No More Will I Roam - Various - Creation Rockers Volume 4 (Vinyl, LP)

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Under The Surface Music Is A Better Noise. Fruitier Than Thou. Non Peel Radio Sessions 8 months ago. Following the eight day ordeal, during which she lost 14 pounds, Peggy spent a week in the hospital recovering from cuts, bruises, and severe dehydration. Despite the emotionally and physically painful ordeal, Bradnick maintained a remarkably compassionate view of her kidnapper.

As she said in a July 16, article in the Saturday Evening Post:. But I don't believe that all the misery, sorrow and death he caused was entirely his fault, any more than it is a snake's fault when it strikes someone who steps on it.

I'll leave it to the psychiatrists to diagnose what's wrong with his mind, but it seemed to me that he was a person everybody had rejected, not tried to help. Apparently nobody ever took LP) interest in him. He was about as lonely as a human being can get. So he was fighting back in the only way he could figure out, trying to capture by force the human companionship he couldn't get any other way. I just happened to be the one he caught. The black and white photos below appeared in the Saturday Evening Post in July The color photo, which appeared in the Fulton County Newswas taken in Octoberwhen Bradnick Jackson spoke to the Fulton County Historical Society about the kidnapping and its aftermath.

And if you're still hungry for additional photos, the LIFE magazine archives feature six more. This post courtesy of Listener Thomas G.

Bloe - Groovin' With Mr. I've been thinking about the Fall lately. That's nothing new, but I've been obsessed with them more than usual, probably for two reasons: I just paid a weekend visit to a friend who No More Will I Roam - Various - Creation Rockers Volume 4 (Vinyl when his baby is born in June that his first order of business will be to play her their entire catalog in chronological order shhhh - don't tell his wife and second, I finally got around to reading Mark E Smith's memoir "Renegade" said friend thrust a copy in my hand upon meeting up.

It reads more like a drunken bar rant than a life recalled the world according to MES and not surprisingly much of the time he's interested in making sure you know he's the Fall and not, say, Karl Burns or Craig Scanlon. One of my favorite moments is when he writes, "A lot of people say I'd be a really good dad.

But I'm the sort who'd forget about the child. I'd be at the pub engrossed in a conversation when I should be at home because the baby's in front of the fire slowly getting roasted. In the course of a week various Fall songs kept running through my head and I realized a lot of them were covers. I wondered what it'd look and sound like to compile them in one place. Upon doing so, and listening to them repeated times, I realized that this collection of 45 songs says almost as much about MES as his book does.

Eclectic, eccentric, and rarely obvious, they are a fascinating insight into a very original mind. Then there are the Peel sessions, b-sides, tribute albumsand the live covers. As for "A Day In the Life," the Fall version is posted here because it's probably the best known song they've covered, while their cover is also one of the most obscure songs in their catalog.

Posted in Debbie's PostsMP3smusic. I'm not sure what gym class meant in other the other parts of the country but in suburban Rochester, NY in the mid's when you weren't playing "Kill The Queer" aka: No More Will I Roam - Various - Creation Rockers Volume 4 (Vinylshuffling through Robert Preston's Chicken Fat or wondering what that funny feeling meant when you were climbing the massive, knotted rope, it meant square dancing.

Like Lynyrd Skynyrd, I don't mean to to put it down but I wish my gym teacher had remembered that a western New York state boy didn't need it around. Anyhow, back then, awkward barely, pubescent kids, barely able to look at the opposite sex, suffered even more humiliation at the hands of jack-booted gym teachers everywhere by not only dancing with them, but square -dancing with them.

I'm sure there are parts of the country where happy little worker ants scurry to and fro, honoring their partner and ecstatically forming stars and other geometric shapes but like ice dancing, I just don't get it.

Who came up with it? And why? Isn't the whole point of dancing about getting laid? Dancing is foreplay - how does your partner touch you, do they move well and, if you score, will they stalk you when you don't call them the next day. In contrast, square dancing is like asking your potential sexy-time mate to help you move into your new apartment. You get my point. No matter how much I stare at the cover of the album it speaks not a word of "square dance" to me.

In fact, there's a case to be made that the cute cowboy couple are actually a cowboy god and goddess staring down and laughing at the bunch of pimply teens engaged in avoiding eye contact and do-si-do'ing.

I present, then, for your non-sexy-time-having enjoyment, the utilitarian-named Square Dances With Calls. The main pleasure I get from this comes from imagining the only Jewish square dance caller in New Jersey getting the nod to do his first album.

Perhaps it's my snotty, Boston-bias shining through, but I don't see any need to split up the sides into track lists. Does anyone really have a favorite square dance song?

Duck For The Oyster! I LOVE that one! And thanks to the lack of any kind of editorial interference, I can add the line "I don't know much about square dancing, but I know it when I see it. Square Dance Side 1. Square Dance Side 2. Posted in Hbee's PostsMP3s. I've seen plenty of singles with labels which carry a plethora of information.

I'm thinking here mainly of jazz 78's from the swing era, as well as reissues of the same type of records. But I don't think I've ever seen nearly as much text regarding separate categories of information as is present on Paul Kosty's "Dad From Trinidad". As you can see, in addition to the label name, artist name, songwriter, speed publishing and label number, we're also treated to a number of unique bits of information.

Here's a list of the performers on the record, including what they played, in addition to the name of the group. There's the location of the recording session. Here are the names of not one, not two, but THREE different dramatic works which feature the song including a book - not sure how that would work. So, how does the record sound? As a guy who loves calypso a lot more than the next guy it's probably my favorite genre of musicI'll say that although this one is not likely to make it onto one of my calypso compilations any time soon, it is nontheless a fascinating little record.

Have a listen! I'll admit that I have often struggled with plenty of your basic computer technology. Until recently I had no idea how to save an mp3 to my computer, only listen to it including everything on this very site! Well now that I finally have figured that out, I am going hog swine wild to get everything I possibly can for the Ipod.

One of my favorite sites is The Crime Loungean exhaustive archive seemingly devoted to compiling every secret agent sound ever mustered on vinyl during the spy heyday of the nineteen sixties. Seventeen different and elaborate comps of spy music can be found on this page. Strictly the James Bond stuff is here. Just an all round fantastic music website from Britain.

As well as this lp appearance, it came out as a single in The words are included herein in full for your furbulous edification:. Unforgettable fur. I kinda grow it Bailey and David Axelrod. This one has a lovely melody that sounds so familiar that I can't figure out if it's copped from some tin pan alley song from the 'teens or not. If so- I want to know what it is. This lp has a terrific cover and is full of great material. A good place to start a Sesame Street album collection.

Actually I could virtually throw out all of my others, if only this one had Bert and Ern. Many of the lps in the SS series have only a handful of songs I want to hear more than once but this one is paced so well I always tend to leave it on until it's done. In the meantime, enjoy these gems. Upon hosting a live set on my show from Pink Reason which was at that particular time just a solo Kevin Failure back inI learned about the years Kevin spent with his relocated American parents in 's Siberia, and also learned some history of what was surely a rich but uber-contained underground punk and psychedelic rock scene going on.

A couple years earlier, Igor from Kim's record store in NYC had already floated me a CD of Opizdenevshie which I really dug, couldn't quite assimilate to anything else in contempo psych-punk, and wanted to know more. I later found out that this band had done music with Egor Letovan Omsk-born avant-protest-punk who had laid a pretty intensive foundation for mid-to-late 80's Soviet underground music, particularly in the band Grazhdanskaya Oborona.

A few months ago after Kevin had settled down in Brooklyn, I jumped at the opportunity when he offered to bring out some of his collected sounds from the then-Soviet and especially Siberian underground; the three hour show's archived here.

During her presence on what was a super tight-knit scene, she was the significant other of Letov playing in assorted combos as well, and he played on her records in turn. Yanka was found dead indrowned in a river with the official tag of suicide, though apparently that's been somewhat debated. The adrenalised, forceful stomp and grind of the title track gets things off to a good start, while the druggy and head rush inducing muscle of "In Love" is bound for some real hands in the air moments.

On the flip "We Are E" leaves little to the imagination on this heady and bass driven trip through the early hours of a heaving stadium dancefloor Then those ravey church organs come in and it starts getting right crazy! ANSIA 12". RL 12". Eye Of The Minotaur: Collage 12". Soft Machine. Ruyzdael Netherlands. Mouna Power 12". Review: Ever-reliable funk fusionist Bosq has scored another hit here, this time with the help of Favourite Recordings regular Pat Kalla, a talented French poet and singer.

The excellent original version comes backed with a longer, slightly tougher but no less warming and kaleidoscopic 'Dancefloor Dub'. It contains most of the vocals, more percussion and a greater role for the killer bassline and is probably our pick of the mixes. Take It To Church Volume 4 12". Review: House music's roots are in the church and this new a celebratory various artist collection pays homage to that. The grooves are laced with soulful vocals, churchy chords and big strings that make for grand architecture and grander feelings of joy.

Dig Deep 12". X Erie 04 12". X Erie Spain. Wolf Music Recordings. Simple Solutions To Complex Problems 12". Played by: Owain Kimber Owain K. Rebirth Ltd Sampler 3 hand-stamped 12".

Design Of The Body Sublime 12". Can You Feel The Sun. Review: Given that both Call Super and Parris have fine track records and have successfully developed their own unique, off-kilter trademarks sounds, you'd expect this first collaborative EP to not only be very good, but also sidestep rhythmic and stylistic conventions. The suite of tracks certainly ticks those boxes, with opener 'Design of a Body Sublime', the first of two tracks featuring vocalist Fox, somehow managing to brilliant fuse elements of broken techno, vintage US garage, Afro-house and UK bass.

Played by: M Butterfly 12". Review: Prising himself away from his Atari ST for a moment, beat don Cannon links with Manchester artist Patrice for some purring dark garage funk. Bubbling bass, writhing beats, it's a slinky one. With Snowy on hand for both a special "Vox" and "Dub" version which echoes and teases, the two cuts tickle spots you didn't even know you had.

Sting like a "Butterfly" Hum like a bee. Played by: Juno Recommends Bass. Equilibrium 12". De La Groove. Love In Your Heart 10". Review: As one or two critics pointed out when the Angelheaded Hipster covers album arrived, Mark Bolan is something of a disputed musical genius who remains misunderstood by both naysayers and allies alike. The latter arguably downplaying the chart-topping pop-glam status he enjoyed during his s T-Rex heyday, shortly before commercial and artistic decline led to mediocrity.

Meanwhile, those who write him off as only relevant in that period forget the decade of broad work that preceded it. What we can all agree on, though, is that he wrote some incredible songs that achieved universal adoration, and Cosmic Dancer ranks in the top flight.

Nick Cave's contribution to the aforementioned tribute LP stays true to the source material, all emotionally charged lyrics set in heartbroken balladry. A delicate, piano-led ode to the narrator's lost youth, and a promise that despite the passing of time an energy will always prevail. The Book Of Hylas limited numbered 10" in hard-back book.

It's A Long Way 12". Review: A two-sided affair from Aficionado upon which we see faces old and new. Leonardo takes the lead; new the label, within seconds of hearing the sleazy, low-slapping bassline and purring vocals of " It's A Long Way" and the dreamy star-gazing synth arpeggios, epic guitar solo and filmic drums of "Cosmic Summer" you'll understand why he's also appeared on Claremont and Is It Balearic?

Finally Swedish nu disco champion Beatfanatic gets busy on a Plastic Fantastic classic, laying down a percussion-focused house number that's up there with Ashely Beedle's finest in the groove department. Needs x World Mental Health Day gram vinyl double 12".

Needs not-for-profit. Review: Needs' commendable charity drive continues to bring forth the goods, both in terms of good causes and world class club music. Rallying round in support of World Mental Health DayShanti Celeste kicks the record off in style with the rapid fire, deep-diving workout 'Fantasma'.

OCB keeps the pressure up with the psychotropic techno of 'RS3', while Michelle works up some delightfully freaky synths on playful jacker 'Aesthetic'. Bobby's 'Free Your Mind' is a 90s-tinged, full fat techno production indebted to Detroit, Peder Mannerfelt keeps things stripped and raw on 'Our Levels' and Yu Su weaves a beautiful tapestry of interweaving rhythms on 'Brittney'.

Played by: Neil DiabloMatisa. Fundamental Holland. Review: Last year, Fundamental Records decided to celebrate their 10th anniversary with an " Box" - a snapshot of the electro scene over the last decade comprising 10 EPs in a frosted plexiglass box. This year they've decided release all of the 12" singles separately in limited numbers. This is the fourth instalment and contains some superb electro. In a word: essential! ISM 12". Rauschen 01 red marbled vinyl 12".

Force Inc Germany. WLS 22 12". Wilson Italy. Played by: Fede Lng. Apex Of The Sun gram vinyl 12". Following on from last year's Seikou single on Xquisite, here Cleymoore and Pheek link up to deliver some densely packed, production rich jams that keep the spirit of mids clicks and cuts alive.

The beats themselves may be slender slices that carry the energy of the tracks, but it's all in the infinitesimal details in between that the true magic of this music comes alive. Played by: Juno Recommends Minimal Tech. The Concord Session 12".

Played by: Replika aka Common Mode. Why You Buggin' 7". Bomb Strikes. Review: More all-action fare from the popular Bomb Strikes label, an imprint that has gradually moved away from the party-hearty mash-ups and bootleg remixes on which it made its name.

This tidy seven-inch single is notable for the presence of Bristol crew The Allergies. Like the A-side, it sounds like a bona fide dancefloor bomb. Africa 12". Candace Of Meroe limited 12". Review: Soul Jazz Records' new must-have compilation "Kaleidoscope" does a great job in celebrating the vibrancy of the UK's fast-growing contemporary jazz scene. For some reason the vinyl version of the release omits the two tracks featured here, hence the label offering them up on a limited-edition 12" single that they say will never be repressed or reissued.

Over on the flip psychedelically inclined duo Pokus delivers "Pokus 1", a wonderfully low-slung and spaced-out affair that adds mind-altering, mutilated electric piano motifs to a deliciously weighty, low-slung groove.

Angelmaker Holland. I Will Kill You All 12". Cyber Drag Italy. Puolla: Volume 1 limited 12". Review: Vinyl only, g, hand stamped and individually numbered. Bloodbath EP splattered heavyweight vinyl 12". Blackened Hardware. Gabriel reissue limited white vinyl 12". Review: Is there a more positive, soulful and life-affirming dancefloor anthem out there than Roy Davis Jr and Peven Everett's jam "Gabriel"?

As many will be aware, it has long been sought of as a classic, with soulful house, deep house, US and UK garage DJs all championing it back in the day.

This white vinyl reissue boasts all of the mixes featured on the original 12". Perhaps the most famous version is the rolling, bass-heavy two-step flex of the "Live Garage" mix that opens side B, but there's plenty to set the pulse racing elsewhere. The driving, jazzy-but-stomping "Words To Give By" version has been annoyingly overlooked over the years, while the "Tambourine Dub" is deliciously sweaty and driving in the best possible way.

Vince Gordon also left his mark on the rockabilly scene in many ways. Vince Gordon had many different musicians in his band. The lifetime of the Jime ended with the death of Vince Gordon in Shakin' Stevens was the biggest selling singles artist of the s in the UK with four number ones in the singles chart [] and number two across Europe, outstripping Michael JacksonPrinceand Bruce Springsteen.

Unlike The Stray Cats, who became successful due in part to MTV, Shakin' Stevens' success was initially due to him appearing on various children's television shows in Britain. Inhis greatest hits album The Collection reached number LP) in the British albums chart, and was released as a tie-in to his appearance on ITV entertainment show Hit Me, Baby, One More Timegoing on to become the winner of the series.

They achieved critical acclaim and a following in America but never managed a major hit. They held a strong appeal for listeners who were tired of the commercially oriented MTV-style synthpop and glam metal bands that dominated radio play during this time period, but none of these musicians became major stars. InNeil Young recorded a rockabilly album titled Everybody's Rockin'. The album was not a commercial success [ citation needed ] and Young was involved in a widely publicized legal fight with Geffen Records who sued him for making a record that didn't sound "like a Neil Young record".

While not true rockabilly, many contemporary indie popblues rockand country rock groups from the US, like Kings of LeonBlack KeysBlackfootand the White Stripes[] were heavily influenced by rockabilly. Morrissey adopted a rockabilly style during the early s, being largely influenced by his guitarists Boz Boorer and Alain Whyte and working with former Fairground Attraction bass-guitarist and songwriter Mark E.

Irish rockabilly artist Imelda May has been partly responsible for a resurgence of European interest in the genre, scoring three successive number one albums in Ireland, with two of those also reaching the top ten in the UK charts.

The album sold over 2, copies in its first week of release, peaking at on the Billboardand received positive reviews from critics. Neo-rockabilly UK band Restlesshave played neo-rockabilly since the early s. The style was to mix any popular music to a rockabilly set up, drums, slap bass and guitar.

This was LP) by many other artists at the time in London. Today, bands like Lower The Tone are more aligned to neo-rockabilly that suits popular music venues instead of the dedicated rockabilly clubs that expect only original rockabilly. The original Rockabilly Hall of Fame was established by Bob Timmers on March 21,to present early rock and roll history and information relative to the original artists and personalities involved in this pioneering American music genre.

It is headquartered in Nashville. Media related to Rockabilly at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Early style of rock and roll music. This article is about the genre of music. For wrestler formerly known as Rockabilly, see Monty Sopp. For the popular song, see Rock-a-Billy song. Rock and roll country Bluegrass rhythm and blues. Psychobilly gothabilly. See also: Origins of rock and roll. Elvis Presley - "That's All Right" Elvis Presley 's " That's All Right "an early rockabilly song.

It was a cover of Arthur Crudup 's blues song of the same name. Play media. Retrieved August 22, Retrieved May 22, Updated in Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. Archived from the original on July 6, Dutton p. Charles R.

University of Illinois. Page Archived from the original on September 14, Gerald W. University of California Press. Pages ISBN The sound of the city: the rise of rock and roll Rev. New York: Pantheon Books. Retrieved July 6, April 9, Archived from the original on April 9, Retrieved January 8, Pop Chronicles. University of North Texas Libraries. Ken Burke and Dan Griffin. Chicago Review Press. Pages 8, 9. Retrieved June 27, KWEM Radio.

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