Waterchild - Becoming A Robot (With Love And Compassion For Other Robots) (File, MP3)

The Divergent Series: Insurgent. After the series of events and death of her parents in DivergentTris Prior tries to figure out what the Abnegation were trying to protect and why the Erudite leaders will do anything to stop them. The Divergent Series: Allegiant. Set in a post-apocalyptic and dystopian Chicago, the story follows Tris Prior, her boyfriend Four, and their small group of friends escaping over the wall that enclosed the city.

Once outside, however, they discover new truths that will shift their alliances and introduce new threats. Takes place in a near-future dystopia where gasoline is scarce and a drifter tries to reach a rumored utopian city, Plutopia, powered by clean energy. Mabuse the Gambler. An exaggerated portrayal of Weimar Germany which the titular villain can exploit for power and profit. Adapted from the comic book of the same name.

In a distant and irradiated future where judges and police are the same corp, Judge Dredd and aspiring to Judge Cassandra Anderson become trapped in one of the several storey tower block named Megatowers by Ma-Ma, a powerful and violent drug lady, to prevent Dredd dismantle her business and dominion in the tower block. In this film wealth inequalitythe alienation of the super-rich and class conflict are taken to the extreme: in the yearthe very wealthy live on a man-made luxurious space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth.

A man takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds. It explores political and sociological themes such as immigration, overpopulationhealth careexploitationthe justice system, and social class issues. The End of Evangelion. When the dawn of the new millennium brings destruction on Earth by means of the seemingly all-powerful angels, the only hope for the future of the human race lies in Evangelions—bio-engineered crafts created from the Angel's technology.

Based on the novel of the same name by Orson Scott Card. One of the several low-budget movies inspired on Mad Max made in the 80s. Set in an Alaska a few hundred years later of a nuclear war, a ruthless and fascist vehicular group named The Ownership ruled by General MacLaine faces a rebellion that tries to destroy The Ownership to live free, but the rude Captain Slade leaves the group after Mayor Lawton kills Slade's father The Ownership's field commander and leaves him for dead, joining to the rebellion.

Meeting Karen and her father Dixon, Slade and Dixon modify a firearm to create the massive-weapon Equalizerturning in one-man army to defeat Mayor Lawton and The Ownership. Two people infected with a disease regain their ability to feel compassion and emotion in a society where emotions no longer exist. In a totalitarian future where all forms of feeling are illegal and citizens are required to take daily drug-injections to suppress emotion and encourage obedience, a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system.

Sequel to the film, Escape from New York. Escape from New York. Inwhen the US President crashes into Manhattan, now a giant maximum security prisona convicted bank robber named Snake Plissken is sent in for a rescue.

It extrapolates the crime and decay of inner cities. Directed by David Cronenberg. As in Videodrome, Cronenberg gives his psychological statement about how humans react and interact with the technologies that surround them, in this case, the world of video games. Fahrenheit Based on Ray Bradbury Waterchild - Becoming A Robot (With Love And Compassion For Other Robots) (File novel of the same name. In an oppressive future, a fireman whose duty is to destroy all books begins to question his task.

Fourth installment of The Purge 's franchise and a prequel focused in the New Founding Fathers of America, a totalitarian politic party that after take the power in USA make an experiment in Staten Island where for a span of 12 hours all kind of misdemeanor and crime murder, rape, arson, and anarchy will be legal.

A spaceship is sent to check on the welfare of a scientific expedition on a strange planet. Loosely based on Shakespeare's The Tempest. A futuristic prison movie. Protagonist and MP3) are nabbed at a future US emigration point with an illegal baby during population control. In a future mind-controlling game, death row convicts are forced to battle.

A convict controlled by a skilled teenage gamer must survive 30 sessions in order to be set free. In this biopunk dystopia, genetic engineering creates a class of superior people and an underclass of genetically inferior natural born called "in-valids". In a controlled society, a dedicated in-valid assumes the identity of a superior human in order to pursue his lifelong dream of space travel. Ghost in the Shell.

Based on the manga by Masamune Shirow of the same name, follows the hunt by the public-security agency Section 9 for a mysterious hacker known as the Puppet Master. Based on the dystopian novel of the same name by Lois Lowrythis film adaptation is a dark, quiet, but powerful futuristic political tale in which a year-old boy the boy is only 12 in the bookmust search for the MP3) in a world free of war, crime, disease, poverty, unfairness, and injustice.

The Handmaid's Tale. Based on the novel of the same name by Margaret Atwoodin a dystopically polluted rightwing religious tyranny, a young woman is put in sexual slavery on account of her now rare fertility.

Hard to be a God. A group of 30 scientists travel from Earth to a nearly-identical alien planet that is culturally and technologically centuries behind. The inhabitants of this planet have brutally suppressed a renaissance movement, murdering anybody they consider to be an intellectual, and thus the planet is stuck in the Middle Ages. Inspired by the short story "Shok!

Harrison Bergeron. A cable television movie adapted from the short story of the same name by Kurt Vonnegut. Adapted from J. Ballard's novel of the same namethe film depicts the experiences of residents of a tower block as social Waterchild - Becoming A Robot (With Love And Compassion For Other Robots) (File disintegrate. Directed by Ben Wheatley.

Directed by Jason Eisener, starring Rutger Hauer in a despotic future where anarchy rules and one man with a shotgun aims to bring back some form of justice.

Rated R. A nurse runs a secret hospital for criminals in futuristic Los Angeles. The Hunger Games. Directed by Gary Ross, based on Suzanne Collins ' novel of the same name. Katniss Everdeen voluntarily takes her younger sister's place in the Hunger Games, a televised fight to the death in which two teenagers from each of the twelve Districts of Panem are chosen at random to compete. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2. Adapted from the I, Robot series by Isaac Asimov. Directed by Peter Fonda in his directorial debut and starring Keith Carradine. An average man is selected for a top-secret hibernation program.

When he wakes up years later to discover he's the smartest person in a radically dumbed-down society. Infuture people stop aging past 25 so time has become the universal currency traded between people. When the time "bank account" on an implanted clock reaches zero, that impoverished person "times out" and is euthanized.

The Inhabited Island. Based on the book Prisoners of Power by Strugatskies. The most expensive Russian science fiction film to date is set on another planet, with a country that is ruled by a totalitarian regime that brainwashes its citizens by towers that send a special kind of radiation erected across the country. Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Miles Bennell and his friends discover vegetal cocoons that prove to be an alien race that duplicate human beings when they sleep. A public health inspector realizes that an alien vegetal spores, that have arrived on the planet, are replicating human beings when they are asleep and consuming their original bodies to take over their lives.

A young boy searching for his dog after the species is banished to an island following the outbreak of a canine flu. A man goes on the run after he discovers that he is actually a "harvestable being", and is being kept as a source of replacement parts, along with others, in a facility. In the aftermath of World War III scientists in Paris research time travel, hoping to send test subjects to different time periods "to call past and future to the rescue of the present".

The short film by Chris Marker was constructed almost entirely from still photos and inspired the film 12 Monkeys. Johnny Mnemonic. Based on the short story of the same name by William Gibson, in which a data courier, literally carrying a data package inside his head, must deliver it before he dies from the burden or is killed by the Yakuza. Based on the comic of the same name : in a dystopian future, Dredd, the most famous judge a cop with instant field judiciary powers is convicted for a crime he did not commit while his murderous counterpart escapes.

A dark political satire, based on several incidents throughout history in which tyrannical rulers were overthrown by new leaders who proved to be just as bad, if not worse, and subtle references are made to several such cases. The Last Man on Earth. A scientist tries to survive in an apocalyptic world, where a global disease has turned humans in light-sensitive "vampires. Animation based on the Lego line of construction toys, tells the story of an ordinary Lego minifigure as he ends up becoming involved in a resistance against a tyrannical businessman who plans to glue everything in the Lego worlds.

Somewhere in the near future, single people face a choice: join a program to find a mate in forty-five days or be transformed into an animal. Depicts a dystopian future society set in in which population and the consumption of resources are managed by the simple notion of killing everyone who reaches the age of thirty. Inwhen the mob wants to get rid of someone, the target is sent into the past, where a hired gun awaits - someone like Joe - who one day learns the mob wants to 'close the loop' by sending back Joe's future self for assassination.

In a post-apocalyptic future caused after a nuclear war, Mad Max arrives to a little colony to peaceful villagers who are besieged by a gang of dangerous road killers that want the fuel that the villagers produce, in the hope to travel another place to rebuild the civilization. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Wandering by a post-apocalyptic Australia, Mad Max arrives to Bartertown, a dangerous village ruled by Aunt Entity that she's in war with one of her henchman, Master Collector, who rules Bartertown's underground where is produced the energy that supplies the city, using crude methane powered by pig feces.

Violating a treat made with Aunt Entity to kill Master Collector, Max is left in the desert to die, where he's found by a children tribe that live in an oasis and whom take him wrongly as the chosen one to take them to the "Tomorrow-morrow Land". After the collapse of the civilization by economic crisis and wars, Mad Max is a survivor of the subsequent holocaust who is captured by lethal and abusive Immortan Joe's War Boys and chosen to by "blood bag" of a War Boy named Nux.

Getting escape in the pursuit Imperiator Furiosa, one of the Joe's concubines who flee away with the rest of concubines, Furiosa and Max are forced to make a deal to escape from Joe's hands and locate Green Place, where Furiosa hopes to live free with the rest of concubines. The Man Who Fell to Earth. Based on Walter Tevis' novel of the same name, about an extraterrestrial who crash lands on Earth seeking a way to ship water to his planet, which is suffering from a severe drought.

A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers. Neo, Trinity and Morpheus looking for a man named Keymaker, who is property of a powerful Matrix's program called Merovingian, to discover the origin of The Matrix and the way to win the war against the machines, while the former Agent Smith has resurrected and he lives obsessed to kill Neo again.

The Matrix Revolutions. Neo, Trinity and Morpheus try to save Zion from The Matrix, that it launched a mass invasion of machines against the underground city to annihilate all human being, while Neo must face to an out-of-control Agent Smith, who is duplicating himself in any other people in his attempt to conquer The Matrix.

Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future. A television reporter trying to expose corruption and greed discovers that his employer, Network 23, has created a new form of subliminal advertising called "blipverts" that can be fatal to certain viewers.

The Maze Runner. Thomas is deposited in a community of boys after his memory is erased, soon learning they're all trapped in a maze that will require him to join forces with fellow "Runners" for a shot at escape. Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Animation set in a future Europe where the world is running out of oil. A gigantic underground network is created by joining all the undergrounds together beneath Europe. A German expressionist epic science-fiction film directed by Fritz Lang.

A man living an ideal life in a big city discovers the truth about why his city seems so ideal. Animated film based on the manga by Osamu Tezuka. By Michael Anderson director. Time travelers are visiting the present day and stealing passengers from doomed aircraft, due to the future being doomed by global pollution, and the human population is no longer able to reproduce.

Minority Report. Based on Philip K. Dick 's short story of the same name. A police officer oversees a department that prevents crime with the help of beings who can predict it, but then he becomes a target. In the future, the "sixty-minute war" led humanity to the brink of extinction.

Digital and other modern technology was lost and now only 19th-century technology is used. Under the philosophy of Municipal Darwinism, massive engines were implanted to cities such as London to make then movable in order to hunt down any smaller settlements and consume their resources. Opponents of this way of life are stigmatized and wanted as criminals.

Based on the novel by Philip Reeve. Never Let Me Go. Based on Kazuo Ishiguro 's novel of the same name. Based on Isaac Asimov 's story of the same name. In a distant planet with three suns where its inhabitants live in a perpetual daylight, two factions of the planet lead by rational scientist Aton and frantic religious Sor face each other when an incoming eclipse will cause the arrival of the night, threatening to collapse its civilization.

Nineteen Eighty-Four. Based on George Orwell 's novel of the same name. A successful computer game designer finds that his latest product has been infected by a virus which has given consciousness to the main character of the game. He begins a search for people who can help him to discover what happened to his fled girlfriend and to delete his game before it is released.

No Blade of Grass. The film is based on Samuel Youd 's novel The Death of Grass and highlights the terrifying effects of environmental pollution. Based on Joseph Kosinski 's unpublished graphic novel of the same name. InJack Harper is a future repairman that patrols a wasteland to repair failed drones from Tet a giant space station where humanity awaits to move Jupiter 's moon Titan after Earth was invaded by alien race that sixty years ago destroyed the Moon and caused several alterations in Earth's surface.

Jack finds a hibernation capsule with a woman inside it and she makes him doubt the truth of the alien invasion. In a world collapsed after a worldwide disease, Robert Neville is a scientist immune to the plague in permanent searching for a cure for the infected, turned in an religious cult of albino mutants named The Family and lead by demented Matthias, who is obsessed to destroy Neville and all trace of technology he believes blame of the world downfall.

On the Beach. Based on Nevil Shute 's novel of the same name depicting the aftermath of a nuclear war. Based on Nevil Shute 's novel of the same name depicting the aftermath of a nuclear war, TV re-make of the version. Set on Jupiter's moon Io, it has been described as a space Western, and bears thematic resemblances to the classic film High Noon. Paranoia 1. The film is a Kafkaesque nightmare in which a young computer programmer is an unwitting guinea pig in a corporate experiment to test a new advertising scheme.

Planet of the Apes original series. Most of humanity is extinguished in a thermonuclear war. In the course of the two following millennia, intelligent apes chimpanzeesgorillas and orangutans become the dominant species and establish an organized society. During the 40th century, an ultra-powerful nuclear bomb is launched as a last resort in a conflict between mutant humans and gorillas, ultimately destroying the entire planet.

Planet of the Apes reboot series. A colony of apes in a sanctuary is affected by a viral gas which enhances their intelligence. As a result, they flee the sanctuary and form an organized society apart from humans. Ten years later, that same virus causes a massive pandemic disease called the Simian flu, which ultimately wipes out all humans with the exception of those genetically immune to the virus.

A group of immune human survivors form a colony and eventually engage in a war with the apes. A brother and sister get zapped into an idealistic TV show from the s, but they realize that it's a sexually repressed society. After an unspecified "Doomwar", society has collapsed and technology is stagnant. People live in small communities, terrorized by a militia. Wearing an old postman's uniform he found on a corpse, a wanderer tells townspeople that the postal service and centralized government have been restored.

The lie gives the people hope to stand up to the militia. Centuries later of a post-apocalyptic war between vampires and humans that isolated the planet, Priest is a warrior in a theocratic future lead by The Church who abandons the city to enter in the outer wastelands after his brother and sister-in-law are killed and his niece is kidnapped, discovering that the vampires still alive. Le Prix du danger.

French movie very similar to The Running Manmade four years earlier. A pseudo documentary of a British and West German film crew following National Guard soldiers and police as they pursue members of a counterculture group across a desert. In a futuristic world where America is plagued by crime, the government sanctions a hour period once a year in which all criminal activity is legal. The Sandin family is in danger after their younger son Charlie saves a stranger, only to be killed just before he got close to the house, causing the killers to surround it to get into the home and kill everybody.

During the hour period once a year in which all criminal activity is legal, LAPD Sargeant Leo Barnes is looking for revenge after the death of his son, at the same time that the married couple formed by Shane and Liz are trapped in the streets to be killed by urban biker gangs and that a man named Carmelo Johns leads a revolution against The Purge. The Purge: Election Year. Charlene Roan is a senator campaigning for the presidency who is subject of a conspiracy in order to prevent that she can win the elections by her plan to abrogate The Purge if she turns in President.

Left her in the streets during The Purge by her politic rival New Founding Fathers of America, Roan tries to survive with the help of the former Sargeant Leo Barnes, now turned in part of her personal security team.

A post apocalyptic film starring Paul Newman where 6 people play a deadly game in a dystopian future. Radio Free Albemuth. The film based on Philip K. Dick 's novel of the same name posthumously published in is set in an alternate reality America circa under authoritarian control. Ready Player One. In the yearmuch of Earth's population centers have become slum-like cities due to overpopulationpollutioncorruptionand climate change.

To escape their desolation, people engage in the virtual reality world of the OASIS Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulationwhere they can engage in numerous activities for work, education, and entertainment. Also known as Paris Renaissance, is a animation which concerns a French policeman investigating the kidnapping of a scientist who may hold the key to eternal life in a futuristic and slightly dystopian Paris.

The Genetic Opera. This rock opera musical horror film takes place in the year where an epidemic of organ failures has devastated the planet. The mega-corporation GeneCo provides organ transplants on a payment plan. Clients who default on payments are hunted down by Repo Men: skilled assassins contracted by GeneCo to repossess organs, usually killing the clients in the process. Resident Evil series. Science fiction horror franchise written and directed by Paul W.

Andersonbased on the video game of the same name. Rise of the Planet of the Apes. ALZ is given to a chimp named Bright Eyes, greatly increasing her intelligence. Elzar is rude, crass, and unpleasant, and has a very high opinion of himself. He never passes up an opportunity to milk money from his customers and fans.

He has also been known to steal from his own cash register on occasion. Elzar's favorite cooking implement is his Spice Weasel, a mustelid -like creature which propels a cloud of spices from its snout upon having its body squeezed. Elzar often uses the phrases "Bam! The character of Elzar is an allusion to Emeril Lagasse. The Globetrotters are a race of basketball playing humans who reside on Globetrotter Planet.

Aside from showboating basketball shenanigans, the Globetrotters are all known for their math, logic, and physics prowess and have aided in saving both Earth and the Universe. The Globetrotters are commanded by Ethan 'Bubblegum' Tate. Other known core members include 'Sweet' Clyde Dixon, 'Curly' Joe, and 'Goosh', although there are several other unidentified members of the team seen throughout the series.

Ethan 'Bubblegum' Tate voiced by Phil LaMarr is a renowned physicist and the leader of the Globetrotters, who once randomly challenged Earth to defend its honor by playing a game of basketball for no reason.

A parody of the film Space Jamand also a reference to the Harlem Globetrotters cartoon series. Tate is one of "the finest scientific minds in the universe", according to Professor Farnsworth. He is also a senior lecturer in physics at Globetrotter University. He has appeared in many episodes with the rest of the team, but also made a solo appearance in several episodes. In "The Prisoner of Benda", he becomes a Duke. Hattie McDoogal voiced by Tress MacNeille is an old woman who lives alone with her cats and often uses nonsense words and phrases, such as "kajigger" and "whatchacallit".

She briefly serves as the landlady of Fry and Bender, and holds a single share Waterchild - Becoming A Robot (With Love And Compassion For Other Robots) (File Planet Express, allowing her the decisive vote for its CEO.

She has been married twice, surviving both of them, and often dates. She once hired Kif Kroker as a male escort. Hedonismbot voiced by Maurice LaMarche is a golden robot built in a lounging position that displays the typical characteristics of hedonism and decadencesuch as constantly eating from a bowl of grapes on his stomach. He has a human servant named Djambi and he has stated that "I too have known unconventional love" with references to doomsday devices.

He enjoys having a bath of chocolate, having his nipples rubbed with industrial sandpaper and a power sanderand seeing how long he can remain entertained during an opera. The Hypnotoad is a large toad-like alien with pulsating, multicolored eyes, which emits a loud, ominous buzzing noise. It has the power to hypnotize almost any living thing at will, even mass numbers of creatures. The Hypnotoad first appeared in " The Day the Earth Stood Stupid ", in which it hypnotized a flock of sheep to herd themselves into a pen and close the door behind them, the panel of judges to win the pet show, and then the audience of the pet show to force their approval of that victory.

It later acquired its own television show, Everybody Loves Hypnotoadin which it hypnotizes the audience except for Fry, due to his lack of a Delta brain wave and the fact that he feels the show has been going downhill since its third season.

The finale of the show consists of a voiceover telling the audience that they will wake up remembering nothing and feeling refreshed, and the credits are all attributed to Hypnotoad. The alien natives of Mars are a direct and open parody of modern Native Americans in the United Statesincluding their dress, manners, and accents. Dispossessed of their ancestral lands, they take menial jobs as ranch hands and casino employees.

Mayor C. He is often depicted as a corrupt and incompetent politician. He first appeared in the season 1 episode " A Big Piece of Garbage ". Throughout the later seasons, he is seen having a rather open affair with the Queen of Yonkers. He is sometimes seen with a lightsaber -like nightstick. The two often use excessive force in non-violent circumstances. In one episode, [ which? Smitty retires later in Season 6 but returns a few episodes later. The two often use excessive force in peaceful situations, and make use of various features built into URL, such as a siren, megaphone and violations printer.

He also appears in the parody of Copscalled Cop Department. His catchphrase is "Aww, yeah. Petunia voiced by Tress MacNeille is an elderly woman who wears a revealing pink dress and uses a lot of make-up. She is a chain-smoker and a keen gambler. She rejects Fry after learning he does not have a body and is merely a head attached to Amy.

Petunia states she can do better than a slot-player when Fry reveals he controls only one arm. She has children and used to live in a house with wheels. Sal voiced by John DiMaggio is a surlyoverweightblue-collar worker with a thick Bronx accent. His first appearance is as a janitor on the Moon in " The Series Has Landed ", servicing the machines in the amusement park.

He has appeared many times since, always employed in a tedious job that he does not perform well. He is also seen to have a painting tattooed on his stomach in " The Cryonic Woman " and comments that he is "on loan from the Louvre ". His trademark is to add an "s" to many words that do not need it: "He's busteds. Gets hims outta heres! I means, I gots an ideas. Cohen said in a commentary that the writers debate whether Sal frequently changes jobs or has been cloned many times.

He was also featured in Bender's Game as the five-time winner of a demolition derby. After losing the derby, he promises to "changes" his life. He speaks with an English accent and is programmed to beg, sell oil-ade, and write in cute backwards letters on signs.

He is shown with the Planet Express crew on both Xmases, and appears to be friends with Dwight and Cubert. The former vice-president voiced by himself appears as a head in a jar during most of his appearances and also appears with his body during scenes involving Fry's time period. He is First Emperor of the Moon and has "ridden the mighty moon worm". He plays a role in Futurama: Bender's Big Score[49] where he appears in multiple scenes that take place in the past and during the space battle in the future.

During one of these scenes, Gore was shown to have won the Presidential Electionbut Bender accidentally destroys the ballots in favor of Gore when hunting for Fry. During the Clinton presidency he is shown to have led the Vice Presidential Action Rangers, a group tasked by the US Constitution to preserve the space-time continuum.

The real-life Gore has said that Futurama is his favorite show. His daughter, Kristin Gorewas a writer for the show in its later seasons. Boxy is a crude robot only able to communicate by beeping. He is frequently seen in the company of Calculonand played the role of Calculon's half-brother in the All My Circuits soap opera where his objections sound like he's backing up. His noise is made by a synthesizer. Brain Slugs are small, one-eyed, vaguely sluglike aliens which attach themselves to the heads of sentient beings to control them.

Brain slugs apparently use this as a method of trapping more "prey", since those beings under brain slug control are driven by the desire to place brain slugs on other beings.

It is hinted that the host under the brain slug's control retains awareness of their condition, which Hermes referred to as a "nightmare". The brain slug can be seen in numerous episodes, normally attached to Hermes. For a short time, Fry had one attached, but according to the professor, it "starved to death" due to Fry's low intelligence.

The Brainspawn voiced by David Herman are a race of flying telepathic brains that wish to collect all of the data in the universe and kill all other intelligent beings, because the mere act of them thinking causes them great pain. They are able to use "stupefaction fields" to render all intelligent beings on a planet too stupid to resist them.

This allows them to collect all knowledge on the planet and destroy it. Their main enemies are the Nibblonians, who send Nibbler on a mission to find Frythe only being resistant to the Brainspawn. Fry lacks the delta brainwaveso he is able to repel the Brainspawn when they attack Earth.

Fry later sends the Brainspawn and their space station, the Infosphere, into another dimension with a bomb given to him by the Nibblonians. The Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium houses a large number of orphans, including Leela during her childhood. The orphans often suffer harsh conditions and various disappointing setbacks.

It is run by Mr. Vogel, voiced by David Hermanwho takes care of the orphans and keeps all records; he is apparently a bureaucrat grade who has not been promoted since about the time Leela was born. Three orphans, Albert, Nina, and Sally, are featured most often. Sally has a third ear on her forehead which she is teased about by the other orphans.

She also claims to have a tail. Twelve of the orphans were briefly adopted and later returned by Bender—who adopted them only for the government fund checks—in " The Cyber House Rules ". The Crushinator voiced by Maurice LaMarche is the robot daughter of a farmer on the moon. She is stereotyped as a southern belle and represents Earth's moon in the Ms. Universe Pageant. She briefly appears in the background in Into the Wild Green Yonder. Unlike her sisters, the Crushinator is more machine-like and has a masculine voice.

She also has two orange metallic pigtails sticking out from her head and can transform into a car. In Bender's Big Scorehe uses the phrases "dearly liked" instead of "dearly beloved" and "We are gathered here today before one or more gods, or fewer Flexo voiced by John DiMaggio is a bending robot who looks and sounds almost exactly like Bender with the exception of having a small triangular metal goateea reference to the Star Trek mirror universe.

Flexo first meets and befriends Bender in " Lesser of Two Evils ". Fry believes Flexo to be an "evil twin" of Bender, though it turns out that Flexo attempts to stop Bender from stealing the expensive crown from the Miss Universe pageant. Flexo is mistaken for Bender and is arrested for that crime. Critics have called Flexo's appearance in this episode one of the "Great Moments" in Futurama. Flexo is targeted by the Robot Mafia because of this.

Eventually, he reunites with Anglelyne. He makes a cameo appearance in Into The Wild Green Yonder along with Anglelyne as members of the audience seeing the Encyclopod being "born".

He makes another brief appearance in " Attack of the Killer App " in a garbage bin, where he is found by Bender and tells him that bending robots are now obsolete, though he is ignored. His signature character trait is the way he says something, usually a mild insult, and then immediately retracts it, laughing and saying some variation of "Naw, I'm just kidding I appreciated that Naw I'm kidding. That was quite annoying. She appears as an aged and wizened member of the Amphibosian race, appearing at and overseeing key functions throughout Amphibios 9, including Kif's birthing ceremony, Kif and Amy's wedding and Kif's funeral.

She is often direct and inflexible in her ways and acts in a melodramatic fashion. Guenter voiced by Tress MacNeille with the vocal effects provided by Frank Welker is an intelligent monkey experiment made by Professor Farnsworth. His intelligence comes from his small hat which uses sunspots to create cognitive radiation. If he is not wearing the hat, he acts like a normal monkey. His first appearance was in the episode " Mars University " in which the Professor enrolls him at the university where he becomes Fry 's roommate.

Guenter is seen in other episodes in the background, and crowds. In " Godfellas " the gypsy-bot hints that she does not actually have psychic powers; after Fry asks her a question, she replies, "What am I, psychic? Though he is headless, Agnew can still make growling MP3).

In " Into the Wild Green Yonder " Agnew is accidentally killed by the "eco-feministas" — which Leela has joined — when a golf cart runs over him. However, he is cloned, which leads Nixon to call him the "Headless Clone of Agnew".

Horrible Gelatinous "H. He contemptuously refers to humanoids as "solids" and ridicules their one-way digestive system. In Futurama: Bender's Big Score he, or someone of his species, appears on the twenty dollar bill. Precisely what role they play on their respective holidays is unknown.

From his first appearance, Kwanzaabot has been voiced by rapper Coolio. Although Chanukah Zombie had been mentioned, he did not appear onscreen until Bender's Big Scorein which he is voiced by Mark Hamill and in a reference to Hamill's famous role in Star Warspilots a Jewish themed Tie Fighter decorated with Stars of David on its solar arrays with a Menorah standing on its core. Malfunctioning Eddie voiced by David Herman is a robot that runs a hovercar dealership.

His character refers to the real life electronics chain Crazy Eddieand its mascot of the same name. It turned out that Malfunctioning Eddie's prices were so low that he really was insane.

He had an exploding-problem associated with surprise in " Insane in the Mainframe ". Michelle voiced by Kath Soucie in the first appearance, Sarah Silverman in the second appearance is Fry's on and off girlfriend from the 20th century. They eventually split up, and she decides to freeze herself to try again in the distant future.

She wakes up inmeets Fry again, and restarts her relationship with him. She fails to fit into the 31st-century life to which Fry has become so accustomed, and so asks him to freeze himself with her for another thousand years. This plan fails, as does the rekindled relationship, so Fry leaves her.

She later is shown in a limousine with the recently unfrozen Pauly Shore and later seen holding his hand in " Proposition Infinity ". In Bender's Big Scoreit is revealed that Michelle had been frozen roughly years longer than she had actually intended, a result of Fry as Lars using her cryotube to return to the future and be with Leela.

This, along with the fact that Fry had accidentally broken off part of Michelle's hair while climbing into her cryotube, was not mentioned or shown in Michelle's previous appearances. The Nibblonians are an ancient race that came into existence 17 years before the moment of the Big Bang.

They have extremely long life spans, eat animals whole to fill their stomachs, which are thousands of times larger than themselves, and excrete extremely dense and potent dark matter. Despite their nature, other beings find their small stature to be extremely adorable.

Their arch-enemy is the Brainspawn. They believe Fry is the only hope of the universe in that he can stop the Brainspawn due to his lack of the Delta brainwave. A man who wears a white gown with a large number 9 on it. He is both a conspiracy theorist and a conspirator.

He is voiced by David Herman and is a cameo character appearing in the first and second production seasons of Futurama. When Nine became grand curator is unknown, but the audio commentary track for Into the Wild Green Yonder hints that he was in the Legion prior to the year As grand curator which is essentially a knowledgeable leader of the Legion, he becomes the story teller for Philip J. Fry's mission to possibly end the epic long battle between two ancient races, as they by have noticed that the Chi have been re-emerging.

He wears aluminum foil on his head to avoid other peoples' brain waves affecting him. Although in the first episode it appears that he does not like Fry that much, it is shown in later episodes that he had a strong friendship with and acted as a father figure to Fry.

It is revealed in Bender's Big Score that he likes Fry because Fry's life is so horrible it helps Panucci feel better about himself. Panucci is noticeably upset when Fry goes missing and he takes responsibility for Fry's pet dog Seymour Asses named as such after Fry feeds the dog pizza delivered because of a prank phone call.

In Bender's Big ScoreFry creates a time paradox by going back in time and living out his old life and thus continues working at Panucci's Pizza.

Shortly after he arrives, Fry asks Panucci if he can live in Panucci's upstairs storeroom, which Panucci allows. Pazuzu voiced by David Herman is a gargoyle who Professor Farnsworth owned and put through college.

He has a French accent and a son. He returns at the end of the episode to rescue the Professor and "earn [his] freedom. Randy Munchnik voiced by John DiMaggio is a stereotypically gay man dressed in pink, who speaks in an effeminate voice.

Originally, he is depicted with blond hair, but sometimes appears with brown hair. John DiMaggio says he is his favorite character to voice. The original design for Randy was very different. He was originally an old man in a mob, with his name in the script for "I, Roommate" literally "Man in Mob". DiMaggio changed the voice and therefore the character. He presides over weddings and funerals of robots and humans. His speech patterns, accent, and mannerisms are modeled on those of stereotypical African-American Evangelical preachers specifically, black churches.

During the Season 6 episode " Ghost in the Machines ", Preacherbot performs an exorcism on the Planet Express headquarters to drive off Bender's ghost, which has begun to possess various machinery in an attempt to kill Fry. Sewer mutants are humans mutated by years of pollution and radioactive waste poured into the sewers under New New York.

Because they are considered genetically inferior they were forbidden by law to travel to the surface without special permission until the events of " The Mutants Are Revolting "so they reside in a community made out of objects flushed down toilets. Among the more prominent mutants in the series are Dwayne, Raoul and Vyolet. Dwayne voiced by David Herman is a mutant with two noses and a large forehead. Raoul voiced by Maurice LaMarche is the "Supreme Mutant", the democratically elected leader of the sewer mutants.

His most notable mutation is a third arm, which in his first appearance had grown in place of his right ear but above it in later appearances. Vyolet voiced by Tress MacNeille is a chain-smoking mutant with gills and a pig nose; she seems to be romantically involved with Raoul. He first appears as a customer at the pizzeria where Fry mistakenly believes him to have invented gravity for which Hawking accepts credit "Yeah, sure.

Why not? After learning of Fry's inter-dimensional experience, he arranges for him to be kidnapped by the VPAR. Hawking also appears in The Beast with a Billion Backs as his own head in a flying jar, leading a scientific convention organized to study and discuss a tear in the universe.

He says that despite writing a book about it, he has no idea what it is, although he has already cashed the check he got for writing it. Apparently he has the ability to shoot lasers that stun people from his eyes; he himself is surprised, remarking, "I didn't know I could do that" after stunning Professor Farnsworth and Professor Wernstrom.

Due to a debilitating, long-term illness, Hawking was unable to speak with his own larynx, but his computer-assisted speech device was a trademark voice in popular culture.

He was about to marry Leela, until he discovered that a paradox can not be in the normal time line, and decided to cancel the wedding, because he was really a paradox-duplicate of Fry created when the original Fry who had travelled back to went back a second time to eat a pizza, the original Fry who went back for the pizza freezing himself after a close call with a brainwashed Bender while the one who never did that moved into an apartment above the pizzeria where he worked.

He lived there for twelve years, during which he spent time with his family and befriended the narwhal Leelu, until an assassination attempt by another brainwashed Bender burned away his hair and damaged his larynx. After the war with the scammers was over, Nudar tried to force Lars to reveal his version of the time-travel code, but Lars sacrificed himself to release another frozen Bender set to self-destruct, killing himself and Nudar. They seek to seize the Earth by obtaining as much information as possible from humans, in addition to seizing all the valuable objects of the planet thanks to the time travel code.

After they took over Earth, their fleet of solid gold Death Stars was destroyed by Earth's remaining ships in an assault led by Leela and coordinated by Hermes. Nudar escaped the destruction, but he was killed by the sacrifice of Lars Filmore, a temporal paradox duplicate of Fry.

Throughout the years, their relationship blossomed, and they became best of friends. Fry was heartbroken when he learned that Leelu was being released into the wild.

Yivo voiced by David Cross is a sentient extraterrestrial being from another universe who appears in The Beast with a Billion Backs. He communicated with universe "gamma" through the space-time hole, using his tentacles, which he used initially to mate with humans.

He begins a "romantic relationship" with the inhabitants of the other universe, but even after the universe agreed to move in with Yivo, Yivo 'broke up' with the universe when Fry sent a letter back through the rift to Bender, as Yivo couldn't stand the idea of anyone making contact with the original universe. A polyamoristshe lived with four other men which Fry was unable to cope with, causing him to break up with her. He is a creature with the intention of ending the universe, and the last of his species.

Towards the end of the film it is discovered that he is really the desert muck leech that lived on Mars, and that Leela welcomed as a pet to prevent his death. He is ultimately defeated and eaten by Zoidberg. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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I had nothing special about my voice, really. And I just thought, 'Well, I know that character so well. Season 4. Episode 8. Episode 9. March 30, Season 3.

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Episode September 26, TV Club. Retrieved September 30, November 14, June 8, Season 6. Episode 6. July 22, Comedy Central. Season 2. April 2, July 20, Futurama: Bender's Big Score Motion picture.

Season 7. Episode 7. John and Julie Gottman relationship research. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and his Flow state theory. Why not fight against the way things are going, and try to go where we want to go in the first place? The gist of it is that we find a way to aim, while using the flow to our advantage, to accomplish something meaningful. And the more open we are to all the different kinds of things that are meaningful to us, rather than trying to force a specific one, the more likely we will succeed.

Links referenced in episode: Speaking UP process Podcast. If the universe or multiverse, if you prefer is indeed generating a pure mathematical randomness of all possible patterns which physicists seem to think is very likely — with entropy being the process of evolution where all the stuff that exists is continually being divided into smaller parts and recombined into new things — then we end up with a reality that grows infinitely more interesting, complex, challenging, fun, weird, and unpredictably beautiful with each passing moment.

This means that while it might seem that everything that possibly could be created, invented, explored, discovered, and known might already have been created, invented, explored, discovered, and known, in the next moment those things will fall apart and reorganize themselves into totally new things, being created, invented, explored, discovered, and known. Tilting another way. Ask someone you never thought of asking before.

See this post for a more detailed breakdown of the generations. I might have combined two different generations here. This will allow the whole system to turn into something almost magical, the way a drop of ink in clear water will swirl into chaotically stunning patterns…. The future will be one where there are infinite possibilities, and our wildest dreams of today might pale in comparison to even just every day life in a decade or two.

Humans are inherently messed up. Life is purposeless. And, ironically, I both want to reassure them that they are mistaken, and let them know that whatever they feel is what they should feel. Ideally, we can allow our emotions to be fully heard and respected and expressed before we try to solve any intellectually complex problem. This way we allow ourselves to focus on the past first, and then the future, using the parts of our brain that are best suited for each of these things.

PeterDraws: glowing and flowing ink and ideas video. A small, round, fuzzy person takes a random walk around his world, and finds something he never believed existed. A special request illustration done for Turil, by Mr. The future is dark and that is a good thing Dr. And thanks to an exceptional and friendly sort of folk who wishes to remain nameless who generously created the new intro music for my podcast.

Thank you so much! I got into how we can respect and care for our bodies, and their natural, normal, generally healthy reactions to problems, fears, danger, threats, etc.

The general idea is identifying the particular emotion and problem, and then practicing in a reasonably comfortable space with a similar low level problem to move just a little bit towards improving the situation in some way. Happiness seems like such an undefinable, inexplicable, unknown thing sometimes.

And why is it so addictive for some people to gamble? The algorithm of life is one for generating new life, and pretty much nothing else. Without that purpose in life, it would not continue to exist. And one way it does that is by having the super complex human brain reward itself for doing certain things. Thinking, mostly. Everything thinks. Therefore it is. What is thinking? This law essentially says that the universe starts with simple, boring, somewhat predictable stuff and grows increasingly more complex, diverse, weird, and unpredictable.

And it does so through a simple set of instructions for dividing things up and recombining them in novel ways to produce all possible combinations of matter and energy. So the best way to stay as safe and uninjured in life as possible is to be expecting the seemingly unlikely to happen, at least somewhat often. There are a variety of ways to do this, which I go over in this podcast, in a fairly meandering way. Which is, of course, what you might be starting to expect! And as for me, I expect that you will be able to find yourself finding ways to embrace the weirdness in some weird and seemingly unpredictable way.

Including, perhaps, noticing the reality that sometimes things are weird and sometimes they are wierd. First we contract into ourselves, defining the edges of who we are and what we want, and then we can look around at our immediate environment to see what the edges are of what it is and what it wants, and then we can look for ways to recombine ourselves with our environment by dissolving the edges between us and our world in a way that is most useful for helping us create a better world.

Speaking Up Process podcast. Speaking Up Process discussion on Reddit. A video of the making of my newly acquired art. The age of Extravert Sensing types being in the lead is starting to subside.

Through the very personal, open, and honest stories we tell — of where we were, where we are now, and where we want to go — while using our greatest losses to understand what is most meaningful to us and how we want to honor our past while creating a better future — one that supports and inspires younger generations — a new culture is emerging.

But it sometimes takes a while for that to be recognized, as large things such as whole planets take a while to pivot around the various corners of reality. Speaking Up process Storytelling with a purpose. Life: Earth Mission Diagram. Governmental Personalities diagram.

Whatever way works! And, while a bottom-up, living organism system is definitely no utopia as we all know, when our bodies get sick or hurt or, eventually, diethe goal of a healthy organism is to try to give every individual within the system what it needs to function as well as possible, while being flexible and resilient through complex networks that can temporarily work around malfunctioning areas until they can heal and be put back online and working for the system again.

The health of the system grows exponentially, meaning that we can repair a huge amount of damage pretty quickly as long as we focus on actually doing so, freely, and with a goal of system health, rather than competition. Everyone for President Reddit community. If you and a bunch of others were starting a new colony from scratch, on another planet, or just an island on Earth, what form of governance would you want to use? A proposal for governance in the post world — just a little something that I found interesting on the wikileaks website.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The more forcefully something is contracted, controlled, and contained, the more forcefully it will soon become expanded, uncontrolled, and uncontained. But if there is an outlet, even just a single way to move into a lower pressure area, then the violence can be avoided. Yet this seems to be one of most ignored laws of nature when it comes to leaders and policy-makers in the world, at all levels, and in all fields.

Add even more forceful repression, contraction, control, containment! More punitive, threatening, harm-based laws! More insults! More alienation of those who are outside the norm! In general, more lack of freedom all around. But we understand, deep down, through both our instincts and our science, that the only cure for violence, on all levels — physical, emotional, intellectual, and philosophical — is more freedom to be ourselves, our weird, abnormal, eccentric, creative, exploratory, awesome selves.

More outlets for individuals to express their unique passions. More flexibility. More openness. More space for all the diverse individuals to be themselves, whether that is LGBT, Muslim, Christian, agnostic, weird-looking, normal-looking, Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, authoritarian, historian, singularitian, fat, skinny, blind, eagle-eyed, dark skinned, light skinned, female, male, mixed, genius, simple, New Aged, old aged, autistic, borderline, histrionic, hyperactive, shy, funny, dull, happy, sad, mad, mammalian, culicidian, ornithorhynchidian, Martian, or robotian.

The universe makes all of us individuals to fill a niche, and as a society we can choose to try to block individuals from finding their niche, and suffer the backlash, or we can choose to help individuals find their niche, by giving them the freedom to fully, honestly, and openly express who they are and want to be.

What we truly need is freedom. Freedom to be human, or whatever else the universe has made us to be. Freedom to be and do whatever we feel most joyful, passionate, excited, and delighted about when it comes to what we want to explore and create in life.

So, I wonder, how can we turn the dialogue around to promoting freedomrather than safety, flowrather than boredom or overwhelm, in our world? A long and wonderfully winding tour of the past 60 years of humanity and how each human generation of 20 year periods has split off from and then recombined cultural norms and ideals from their elders and future Earthlings to elevate our species, and all of life on Earth, into thinking in three dimensions, at governmental leveland then, eventually, in all four, at government level and beyond, for some truly brilliant evolving.

Answer: Stop being so greedy and violent, and instead connect to one another! How can we be our best, interpersonally? Answer: Stop being so focused on just yourself, and instead play games together!

How do we want to collectively solve problems and improve the lot of us? Answer: Stop being so focused on just you and your pals and competition, and instead start collaborating with all of the diverse Earthlings — animal, vegetable, mineral, and otherwise — in solving the problems of life on Earth in a fun and exciting way!

Any suggestions for the best of the 26 and under set? What will those born starting this decade want to focus on? Looking to see what the universe beyond our planet and current material understanding of life has to offer us all.

Is that a bit scary to us older folks? And also exciting! Four Dimensions of Political Government diagram. Basic Income podcast at The Guardian. Comments 2. A shockingly short and sweet reminder of what robots want.

What Technology Wants — book by Kevin Kelly. Growth Mindset. Speaking UP process Podcast. Rawness is all about vulnerability, openness, existential philosophy, absolute sensitivity, and being in an unadulterated, natural state.

Depression comes after anger, and it is what finally moves us toward the discovery of an enlightened resolution to our past problems. We can reclaim Memorial Day as a positive time to embrace the spiritually beautiful and raw depression stage of grieving, with its focus on looking back at the life-affirming things we have lost, and then keeping those in mind as we seek ways to reconnect to the world using healthy curiosity and compassion, especially with those we might have previously feared or been in conflict with.

Stages of Grief are Loopy! Speaking Up for Yourself podcast episode. Successful Love is Randomness plus Challenge podcast episode. How Science can Eliminate Terrorism podcast episode. Particle moving through a wave. Nick Lane has the book with the diagram showing that evolution is both division and recombination.

This is just a bit of an update and some rambling. Not super important. Listen at your leisure, if you feel so inclined. Life: Earth Mission a. The Stages of Grief are Loopy the pattern of our heroic stories.

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