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Please see your browser settings for this feature. The first part of this message is a question: are they independent to send them a message they can implement? Actually, the French policy these days is not independent of the American one.

This is first. So, sending a message will lead nowhere. In spite of that, if I have a hope that there will be some political change in France, the first one is go back to the real, independent, friendly politics of France toward the Middle East and toward Syria.

If you have a problem about democracy with the Syrian state, how could you have good relations and friendship with the worst states in the world, the most underdeveloped states in the world which are the Saudi and Qatari states?

The question that I ask in any message is: did the French policy during the past five years bring any good to the French people? What is the benefit? Question 3: French experts say that terrorists are certainly being trained in the Middle East, and we have a lack of information. President Assad: You need first of all seriousness. First of all, you need to change your policy, to have one standard regarding this and Scape - Volian trains - Migraine (File) multiple standards, and to have that country be part of an alliance with countries that only fight terrorism, not countries that support terrorism and are fighting Scape - Volian trains - Migraine (File).

We would like to have this kind of cooperation, not only with France, but with any country, but this cooperation needs an atmosphere. It needs certain criteria, and needs certain conditions. Question 5: You just met President Putin. This has been our view for decades now, since we have been fighting against the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in the s and s.

No matter what procedure you took in France after Charlie Hebdo, what happened yesterday proves that theory. The first part, is there anything I have to do in response to any foreign request? My answer is no. I will not do it, no matter what Scape - Volian trains - Migraine (File) request is; small, big, important, not important, because they have nothing to do with the Syrian decision. The only thing they did so far is to support terrorists in different ways, by [providing an] umbrella and by direct support.

They could only create problems; they are not part of the solution. Of course, when I talk about Syrian will, there must be a kind of consensus, the majority of the Syrians, and the only way to know what the Syrians want is through the ballot box. This is second. Third, for any president, to come and go, in any state that respects itself, respects its civilization and respects its people, is through a political process that reflects the constitution. The constitution will bring the president and the constitution will make him leave, through the parliament, through elections, through referendum, and so on.

This is the only way for the president to come and go. Question 8: What are all these talks about that the only solution not only for Syria; Iraq and Lebanon: partition? But there is a lot of talk everywhere, you know that better than us, about Syria with the coast, and Iraq too, and Lebanon. What is you feeling about that? So, if you want to make division, you have to create clear lines between the components, whether between sects, or between ethnicities. Any situation like this means constant wars.

For the rest of the world it means more sources of exporting instability and terrorism around the world. Actually, if you ask any Syrian now, whether they are with the government or against the government, they will tell you that we are supporting the unity of Syria. Question 9: You spoke about the constitution. In several months, you will have elections inside Syria. Are you ready to have international observers for these elections?

President Assad: The most dangerous role, in the whole situation, because Turkey offered all kinds of support to those terrorists, and all the spectrums of the terrorists.

They support them with, how to say, human resources, they recruit. They support them with money, logistics, armaments, surveillance, information, and even the maneuvers of their military through their borders during the fights in Syria. He cares a lot about politicized Islam which is the opportunistic part of Islam which is not Islam actually.

Question You know we are in a situation right now, yesterday night and before, Charlie Hebdo, and before and before. You said that, but I want your confirmation; you think that France cannot fight terrorism if it stays with its links with Qatar and Saudi Arabia? You cannot fight terrorism while you follow or pursue the wrong policies that support terrorism directly or indirectly.

President Assad: Yes. You cannot fight terrorism while you follow or pursue the wrong policies that, at the end, in the end result, support terrorism directly or indirectly. Jews were warned in advance, i. French-born Israeli journalist says Jewish community has been on alert for months amid fears of mass terror attack. As the site of annual fundraisers for the IDF, it is frequently targeted by anti-Israel protests, phone calls and emails, he said.

Sellem said central Paris was a ghost town on Friday night — with no vehicles in the streets, nor people on the sidewalks. But on Saturday morning, said Sellem, he felt a more normalized Paris — albeit with a bolstered security presence. He had intended to be at the soccer match at Stade de France on Friday night, but instead went to a movie, which was interrupted in the wake of the four-pronged attack and patrons told to go home.

With their support, the Syrian Army has made dramatic strides against the terrorists. Syrians alone must determine their destiny, free of foreign intervention.

He said that as a Senator for Virginia, he feels worry because such missiles can find their way to remote areas near airports like Reagan National Airport and Dallas International Airport, adding that he relayed these concerns to the American President.

The Senator went on to say that it is becoming clear to people that the terrorists in Syria are receiving military support from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, who are allies of the U. He said that Turkey and Saudi Arabia seek to impose a religious dictatorship on the Syrian people, and if they succeed in that then Christians and other minorities would be murdered or sold into slavery, and many good-hearted Sunni and Shia Muslims will also fall victim along with them.

It is very refreshing to see an anti-interventionist Virginian Republican politician who is not a lunatic, bellicose, Israel-worshiping, armchair general sissy-pants neocon hawk like U.

Senator Lindsey Graham who never served a day in the military. His rare political understandings of the cultures and societies of the Levant, especially Syria, are derived from his experiences as a prosecutor with the U.

I feel that the main purpose of the horrible criminal activities of ISIS Jewish controlled is to give a very bad image of Islam so as to be able to push for war against all Muslims states and be able to grab all the M. The Israel Times leaving their cookie crumbs trail again. Mossad very early planted itself in France after the war, and CRIF is a very extensive, highly organized, tightly networked, Mossad asset embedded throughout all of France. Adapted from Slate Magazine Slate would be accused of anti-Semitism if they wrote it today slightly edited by Kj :.

It engages in foreign espionage and covert action. Another agency, Shin Bet, is in charge of domestic intelligence-gathering and security. Only rarely does the Israeli government publicly acknowledge Mossad. The agency is accountable only to the prime minister and has little civilian oversight; even the size of its budget remains a secret. Mossad assumed control over the network of agents in Europe and the Middle East that had organized illegal Jewish immigration to Palestine, who were leftist and Communist-Zionist Jewish partisan terrorist organizations.

Jewish partisans could be found in every Axis-occupied country in Europe. Most joined existing non-Jewish partisan groups. In Lithuania, for example, Jews made up approximately ten percent of the partisan units. Jews also joined the French resistance, and fought alongside leftist resisters in Greece and Italy. These were established at the initial stages of the occupation and operated until the liberation of France. The members of the various OJC groups cooperated in a wide range of activities.

They rescued thousands of adults and children by providing them with hiding places or forged papers, and organized convoys to Switzerland and Spain. They formed guerrilla organizations in the main cities of France Corps Franc and in the mountains Maquis.

They maintained a network of secret agents who transferred money from Switzerland to France and supplied it for the various underground activities and needs.

Finally, following the Allied invasion in Junethey participated with the general French Resistance in fighting to liberate France. After the liberation, the French authorities acknowledged the OJC and awarded its members with Resistance medals, war decorations, and even small pensions. Some OJC members from Zionist-oriented Resistance groups had taken an oath to join the struggle for a Jewish state after the war, and they continued their clandestine activities in the framework of the Hagana underground in Palestine.

Slate continues:. In the s more than one hundred and seventy such organizations landsmansehaften were active, and most were of a political nature. The establishment of Vichy France caused collapse or disruption in a large segment of the organized Jewish community. During that period approximately one hundred twenty thousand Jews, including the members of the leadership, who fled from the north and became refugees in the south, were dispersed throughout hundreds of communities where Jews had never before lived.

In many of these they improvised temporary communal institutions. The leaders of the Jewish Scouts movement showed initiative, establishing branches in every community where there was a relatively large concentration of Jews.

How unreasonable and anti-Semitic of the U. Parole Commission, under whose oversight Pollard remains now under parole. Since he was convicted prior to the Sentencing Reform Act of when Congress eliminated parole for federal defendants convicted of crimes committed after November 1,Pollard is lucky to be on parole to begin with.

Never mind that parole means he is still under the original sentencing conditions having not served out its term, and that he must stay in the US in the state where he was convicted, or else travel to another state only with permission from the Commission.

The member states agree to deposit their foreign currency reserves in a shared reserve fond. Although theoretically separate, the two CFA franc currencies are effectively interchangeable.

They are pegged to the French national franc currency, which in turn is pegged to the euro. The foreign currency reserves are subject to direct deposition in an operations account at the French National Bank. Between and one hundred per cent of the foreign currency reserves had to be deposited in the operations account, in it was reduced to sixty-five, and on September to fifty percent.

Another fifteen percent is kept in a guaranty fund. In other words sixty-five per cent of all foreign currency reserves of the fifteen nations and all revenue generated outside of the unions territory is kept at the French National Bank. So much so, that reportedly several French leaders throughout time have stated to the effect that without Africa, France would be economically reduced to a third world country. Other newly recruited Mossad agents were assigned to infiltrate Arab governments.

The most famous example:. Mossad established its international credibility with two important finds. And Mossad uncovered a plot by right-wing French army officers to assassinate President Charles de Gaulle. The agency traded information about the plot with France for nuclear-weapons technology.

He forces you to look at a cellphone picture of Mohamed Merah, a homegrown terrorist who killed seven people in a attack targeting a different Jewish school in southern France. And he stabs you only three times in the arms and legs before conveniently being frightened off by a passing car.

A teacher from a French Jewish school was stabbed by three Islamic State supporters who shouted anti-Semitic slurs during the assault in Marseille Wednesday night, officials said.

The attackers, one of whom displayed an ISIS T-shirt, rode up on two scooters toward the kippa-clad man and stabbed him in the street near the school and a synagogue around 8 p. Another one of the assailants forced the year-old victim to look at a cellphone picture of Mohamed Merah, a homegrown terrorist who killed seven people in a attack targeting a different Jewish school in southern France, Marseille public prosecutor Brice Robin said.

One of the men who attacked a Jewish teacher Wednesday night showed their victim a cellphone picture of Merah, prosecutors said. Along with Spain Scape - Volian trains - Migraine (File) South Africa, are you next in line for the mysterious series of apparent revenge terrorist false flags which seem to occur almost every time some country does something that annoys the Jews? On the other hand, we might reasonably ask—is it possible Sweden may have genuine cause for concern, not only over ISIS, but possibly Israel as well?

The Palestinians either have to accept a desperate situation or resort to violence. The decision to raise the terror threat level was based on data from the National Center for Terrorist Threat Assessment. The center is responsible for producing threat assessments for Sweden and Swedish interests abroad. The statement concluded by noting that Sweden has a large number of people returning to the country after having participated in combat in Syria and Iraq.

The raised terror threat level comes after Sweden — which has received the most refugees per capita in the EU —introduced temporary border controls to halt the influx of refugees and to screen those trying to enter the country illegally. Fierce debate has been sparked surrounding the refugee crisis, after it was reported that one of the men responsible for the Paris attacks was believed to have entered Europe as a refugee via Greece, using a fake Syrian passport which was found at the scene of the carnage.

Another couple of things worth mentioning. Incidentally, one of the first countries to get behind the labeling requirement was Sweden—going all the way back to the year Maybe the Swedes still remember what Israel did to their diplomat and Scape - Volian trains - Migraine (File) negotiator, Folke Bernadotte in in Jerusalem, mainly because the Israelis were horrified at the peace proposals. But the Israeli police, along with the military police and security services did investigate but failed to find out who was in on the assassination.

The acrimony toward him by the Israeli government had reached a very high pitch at the time of his death and since his death EU Social Democrats have been curiously acquiescent to israeli designs,as President Carter pointed out a few months ago. The assassination took place in and remains unsolved. Last year Sweden became one of the first, if not the first, EU states to recognize Palestine. The timing of the terror alert in Sweden may, as I said, be just a coincidence. Furthermore, the Jewish state is not exactly a novice when it comes to the carrying out of false flag attacks.

Looks like the drain and worry of not having a place to live come January 1 ; and the difficult, unpleasant current living conditions of dealing with 5 stereo-blasters living above me, is taking its toll. I was hoping to post a new Article this weekend but due to ill-health will not be able to do so at least thus far. Ginsburg said he could find no gas chambers which were not de-lousing stations, nor witnesses who had seen any. Millions of religious non-Zionist European Jews seem to have disappeared - Did they all change so quickly?

Ginsburg was attacked beaten, apparently by other Jews, and Jews refused to bury him when he died. A few items on Josef Ginsburg still show:. Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. Join others and track this album Scrobble, find and rediscover music with a Last. Sign Up to Last. Length 14 tracks Release Date Related Tags idm breakcore orchestra drum and bass electronica Add tags View all tags.

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