World In My Eyes - Depeche Mode - Black Celebration In Texas (CD)

It has something like 15 different delays in it — there are loads of little spins on the end of lines of vocals and drums, and it is amazing. I had the recall notes from Violator, so I knew what [Depeche Mode] were using and what effects, and I had to try and piece together the recall notes with the music. Some of the effects I had to just try to do my best to recreate, by bouncing the delays and using distortion.

It is actually one of the songs I enjoy the most in 5. I remember at times thinking "How would [Francois Kevorkian] do this? How could he possibly try to get that effect? I'd get the [Eventide] Hs out and patch them across and try to use the presets that were written on the recall to see if it World In My Eyes - Depeche Mode - Black Celebration In Texas (CD) anywhere close — sometimes it wasn't and sometimes it World In My Eyes - Depeche Mode - Black Celebration In Texas (CD).

Waiting For The Night This is yet another great album track. It never woudl have been a single, but the sequenced backing is just great. And while lesser producers would probably have been satisified with the two main sequences as the backing, there are subtle touches,'embellishments' as Alan Wilder says, which really make this song.

The vocals certainly work very well, and develop throughout the song. I don't know if I'd classify this as a duet, but it works. The coda in particularly has a very good vocal arrangement with, if I'm hearing right, good use of effects.

This really shows how they were on top of their production game for Violator. Compare this to the much more simple production on many of the songs on BC. HitAndRunAug 15, Location: Venice, Italy. Tom SlickAug 15, Of course, in this DM era with Alan having more influence in the final mixes, a song can't simply sound pretty anymore but will have the obligatory haunting elements as well.

In addition, since DM didn't overdo the slow brooding tunes on this record, this one not only stands out, but is a welcome treat from the pulsating dance beats that have preceded it. When they start singing "There is a star in the sky It's hilarious reading Kevin Paul's take on trying to mix this for 5.

And yet, even simple in this timeframe meant layers of sound and complicated ways of recording them. Also, not a bad way to slow things down and build to the big one on the album that we've already covered. HookianAug 16, Waiting for the Night is just a wonderful, haunting song, seamlessly bridging a classically "pretty" arrangement with more sinister, creepy touches.

Maybe even more than the rest of World In My Eyes - Depeche Mode - Black Celebration In Texas (CD), this song is pure headphone-candy, with lots of little touches, and sounds, and effects, all pinging away in the aural landscape. It was very cool to see it performed live on the Exciter tour with the water drop imagery, and I thought it made a nice end to the show during the Sounds of the Universe show--except for Dave and Martin cracking up on the performance filmed for the concert video, which kind of ruined the effect of a quiet, haunting end to the show.

It also lost something with a more stripped-back arrangement, IMO. But anyway, I love this song--very neat to see that it took some inspiration from Tangerine Dream, a group I knew little-to-nothing of at the time, but vastly enjoy these days. Johnny FeathersAug 16, Location: Corona, CA. If you haven't checked this youtube page out yet, it's a must for DM fans. LAKingSteveAug 17, Tom Slick likes this.

Crucified is a sort of outro to Enjoy The Silencebuilding on a ghostly, somewhat hollow sound where less is definitely more, and acts as a piece of connective tissue between two very different songs. Since it's not an individual song, I won't give it an explicit ranking.

Crucified also has the unusual honour of being the only song with a Fletch vocal on it. Policy Of Truthmeanwhile, is yet another classic. Third single from Violatorand in the traditional filler spot that is, towards the middle of side 2instead it showed just how strong this album, and the band was, at this point, seemingly locked into a perfect combination of their relative strengths.

The band seemed to be playing to their strengths. And it showed. InAlan said : "That's how we made the group work at that time, by accepting that we all had different roles and not actually all trying to do the same thing. So we ended up with this unwritten agreement in the band, where we'd all throw together a few ideas at the beginning of a track. Then Fletch and Mart would go away, and they'd come back after we'd worked on it for a while to give an opinion" Inproducer Steve Lyon said "Sometimes Martin would come in saying, 'I don't like this' and 'I don't really like that', and then we would work on things to get a different version but he would trust a lot in the three of us, Alan, Flood and myself.

And Fletch as well, y'know. Fletch would come in, say his thing but leave it to World In My Eyes - Depeche Mode - Black Celebration In Texas (CD) because he knew something good would come out. The loop is what gives it the vibrato effect. I've found getting hi-hats and crashes to sound good through a drum machine very difficult. I've used World In My Eyes - Depeche Mode - Black Celebration In Texas (CD), Alesis and others and they all sound weak, thin and well A: "Are you surprised?

At Shunt - the Official Recoil World In My Eyes - Depeche Mode - Black Celebration In Texas (CD) - editorial - Depeche Mode - the Singles Alan wrote : " Policy' went through many changes before being almost completely re-recorded at The Church. The main riff of the song proved such a problem to get a sound for and we must have tried different variations before settling on what had become perhaps the sound of the album - slide guitar. Retrieved 23 December Archived from the original on 9 November Retrieved 9 November — via Imgur.

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