Police* - Hole In My Life (Flexi-disc)

A unique enough name that I figured out Police* - Hole In My Life (Flexi-disc) was my friend Sharon's daughter's best friend. That first trip with Dylan we went canoing and turned the boat over in a rough spot. I hate rafts. There are caves along the river. We always bring flashlights so we can pull our boat over and explore. Once we were exploring the small cave I found with my dad.

It was a baby copperhead that was frozen and poised to strike. We all screamed and ran from the cave. Their favorite camping activity is reading comic books in a hammock. I can't think of anything I'd Police* - Hole In My Life (Flexi-disc) do.

One chilly fall morning in I completed my first successful canopy relative work 4-stack. This is where you fly to another parachutist, slip your feet into their lines from the canopy, pull yourself down and wait for someone else to hook up with yours.

Four of us would be stacked together flying in formation. My drop zone that was usually Police* - Hole In My Life (Flexi-disc) SpartaIllinois was visiting SullivanMissouri. This is before Quantum Leap set up their operation there.

As I was landing I could see my friend Gary arriving with Police* - Hole In My Life (Flexi-disc) very pretty girl.

For the next few months we would make secret eye contact and occasionally even have a conversation. I was in my mid 30s and she was in her early 20s. My old girl friend Joanie would later call me a cradle robber. Every December we had a chili party in the hanger. Kim came up to me from the dance floor and we were together from that point on.

To this day, with the exception of our kids, the only thing we ever had in common was skydiving. She never shared my interests in art, music, science or literature. She was young and pretty. What can I say? Men are shallow. Another friend invited me to go with him to Tennessee to jump. Unfortunately I accepted.

This was the first in a long series of things I did that disappointed Kim. We were visiting friends at another drop zone. I let Kim use my rig. She misread the wind and did a down wind landing across the runway.

She came in so fast I was afraid she had gotten hurt. We ran up to her and for some reason she was angry with me. She could tell I was trying not to notice. I met her folks and they were shocked by my age. The math works out perfectly. Kim is hanging from an upside down Steerman biplane. My mother asked if we were just totally reckless people when she saw this. I tended bar at several places and Steve did a lot of house painting.

By the time spring came around we were willing to do anything to pay rent. All of her vegetables were grown organically. She was a few years Police* - Hole In My Life (Flexi-disc) of her time.

We had nothing else going at the time when Sue made a proposition. We spent hours on our knees planting marigolds to fend off pests. It seems like I shoveled manure for days. We did though.

One of the nice things about their property is their pond. We started and ended every day with a swim. This is the pond we jumped into on January 1 st. Eventually I want to get to a girl friend I lived with in the 70s named Jill.

When we split up she moved in with a friend of mine named Chas. Chas is the subject of this story. I wish I had a photo of him. Magic Masters had a recording studio in their basement. My band had an old refrigerated beer truck we called Zsa Zsa we parked out back.

Up until that point, a few live tracks had only surfaced on B-sides and compilations such as Urgh! A Music War The plan was to have a new album of the band to act as a stopgap between Ghost in the Machine and Synchronicity The record was mixed and mastered in Canada but never released. Inthanks to the technical possibilities and greater running time offered by the CD format, the idea regained momentum and Summers was invited to Police* - Hole In My Life (Flexi-disc). The album features the band performing at two very distinct periods of its career.

Disc one contains almost the complete concert on 27 November at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts. It features mostly material from the first two albums, Outlandos d'Amour and Reggatta de Blancas well as songs only released as singles or B-sides such as " Fall Out " and "Landlord". Disc two contains excerpts from two concerts on 2—3 November in Atlanta, Georgia at The Omni during the Synchronicity tour for the album of the same name. On this occasion the band was augmented by three backing vocalists.

Both shows were widely known to fans as they had been circulating in bootleg format for many years. It also had the merit of showcasing the band's live activity, and their propensity for rearranging and extending known songs such as " Roxanne " and " Walking on the Moon ".

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