Major Boys - Voodoo Magic (Vinyl)

When I listen back to the old recordings sometimes I think those limitations are cool and add to the eerie quality of the music but over the last 32 years I've also wanted to hear what the songs would have sounded like done in a proper recording studio.

I did my best to NOT overplay or Major Boys - Voodoo Magic (Vinyl) too many additional ideas beyond the original versions. When I would start to add extra layers to some of the tracks I almost always scrapped the idea soon after. This collection is what I consider to be the ten best songs of that era recorded the way I heard it in my head all those years ago.

An industrial, electronic, hypnotic set in a world made of spells, protections, magic healings that stimulate the listeners on a real journey within their own subconscious. Limited to copies. Recorded over a period of five years, working separately and together, using field recordings, digital techniques and studio hardware, the album is finally complete. Creaks and whispers, deaf, viscous drones, breath of a swamp immerse the listener in an ancient ritual, attach to it through understanding of a fairy tale, through an ancient chant, through contemplation of sacraments of the untouched nature.

Limited to hand-numbered copies. Each copy is wrapped in a piece of material, with applied silk-screen printing. Drawling guitar riffs, the disturbing, howling, humming sounds of a deaf thicket and the swamp forest, were skillfully mixed in a uniform sound line by the leader of the project, Kha Vesh. For achievement of authenticity of the sound, the guitar, recording and mixing of the album were made directly in the woods.

Each copy contains a package of dried duckweed, which, having placed in water, in a combination with audio, can reach an effect of "full immersion". Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva, the embodiment of infinite compassion of all Buddhas.

The Dalai Lama is considered his incarnation and regularly conducts Avalokiteshvara initiations. The material was recorded on As a result, there were 5 compositions united by a common meaning, a meditative-trance sound, opening new facets of sound shamanism.

The album was released in an edition of hand-numbered copies. Intertwined, tangled, rooted with age-old roots in the concrete walls Petrograd Drone Gathering is an improvisational orchestra of experimental and ever-changing musicians from St.

Petersburg and beyond. All performances of PDG are distinguished by an unusual sound; a subtle interweaving of forest noises and urban hum, the unique charm of ambient and the strict rumble of drone. This album contains a recording made at a concert at the Museum of Sound Art Center "Pushkinskaya 10" on Limited to hand-numbered copies packed in a foldout designer cardboard, with a curly card-attachment.

Lost souls sigh, wheeze,howl, revealing their essence, when the Moon is in her second quarter Status Prod. The album was released in hand-numbered copies, and is a pennant made of brown designer cardboard with paint-it-black design, applied by silk-screen printing on it, in silver color.

Soon, paths and glades slowly covers with mosses and herbs. Forest spirits groan between the tumbled-down tree trunks, giving birth to the horrifying music, when the Moon is in her second quarter Whimsical drawings of rhythms and drones call into the darkest, forbidden forest thickets and make the souls get lost in them forever.

The album is released in a hand-numbered A5-size edition of copies, and is a pennant made of black designer cardboard with silver silkscreen-printing by paint-it-black design. Entitled 'Eobseubnida', the Grenoble based producer shows his love for dark, harsh and noisy sounds.

In these five tracks xl. Recorded in Berlin in a timespan of three months, 'Colours Of Now' has become a singular, spontaneous and inimitable object, exploring neoclassical, ambient and experimental music.

This record has multiple influences, ranging from samba to Afrobeat through soul and French chanson. Once again, the unstoppable beatmaker once again showcases his art of sampling. Tracks range from dancefloor bombs to dreamy abstraction and modern anthems, taking the listener on a vivid journey through an intense range of senses and emotions. The duo released their debut album in through the 'Costes Presente' series. With this album, the band is back together for a release delivering their inimitable twist on jazz infused electronic music.

On this project Sunareht went even further with his signature style by exploring a more pop approach of his euphoric French touch stabs and intricate rhythms adding different sounds and experiments to the mix. Although James did not admit authorship untilit was known to fans as an unofficial Aphex Twin album because at least two of its tracks are alternate versions possibly demo versions of tracks featured on the subsequently released 'Richard D.

James Album' Some tracks also bear resemblance to those on 'Analogue Bubblebath 5'. These tracks are thought to mark the beginning of a new phase in James's career, when he started composing music using computer software rather than on synthesizers and analogue equipment.

There are few places to find this album. It is commonly believed that 'Melodies From Mars' was given to some of James' friends on cassette tapes. Digipak CD. Thailand import. Released in by EMI Italia, the album has been produced by two veteran Italian songwriters and composers, Romano Musumarra and Claudio Gizzi after meeting Mario Maggi, one of the major innovators in the manufacturing of electronic instruments in Italy.

Maggi invented the first programmable monophonic synthesizer ever made: the MCS Its sounds have been the basis for the production of the whole Automat album. Limited gram purple vinyl. Repress on black vinyl with alternative artwork. It is darker and much more into the heavy crushing doom field, losing part of the eerie fuzzy rhythm and the stoner smoke. The crushing riffs and bass guitar lines are all over the place now, with amazing grooves and psychedelia motifs.

Helped with the addition of bassist Chris Black who brings his love for death and prog metal to fill out the sound even more. Comes on gold vinyl. Limited to copies on black vinyl. If there aren't that many trios around, that's because it's a hard thing to pull off: with just three people having to nail the rhythmic fusion of bass and drums, the wild colours of guitar and the soul-grabbing focus of the human voice, there can be no passengers aboard.

Extraordinary chemistry is essential. Everyone has to be right on it, and locked in. Which is why lots of trios fail, or cop out and recruit extras. Second edition, limited to copies with woodblock printing artwork by Ryock. I spent a year and Major Boys - Voodoo Magic (Vinyl) change composing the music for the album; and in the spring of we began recording in a former church in rural Quebec that Daniel Gelinas had converted into a studio.

Back in NYC, where I live, additional layers were added to the recordings. Being my first trial with mixing, I realized a year into it that I had layered more sounds than I could even hear. So as I peeled away at the layers, eliminating some sounds and carving out a space for the rest, I learned to hear it all. These songs mostly deal with the purging of uninvited darkness. Some kind of cure for some kind of poison. Some kind of death for some kind of renewal.

I hope you can derive meaning and joy from this music. Recorded in Paris a year after the seminal 'Kind Of Blue', this rare live meeting between Miles Davis and tenor Sonny Stitt is a fireworks display of brass brilliance, Major Boys - Voodoo Magic (Vinyl) by an all-star rhythm section. Available on vinyl for the first time. Originally released in November Recorded in Vienna, January-July Big Muff - My Funny Valentine Ballistic Brothers - Cubafro Con Amigos Fantastic Plastic Machine - First Class 77 De-Phazz - No Jive Aphrodelics - Rollin' On Chrome Seven Dub - Chateau Rouge Baffa - Luna De Rio Grace Jones - Libertango Nitin Sawhney - Migration Rinocerose - Machine Pour Les Oreilles Doris Days - To Ulrike M.

Zero 7 Mix De-Phazz - Jazz Music Pink Martini - Symphatique Mo' Horizons - Flyin Away Rollercone - Palais Mascotte Dee Theo Project - Light on Doctor Silence - Butterfly Zone Hardage - The island of colorblind Tears Let the sunshine in On my own Love magic Feel like dancing Diamond life You don't know me Searching for the golden eye Let your will be done Young hearts run free Let yourself go I Love to love.

Dj Christelle - Feel so good Mas-Que - Yo by Claudio Coccoluto Intrallazzi - Tokyo Revenge Dj Millydemori - Soulmate Kym Mazelle - Love magic Vision - A day in the minimal blue By Matteo Ceccarini Peppino Di Capri - Champagne.

Kym Mazelle - Tears Major Major Boys - Voodoo Magic (Vinyl) feat. Kathy Brown - Voodoo Magic Ramon Egea - Ariana Words Suzanne Palmer - Luv 2 Luv The Bediners - You Are Losing me doin' me wrong Bobby Blanco - 3 AM Eclipse - Take me down Martin Solveig - Rockin music wave Clarke rmx Aston Martinez - Seduction Climax dub Full Intention - A definitive strange. Angela Mccluskey - Message Giorgio Li Calzi - 20 Vittorio Muo - Porte inferriate Soho - Ocean of joy Twin Satellites - Fancy it Duke B - Soho2Vietnam Vinyl 12" - Mystical whore Noize Factory - Street sound Ginger Brew - Blues kies Jardin Du Palais - Again Pierandrea The Professor - Island girl Hardage - The island of colorblind.

Just Vision - Daylight Waves Mo'Bop - No matter When Vittorio Muo' - All That's jazz Valery Signetto - Flying to California Valery Signetto - Jazz Journey Arthur Miles - Give me a reason. Billy Aerts - Celtic Hope Billy Aerts - Crossing The Meadows Labgraal- Breizh Song Billy Aerts- Air Of Innocence Labgraal - Below The Valley Billy Aerts- Lyrical Dance Labgraal - Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie? Karl Fredrich Lundeberg - Emerald Dreams.

Get the chillin' with it Oh happy day Go tell it on the mountains Nomansland Chariot Sunoon Rock my soul It's springtime Amazing grace I'll fly away. Compay Segundo -Saludo Compay Ibrahim Ferrer - El Platanal de Bartolo Eliades Ochoa - Beso Discreto Omara Portuondo - Tres Palabras Compay Segundo - Francisco Guayabal Eliades Ochoa - Cuidadito, Compay Gallo Compay Segundo - Maria en la Playa.

Ibrahim Ferrer - El Son de la Santiaguera Sur Caribe - El Patatum Felix Baloy - Ten un Poquito de Fe Compay Segundo - Anita Omara Portuondo - Piensa en Mi Ibrahim Ferrer - Cucuruchito de Coco Eliades Ochoa - Llego el Cuarteto Patria Pedro Luis Ferrer - Fundamento Compay Segundo - Voy Pa' Mayari.

Orquesta Aragon - Son al son Polo Montanez - Genta Loca Afro Cuban All Stars - Chispa Labori - Ni gorda ni flaca Orquestra Aragon ft. Omara Portuondo - Sobiney Calle 23 ft. El Nono - Yiri Yiri Bon Polo Montanez - Colombia Eliades Ochoa - Mi guajirita Sierra Maestra - El rejol de pastora Chispa Labori - Colombia Baila mi son Afro Cuban All Stars - On the road again.

You're my addiction It's all about you Two kinds When we kissed Me and you It's so easy Just once more Show me yours I would do anything Butterfly Sharp dressed man The Dining Rooms - Flamenco sketches N.

Conte Major Boys - Voodoo Magic (Vinyl) new Rhumba version Joseph Malik - Aquarius song Susi Hyldgaard - Blush Minus 8 - At the beach Soulalchemy - I promise S-tone Inc. Toco - Negro DJ Baur - Electric City 9. Steve Edwards - Watch the Sunrise 2elements Mix Modjo - Lady Radio Mix. James Benitez - Missing You Original 2. Neo - Aura Original breaks 9. King Rocker Feat. Komodor - vocal mix a1 5. Cheerleader - Melissa dark angel extended mix 7.

R-tem - Sunrise 9. Scanners - Hurricane Vinyl Deepgroove 4. A Studio feat. Da Hool - Street Life original 7. Fairmont - Gazebo Sebastien Loger remix Sunset Strippers - Swear Proper club mix 2. Arnold Palmer Vs. Miles Dyson Presents Donique - Raise 6. Future Funk - Chick Too Chic 8. Anton Neumark -Check Your Mind 9. Jerry Ropero - Home Alone Dub 2.

Chris Montana - The way it should Pash and montana rmx September - Looking for Love 2. Rivaz Feat. Julien Creance - Heatwave Extended Version 4. Steve Angello - Straight 5. Ben Lost 9. Big World presents Swen G feat. Inusa - Morning light Jerry Ropero 2.

Gambafreaks Feat. Dj Pilot - The Sun for You 9. Dim Chris - Overdrive 5. Denis Naidanow - Ascension 7. Ivan Demsoff - Chicago 8. Kino - Peremen Dj Neumark 9. Baxter Baxter - Straylight Original Mix Compuphonic - 80's cops 2. Sylver - Lay all your Love on Me grooves rmx 5. Dim Chris - Feel me dj marbrax remix 6.

Akcent - Jokero Active and Optick extended mix 8. Dj Baur - Seaside Full 9. Kortezman - Everybody's Free feat. Rozalla 2. Deep Groovers - All Night original club mix 3.

Danny Freakazoid - Discount Frazer Remix 4. Phatzoo - Twisted Tweak 5. Toneplant - Erection 6. Chicane feat Tom Jones - stoned in love club 12 mix 8. Grizli and Taras - Russian Summer Extended 9. Phunk-A-Delic - Rockin' Original 2. Beatdropperz Feat. Deanne Berry - Changes Club Mix 3. Flash Republic - Emergency Phatjak Mix 8.

Voodoocult is the second and last album by heavy metal band Voodoocult, released in The album was issued on CD and double vinyl. The track Death of a Kung Fu fighter from the same sessions was not part of the album.

Songs in album Voodoocult - Voodoocult The cult mini CD set - fire woman 3 inch single wallet beg ltd ED. Genre: Rock. Voodoo,

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