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Beautiful story, Reggie! I saw myself every step of the way. I always felt myself not so much transported as falling inside Ella's songs -- and always attempting in vain to sing along with her. My family knew to give me Ella albums for Christmas from the time I was a teen. Thank you, Polly! Also, thank you for sharing your own stories on your marvelous blog of attending one of Miss Fitzgerald's concerts and meeting her backstage.

I encourage my readers to click over to Polly's blog and read them! Rgds, Reggie. The notion that your early teen experience was anything like the ice storm is a melancholy one indeed. It makes one sad for a moment…until one sees how far you have come. Another sad item is that Ella and Frank and Nelson Ridddle are fading as the younger set in large part has no interest. Thank you MLS. Fortunately my own particular Ice Storm didn't involve a hit and run fatality!

The other parts of the film were remarkably on-target, though. As I wrote in my "Saint Grottlesex Made Me the Man I am Today" story, boarding school was a lifeline to me out of that world, and gave me the tools to move beyond it, for which I am most grateful.

As to the listening habits of the younger set, I have been pleasantly surprised to come across two or three of them in their 20s and early 30s who are great fans of the singers of the GAS, much to my delight. Many thanks, RD. I can remember coming to the conclusion, after hearing recordings of Cole Porter singing his own songs, that I preferred Ella Fiztgerald's versions. Dear TDC: I certainly agree with you on that. However, what I would give to find myself in a time warp at one of Mr.

Porter's cocktail parties in the Waldorf Towers as decorated by Billy Baldwin, no less with him at the piano singing the naughty private lyrics he wrote for his songs. I understand they were quite something else. Well, even the published lyrics were often rather naughty as it is Thnaks, RD.

Another Ella Fitzgerald fan here, except as a kid, I had her on cassette, not vinyl. My sister and I played Blue Skies until the tape broke. Hello MW: Ah, yes, cassettes!

I mainly used them to make party tapes and to play in my Walkman, another obsolete entertainment device! Years ago I was called to come and see it as a possible new home. A beautiful Spanish with a 2story Entry and tiled risers adorning each step in different patterns from the famed Malibu Potteries. Wonderful mirrored dressing room off her bedroom We passed on it, someone bought it Now several owners later Hello Swan, thanks for your comment and this interesting story. I love the visual images it conjures up.

Sadly so many houses in such places have been "improved" into oblivion. Not that it should be a museum, certainly, but what made it special should at least be appreciated. Ah, well. Thanks, RD. So funny, as I clicked this open, I am listening to the Cole Porter CD in the background, with one of her songs on it. Beautiful piece, Reggie. Hello Meg, what an interesting coincidence!

I shouldn't be surprised, I suppose, given that we are such good friends. Rgds, RD. Thanks for sharing this memory, it sent me on my own trip into my early teens when I first fell in love with my parents old swing jazz albums particularly Ella Fitzgerald and Tommy Dorsey they had been marvelous dancers and often danced on our patio when they thought we weren't looking. I took a few of these records to school with me I was in boarding school at 13 and a girl walked into my room while I was fairly blasting a Sinatra album and said, hey, that's my dad's album.

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NordVPN - Internet security. Get a discount code to save on your internet security. I think Streisand would have been great as Mama Rose 25 years ago. Cher was Jerry Herman's pick for the Mame musical remake back in But Cher, who had socialized with older stars like Roz Russell and Lucille Ball, concluded one star had already played Mame perfectly Cher cut that dream loose, and I hope Babs does the same!

That was another musical that was a fixture on the afternoon movies. About a decade before "Gypsy," the Fox makeup and wardrobe department already had their work cut out for making the something Ethel ready for her close-ups!

I always wondered what The Merm thought about Marilyn at her zenith, vamping her way through "Heatwave," etc. I'm sure they were very Helen Lawson-esque! Look forward to your posts in ! I saw the film as a kid and never again. If I do inspire you to move a film or two Teenage Targets - Marvelous Darlings - Teenage Targets (Vinyl) the top of your Netflix queue, I hope I only lead you pleasant experiences.

Thanks, Rick! Happy holidays to you! Hi Ken - Merry merry to you and yours! Thank you so much for covering this "film that we shouldn't love," according to the theater purists.

I too think Ethel Merman is a musical genius and I love the original cast album of Gypsy, but I also happen to really, really enjoy the movie. I envy those like Tony Paradise who got to see Merman do it live I have no doubt Ethel had am amazing stage presence that cast a spell over the audience. Rosalind Russell is probably the bravest actress of her era. She could play either leading lady or supporting character with equal brilliance.

Teenage Targets - Marvelous Darlings - Teenage Targets (Vinyl), she couldn't sing all that well, but she conquered Broadway in a musical after her Hollywood career started to falter. She should have won the Oscar as Auntie Mame. And should have played the role of the musical Mame onscreen, too!! As Mama Rose, Roz captures all the nuance, comedy, tragedy and psychodrama of the character that I don't think Merman would have been able to convey on film. Musically, Merman is superior, but Roz makes Rose totally her own creation.

Next to Splendor in the Grass, this is my all-time favorite Natalie Wood movie. I love her vulnerability as Louise, and her angry rebellion later on. And she's sooooooo glamorous and gorgeous in the fabulously cinematic Let Me Entertain You montage Oh Ken, I can't believe you like Little Lamb!! But that works perfectly for her character To me, Audrey Hepburn is a much much better singer than Wood--I recently watched Funny Face and Breakfast at Tiffany's and thought she had a very pleasant voice.

Natalie's is like chalk on a blackboard to me What a wonderful Christmas treat to find Gypsy on your amazing blog this morning!!! What a delight!!! Best to you in -Chris.

I too think Rosalind Russell was a brave kind of actress, tackling roles and types that went against expectations. And of course, I concur with everything you say about Natalie Wood.

Her glam transformation is one of the most effective makeovers of all time. Her stripper montage has always been the big second act payoff for me. The gal can work a runway. I even have to laughingly agree about her not being able to sing…well. What she lacks in technique she makes up for in expressiveness. Not a one. Natalie Wood just nails it, perfectly. I had the extremely good fortune to catch GYPSY on a 35mm print at the Astor Theatre several years ago--I'd not seen it previously, and was quite entertained, and returned to the theatre to see it again some time later.

I do hope that you, Ken, one day have the same opportunity! As for the word "ecdysiast", I had to look up that one. I never knew there was such a fancy word for one who makes their living taking off their clothes in front of others. And if you want a good laugh, search the word at Google and click the button to hear the voice say "ecdysiast"--not sure why, but it sounds hilarious. Also, one of my goals for next year is to use the word "ecdysiast" in an unforced manner in conversation.

Or maybe when someone asks me what I do for work, I'll say "ecdysiast" and see if the person just nods casually, pretends to know what it means and moves on. And yes, I did weep during this rather touching song. Of course, I heard someone a woman have a bit of a giggle at Natalie Wood's expense during said number. And they say men are the insensitive ones. I agree with so much of what you've said about this wonderfully entertaining film, Ken, so I'll just say the following: there's something rather surreal about watching the wholesome Natalie Wood, who looked as if butter wouldn't have melted in her mouth, perform her striptease routine on stage and all this after singing "Little Lamb".

In this sense, it was a rather effective casting choice. Oh, and Rosalind Russell and Karl Malden were both outstanding--growing up in the s, Malden, to me, was for many years simply that fellow on the American Express commercials!

I loved it. The color and big sound of the orchestrations, especially. I like the idea of your working it into conversation or claiming it as a profession. It was almost cut from the play, and, had it not been the only solo of the star, likely cut from the film, too. The song is just asking for it. Ah yes, those American Express commercials! Glad to hear from you Mark, as someone who got to enjoy this film in the presence of an audience, you represent a group arguably as small as those who got to see Merman onstage.

Thanks for commenting! I really was impressed in spite of falling asleep and never seeing the middlebut my partner ranks it among his favorite films. Russell dramatic or comedic- she could be impressive either way. But when allowed to be somewhat natural, I liked her a lot. Well, well…I may have to give it a lot after all.

Thanks for weighing in on the Mama Rose discussion, Gregory. As always, you have such a vast exposure to the arts to draw upon and contribute.

Happy Holidays to you, too! I agree. Garland would have been fascinating. Some book perhaps the Russel bio, "Forever Mame"? Warner Bros said NO! That Judy Davis TV movie is one of my faves! She amazed me. It would have been fascinating to see Garland in this, and certainly young Liza was gangly and ostrich-like enough to make a more realistic Gypsy Rose Lee than the stunning Natalie Wood. Oh, and thanks for the link to that trailer! I forgot to ask in my comments above--have you ever seen Roz Russell's screen musical "The Girl Rush"?

There's a curious history behind it. Russell starred in "Wonderful Town" on Broadway in and had an immense personal success. Her husband, producer Fredrick Brisson, decided then that her return to the screen should be in a musical, which he would produce himself.

I wonder if maybe he had to produce it because Roz had no other screen offers--by the mids she was no longer considered a big movie name, and she was over 40, so probably the studios were not breaking down her door.

Anyway, unfortunately, "Girl Rush" is not very good. The songs are nothing special, and the best one--"An Occasional Man"--goes to the delightful Gloria DeHaven as the second female lead.

But Russell does all her own singing and dancing and even appears in tights in a few scenes. Even though her material is nothing to shout about, it's obvious that she "gets" musical comedy; she is able to project that Teenage Targets - Marvelous Darlings - Teenage Targets (Vinyl) heightened sense of reality and movement that allows her to sing and dance without looking silly.

If you haven't seen it and are interested, I noticed "Girl Rush" is available for streaming through the major on-line retail site I don't feel like I need to give it a plug by name! I saw the movie years ago on AMC when they still showed old films. I went through a period in my teens and young adulthood where for my favorite film performers Doris Day, Merle Oberon, Russell, Margaret Sullavan, etc.

Susan Hayward is another one of my favorites, but with her filmography even I had to draw a line--I couldn't make myself sit through things like "White Witch Doctor" and "The Conqueror. I could be mis-remembering this so perhaps you can tell me if I'm wrong. I could be thinking of another film entirely, but that's what comes to mind when I think of why I never watched "Girl Rush".

I looked at a clip of Russell in a number from it on YouTube and I totally see what you mean. She has that musicality and theatricality I frankly find so difficult to teach my own dance students. And as you note so perceptively, it's that "heightened reality" that allows a performer to be big and bright without coming off silly.

Sounds like you really understand musical theater! I like your youthful desire to see all the films of a favorite star. That's really a way to test your loyalty. I tried that with Glenda Jackson and have largely enjoyed her entire output but even my love for her hasn't proved enough to make me put up with Teenage Targets - Marvelous Darlings - Teenage Targets (Vinyl) Class of Miss MacMichael". Thanks, David! Ken: I think you are remembering "Girl Rush" correctly. The film opens with Russell's character as a child tagging along with her gambler father through carnivals and side shows.

And I think the first musical number Teenage Targets - Marvelous Darlings - Teenage Targets (Vinyl) a carnival barker singing "Take a Chance. Louis" and other films and stage shows--the songs in "Girl Rush" generally don't get any better than the opener.

GYPSY is good, but not great.

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