Small Bit Of Love - The Saw Doctors - Play It Again Sham! (CD)

I am out the door, on the skybus, in the taxi and inside my home by 11am. I try to stay awake for a while by unpacking a bit and showering etc. I start to feel a bit woozy and nauseous so I think it best that I have a little lie down. I feel much better after a couple of hours sleep.

My holiday is over, it has been quite an adventure. Lowlights are the tepid shower and standing in my shower water, the smoke, bad coffee and my now diagnosed chest infection. In fact I loved all the shows we saw. The weather was fabulous and not cold as we expected.

Oh and Small Bit Of Love - The Saw Doctors - Play It Again Sham! (CD) blog would not be complete without final mention of The Bellagio.

I won't come back for you George so you will have to come here. I have a bit of a sleep in which is just lovely and then it's time to meet the others for brunch at the Bellagio buffet. This happens everywhere, what a crock!

Soon we are making our first course selections and the choices are terrific. We ooh and ahh at each other's plates and tuck in. And so it goes I must say the selections here are a bit weak and I am surprised but that doesn't stop me from having 6 cakes.

They are only small pieces!!! Technically it was 5 serves because 1 of them had 2 portions. As there is only so much one can eat and drink it's not long before we are full up and wondering what to do for the rest of the day.

Some kittens have departed for other cities already and some will leave in the evening. The remaining cats make plans to meet for drinks in the Garden Bar at 6pm prior to moving on to various activities. Miss Debby and I go across the road to Caesar's Palace to buy our tix for Leonard Cohen, his last concert of the tour.

Neither of us know anything about Mr Hallelujah and the concert is 4 hours but we don't mind. We decide if we are bored or don't like it, had enough etc, we can leave! We go back to the hotel for some reason, can't remember, and then meet up again to go to the Atomic Testing Museum.

Miss Cathy not on the trip told me about this place and I am adamant that I will visit. After all I have a coupon to use. I'm glad Miss Debby is coming with me, I like to share these things. We figure it's about 20 mins to walk and we are not far wrong. It might have been half an hour, again something I can't remember now.

The museum is fascinating and there is an abundance of information on every wall space possible. There really is too much as quite a bit is repeated. We are both getting weary and overloaded so stop reading every info point.

You could spend a couple of hours in here easily but you definitely need a clear head. Out into the fresh air we stroll with fatigue back to the hotel.

I can't wait to wear my new dress and shoes. It's just after 5pm when we arrive back at HQ and I am in need of a shower. I don't have time to wash my hair so I am little nervous as to what I will do with it.

I need a spiffy do to go with my dress! I warn Miss Debby that I probably won't make it to drinks at 6pm but will be there soon after. Oh my dress makes me feel fabulous and I am very happy with my hair. I glide down to the Garden Bar and feel a million dollars.

Everyone compliments me and it's lovely. There are a few more goodbyes to get through before we disperse. After a champagne toast we make our way upstairs to the nosebleed section of the theatre. We are sitting on opposite sides but can still see each other Leonard Cohen is 76 years old and is a living legend. This is the last concert of his tour and I admit to feeling very pleased to be here. The concert is just amazing and I am blown away by every song. I can't get enough and I thought I might have been a bit bored???

After interval there is a large crowd gathered at the stage and they are singing. They have placed several long stemmed red roses on the stage and I think they have been to a lot of Leonard Cohen concerts.

The hours pass and there are many encores. He just keeps coming back on stage. He is skipping on and off, he has been kneeling down every second song and he makes Barry Manilow, who is 67, look like a 90 year old. I seriously do not want the concert to end but end it does and we wait outside for Miss Jane and Mr Grant.

I think of buying a CD but the line is sooooo long I go without. There is no sign of the other 2 characters so we head home. What an incredible night! Without doubt one of the highlights of the trip. Tuesday, December 28, Friday How could I forget my trip to Wal Mart yesterday? We had 15 minutes, literally, to catch a glimpse of this uber famous department store. Uber famous for it's um, shall we say unique, shoppers. I so desperately wanted to spot some of those unique people that we see on Youtube but alas it wasn't to be.

Miss Debby, however did see some action in the form of a young woman squirting mounds of moisturiser and applying it to her legs. She was wearing the pre-requisite mid-riff and a short skirt. How else would she be able to moisturise so easily? So practical! I couldn't waste shopping time just searching for these people because I knew that I would definitely miss the bus home.

Phooey to that! I also got some super cheap Revlon lip liner and we know how much I love my lipstick so I popped over to Loreal to see if they had my Bronze Coin which is now discontinued. Oh joy of joys, there it is! I stopped at just 1, such control. Over to the chocolates to check out the range and I grab some Ghiradelli, oh but which flavour?

I almost forgot - jigsaws!! Quickly I sought them out and wow, what a price! I was in heaven. Oh which one will I get and which design? Oh, quickly the bus will be leaving soon, make a decision, oh my god, hurry up! I'll take both! They won't put me over the baggage limit, the kilogram plus of chocolate might. I am so happy I could just break out into dance and I think somebody might put me on Youtube amongst the latest Wal Mart shoppers 9. I clearly did not do that, otherwise you would have heard about it already.

Friday, Now I say "not" south because that's what we called it but it was actually south west I believe and our drivers didn't seem to be able to read minds so they were a bit late both days as they were waiting at the south entrance for us!

Silly boys! Soon enough, a gigantic Hummer arrives and we all squeal with delight at the idea and rush out to get on board. Soon we are on our way to "The Attic", a famous retro store in LV.

It is very tidy and there are lots of lovely things such as 60's mini skirts Small Bit Of Love - The Saw Doctors - Play It Again Sham! (CD) don't fit me, dammit, tons of shoes, ballgowns, hats, wigs, shoes, wild looking men's suits and even a live DJ, when he isn't at the front counter ringing up the sales.

I don't buy anything as you may have guessed. As I am taking photos of Miss Jane and Mr Grant under the big sign stating the aformentioned type of place, the others enter the establishment and leave us behind, thus locking us out! Oh Tracey, you jest! Oh readers, I don't! We had to knock 3 times on the ceiling, twice on the pipe and then they finally let us in.

It was all so covert and spooky as we walked in because there were no lights, only the flashing diamonds and treasure chests of the slot machines. Where is everyone, where did they go? I can't see them, oh my god what's happened to them? Oh wait, there they are, my eyes are adjusting it's okay.

Now this is the small town bar you see on the crime shows, at last I can let my imagination go wild Everyone orders drinks but it's a bit early for me so I go for apricot and mango juice - from a can!

It's really yummy, why can't we have things like that in Australia? I guess we do and it's called Boost juice and costs 3 times as much because you have to give your name and wait in line for 2 hours. Miss Jessica and I have had to move away from the group as there are a few smokers and it's a small place and we are choking fast.

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It was one of those programmes where the listener was unlikely to get all the jokes on first hearing, so would have to listen to the scheduled repeat or a tape recording to discover what they had missed. Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor continued as regulars on the show.

In Februaryit was announced that the British tour would take place later in the year, with guest appearances by Garden, Oddie, Taylor and Jo Kendall. Again" were recorded and broadcast on Radio 4 Extra with some original cast including Tim Brooke Taylor, together with newer performers such as Barnaby Eaton-Jones. The episode titles for shows from series 3 onwards are unofficial and mostly come from the last sketch in each episode, which usually took the form of a short play.

For example, ' S9E7 ' refers to Series 9 Episode 7. In the computer game Zork: Grand Inquisitorthere is a magic spell called Kendallfound just before a reference to a magic plane shared with people who own ferrets.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. BBC radio comedy series. Her carat engagement ring was the icing on the cake. It's unclear how many women who dated Jagger would find common ground with the same person who owns The Wall Street Journalespecially considering the enormous age gap.

Regardless, theirs must be a pretty happy union because Murdoch closed out his Twitter account with the wedding news and pledged to never tweet again. Nicolas Cage has been known for a few half-hearted attempts at stealing the Declaration of Independence, but he's also known for dating a woman young enough to be his daughter.

Though his previous wives, Lisa Marie Presley and Patricia Arquette, are close to the National Treasure star in age, his third wife, Alice Kim, is two decades his junior. The romance was a whirlwind, perhaps as urgent as Gone in 60 Seconds or any other of Cage's suspenseful cinematic adventures.

They got engaged after two short months and wed inwhen he was 40 and she was Alas, things eventually went south. After 11 years of marriage, which we can only assume was tested by so many action movie premieres that they started blending together, Kim reportedly split from her movie star beau.

Despite the breakup, Cage never gave up on love, just like he'll never give up on saving the world. Rumor has it, the actor has attempted to pick up more women at Sushi restaurants around Los Angeles. As they say, there's plenty of sashimi in the sea. Kevin Costner's second wife, Christine Baumgartner, may be nearly 20 years younger than the star, but Costner was reportedly willing to do anything to make it work, even if that meant being a stay-at-home dad.

A year-old Costner wed his year-old flame in a private ceremony at his home in Aspen, Colo. Six years later, the star found himself taking an extended break from Hollywood to help raise their three babies.

Costner admitted to The Telegraph that he had doubts about growing his family so late in life. He was 55 years old by the time his youngest was born, but he was also at a place in his career where he could pick and choose his roles.

Now, he says he only takes the projects he really wants and spends the rest of his time and energy on his family. I don't want them to learn from someone else. It's surprising to think that the late great Hugh Hefner ever settled down. Before his passing at the old age of 91, the Playboy founder claimed to have slept with more than 1, womenbut as he aged, his taste in women did not.

Hef's relationship with Playboy Bunny-turned-realty personality Holly Madison practically defined the early aughts. Though Madison may have been vying for marriage when she moved into the mansion at age 22, they split after seven years.

The media mogul was devastated, admitting"I expected to spend the rest of my life with her. However, Hefner did manage to find love again. After briefly dating a year-old set of twins, he met his third wife, Crystal Harris.

She was 24 years old at the time of their engagement — a whopping 60 years his junior. Despite the fact that Harris was young enough to be Hef's granddaughter and called off their initial engagementthe couple appeared to be truly in love once they finally tied he knot.

Hef told the press that he "saved the best till last. Just days after the notorious ladies' man was laid to rest, Harris told People"He changed my life, he saved my life.

French actor Vincent Cassel was married to Italian bombshell Monica Bellucci for 14 years before their divorce in The international superstars are two years apart in age. Cassel eventually rebounded with Tina Kunakey, a French model who was born when he was 30 years oldand just eight years ahead of the birth of his first daughter with Bellucci. Casel and Kunakey wed in Augustbut not before Cassel offered some eyebrow-raising thoughts on the dynamics of their age gap.

Speaking with The New York Times a few weeks before his second nuptials, Cassel opined, "At any age, men have this ability to start a new life. Women do not.

But wait, there's more! I'm very much in love and sure we are going to make babies. The Times interview wasn't Cassel's first expression on the disparity of the sexes, and how men have the ability to "reinvent [themselves] again and again. David Foster and Katharine McPhee share a year age difference, but this couple's love was practically written in the stars — or in the very least, written in reality TV. Despite the fact that he's racked up 16 Grammys in his career as a producer, the future starlet had no idea who he was when he served as her mentor.

It wasn't love at first sight for him, either. McPhee is actually about two years younger than Foster's daughter Erin, who commented "Mommmyyy" on their Instagram engagement announcement via Us Weekly. Though the couple announced their engagement in the summer of and tied the knot in Junethis is hardly the pair's first rodeo. Foster has four ex-wivesand weirdly enough, already saw McPhee as a blushing bride. According to Peoplethe Grammy-winner played piano at her wedding to Nick Cokas.

So being the helpful daughter that I am I decided to run errands. We needed large storage containers, gardening stuff, and groceries. I'll just go to Walmart and knock it out in one place. Although the Walmart was built in high school and was the ever popular hangout parking lot back in the day I might add I never used it for groceries although I always heard how cheap the groceries are.

Well I decided to go-- in the name of fiscal responsibility of course. I think I'd rather slowly drown then go to the ONLY Walmart around mind you if you don't go to this one you have to drive to a "real" city like Winston, Greensboro, or High Point for one in the middle of a Saturday. It was a freggin zoo. And let me tell you I fit in nicely navigating the packed isles and dodging small children with a cart filled with 3 large rubbermaid containers, potting soil, and random groceries stuffed in where they would fit.

Of course I'd run into about 50 people I hadn't seen since high school and I hadn't showered yet-- who showers for Walmart? White trash I was. I might as well of been toting around my son Junior with a kool -aid mustache and only one flip flop. I vowed never to make that mistake again Later that evening According to what I was told this was a pretty big and fun gathering in downtown Winston.

I thought cool lets go! Well not this year. First of all they moved it to the Dixie Classic Fair Fairgrounds. I mean its no State Fair fairgrounds but its pretty large. I'm talking they share the same parking lot. And directly across a small side street from the Wake Forest baseball stadium. I'm thinking it'll be packed but no big deal. In and out all day long! And there was a game at the baseball stadium. You wanna talk about a madhouse. That place was one! We walked around, sampled some tasty ribs, and then decided to continue on to our next adventure of the night-- but not after spending an ungodly amount of money; 6 bucks each to get in, 11 to split ribs, 4 for fries, and then drinks were 5 bucks each and ice cream for another 5 bucks.

Was it worth it? Doubt it, but you live and learn. The best part was the ice cream on the way out. It was like an ice cream sandwich but stuffed between 2 waffles! Again, classy I was as it dripped all over me across the parking lot.

Later that night Yes you heard right race. Not Nascarbut not go-karts either. I mean these are real races. After being told it was Ladies Night score! I got in for a dollar instead of 10! I couldn't think of a better way to end my Saturday.

So we get there and boy were they right-- all kinds come out for this event. I mean you can probably picture the scene. Girls in bright colored flip flops, tank tops, and "shorts" that can barely be called shorts and not underwear.

Men in white or black t-shirts with brightly colored font and pictures of their favorite drivers with sleeves cut off as home made tank tops and jean shorts with boots. Malboro's and Bud Lights Small Bit Of Love - The Saw Doctors - Play It Again Sham! (CD) as far as the eye could see. So one would think I might feel a little out of place?

But nah, I loved it! I'd never been before-- its not really somewhere Robin and Dave went for a family fun Saturday night. I wasn't sure that I would like it in fact Neal asked if I was in hell yet soon after we got there but quite the contrary. It was some serious fun! We got seats about 5 rows back from the track right in the curve. Now its a small track and they race normal sized cars so it can get a bit jumbled. They had frequent wrecks which were fun to watch but then you had to wait out the caution and it drained from the excitement.

After one wreck a guy kept driving even though the hood of his car crinkled up in the wreck and had to be totally blocking his view out of the front windshield. It was like something straight out of Talladega Nights. I guess sticking his head out the side window to steer got old because he left the track shortly after. Then I was gonna take a picture for the blog of course! I couldn't get a good picture so I decided to video it and lucky me, look what I got Small Bit Of Love - The Saw Doctors - Play It Again Sham!

(CD) tape right in front of us: Keeps getting better right? About 10 mins after the video it started to rain and before we could get out of the race track it was pouring-- as we ran across the street and through a field where everyone had to park to our car in the pouring rain. I know it keeps getting better! No demolition derby : But I've since found out that since they didn't do 3 races my ticket is now a rain check and I can come back to see the races and demolition derby free of charge.

I'm Small Bit Of Love - The Saw Doctors - Play It Again Sham! (CD) of waiting until my girls from Raleigh come down for a weekend. That'd be fun right? As the title suggests it speaks about a typical Saturday night in Louisana. You know things like sitting on your front porch with a shotgun and an one eyed- dog while you brother walks up with a possum or opossum for you technical spellers in a sack.

I feel that it adequately sums up my Saturday. Friday, June 12, Life Changes. So for those of you not completely up-to-date on my life here is the condensed version. Last week I moved back to Kernersville from Raleigh.

Back to good ol ' Pine Meadow Drive, upstairs, first room on the left. Yes that's right, I'm living with mom and dad. And yes I'm And currently unemployed. Judge away. It was a hard decision to leave Raleigh. I mean I called the place home for the last 7 years.

Raleigh saw me through some really crazy times and it wasn't the easiest to say goodbye to. I came to love it as much as home-- heck I learned how to navigate it way better than I know Winston and Greensboro!

There were several factors that led me this way. The largest of course was the fact that Neal and I are getting married next June and I didn't want to spend my engagement living in two separate area codes. Our relationship has been largely long distance based and it was getting old. I mean I just want to see the guy and go to Moe's on a Tuesday night and vent about my terrible day.

Talking on the phone wasn't the same and the more I had to do it the more I hated it. I just want to be at home on a Thursday evening and him come home and give me a kiss on the forehead and ask about my crazy teaching stories and get to relive them in person.

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