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A perfect fit for the game, and vice versa. Odyssey by HOME. These concerts were organized by MoveOn. Bush in that year's presidential campaign. Taylor's appearances were joint performances with the Dixie Chicks. In earlyMusiCares honored Taylor with performances of his songs by an array of notable musicians. Before a performance by the Dixie Chicks, lead singer Natalie Maines acknowledged that he had always been one of their musical heroes and had, for them, lived up to their once-imagined reputation of him.

The digital discrete 5. On November 28—30,Taylor accompanied by his original band and Carole King, headlined a series of six shows at the Troubadour. The appearances marked the 50th anniversary of the venue, where Taylor, King and many others, such as Tom WaitsNeil Diamondand Elton Johnperformed early in their music careers. Parts of the performance shown on CBS Sunday Morning in the December 23,broadcast showed Taylor alluding to his early drug problems by saying, "I played here a number of times in the 70s, allegedly".

Taylor has used versions of this joke on other occasions, and it appears as part of his One Man Band DVD and tour performances. The resulting live-in-studio album, named Coverswas released in September An additional album, called Other Coverscame out in Aprilcontaining songs that were recorded during the same sessions as the original Covers but had not been put out to the full public yet. During October 19—21,Taylor performed a series of free concerts in five North Carolina cities in support of Barack Obama 's presidential bid.

Taylor appeared briefly in the movie Funny Peoplewhere he played " Carolina in My Mind " for a MySpace corporate event as the opening act for the main character. The tour was a major commercial success and in some locations found Taylor playing arenas instead of his usual theaters or amphitheaters.

It was one of the most successful tours of the year. He appeared in in the ABC comedy Mr. Sunshine as the ex-husband of the character played by Allison Janneyand he performs a duet of sorts on Leon Russell 's classic " A Song for You ".

They also sang Swift's song, "Fifteen". Then, on July 2, Swift appeared as Taylor's special guest in a concert at Tanglewood. He was active in support of Barack Obama's reelection campaign and opened the Democratic National Convention singing three songs.

He performed " America the Beautiful " at the President's second inauguration. After a year wait, James earned his first No. The album which was released on June 16 through Concord Recordsarrived on top the chart of July 4,more than 45 years after Taylor arrived on the list with Sweet Baby James on the March 14,list.

The album launched atop the Billboard with 97, equivalent album units earned in the week ending June 21,according to Nielsen Music.

Of its start, pure album sales were 96, copies sold, Taylor's best debut week for an album since 's October Road. Taylor cancelled his concert in Manila as a protest to the extrajudicial killings of suspects in the Philippine Drug War. Taylor's album American Standard was released on February 28, American Standard debuted at 4 on the Billboard albums chart, making Taylor the first act to earn a top 10 album in each of the last six decades.

Taylor's four siblings AlexLivingstonHugh, and Kate have also been musicians with recorded albums. Livingston is still an active musician; Kate was active in the s but did not record another album until ; Hugh operates a bed-and-breakfast with his wife, The Outermost Inn in Aquinnah on Martha's Vineyard ; and Alex died in on James's birthday. Taylor and Carly Simon were married in November Their children, Sally and Ben, are also musicians.

John the Divine in New York. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American singer-songwriter and guitarist. This article is about the solo musician. For other persons with the same name, see James Taylor disambiguation. Boston, MassachusettsU. Carly Simon. Kathryn Walker.

Caroline "Kim" Smedvig. Folk rock rock pop blues. Vocals guitar harmonica keyboards [1]. John B. Musical artist. Main article: James Taylor discography. Whatever it is. Certain shows loom large on many Best of Tour lists. Hartford Louis Paris And now that concert — the second night of two at Fenway Park on the Wrecking Ball tour — has its rightful place in Bruce Springsteen's Live Archive series. Now, every city in Not-New-Jersey thinks it is Bruce's secret favorite place to play looking at you, Philadelphia.

But most of us know the answer is actually Boston. In fact, we'd be happy with monthly releases of just classic Boston shows for the rest of the year.

You can now rest easy, Archive Series planners. Hard part's done. August 15, - photograph by Michael Zorn. My obvious Beantown pride aside, expectations tend to be high when Bruce hits Boston. On the Wrecking Ball tour, however, the first of the two-show Fenway stand was… not great. I've seen quite a few Springsteen shows, and there is only a handful when I've left thinking, "Okay, maybe it's time to take a break.

I think Bruce may have felt the same. Because he casually strolled out on the second night with a completely different vibe. The visual and the tone go a long way to understanding the groove of Night 2, so take a look below Bruce starts talking about a minute in.

And we open with Bruce and Roy on a stripped-down "Thunder Road" — which you could say was completely out of left field, had we not been standing in that general area.

Then: "Let's start with the hits! Let's start with the summertime hits right now! Where was this coming from? August 15, - photograph by A. One of my favorite insights from Bruce's Super Bowl journal was his fear of not being "in the moment" from the very start of the minute halftime show. During a three-hour concert he can call an audible if he feels himself wandering, in order to shake things — and himself — up. No such luxury in seconds of a carefully white-boarded Springsteen Experience.

That feeling of aliveness and being in the moment is what the entire second night in Fenway felt like. A minute-to-minute openness on Bruce's part to the show being something different. Okay, so we've got a Great Opening Set. We've got the Vibe. It's Augustso we're comfortably in the sign-request era. Over time, some selections hit me better than others. You soon realize that the best Bruce covers are not songs by the Stones or Van Morrison.

If your neighborhood's Dads band would play it at the community pool on a Friday night, it's not going to be a transcendent Springsteen cover. Rather, it's the more obscure frat rock, novelty, and LP) songs that tend to lead to E Street magic. Back Of My Hand - Various - Night Moves (Vinyl vividly remember "Hang On Sloopy" from Greensboro in LP) the roof off the place. If Fenway had a roof, it would have been the same for me for this night's "Knock on Wood.

Such great fun, with enough rough edges that it still had the heady tension of an impromptu one-off. With those last three requests, themes of summer merged with their natural companion: nostalgia.

Which is not Bruce's typical go-to move. The audience may want to relive the '78 intro to "Prove It All Night" yes, this is foreshadowingbut it's his nature to play a new song instead. He would say — has said — that that's his job, right? But first "Frankie" got a mid-song rap about writing the song in the s and watching the fireflies on the front porch. And, one-by-one, cellphones lit up Fenway. That was a moment. Next up, "Prove It All Night. This was a sign request as well. My memory is hazy, and I can't get a good YouTube visual, but I believe the '78 intro was mentioned on the sign.

And the feeling of wondering if the intro was going to happen, and then it starting to happen, and we were back to the Darkness tour, not just a brief nod but going on for a full three minutes… that feeling is what's hard to capture when just listening to an Archive release a decade later. The folks who understandably listen to St.

Louis and wonder what the big deal was — I get it. It's tough to get the feel of the room, and it's easy to lose some wonder and anticipation as you're holding the setlist in your hand.

But listen with fresh, attentive ears if you can. Imagine a few songs later as "Backstreets" crescendos and then quiets. And you've still got the '78 "Prove It" intro ringing in your ears.

Bruce croons "Together until the end" and takes a moment. And a thought breaks across your brain — wait, he's not going to do the "Sad Eyes" interlude, is he? That would be crazy. It's been more than three decades since he did that.

And the seconds tick by. And you think there's no way. But we're in the moment. We are alive. And then nostalgia merges with the modern… and with no precedent, 's "Dream Baby Dream" Back Of My Hand - Various - Night Moves (Vinyl comes instead. You could see the moment when the inspiration hit Bruce to include it. And no one else outside of the people visiting Backstreets. But I'll consider this a safe space with my fellow travelers: It was amazing.

We got "Detroit Medley" and "Quarter to Three. Is there more to say? About the rain, the Ken Casey appearance? Well, sure — my brother was standing next to me that night, and you can read his rave from the time right here especially if you want more baseball puns. But maybe you save that for after you've given the show a listen or two. First, go download this magical show. And then I drop a shredding guitar solo.

Thank you and good night. Rock in peace, Dusty. I mean, it'll never be said that the man doesn't have high regard for rock 'n' roll history and rock 'n' roll fandom — not to mention a legit sense of humor. But still, how the hell did we talk him into this? Unrequited Infatuations is earning raves in advance of its September 28 publication, including some fever-dream rhapsodizing from Bob Dylan himself, which you can read in full on our catalog page.

Bruce Springsteen describes the story of Unrequited Infatuations as "an inimitable rock 'n' roll life told as boldly as it was lived. Van Zandt's hand-signed "Miami Steve" signature will go on superbly designed, custom bookplates featuring Miami-era SVZ in all his flowered shirt splendor -- also a Backstreets exclusive.

What a standup guy. Jump on it before he changes his mind. Guarantee yours by pre-ordering now, only from Backstreet Records! Last week, the long-running debate over the correct opening lyrics to Bruce Springsteen's classic "Thunder Road" appeared to be settled at last. The contentious discourse gripped Twitter earlier this month, when, on July 3, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman shared a photo of the stage at Springsteen on Broadway with the words "A screen door slams, Mary's dress sways.

While I was as emotionally invested in this scuffle as anyone Team Waves, btwa more serious Springsteen-related lyrical matter came to dominate my brain share. At the same time that Waves vs. Sways concluded, former Staind frontman-turned-country singer Aaron Lewis's song "Am I the Only One" entered the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts at 1 only the ninth song ever to do soand the Top Singles at 14, without any support from mainstream country radio.

As a woman married to a retired career Army officer who has done multiple combat tours, I have thoughts about this. Am I the only one who quits singin' along Every time they play a Springsteen song? Shortly before the song took off like a right-wing rocket, several random knuckleheads tweeted that Americans shouldn't play Springsteen's "Born in the U.

Seems a lot of good old boys have a beef with Bruce. As a veteran's wife, I've got some thoughts about that, too. With a foreword by Lauren Onkey and year-by-year commentary on Springsteen by Peter Chakerian, Live in the Heartland is fascinating as the vision of a singular photographer covering almost the entirety of Springsteen's touring with the E Street Band, from their debut in Cleveland as an opening act through the River Tour.

Speaking with Bob Zimmerman for BackstreetsMacoska describes how she discovered photography and rock 'n' rollkept pushing til it was understood, and, still a teenager, shot her first assignment for her school paper in Wishbone Ash, with opening act Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. I liked Wishbone Ash. I had heard their music on the radio. But then this guy comes on stage. He's just a scruffy, little beatnik guy.

But he sounds cool. And he's charismatic, and he's got the Big Man with him, and he ended up taking up six or seven of the photos I took on that roll of Over the ensuing five decades as a professional, Macoska would photograph Springsteen again and again in Ohio — ten tours are covered in the new book — and she takes Zimmerman through her history.

Sidetrips include connecting with fellow teen rock journalist Cameron Crowe in '74, shooting The Clash and other punk acts in their prime, being asked by Steve Popovitch to capture Springsteen and Ronnie Spector backstage, and witnessing the famous '78 Agora show without camera in hand.

It was the closest thing New Jersey had to its own version of Beatlemania. The Born in the U. There would be seven when it was all over. And how about those B-sides? But the demand was worldwide, and Bruce couldn't just play in one place for several months. Okay, he could have, and he eventually would, but in no one contemplated Springsteen on Broadway.

So the Born in the U. InBruce's ten sold-out shows at the Brendan Byrne Arena could easily have been 20 sold-out shows — or more. Returning to Jersey in ? For a series of homecoming concerts after touring the world and becoming a global superstar in the process?

Forget it. Over we go to the big football stadium across the road. It's worth noting the ticketing debacle associated with this Giants Stadium stand, particularly for the ripple effect that would affect concertgoers for decades to come. When tickets went on sale for four Giants Stadium shows in '85 August 18, 19, 21 and 22there were campsites at Ticketron outlets across the metropolitan area.

And of course, scalpers were paying people to line up, just to add to the fun. Then something very strange happened: thousands of people who waited as long as 24 hours in line all over town did not get any tickets. Reports of corruption at Ticketron outlets — and the fact that scalpers had plenty of tickets — were not surprising, given the phenomenon that Bruce had become in the Born in the U.

Thousands of hopeful concertgoers in multiple locations slept in the street and came up empty on a ticket sale that should have put more thantickets into the hands of the fans. Tickets for those two extra shows would be sold by Ticket World, rather than Ticketron. With the eyes of the media and law enforcement on every ticketing computer, things were somewhat better, though there was an unintended consequence: after Ticketron was forced to loosen its exclusive grip on the venue's ticketing, the sales of the added shows through the upstart Ticket World eventually led to Ticketron's demise and the emergence of the now-ubiquitous… Ticketmaster.

Had a recording of one of those Giants Stadium performances been released init would have shot straight to the Top Ten and been certified gold on the spot.

For fans who weren't part of the craziness inhearing the newly released Live Archive series recording of the August 22,Giants Stadium concert the fourth of the six shows may not accurately convey the level of importance this recording would have had if released at what might best be described as the zenith of Bruce Springsteen's popularity.

For many attendees of the Giants Stadium shows, the music was secondary. It was an event one had to attend — a hot ticket whether you liked Bruce or not. Not surprisingly, the shows were heavily focused on the Born in the U. In fact, the August 22 show along with several others from that summer stadium leg of the tour includes all seven of the top ten singles from the album. As the band took the stage that Thursday evening, "I'm Goin' Down" was in the midst of a week stay on the Billboard chart.

For better or worse, this was a show by a guy with a lot of hits and an enormous audience that wanted to hear them. Hardcore fans might have groaned back then, but in hindsight, what's wrong with hearing the now seldom-played "I'm Goin' Down" or "Pink Cadillac" rocked by an E Street Band in its prime?

But on this night, Steven joined the homecoming celebration in a guest appearance for a spirited set of encores. He had done so a few times on the tour, including several nights in England as the European leg of the world tour came to a close a month prior. But this was his first North American tour appearance ofand the crowd naturally went wild for a special "Two Hearts.

The setlist is very much of the era, including nothing from the first two albums and only two songs each from Born to Run and Darkness on the Edge of Town. The longtime fan may have missed hearing "Backstreets," "Jungleland," and "Rosalita," but as the Springsteen catalog started to fill up with the songs that would become classics, choices were made — and these choices leaned toward the songs that were on the radio all summer.

The old favorites would come back in the years to come, but a show that has "Bobby Jean" as the second-set closer represents a snapshot of a time when Bruce Springsteen had reached heights he'd probably never imagined. Most fans would agree that a football stadium is not the place to see your favorite band, but the summer stadium tour of just happened to find the E Street Band in peak form with a multitrack tape machine in the house.

Enjoy the Archive release of the Giants Stadium show without the hysteria of around you, just the sound of Springsteen and the E Street Band taking their best shot. Looking back as a Springsteen fan entering his seventh decade, I have nothing but fond memories of my younger self being simultaneously frustrated by the LP) experience and exhilarated by the music.

And you won't have to think about getting your car out of the parking lot after cranking up August 22,Giants Stadium in the much smaller venue where you listen to these things.

Bader reporting. And surely a bestselling one, once again — that tends to happen when your co-author goes by "Mr. Like the podcast, the Renegades book will chronicle the conversations between Springsteen and President Obama that took place at Stone Hill Studios over several days in — about life, work, family, music, race, masculinity, and, most urgently, the state of the Nation.

Trying to chronicle the stories of its people. Looking for a way to connect our own individual searches for meaning and truth and community with the larger story of America. The U. The Spanish language edition: Renegados. In all, the book will be published simultaneously in eight languages, also including German, Portuguese Brazil, Portuguese Portugal, French, Italian, and Dutch. Further information about the book is at renegadesbook.

From Springsteen's book introduction: There were serious conversations about the fate of the country, the fortune of its citizens, and the destructive, ugly, corrupt forces at play that would like to take it all down.

This is a time of vigilance when who we are is being seriously tested. Hard conversations about who we are and who we want to become can perhaps serve as a small guiding map for some of our fellow citizens.

This is a time for serious consideration of who we want to be and what kind of country we will leave our children. Will we let slip through our hands the best of us or will we turn united to face the fire? A balloon festival? Yep, the 38th annual! Following a mass hot air balloon inflation ascension at pm — and okay, based on the photo above, I can see the appeal — Max Weinberg's Jukebox will perform at 8pm.

They're prepared for covers requests of all kinds; Max adds, " The Fifth Dimension 's presence will be felt. Visit balloonfestival. It may be a bit hard to conceive in this era of monthly Live Archive releases and Blu-ray tour documents, but back then, those performances were some of the few things fans had to hold on to in terms of official live documentation.

Fans sought out Betamax and LaserDisc copies of No Nukes in order to be able to relive those pro-shot moments. A holy-grail question has remained: what happened to the rest of that footage? This morning, an announcement from Sony reveals that it's coming this fall. Thom Zimny has taken the original 16mm footage from Springsteen and the E Street Band's performances on September 21 and 22,and edited together a full-length Springsteen concert film.

As ofit was the highest quality and best recorded Bruce Springsteen show ever filmed. The Legendary No Nukes Concerts features remixed and remastered audio and was edited from the original 16mm film by longtime Springsteen collaborator Thom Zimny. Sony Music's Premium Content Division is handling global distribution and the film will be released later this year. Today's announcement precedes a press release coming in September, in which we'll find out more details and when pre-ordering will begin.

Photographer Janet Macoska has been on the scene there for more than 40 years, chronicling Bruce's visits to Northeast Ohio since the Allen Theatre days, where the E Street Band played in and Right: the hand-signed bookplate that comes with each copy of Live in the Heartland from Backstreet Records In her new book Bruce Springsteen: Live in the Heartland she gathers her Boss images for the first time, capturing ten different E Street shows starting in all the way up through the most recent, 's River Tour stop at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena.

While Janet and other area notables including Onkey, promoter Jules Belkin, and Agora owner Hank LoConti discussed local E Street history, her photographs were what drew the eye, on the big screen above them.

Some photos I recognized… many were new to me… all were top-notch. She was nothing but cool and kind when we talked afterward, a fan's fan. Archived from the original on 11 May Retrieved 23 April Records 25 February UK Albums Chart.

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