Unlike Echoes' first two forms, ACT3 has a much shorter effective range. It is extremely fast and noted to be stronger but is still no match for even a Stand like Echoes Queen. For example, Killer Queen 's Sheer Heart Attack is forcibly sunk into the pavement by this ability, and, according to its user, the effects were as if there were kilograms of weight on his left hand. The weight increases do have drawbacks; 3 Freeze can only affect one thing at a time, and the effect ceases if the target moves more than 5 meters away from ACT3.

The closer the target is to ACT3, the heavier it feels. All versions of Echoes appear as Koichi's Stand during gameplay. Echoes moves correspond to different Stands. A full list can be found here. JoJo's Bizarre Wiki Explore. Robert E. Speedwagon Caesar A. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? View source. History Talk 2. Let's kill da ho! The ' whoosh' turned into a real sensation and blew her away! Part 4. Echoes' statistics in Part 5. Koichi summons Echoes for the first time, in its egg form.

Koichi's mom believes her son after hearing Echoes' plea. A word bubble saying "sizzle" attached to Sheer Heart Attack. A shadowed Echoes ACT3 in the second opening, chase.

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Syd Barrett. See Emily Play. The Happiest Days of Our Lives. Roger Waters. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. Hey You. The Great Gig in the Sky. Richard Wright. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun. Keep Talking. Following this is a short sequence structurally similar to the "build-up". The end of the instrumental climax leads into the song's third verse, followed by another "chorus".

The band plays over two more "chorus" structures, and then a repeated, quiet verse progression serves as the outro of the song.

In this section, a "choral"-sounding segment is heard. This was created by placing two tape recorders in opposite corners of a room; the main chord tapes of the song were then fed into one recorder and played back while at the same time recording.

The other recorder was then also set to play what was being recorded; this created a delay between both recordings, heavily influencing the structure of the chords while at the same time giving it a very "wet" and "echoey" feel. The piece had its genesis in a collection of separate musical experiments written by the band, some of which had been left over from previous sessions. The group then arranged the pieces in order to make a coherent minute piece originally referred to as "Nothing, Parts 1—24".

In an interview in with Mojowhen asked who had composed "Echoes", Wright stated he had composed the long piano intro and the main chord progression of the song. In the same interview he confirmed that Waters wrote the lyrics. It originally referred to the meeting of two celestial bodies. The Echoes verse originally took words from Muhammad Iqbal 's poem "Two Planets", and later this was rewritten with the incorporation of original underwater imagery instead.

The title "Echoes" was also subjected to significant revisions before and after the release of Meddle : Waters, a devoted football fan, proposed that the band call its new piece "We Won the Double " in celebration of Arsenal 's victory, [11] and during a tour of Germany he jovially introduced it on two consecutive nights as "Looking Through the Knothole in Granny's Wooden Leg" a reference to The Goon Show and The Dam Bustersrespectively. The song was performed for Live at Pompeiiwhere it was split in two halves to open and close the film.

It was performed eleven times on the band's A Momentary Lapse of Reason tourin a slightly rearranged version trimmed down to 17 minutes where David Gilmour and keyboardist Rick Echoes swapped vocal parts with Gilmour singing the high parts and Wright the low parts — the opposite to how it was performed previously.

Gilmour resurrected the song on his On an Island Tour as the closing number of the main set. Wright would bring the Farfisa out of retirement just for this song for the tour.

Gilmour told Rolling Stone in upon returning to Pompeii to play a solo show that he would have loved to perform "Echoes" but felt he could not do so without Wright, who had Echoes in — "There's something that's specifically so individual about the way that Rick and I play in that, that you can't get someone to learn it and do it just like that.

Similar to the Dark Side of the Rainbow effect, at-large rumours suggested that "Echoes" coincidentally synchronises with Stanley Kubrick 's film A Space Odysseywhen played concurrently with the final minute segment titled "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite".

At the time of the film's production in —, Pink Floyd was not working on any material suitable for the film, nor were they contacted about supplying music. It is likely that Kubrick never heard the band's music until after the film was finished. The George Greenough film Crystal Voyager concludes with a minute segment in which the full version of "Echoes" accompanies a montage of images shot by Greenough from a camera mounted on his back while surfing on his kneeboard.

In interviews promoting Amused to DeathWaters claimed that Andrew Lloyd Webber had plagiarised the riff from "Echoes" for sections of the musical The Phantom of the Opera ; nevertheless, he decided not to file a lawsuit regarding the matter.

He said:. Yeah, the beginning of that bloody Phantom song is from Echoes. I couldn't believe it when I heard it. It probably is actionable. It really is! But I think that life's too long to bother with suing Andrew fucking Lloyd Webber. At into "Echoes" the allegedly-stolen riff is heard.

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