girlfriend, a short-lived girlfriend of the time, although not short-lived over this issue, claimed.

Worse claimed that his snarly expression made Elvis sexier. Made usually rational young women, and some not so young, throw their sweaty undies up on his stage. Sneer or snarl that part she had right, the sexy part-for girls.

Hell, I even bought a doo-wop comb to wear my hair like his. And, additionally, aware that if you wanted to get any place with them, any place at all, you had better be something like the second coming of Elvis. By the way that Billie is not some misspelling or some homage to Billie Holiday whom he would have been clueless about then but to distinguish him from father Billy and more personally because he did not want a name whose spelling reminded him of a damn billy-goat.

Billie was wild for girls way before I acknowledged their existence, or at least their charms. Me, well, I got a few invites, maybe backup invites when about sixteen other guys said no, to parties by sticks girls who for some reason had not gotten their shapes yet. Billie decided, and rightly so I think, to try a different tack. Tried to be a pioneer by not following the crowd a trait that would not stand him in good stead later, late teenage later, when he decided the deck was stacked against him and took up robberies and assorted other felonies but that was long after we had parted company, had parted neighborhoods and I had decided, although it was a close thing, that crime was not my forte.

Instead of forming the end of the line in the Elvis imitation department he decided to imitate Bo Diddley. Elvis bopped, no question. Something mysterious, something with raw physicality although this is mostly later rationalizations which neither Billie nor I would have been capable of articulating back then.

Even an old clumsy white boy like me could sway to the beat, could fake enough moves to get by, get by where it counted on the dance floor. Of course like I said that last bit was nothing but a now time explanation for what drove us to the music.

Praise be for transistor radios younger readers look that up on Wikipedia to get around their madness.

Das Ritual (The Invitation Mix) - Various - Matrix Downloaded [004] (File), A Girl With Glasses - Various - Uplifting Trance And Melodic Energy Trance Anthems Vol. 2 (File, MP3, Hanging On The Gsm - Jeanne & Olivier - Jeanne & Olivier (Cassette), Ich Sehne Mich - Various - Gebt Uns Endlich Frieden (CD), Hurricane - Vow Wow - I Feel The Power (Vinyl), D Natural Rock - Cozy Cole - "D" Natural Rock / Strange (Vinyl), Dein Schweiss - Various - Deep 64 - The Y2K Edition (CD), Come Unto Me - Water, Wind & Fire - Water, Wind & Fire (Vinyl, LP, Album), Bryon Butler, Maurice Edleston and Peter Jones (5) - Arsenal V Liverpool - The 1971 F.A. Cup Final O, Call Your Girlfriend - Lucy Wainwright Roche - Theres A Last Time For Everything (CD, Album), The L Bit - Tasty / Mimosa (Vinyl), On Reste Seuls Au Monde - Joseph DAnvers - Les Choses En Face - Nouvelle Version (CD, Album), The Cult - Cult Love Live MMIX - Seattle, Aug. 26, 2009 (Memory Stick, MP3)