Questions - Abassi All Stars - Message Of Hope (Vinyl)

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Disney Pictures and Video. Today at AM goopysolelady. Disney Wonderful Worlds. Yesterday at PM godders. I thank Jah for it! His constant quality of always contemporary music throughout the decades is more than a legacy: Mikey Dread is a must and this track shows it once again! Music by the Skatalites would in my idea appeal to lovers of Jazz and other forms wherein the horns play a dominant part.

However: like with so many Jamaican musicians, Tommy Mc Cook was Questions - Abassi All Stars - Message Of Hope (Vinyl) talented individual who, would he have been born in let's say a different country, probably reached world fame decades ago.

That's why the title of Tommy Mc Cook's track which is featured in today's edition of Dubroom Online is a bit noteworthy to me. A green mango must ripen yet WWW, November 24 - Featuring Original Skatalites member Tommy Mc Cook: this instrumental will bring back memories to one, good vibes to another, and an introduction to Reggae to lovers of Jazz and other swinging styles of music.

WWW, November - It's more than obvious, that one of the members of the Love Grocer's duo comes directly from Conscious Questions - Abassi All Stars - Message Of Hope (Vinyl) stable: a perfect mix on a true Roots riddim, perfectly played.

The horn section is more than beautiful and perfectly supported by the engineer's works behind the mixing desk. Love Grocer released quite a few instrumentals, but they definitely know just how to mix up a crucial Dub.

After all, one of the members started his carreer in the UK based Conscious Sounds studio, known from Sentry and Jah Warrior to name just two. Power Steppers are stricktly Dub anyway, and their releases are a welcome contribution to the already crucial and impressive catalogue of DUB and Roots Reggae produced on the island in front of the European Continent. WWW, November - Themes from Europe's musical history are combined with an up-tempo steppers drum and bassline that will make you move and groove from the top to the very last drop.

UK DUB at it's finest! Their music is rather remarkable: original Roots Reggae with beautiful horns and fine to crucial mixing, most of it released as instrumentals with a slice of Dub. You can also get another -rather long- Digital Steppers Dub by the Power Steppers, another UK based Dub and Reggae collective of which the Dubroom has quite a few free and legal MP3's reviewed and available straight from the Dubroom's download pages.

This is Love Grocer, remember? Almost 6 minutes of pure, and pure niceness, which definitely makes you wanna listen to part two as well. WWW, November - When the tune starts with a crucial bassline, nuff sounds and a drum rhythm which is building up to yet another powerful steppers rhythm, an expectation is build which is most definitely satisfied in the 5 minutes which have then yet to come.

But when he died in the late 's because of violence, he was working really hard to get his own studio where he could actually record musicians.

King Tubby was, in contrast to many people who are fan of his works in the 's, not allergic to drum computers and other digital devices at all! Gregory Isaac's "Warning" was one of the first digital productions by King Tubby's, a genre where the Godfather of DUB was developing himself in at warp speed.

Ancient Digital Niceness, yes Sir! It is not without reason, that the Dubroom utilizes this term to describe new or recently released traditional Reggae. Where a lot of people seem to think that Roots are by definition to be seen in the past, in reality as every biologian can tell us roots keep on growing and not just in size: also strength is increasingly necessary as the rest of the tree grows too. Check out the music, and the lyrics, and see once again how Reggae is still strong, still growing Roots.

Check it! The track made me think about all these times wherein I had to face people who, let's say, never heard Edi Fitzroy's track, especially not lyrically. People who often had names for me which said more about themselves than about me. They could be people who have been, let's say, unpleasantly confronted with religious systems. They could also be people who have uncovered the true purpose of these systems, which of course is nothing less than to keep people under spiritual slavery.

And sometimes, they're people who are slaves to the Politikal Korekteness of the day. In all cases, however, I see that there is an ignorance when it comes to at least a little understanding of that culture Questions - Abassi All Stars - Message Of Hope (Vinyl) Edi Fitzroy sings about. Reggae Culture I want to know some points1- what documents are needed to open a partener ship firm2- how long it take to get the export licence3- how much is draw back on exports of pvc slippersThanks and regardsHarish Xixi says: December 14, at am Dear Harish,Thanks for your posting.

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If it is being exported by a agent,how do I get back the refund of export tax paid by me or the agent or the supplier. In your case, if you want to get the tax refund, you will have to either set up a trading company in China to handle the export or sign agreement with export agent you need to find a supplier to issue VAT to the export agent so they can handle the export for you.

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This is a very different Kol Nidre. It is less haunting, more rhythmic and to me more spiritually uplifting. The qanun accompaniment is incredibly powerful. Kilou Nahi is a hymn to the glory of God and his reign while Il Nora Alila also El Nora Alila is a piyyut, a liturgical acrostic poem set to music, which is part of the closing Neilah service for Yom Kippur.

Labels: alain scetbondigitalmusicRaoul journovictor zeitoun. Books A number of new, important books have been published recently that deserve the attention of anybody interested in Jewish Morocco. The volume also contains valuable chapters on Algeria and Tunisia. I have not had a chance to read this yet but I have included a description of the book below:. This work gathers texts that tell the story of the martyrdom of Sol Hatchuel, a young Jewish girl from Tangier, who was executed in Fez in It discusses narratives in Hebrew, Judeo-Arabic, Judeo-Spanish, French and Spanish written in the first century after her death, placing them in historical and literary historical context and showing how authors in each language interpreted her martyrdom.

The book also includes a historical analysis of the event itself in the context of Moroccan and Moroccan Jewish history in the 19th Century.

The Douglas E. Questions - Abassi All Stars - Message Of Hope (Vinyl) link has been included below. The CD set is now available for pre-order.

To access a complete list of Jewish Morocco books, click here. To access the Meknes database, click here. Posted by Chris Silver at PM 0 comments. Labels: musicResourcesZohra El Fassia. The new Jewish cemetery in Rissani Rabb Abouhassira.

Labels: abuhatzeiracheikh mwijoerfoudKoliphoneRissanitafilaltZakiphon. I've added a couple of short videos from the Tahala Jewish cemetery. If anyone has any updates on the status of the cemetery, please send my way.

It is surreal to once again see these videos after having been away from the region for too long. Here is some of what I wrote back in October I arrived in Tahala and quickly found an amicable old man who pointed me in the right direction. Tahala is a small village about 15 km outside of Tafraoute. It was a Saturday and even quieter than usual. If I saw Questions - Abassi All Stars - Message Of Hope (Vinyl) around I asked them to point me in the direction of the cemetery and the happily did so.

I finally arrived to a construction site. The Moroccan equivalent of a McMansion was being built in Tahala and seriously blemished the landscape. The construction workers motioned me forward past the site and to what looked like construction materials at first glance. But at second glance it was much more than construction materials. It was the remnant of the Tahala Jewish cemetery There were about visible graves with visible, clearly written Hebrew on about 6 of the graves.

Some of the graves lied under construction materials and many had been destroyed. There was broken pottery, mostly tagine lids, strewn about and a good number of the graves that were still in good condition had been desecrated from the top.

A number of people I have spoken to on this matter seem to think that local Berber traditions have identified Jewish cemeteries as sources of certain powers and the broken pottery and even the desecration is part of these rituals. As construction moved along and as I moved on it seemed to me that this cemetery only has a few years left before it is totally destroyed.

Sadly it was one of the most moving cemeteries I have seen since arriving in Morocco and was at a loss of what to do. If the Hebrew inscriptions are not moved to a museum perhaps in Casablanca then they will completely disappear in the near future. Tahala and the study of the Jews of the Sous are continuing to gain interest among historians and anthropologists.

Labels: Cemeterytahala. Jewish cemetery in Tahala Tombstone from Jewish cemetery in Tahala Labels: Jewish cemeterytahala. She recorded dozens of records in her career in Morocco and at least seventeen 78s just between the years and for Polyphon, Pathe and Philips.

She was a favorite of the King and of the people and took pride in the fact that her music was enjoyed by both Muslims and Jews.

To my knowledge no version of this exists online or in CD form. Take a listen. This is a different Zohra El Fassia then the one you will hear later in this post.

Rapid paced singing. She lived in Jewish Agency housing in Ashkelon, in conditions strikingly different from the ones she enjoyed in Morocco. Upon arrival in the country, she began recording in Arabic for the Koliphone Zakiphon label.

Much of his poetry springs from a childhood spent in the slum world of Moroccan immigrants in Israel. Furthermore, her impact on Moroccan music has long been acknowledged in Morocco including most recently at the music festival in Essaouira. Check it out. You can hear her voice strain here but it is still a dynamite track. Not as good but interesting. Zohra El Fassia died in in Ashkelon at the age of Erez Bitton, along with the singer Shlomo Bar, of Habrera Hativit and born in Rabat and the Mayor of Ashkelon were some of the very few who attended her funeral.

I suffered from loneliness, no one visited me…Do you know why I cried? Posted by Chris Silver at AM 3 comments. Labels: chleuhmusicpatheZakiphonZohra El Fassia. Zohra El Fassia. Labels: Koliphonekoutoubiaphonemusicn. Felix el Maghrebi was a mainstay of the Moroccan pop scene in the s. His real name was Felix Weizman - Weizman being a somewhat popular Moroccan Jewish last name not related to its Ashkenazi counterpart.

He died on March 6,right before the death of Samy ElMaghribi I've been listening to a number of his 45s recently which I have only found on the N. Sabbah label, an indigenous Moroccan label produced in Casablanca. Sabbah 78s and 45s but no 33s. It seems as though N.

Sabbah recorded mostly Jewish artists although as you will see from the back of this Felix el Maghrebi EP, the label also produced Muslim artists. Felix el Maghrebi. Labels: felix el maghrebiHaim Botbolmusicn.

Posted by Chris Silver at AM 1 comments. Labels: conferences. Lots of Morocco related events happening lately. If you are in the LA area on May 10th, this is a must attend event.

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