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She opts to call herself Scorpia instead and is given robotic armor which enhanced her strength and speed by percent. Scorpia successfully brings Deathlok to Silvermane, and is ordered to ambush Spider-Man and Daredevilwho had infiltrated their base.

She wears them down, but is then betrayed by Silvermane, who shoots her in the back. Scorpia Rotation - Various - Scorpia Revolution (CD) Spider-Man and Daredevil to Silvermane's location, and once there immediately attacks him. Mainframe, another of Silvermane's mercenaries, takes control of Scorpia's cybernetic enhancements and uses her to attack Spider-Man. However, she soon regained mobility and blasted Silvermane.

An explosion created by The Punisher knocked Scorpia off the building they were on, but a mentally conflicted Deathlok saved her. She then decided to flee the area, rather than be put in prison. Scorpia then joins the new Sinister Six though there were seven members total. The team's main purpose was to stop Kaine from killing any more of Spider-Man's enemies. When Kaine disguised himself as Spider-Man and attacked Hobgoblin, Scorpia immediately joined the others in the battle.

However, they were not accustomed to working together, much to Scorpia's disdain. Spider-Man eventually entered the battle and was able to defeat Scorpia herself. She also participated in another battle against Spider-Man with some of her former allies, and new ones such as Boomerang and Jack O' Lantern.

During the " Infinity " storyline, Scorpia appears as one of the female villains in the employ of Caroline Le Fay. She helps fight off Thanos ' forces and later battles the Fearless Defenders. During the " Hunted " storyline, Scorpia is among the animal-themed characters that were captured by Taskmaster and Black Ant for Kraven the Hunter 's Great Hunt which is sponsored by Arcade 's company Arcade Industries.

She was seen at a gathering held by Vulture. Scorpia appears as a member of a female incarnation of the Sinister Syndicate. She states to Francine Frye that she heard about her frying the original Electro and stealing his schtick. The Sinister Syndicate begins their mission where they attack the F.

It was stated by Boomerang that he was the one who came up with the Sinister Syndicate name. The Syndicate starts doing their formation attack until Spider-Man accidentally sets off Boomerang's gaserang which knocks out Spider-Man enough for the Syndicate to make off with Boomerang. As Beetle has Electro write a proposal on how the Syndicate can use Boomerang as an example to the criminal underworld, Beetle leaves while calling Wilson Fisk that they caught Boomerang as she is given the information on where the exchange can happen.

Scorpia later mentioned to the Syndicate members that Rhino once refused to arm wrestle her. The Syndicate is defeated and arrested by the police. Their transport is then attacked by an unknown assailant who frees them. Scorpia's cybernetic suit provides superhuman physical attributes derived from that of Scorpion. It can also project energy blasts and emit a micro-thin force field. Carmilla Black first appeared in Amazing Fantasy vol. She became a member of S.

Dressed like a scorpion and attacking the mall, he was revealed to be a mentally unstable clone that was fitted into a green armored suit. He is shown to have very resistant skin, but may have other powers as well. Kron Stone appears in the Timestorm — as the alternate Marvel reality version of Scorpion. One evening, Kron was tormenting the lab animals in an Alchemax laboratory, using the powerful instruments found there.

While toying with a gene splicer, Stone was attacked by a sudden surge of energy, resulting in an explosion, and his DNA was fused with that of a lab scorpion. The incident transformed Stone in a hulkling and monstrous beast, with his reason lost and the powerful instinct of an arachnid to guide him. Rejected by his father, he becomes obsessed with finding a way to reverse his mutation. Jefferson Davis takes on the Scorpion name in Earth He wears an electrically charged suit, carries a scorpion-themed staff and possesses some limited super-speed.

Jefferson works for the organization S. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Scorpia comics. Main article: Mac Gargan. Main article: Scorpion Carmilla Black. The Marvel Encyclopedia. DK Publishing. It was destroyed out of shame of failing once again to the hands of a mere schoolboy. By this point, the organization was a laughing stock to its other counterparts and became disbanded soon after.

Alex Rider Wiki Explore. Television series. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? In " Remember ", she was the first one to agree with Adora in that something was not right when they were in a false reality. Eventually, she turned to Adora and the rest of the Rebellion for help in rescuing Entrapta. They seem to have become developed a more secure bond since Scorpia joined the Princess Alliance.

Although they started out as enemies, Glimmer helped her with her issues with the past and encouraged her to embrace her destiny as a princess. The two began to trust each other and Glimmer promised Scorpia that activating her powers would make her able to save everyone on Etheria. Glimmer was also astounded by Scorpia's newly acquired lightning powers. Frosta was angry at her for her role in ruining the Princess Prombut after she was assigned to guard her, the two started to bond over both not fitting in.

Frosta also became very interested in her pincers and found them really cool. Scorpia has shown to have grown quite fond of Frosta in a very short time and called her "Little Buddy" when she tried to rescue her. The pair fought Prime side by side several times in season five.

They have a big sister little sister type relationship. They had a brief interaction when the sailor was helping his team infiltrate the Fright Zone to rescue Glimmer and Bow. He tried and failed to beguile her with his charms; she remembered that he was a member of Rotation - Various - Scorpia Revolution (CD) Rebellion and instantly turned hostile. He was only rescued when Entrapta released a crane that knocked out Scorpia so that they could continue with their mission. In the Season Two episode " White Out ", Scorpia and Sea Hawk briefly speak to one another about relationships because they feel as if they are being ignored and unappreciated by who they love.

Their time together is hinting a friendship despite being on opposing sides. Sea Hawk also asks her if she thinks he's cool, and Scorpia replies with "potentially. Swift Wind and Scorpia shared a friendship moment where they talked about their love of singing and how they make a good team. Scorpia joined Swift Wind's night's watch. They shared a few friend moments, Scorpia let slip that Kyle had a crush on Rogelio, but that she's really good with secrets.

Swifty told her that he's been trying to access his sacred bond with Adora, but to no avail. Initially, Perfuma and Scorpia did not interact a great deal. The first time they properly met, Scorpia had sneaked into Bright Moon, and Perfuma, instead of attacking her, attempted to befriend and settle things peacefully with her.

After that particular incident, Perfuma became slightly wary of Scorpia, but was still her friendly self. Despite the fact that Scorpia was still considered an enemy, due to her former allegiance to the Horde, they became better friends while she was being held prisoner, even being given a flower by Perfuma as a symbol of friendship.

Their interactions for the rest of the season following that were scarce, hardly being shown, though it can be assumed that they grew closer while AdoraBow and Swift Wind set out to rescue Entrapta on Beast Island. In Season Five, their relationship is expanded further. Rotation - Various - Scorpia Revolution (CD) the party, the two playfully called each other by their code names, hinting at romantic interests in each other. Perfuma still believed that Scorpia had some control over herself, hoping the power of friendship would prove to be stronger than the mind-control.

Unfortunately, Perfuma had to face Scorpia anyway and seemingly failed to reach out to her. However, Scorpia, instead of aiming directly at Perfuma, aimed in a different direction, allowing Perfuma and Adora to escape. When Entrapta and Bow disabled all the chips in the last episode of the series, Scorpia was freed from her chip and was reunited with Perfuma, the two being overjoyed to see each other.

According to a post created by Noelle Stevensonthe two have begun a romantic relationship, meaning they are currently girlfriends. Scorpia started taking care of the robot as a pet after Entrapta was taken to Beast Island and seeing Emily as her second real friend after Entrapta. She took Emily with her when she left the Horde. No interaction with her family has been seen on-screen. There is a picture of Scorpia's parents that she keeps near her bed, seen in " Princess Scorpia ".

We see her female parents holding an infant Scorpia; she also mentioned a grandfather who submitted to the Horde in the same episode. She appears to look up to them, although it is unknown if her thoughts on them changed after her defection. Scorpia is a princess who was raised by her moms, she also mentions a grandfather she looked up to. She told Catra that "the Horde crash-landed in [her] family's backyard", meaning that Scorpia's family is from the Fright Zone.

Her family later made an agreement with the Hordeand their runestone, the Black Garnetwas given to Hordak who then gave it to Shadow Weaver. However, this is the story she's been told by the Horde, it's quite possible that that is a fabrication designed by the Horde to keep Scorpia in line.

Her family is all gone, presumably dead, and she's the only one with the ability to use the Black Garnet, with the exception of Shadow Weaver, who can only make a partial connection. The Horde, specifically Shadow Weaver, has a history of this type of manipulation to control their assets. Scorpia is first introduced in the episode " The Sea Gate ". She joins Catra on the mission to bring back Adora to keep Catra in line.

She seemed confused that Catra didn't attend force captain orientation. Scorpia then fires the laser to try to stop She Ra and destroy the gate. She flings Bow overboard the Horde ship, then she keeps firing the laser at the gate. She jumps overboard with KyleRogelioand Lonnie after the ship is destroyed.

Catra was shocked by the fact that Scorpia is a princess, then convinced her to accept Frosta 's invitation to the Princess Prom so they could capture Glimmer and Bow.

Scorpia plants heat bombs and they succeed with the mission. Scorpia was part of the invasion force during the Battle of Bright Moonand was targeting Glimmer majority of the time. Scorpia was put in charge of a tower the Horde recently occupied by Catra but she and her subordinates were driven out by the Princess Alliance.

Scopria found Catra contemplating about Shadow Weaver. She was shocked when she learned that Beast Island was real and confused about why Catra cared so much because of Catra and Shadow Weaver's mutual disdain for each other. Scorpia broke into the prison to rescue Catra, but Catra refused her help because she felt that caring for others is what got her in trouble in the first place.

Scorpia accompanied Catra to the Crimson Waste after Catra was sent there on a suicide mission. After Catra took control of the Crimson Waste, Scorpia suggested that they stay in the desert and rule all the gangs instead of returning to the Fright Zone. When Catra ordered Entrapta to be sent to Beast Island, she was against, it but Catra threatened to do the same her if she Rotation - Various - Scorpia Revolution (CD) out of line.

Scorpia appeared in the alternate reality in " The Portal ", and was one of the only ones to sense that something was off. Unfortunately, Scorpia is erased while she ran after Adora. Scorpia was tasked with finding an Entrapta's notes. She later found out that the recordings were in Emily but could not extract without disassembling her robotic friend.

She went into some ruins that used to belong to their family before the Horde conquered her kingdom as she again tried to defend Catra, but then Emily showed her the recording of Catra sending Entapta to Beast Island and Scorpia doing nothing because she was afraid.

It was then she finally realized how cruel and selfish Catra is and resolved to fix her mistake. Scorpia presents a piece of junk tech to Catra, saying she "accidentally" damaged the recordings when she supposedly extracted them from Emily. After Catra's spiteful comments she walks away from her "bad friend" and gathers the courage to finally leave the Horde with Emily so that she can save Entrapta. When she arrived at Bright Rotation - Various - Scorpia Revolution (CD) she was attacked by the princesses but managed to ask their help.

After tying her up, they were willing to listen to her. She then told them about Entrapta's predicament; Scorpia was horrified to learn from Shadow Weaver that Beast Island was actually worse then the stories told in the Horde. Adora and Bow wanted to rescue Entrapta immediately but Glimmer ordered that Scorpia be guarded instead. She stats bonding with Perfuma and Frosta and starts to tear up from feeling like she belongs.

Glimmer goes to Scorpia for help by forming a connection to the Black Garnet so the princesses can use the power of the Heart of Etheria. Scorpia is uncertain because of getting rejected a lot in the past, but after Glimmer tells how she relates to her and explaining how Horde Prime is a danger to everyone on Etheriashe agrees. Scorpia hugs Glimmer, then pulls back apologizing, but realizing that Glimmer is hugging her back returns to her hugging. Upon learning that they Rotation - Various - Scorpia Revolution (CD) from the Horde too, Scorpia gives them all a hug before continuing to the Black Garnet.

When they reach her family Runestone she is still filled with doubts, but Glimmer encourages her, and Scorpia connects to the Black Garnet; gaining the power over red lightning. Glimmer orders her to go help the other princesses.

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