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Forget It

forget it. informal. used to tell someone that what they want is impossible: "I'd like to take next week off." "Forget it, we're way too busy." B2. used to tell someone that something is not important and not to worry about it: "I'm so sorry about that cup." "Oh, forget it .

Overlook it, it's not important; you're quite mistaken. This colloquial imperative is used in a variety of ways. For example, in Thanks so much for helping—Forget it, it was nothing, it is a substitute for “don't mention it” or you're welcome; in Stop counting the change—forget it! it means “stop doing something unimportant” in You think assembling this swingset was easy—forget it! it means “it was not at all easy”; and in Forget .

See definition of forget it on as in insurmountable. as in trifling. as in never. as in you're welcome. as in negation. as in nullify. as in retract. as in take back.

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Forget it definition: You say ' Forget it ' in reply to someone as a way of telling them not to worry or bother | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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  1. 1 used to tell somebody that something is not important and that they should not worry about it: ‘I still owe you for lunch yesterday.’ ‘Forget it — it was my treat!’ 2 used to tell somebody that you are not going to repeat what you said: ‘Now, what were you saying about John?’ ‘Forget it, it doesn’t matter.’.

  2. forget it definition: 1. used to tell someone that what they want is impossible: 2. used to tell someone that something. Learn more.

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