Until You Find Out - Neds Atomic Dustbin - God Fodder (Cassette, Album)

But then, it's also true to say that I wouldn't be the person I am now if I hadn't gone through these experiences. Fate is fate at the end of the day. What I will say though, is that from almost 30 years remove, could well be the greatest year for music ever. Don't believe me? Read on With world events becoming even more extraordinary - across the year we witnessed the start of The Gulf War, the continued break-up of the Soviet Union with the likes of Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and many other countries gaining independence from the USSR, the long-overdue dismantling of the apartheid regime in South Africa, Slovenia and Croatia declaring independence from Yugoslavia which begat the Balkan conflict, the abolition of the Poll Tax, the release of Western prisoners such as Terry Waite from the Lebanon after years of captivity, the resignation of Soviet Union president Mikhail Gorbachev and the tragic death of Queen front-man Freddie Mercury - what was needed in my world was the finest soundtrack possible.

I got it, and then some. I was fortunate enough to start the year in the employ of my local branch of a late and very much lamented record store chain - hello there, Our Price in Leatherhead! The hefty staff discount helped immensely too. However, there was a raft of albums released during that spring period that were - and in a few cases - still are, hugely important to me. Alonside the likes of 'God Fodder' by Stourbridge grebo crew Ned's Atomic Dustbin - which scratched my hair-flailing indie-rock itch with some gusto - and the astonishing string-laden urban beats of 'Blue Lines' by Bristolian dance collective Massive Attack - which featured the deathless 'Unfinished Sympathy' - there was the psych-funk majesty of 'Mama Said' by Lenny Kravitz and the long-delayed self-titled debut from Manchester super-group Electronic, which saw Barney Sumner and Johnny Marr expanding on their indie roots with house beats, expansive groovers and even some ill-advised rap.

What an album though. Throughoutthere were some absolutely tremendous releases from all corners of the musical spectrum. My love of hip-hop was satiated splendidly with sublime selections from regular favourites such as Gang Starr, Public Enemy, Ice-T and Ice Cube as well as new discoveries like P.

Dawn, Cypress Hill and the Dream Warriors. Pick of the bunch by some distance though was the glorious jazz-tinged majesty of A Tribe Called Quest's 'Low End Theory' which could well be one the greatest hip-hop albums ever made. The heavier side of things was well-represented also with the return of Guns 'n' Roses in the autumn with not one but two new albums released on the same day.

In truth, not all of the 'Use Your Illusion' albums worked - they could have easily been condensed into one blistering whole - but there was some phenomenal stuff on each disc.

Watch the best videos and performances from these four astonishing years here:. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Well most of them are! Even if the rest of the songs on the album pales in comparison to the first four that I have mentioned.

Who says there are no more miracles? While Bloodsucker is the first album that they released since the demise of their former record label Rough Trade. To me good songwriting skills can transcend the limitations of the music being created, thus making it timeless even though on closer scrutiny it betrays the era on when it was created. Even though as a musical format, post World War II popular i. Lyric- wise, they are not your current-crop of Billboard Chart divas who are hell-bent on singing angry songs about the way boys treat her.

To me, this will only make their recordings sound more natural. While they do most of their tours in the continental United States, they wish on someday taking their act overseas. Lets help Scrawl fulfill their wish in playing in Budokan, I think this is an ancient temple that hosts rock concerts in Japan. The all time famous bands who had played here before are Cheap Trick and Kiss.

You can send your fan mail to them Scrawl P. Posted by Ringo at AM 1 comment:. Labels: FoxcoreMusic ReviewsScrawl. As a fellow musician, I agree that live gigs are a good place in which to start a fan base. To me, their moniker is somewhat of a misnomer. While two guitar player bands are somewhat dime a dozen. And also they are literally poles apart. Generally, this is quite a great album. I really like the way the two bassists and their lone guitarist go about their business in this album.

They all seemed like joined in the hip somehow. Probably in an effort to increase their creativity. Qawwali is primarily an Islamic devotional music with the inclusion of carnal metaphors. As Album) common practice when recorded, the songs are shortened to more or less 20 minutes.

The rock band Junoon has been playing their own interpretation of qawwali using the electric guitar, bass, and drum kit set-up with wonderful results. So fara terribly large majority in the West only thinks that Islam is about Osama Bin Laden and terrorism.

They should seek enlightenment via qawwali. Sound quality issues aside, the downloadable music phenomena on the web has the advantage of worldwide accessibility that is quantum leaps ahead compared to traditional music distribution systems like record stores-even specialist ones. But a follow up of something similar has been slow in coming. The posthumous success of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to American MTV audiences in was much delayed due to the slowness of traditional music distribution systems back then.

If you seek to introduce a more adventurous variety to your musical taste, its much easier today via on- line music downloads. Muhabbet means to talk to each other in Turkish, has gained enough fame for his talent to be noticed. Interested parties can contact Muhabbet at www. In Praise of Intruder. For those of you who had lived through the thrash metal era, you might remember Intruder, a band with a take- no- prisoners- level of intensity. Intruder, somewhat late entrants of the thrash metal trend, tried their best to achieve originality while penning the most righteous thrash metal music ever recorded.

Heavy metal bands of late have acquired disdain for well- recorded albums and effects. In terms of musicianship, any guitar player who can play and sound like they had graduated from Juilliard or Berklee. Or whose guitar playing skills is as good Choose to play good?

Intruder might be Evangelical Christians like Stryper the best of their kind and remains unequalled even now though Stryper's "Against the Law" album was criticized by the Evangelical Christian Community for it's Liberation Theology stancebut Intruder are quite subtle about expressing their beliefs in their songs just like what POD is doing as of late.

Even though their music is written from a time when the Evangelical powers-that-be still practice rationality. Music wise, I love Intruder. Foreign Policy. Reviewing an album of South African music via a CD produced by a company who makes hi-fi speakers might sound like a tale you can only hear from a National Geographic Society meeting. Paul Simon inevitably raised global awareness of the South African music scene. Even my audio buddies want one. Finding Moses Taiwa Molelekwa. In this album, the backing musicians are somewhat dominating the proceedings.

The best of them manage to wind up as session musicians for Sergio Mendes. Fortunate as that may be, their artistry suffers. Their playing is devoid of any Filipino influence whatsoever, no matter how good their musicianship skills are. This is somewhat the same problem that to me at least; hinder Moses Taiwa Molelekwa from achieving his full creative potential.

His style stretches way beyond the confines of his South African country and culture. Nonetheless this is still one enjoyable release from the company who also makes excellent sounding, low cost hi-fi speakers. The saving grace of this album is the torch song? I mean if Avril Lavigne was around during that crucial period in — Empty materialism can be such a drag.

If Avril Lavigne does something similar to what The Beatles did with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi back in maybe by incorporating Sufi or Druse mysticism into her lifestyle. Posted by Ringo at AM 3 comments:. Celebrating the Best of Osibisa. Even one of the most trusted names in journalism, the BBC seems to have a fixation on the ugly facets of Africa. Sex Gang Children - Dieche 12" - Single 6. Joy Division - Atrocity Exhibition - Closer 7. Christian Death - Sleepwalk - Catastrophe Ballet Siouxsie and the Banshees - Pure - The Scream Siouxsie and the Banshees - Voodoo Dolly - Juju Suicide - Frankie Teardrop - Suicide Einsturzende Neubauten - Feurio!

Brotherhood of Pagans - Guilty - Goth Box Public Image Ltd. Posted by Alex at AM 2 comments:. Now it's the city so nice, I did a show about it twice.

This time though, it was the new stuff. Bands from the last 10 years that all call New York home. If you don't like new stuff that much, that's okay, most of these guys don't either. Give Until You Find Out - Neds Atomic Dustbin - God Fodder (Cassette a listen by clicking on the link below. Interpol - Obstacle 1 - Turn on the Bright Lights 3. The Rapture - Echoes - Echoes 5. Santigold - My Superman - Santogold 7. The Strokes - - Room on Fire 8. Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension - Single 9.

Fischerspooner - Emerge - 1 The National - Lit Up - Alligator Liars - Freak Out - Liars New York, Until You Find Out - Neds Atomic Dustbin - God Fodder (Cassette city so nice, they made up some little rhyme about it.

Although maybe not surprisingly, it was during the city's low point that some of the best music to ever come out of any city came out. Starting with the Velvet Underground and continuing through the CBGB's scene in the late 70's, New York is the birthplace of punk and post-punk music as well as the next phase in counterculture, post-hippie.

Tonight I played songs from that timeline and just for kicks, recorded the whole thing. You can download Until You Find Out - Neds Atomic Dustbin - God Fodder (Cassette below.

Lou Reed - Satellite of Love - Transformer 4. Television - Venus - Marquee Moon 7. Patti Smith - Because the Night - Easter Sonic Youth - Kool Thing - Goo Suicide - Keep Your Dreams - Suicide Or maybe he said the chicken thing to him.

I honestly don't remember. Was that movie really that good? I don't remember that either. But that kind of factors into my show for this night. It was about the bands and artists we don't remember. Maybe the bands and artists we had never heard of. But a jam playing in the middle of nowhere is indeed a jam and I think the tracks below were all jams, even if forgotten ones. Polyrock - Romantic Me - Polyrock 2.

Greg Vandike - Clone - Single 4. The Vision - Don't Stop Flowers - Confessions - Fast Product Compilation The Embarrassment - Lifespan - Single The Suburbs - Waiting - Single The Shivvers - Teen Line - Single Vice Versa - Riot Squad - Zeitgeist - Tar Heart - Zeitgeist. Yes, jazz. While not thought of as a post-punk influencer and rightly not thought of so, a fair amount of post-punk artists, at least at one point in their careers, decided to go a little jazz on us.

And why not? It's cool, it's atmospheric and it's exempt from scrutiny. Hopefully this show was also those things too. Download it below and find out! Tones on Tail - Happiness - Pop 2. Iggy Pop - Nightclubbing - The Idiot 5. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Cocoon - Kiss in the Dreamhouse 8.

Magazine - Parade - Real Life 9. Joe Jackson - Cancer - Night and Day What I would consider to be many fine examples of backup singing or the use of vocal overdub from the post-punk era or at least, post-mid 70s era. Then throw in a little personal, romantic woolgathering and that was my show tonight. Here's the link to listen to it. Also below: 1. U2 - Out of Control - Boy 3. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Melt! The Buzzcocks - Whatever Happened To? Pixies - Where Is My Mind?

Barry Adamson - Je T'aime? Blondie - Denis - Plastic Letters Cocteau Twins - Pandora - Treasure Posted by Alex at AM 3 comments:. I believe he is going to drink our Maple Bacon Latte and we're having a viewing party to celebrate this during my normal shift. I'll be back next week unless someone puts us on another show. It probably is not news to any of you to hear me say that Brian Eno is one of the most important, innovative, and influential musicians alive.

Even people living in caves on Mars know this there are those people, by the way. David Bowie - Weeping Wall - Low 9. David Bowie - Joe the Lion - Heroes A: We are Devo? Ultravox - Kings Lead Hat - Rare U2 - Zoo Station - Achtung Baby David Bowie - Hallo Spaceboy - Outside Martin Hannett, one of the unsung heroes of post-punk I wanted to sing about but to spare you all the displeasure of hearing me sing, I dedicated a radio show to him instead.

He was a demanding, willful producer that worked with a lot of the great bands. More importantly though, he helped create the blueprint for the entire genre in terms of sound and tone and feel. Tonight's show was all about those sounds and tones and feels. Buzzcocks - Breakdown - Single 2. Jilted John - Jilted John - Single 4.

Joy Division - Digital - Substance 6. Section 25 - Friendly Fires - Always Now The Names - Calcutta - Swimming Stone Roses - So Young - Single Happy Mondays - Lazyitis - Bummed Joy Division - Shadowplay - Unknown Pleasures.

Generally, my favorite beatzz and drum sounds from the post-punk era. And like just about everything else, my genre of choice features some of the most interesting, unconventional percussion out there. If you like that kind of stuff, than this is the show for you. If not, well then to hell with ya'. Gang of 4 Hugo Burnham - Contract - Entertainment 4. Siouxsie and the Banshees drum machine - Lunar Camel - Kaleidoscope U2 Larry Mullen Jr.

Posted by Alex at AM 4 comments:. In honor of Gay Pride Weekend, which was over a week ago, I played all bands with a gay artist or artists or possibly bisexual or in one case, transgendered or in another case, transsexual.

Everest when it comes to entertainment as a whole. As I said several times on the show and now once on this blog, queer peoples' contribution to the arts is something to be truly admired and respected. Erasure - Brother and Sister - Wild 7. Fischerspooner - The 15th - 1 While other major record companies had some post-punk and new wave artists signed to their labels, Virgin was really the only one dedicated to the genre.

And by doing so, they were able to build a giant corporate empire. Of course there will always be Johnny Haterz out there who are against anything big and corporate but when it comes to Virgin, that is the incorrect opinion to have.

This is their story! Penetration - Don't Dictate - Moving Targets 6. Magazine - My Tulpa - Real Life 7. Skids - Album) - Days In Europa Sparks - Beat the Clock - No.

Martha and the Muffins - Monotone - Faraway in Time Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark - Messages - Single The Revillos - Scuba Scuba - Single John Foxx - Underpass - Metamatic Cabaret Voltaire - Animation - The Crackdown I didn't play Devo even though they were distributed by Virgin in the UK. I guess I just figured being in the US myself, it would be wrong to think that but as I type this, I realize that was stupid.

Still a fine collection of songs though.

Fade, Ultimate Funk - DJ Jayceeoh* & PQ - Goody! Goody! (CDr), Disco Baby - Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony - Disco Baby (Vinyl, LP, Album), Giorgio Faletti - Disperato Ma Non Serio (Vinyl, LP, Album), By Myself - Linkin Park - Greatest Hits (CD), Hell Hammer (Live) - Various - Currents And Directions (CD), Sweets For Your Ears - Various - Xque Winners 2012 Part 1 (File, MP3), Takes One - Grinspoon - Six To Midnight (CDr, Album), De Ma - Various - Motherboard / Comp 6 (File), Horny - Hypocondriacs - 60′S Rocksteady & Reggae (Vinyl, LP, Album)