Whoa Dad! - The Trashmen - Whoa Dad! / Walkin My Baby (Vinyl)

Stefan Peters - Augenblicke. Das muss ein Wunder sein. Weil ich dich brauch. Ich leb hinterm Mond. Bleib noch diese eine Nacht. Diesen Weg Ein Leben lang.

Wenn dich jemand liebt. Mein Himmel weint. Wenn der Wind nicht mehr weht. Gott hatte einen Traum. Wir sagen nie good bye. Spieglein an der Wand. Wer Fox tanzt der ist gut im Bett. Leb deinen Traum. Labels: Stefan Peters. Status quo. Status quo gold bars Part 1.

Rockin' All Over The World. Down Down. Paper Plane. Break The Rules. Mystery Song. Roll Over Lay Down. Wild Side Of Life. Whatever You Want. Living On An Island. Labels: Status Quo. The Shadows. The Shadows - Rhythm and Greens. A2 The Whoa Dad! - The Trashmen - Whoa Dad! / Walkin My Baby (Vinyl) Ranka-Chank. B1 The Shadows Main Theme. Labels: The Shadows. Soda Pop Babies - Vol. Teen Street - Toni Eden. Du Du'nt Du - Kathy Young. Joey - Damita Jo. Please Be Mine - Shari Drake.

BrendaBrenda - Bobbi Martin. The editor, Mike Stax, is a Brit who moved to the U. In he published the first issue of Ugly Things he's big on the Pretty Thingsand shortly after that was in the Tell-Tale Hearts.

Ugly Things started taking off and I think there were a couple other bands in here someplace. Several years later he's now in the Loons, the magazine is now more like a book, and the website is going full bore. He still writes liner notes for compilations and has an Ugly Things record label.

Just three of the 45s I' ve scooped up: The reissue of the Sloths' "Makin' Love" pressedthe second Schitzophonics 45 pressedand the Nashville Ramblers' "The Trains" pressed. Okay, so I went on a shopping spree over at Ugly Things. Four items. More on that later. I want to wrap this up before dinner so rather than switching gears and moving on to posting some songs, I thought I'd take an opportunity to post some links to musician owned labels. If you are going to do some holiday shopping anyway, these sites are are a great alternative to behemoths like Amazon.

They also have oddities you're not going to find on bigger sites. A few things made me take a breather the last couple of days, not the least of which was taking out Stevie Wonder's Innervisions LP and blasting it. Loud, right smack dab between the speakers, dancing, or at least moving, eyes closed to "Too High". That Whoa Dad!

- The Trashmen - Whoa Dad! / Walkin My Baby (Vinyl) it. Man, what a monster to open an LP with. Two things occurred to me. One was that the LP was packed. But I hadn't really listened to any of the LP closely for a long time. Then the second thing occurred to me. Despite posting somewhat regularly, I hadn't been spending enough time listening to music intently for my own personal pleasure. Fuggit, had me a two day listening party. It felt good.

Most of you have probably scrounged around thrift stores and garage sales for records at one time or another. Some of you probably make the rounds regularly. I'd wager a guess that most of you have become attached to some of those records over the years and think of them as part of the playlist of your life. I know I've got it bad for some of my scores. But, you know, the vast majority of the second hand gambles end up in the box in the closet.

One record I got long ago was bought solely because of the title, or one word in the title. I knew of Bob and Earl's smooth "Harlem Shuffle", the song the Stones covered years later and not well. Just because it had the word "Harlem" in the title. I'm glad I did because that song has remained a favorite for decades. In fact, when I used to DJ at clubs, it was always the last song I played.

The Viscounts version isn't the original but it's the first and only version I heard for years, then I heard Earl Bostic's. Still I dug the Viscounts more.

Then the internet happened and I now know that there's a zillion versions. Still, the Viscounts has a unique feel to me. There's 43 versions of the song at an old post on Beware of the Blog, a lot of them serious contenders. A year and a half ago I linked to a song by Mythic Sunship aboveposted by the plain Jane but always awesome For the Sake of the Song.

My chops wet, I went to look Whoa Dad! - The Trashmen - Whoa Dad! / Walkin My Baby (Vinyl) a physical copy. Every copy I ran into, even CDs were out of my price range.

And I hadn't lagged, I was on the hunt right away. Eventually, after months of periodically checking a major online retailer, I saw a new copy for sale by an independent seller that didn't cost half a paycheck.

Then last July the same blog posted a live version of the same song. Being that the first link I posted was dead, I figured I'd point it out to you again. Then, I forgot all about it. Until today. I ran into a track by another outfit on the same label. I had no clue. I really need to get out more. He said in the middle of a pandemic.

On the very day that restrictions were tightened. I'm not sure what might be the equivalent these days, but buying a random independently released 45 back in the day whas a crap shoot. Because the number pressed was so low, and so few record stores stocked independent releases particularly from out Whoa Dad! - The Trashmen - Whoa Dad! / Walkin My Baby (Vinyl) town bandsthey weren't that plentiful. So if there was a future all-time great, word would take a while to get out.

You had to take chances with unknown bands. You just considered the cover, band name, song titles, and general attitude of the package, and weighed the odds. You couldn't run to the internet and, depending on the record store, you weren't likely to get them to spin every record that caught your eye. The were usually a couple bucks. The Urinals cuts below brought all that back, and after looking for an image I was reminded how half assed their sleeves were.

The sleeve above is from an earlier The one for the songs below is worse. So, you're in a Whoa Dad! - The Trashmen - Whoa Dad! / Walkin My Baby (Vinyl) store, you never heard of them. Two bucks? Why the hell not? Posted by Tom G. I instantly recognized it but didn't remember from where. I did a web search and this post came up. I figured that if I had forgotten about it maybe you had too.

Here it is as it was posted four years ago. I'd never really listened to Peruvian cumbia. This week it was crash course time. They haven't updated in a while. From there it was a stop at Tiger Milk Recordsand by then I was sucked in. I'm not going to bullshit here, or re-write a description that's already been written.

I got nothin'. Just links to all of the cool stuff I've been digging. Listen to a few of these. It's good, out there in an organic, spacey, definitely -not-from-here sort of way. Shit, I can't aptly describe the sounds, let alone the feel.

Read the thing at Perfect Sound Foreverthat's a solid rundown. But man, get lost in this music. File under "stuff from way over there". Here's a handful that have been sitting around sinceposted at Black Squirrel Amusements. They're all from the same post, there's thirty songs in all.

A few others are worth checking out, and more than a few are worthless. The Chipmunks, really? Yeah, it's a real mixed bag. These are just vaguely connected, but if you file them under what-notit gives you a license to lump just about anything together. Plus, they're good. The unexpected treat was Mr. President, who I've never heard before, so that was cool to run into. Afro-funk from France. I'll be damned. I wanted to hate it, but it's so damn catchy. Nathaniel Mayer and his Fabulous Twilights - Mr.

Here's two classic live rock 'n' roll flicks that, if you haven't seen them, you really ought to check out. They used to make the rounds as a double feature at art movie houses, so they may be old news to some of you. Regardless, they're worth watching. The first one is a classic, The T. Showfilmed over the course of two days at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium inwith a bill that's hard to beat in any era.

Kramer and the Dakota, and Gerry and the Pacemakers. Here's the new arrivals for the Providence location since the last update. Tons and tons of new and used stuff that has arrived and been put on the shelves in the shop over the last couple weeks. We do not delete them from new arrivals blog feed posting below. If it doesn't show up when using the SEARCH BOX located in the upper left corner on the website it has been sold even though it may still be listed below in our new arrivals blog list below.

Experiment Zero Touch And Go Matador Live In Philadelphia Fanclub Fanclub Too Pure Melissa depicts her premonition, and her eventual breakdown through a series of weeks from the Entertainment field in her old home she bought to start anew. But 2 years later, she didn't know the breakdown would come to this Carolyn Behr would marry a music historian.

The members of the Co-ets lead exemplary lives during their run. Battle was the leader and founder of the Flames. They would find their way to Fuller Records — a small independent local label out of Tampa.

The group would bring on a new lead singer in — Hardy Dial, who had been with a local band called the Outsiders not the national group.

Probably the biggest hurdle for the band was the revolving carousel of lead singers. When the Rationals began recording they were all still in high school in Michigan. There were some personnel changes — then came an LP and a national tour accompanying the Whoa Dad! - The Trashmen - Whoa Dad!

/ Walkin My Baby (Vinyl) Revere and the Raiders and others in the summer of Their single went top ten on both Cash Box and Billboard.

Hällesåkers Spelmanslag - Låtar Från Halland, Bohuslän, Västergötland m.m. (Vinyl, LP, Album), Reincarnation (Coming Back For Love) - People Like Us (2) - Reincarnation (Coming Back For Love) (Vi, Ciudad De Pacos - T.O.F. (4) - Hospifa Estropicios (Vinyl, LP, Album), Mon Ame Exalte Le Seigneur (My Soul Exalts The Lord) - Various - Trance Planet (CD), The Witch - Paranoiac Del - Woof Woof EP (File, MP3), The Hunger - Of Mice & Men - Cold World (Vinyl, LP, Album), The King - Gamalon - Gamalon (Vinyl, LP, Album), Just One Look, Stand And Deliver - Rik Emmett - Absolutely (Vinyl, LP, Album), Roofdogs - Pat Metheny - Unity Band (CD, Album), Köşesi - Gökhan Güney - Senden Bana Yar Olmaz (Cassette, Album), Babys In Black - The Beatles - Live In Houston (CD), Home Again - Elton John - Em Dobro (DVD)