Long Gone Lost John

Another version became a virtuoso harmonica piece, and yet another was a hit on the minstrel stage. Uncle Dave Macon probably heard some version of it from the entertainers who stayed at his parents' Nashville hotel.

Actually, he evidently recorded it earlier, but, it was never issued, and the master was lost without a trace. That version wasn't issued either, but we got a tape copy and learned the version given here. I like this version for the last verse, where the hero displays his Achilles Heel: ladies doing the buck-and-wing dance. Complete Lyrics: 1. Did you ever hear the story of Long John Green? A bold bank robber from Bowling Green; They put him in jail the other day, But late last night, he made his getaway.

No matching results. Explore music. Get fresh music recommendations delivered to your inbox every Friday. Miles Away by Long Gone John. Purchasable with gift card. Easier To Quit I've got lungs full of tar, liver full of poison Teeth jumpin outta my head, and if it weren't for all this singin' I don't think I'd get outta bed.

I've got a heart full of heartache, belly full of Chicken Brain Long Gone Lost John of bad ideas and if it weren't for all this travelin' I'd never known what was real. Everybody's hoping they age like wine, but corks get pulled before their time, so crack me open and Long Gone Lost John me 'round, cause I'd like to be empty 'fore I go in the ground.

Can't hold down a job when you're starin' at the clock, and your legs shake when you sit, and if it weren't for all these habits it'd be easier just to quit. If taxes were the foxes and money were the cattle, and workin was the farmer's dog.

I'd be the rabbit eatin' up his carrots and livin' in a hollow log. Old men hopin' they age like scotch, to sit on the shelf collectin' dust I've been sippin' off the barrel for so damn long, by the time I hit the bottle I'll be long gone.

Rich folks hopin' they age like champagne, the pressure alone it could drive you insane, Me; I'll probably age like moonshine, gone by the morning, but we had a good time.

Don't call me useless while you're using me to get past the truth. Don't call me speechless just because I can't speak louder than Long Gone Lost John. Don't call me righteous, but I've got something else to say; If you ain't movin' forward, Oh Lord, why don't you just get out the way? I cannot sleep, I cannot wake, I cannot get out of bed. Theses days I'm glad just for the demons that keep dancing in my head. You ask me where I'm going, but I couldn't tell you where I've been. These days not even my Momma could tell you what the shape it is I'm in.

Some days burn into the next like chain-smoked cigarettes. I am a african brazilian years-old man that is trying to figure out as many information as is possible about black people.

Thank you for share it. Best regards. Greetings, Marcus Ferreira and Long Gone Lost John for your comment. Please feel free to suggest music, dance, and other topic from Brazil that could be featured on this blog. The content of this post is presented for folkloric and aesthetic purposes. Traditionally a participatory art form, these songs were typically sung while groups of prisoners performed tasks such as chopping and hoeing.

With origins reaching back to their Long Gone Lost John African ancestry as well as during the era of African American slavery, work songs served the purpose of alleviating the mundane nature of repetitive tasks as well as providing a forum for the song leader to keep the group together through rhythms and lyrics. It was old Lost John, He said he was long gone Like a turkey through the corn With his long clothes on.

Had a heel in front And a heel behind, Well you couldn't hardly tell Well you couldn't hardly tell Whichaway he was goin' Whichaway he was goin'.

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