Lady O The Lakes - Spirit (8) - Spirit Of 76 (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Gary Numan Warriors - Reissue. Nancy Sinatra Boots - Reissue. John Nocturnal Manoeuvres. The Communards Communards. Modula Ft Pamina Chauveau Bacolearica. Can Live In Brighton Hornsey Hardcore Five Times Dope. The Clean Tally Ho! Silverbacks Archive Material. Hamish Hawk Heavy Elevator. Holy Other Lieve. Idles Crawler. In the early days, playing with Johnny and Joe Dolan from Galway I was quite new to playing with other musicians and found it tremendously exciting.

That first summer of was idyllic — the kind of life I had dreamed of. The only thing that could have Lady O The Lakes - Spirit (8) - Spirit Of 76 (Vinyl it better would have been freight trains!! In earlythe new line-up recorded the eponymous album, Sweeney's Men[71] produced by Bill Leader at Livingston StudiosBarnet. He also played Moynihan's bouzouki—for the first time on a recording—on the track "Johnston". Playing bouzouki on "Johnston" is when I decided I wanted one of those. It was different.

I was playing mandolin and this had a bit more depth of tone, it was that bit deeper. Irvine wrote his first song, "West Coast of Clare", in the late summer ofaround the time Sweeney's Men were playing one of their last shows in Quilty, County Clare. Irvine left Sweeney's Men after a final performance at Liberty Hall in Dublin, where he played the first half of the set with Moynihan and Woods before making way for his replacement, Henry McCulloughwho played the second half.

I kind of remembered that, as a stamp collector, I had liked Bulgarian stamps because they had a weird script. And, of course, I had left-wing leanings. Also, nobody went there. So, I decided to go. It was and, looking back on it, that became a period where a lot of people decided to broaden their horizons.

One day a lorry gave us a lift and the guy turned on the radio and this fantastic music came on and I thought: 'I know what that is and it's great! This lasting fascination with Bulgarian folk music would inform several of his later projects—first with Planxty, then in the recording of his first solo album and of the album East Windand also with the creation of two multicultural, similarly named bands: Mosaic —85 and Mozaik —present day.

He also went to Thessalonikia Greek-Macedonian town near the Bulgarian border, to buy a bouzouki:. The fascist colonels were in power in Greece. The army had taken over and it was a very right wing government so I didn't really want to go to Greece, but I really wanted a bouzouki.

We found this shop with loads of bouzoukis which cost between and 5, drachmas. While in Ljubljana, he met Rens van der Zalm, [82] a young, classically trained violinist from the Netherlands who also played guitar, mandolin, piano, accordion and tin whistle, and who was one of the founders of the Dutch folk group Fungus.

They would later join forces in several of Irvine's projects. After the demise of Sweeney's Men, a new Irish-English folk super-group was almost formed inwith Irvine, Moynihan, Woods and his wife Gayplus ex- Fairport Convention Ashley Hutchings joining on bass guitar, but this never happened. Andy had loads of instruments [ One day I started playing the bouzouki and I really liked the sound of it. Because there were four pairs of strings, the chords were kind of easy. And even though it was upside down for me, I could still get chords out of it and I just really loved it.

And Andy said, "Ah, take it home with you, the strings are very slack for me. That was the round-bodied Greek bouzouki and [it] became the thing I used most. It was just before Planxty. I thought 'Wow, that's a talent I haven't seen before. They also created their own club night, downstairs at Slattery's Pub, which they called 'The Mug's Gig'.

The place was always packed, and the atmosphere was amazing. I think one of the reasons it all felt so exciting was that you couldn't but be aware that they really were breaking new ground, even before Planxty formed. Something very powerful was germinating. The intricacy and the rhythmic complexity of their arrangements was something really fresh and unheard of — they were literally blowing the dust and cobwebs off some of that material and giving it this sparkling, dancing new life.

It was exhilarating to witness — no other word. Before too long, Irvine and Lunny participated in a project that would lead to their big break. After that, he decided to record his second album in Ireland and his guest musicians included Irvine, Lunny, and uilleann piper Liam O'Flynn. It was a magical time.

The music was fresh and it sparkled. Every day brought new fun as we rollicked about Pat Dowling's pub and then up to Rynne's cellar to lay down another track. In the words of Colin Irwin:. Prosperous took the suggestions offered by Sweeney's Men and sprinted off with them. This was released as an album by Moore, but the four musicians soon thereafter formed Planxty in Januaryto be managed by Des Kelly.

After honing their live set at Slattery's, they played two concerts, afternoon and evening, at Newbridge College on Thursday, 16 March Donovan was in the audience and invited Planxty to open for him on his six-date Irish tour the following week, during which their first major performance—at the Hangar in Galway —was a huge success. Irvine, unable to see the audience through the glare of the stage lights, was worried that the crowd might be on the verge of rioting.

It took him several minutes to realise that what he was hearing was the expression of their enthusiastic response to the band's music. The group would go on to sign a six-record contract and to tour extensively throughout Europe. They played mostly traditional songs and tunes, but several were Irvine compositions, making him the lone composer of the band.

Instrumentally the group was notable for the intricate bouzouki and mandolin counterpoint of Lunny and Irvine, along with O'Flynn's exceptional pipering; Irvine and Moore who played guitar were the principal vocalists. Very quickly, Lunny would also develop into their own in-house producer, arranger and musical director: "It very rapidly established itself that the music demanded to be treated on its own terms.

It influenced our arrangements. Together, they addressed the art of arrangement rather than the formula of genre. And their diversity wasn't just defined by the instrumentation and influences, but also by the variation of time signatures and the creation of counterpoint melodies. They balanced this innovation with a delicate empathy for the music and with old-fashioned musical virtues such as thoughtful singing and intricate playing.

As an acoustic band, they generated their own electricity [ After the completion of this album, Planxty embarked on their first tour of Germany, where the group had become very popular.

They also toured extensively in Ireland and were making more frequent trips abroad to festivals in Brittany and in England, at the Durham Folk Festival and the Cambridge Folk Festival. He was replaced by Johnny Moynihan. Rehearsals for Planxty's third album, Cold Blow and the Rainy Nightbegan in the summer of at Moynihan's family summer home in Rushon Album) north coast of County Dublin.

After the completion of this third album, Moore resigned and was replaced by Strabane native Paul Brady. Irvine continued to tour with Brady, including a series of concerts in the USA in Irvine's first ever visit there highlighted by a very successful gig at the Town Hall in New York. This album included "Autumn Gold", on which Irvine commented: "Written in Ljubljana inwhile sitting in a sunny park, stood up on a date. Waiting, as ever, for Vida. The 40th anniversary of the album's release was celebrated by a tour of Ireland scheduled for Mayfeaturing the original personnel: Irvine, Brady, Lunny and Burke.

Hanly then sang "A Kiss in the Morning Early". Irvine followed with "Bonny Woodhall", accompanying himself on Fylde 'Octavius' bouzouki with the bottom two courses strung in octave. Windy Dreams. This album was funded by Diane Meeka Guggenheim heiress who had used the pseudonym "Hamilton" as her maiden name to disguise her wealth. She was the owner of Tradition Records and a patron of traditional music in Dublin at the time.

However, the album was finally released in on Greenhays, a label connected with Rounder Records. He decided to record the concert on his own domestic Akai reel-to-reel tape machine with Brian Masterson in attendance, who had engineered the album and was doing the sound that night.

After the concert, Brady took the tapes home and only found them again in Novemberstill in good enough condition to be transferred onto CD and released, inunder the title The Missing Liberty Tapes. After recording the album, Planxty resumed touring more sporadically, playing The National in Kilburna handful of dates in Belgium and France, and also headlining the third Album) Festival.

This first solo album showcased songs and tunes from two of his main influences: side one on the vinyl LP featured pieces inspired by Irish traditional musicand side two choices concentrated on Balkan music. This album also included five previously unreleased tracks by Planxty, Irvine and Moore.

Planxty then resumed touring as a four-piece again during the summer ofplaying a tour of Italian castles in July and returning to The Boys of Ballisodare festival on 9 August, where they were joined by Whelan and a young Cork fiddler, Nollaig Casey. After one of these tours [in ], I went into a recording studio in NortheimGermany to record an album called Folk Friends 2 [] — others had already made number one.

InParallel Lines was re-issued on CD, including "Thousands Are Sailing" as a bonus track that Irvine and Gaughan had recorded during the above-mentioned Folk Friends 2 recording sessions, held in We had had a couple of rehearsals in Dick's place in Leith and my place in Dublin but mainly of my songs as Dick didn't really decide what he would sing till we got to Germany. He did a fantastic job on my material. The more so because this was my 'really really complicated' period! Whenever we meet, we always make plans to do another one!

Don't know if it will ever happen Irvine and Gaughan did, however, perform live at Whelan's venue in Dublin on Wednesday 2 Februarynearly thirty years after recording Parallel Lines.

The Planxty sextet continued to tour, but began to drift apart. As a result of all these parallel projects, the original quartet would end up playing their last show together on 24 Augustat the National Stadium in Dublin.

Two days later, Irvine went on tour in the Balkans and, on his return in mid-June, found that: "to my surprise, the band hadn't actually split up, it has just fallen asunder. An unfortunate ending to the second coming Irvine resumed his solo career, playing occasionally with McGlynn and Casey, and also travelled to Hungarywhere he played and fraternised with local musicians:.

I had met a number of people in Hungary by this time, whose careers bore a comparison with my own. Manic Street Preachers - Liverpool Revisited Cherri Rokkett - New Way Home Foreigner - Double Vision Stefan Kaiser - Run To Me Dee Snider - Running Mazes Madness - One Step Beyond The Fratellis - Advaita Shuffle The Lovely Eggs - Witchcraft Nicki Bluhm - Things I've Done Fire Tiger - You Changed Me Mono Inc. Otep - Shelter In Place Los Lobos - Ooh!

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